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    Sukotto Aren Neishon
    Sukotto Aren Neishon
    (Sukotto Aren Neishon ) I was born in a serene river town in Illinois known as Alton, I've been honing my writing skills intermittently throughout my life.Nothing special about me.
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" The Book of The Fallen Angels" Volume I
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            "The Book of the Fallen Angels"


In the annals of celestial history, there exists a compendium of names that echo through the corridors of time—names that once belonged to the most radiant of beings, now synonymous with darkness and despair. These are the Fallen Angels, entities cast out from the divine realm, each bearing the weight of their transgressions and the mantle of their sins.

"The Book of The Fallen Angels" serves as a meticulous catalog of these enigmatic figures, detailing their names, the evils they embody, and the legends that surround them. This tome is not just a mere list; it is a gateway into understanding the intricate web of sin and influence that these fallen beings weave across the mortal and infernal planes.

Within these pages, you will find the names of those who dared to defy the celestial order, each entry accompanied by a description of the particular vice or malevolence they personify. From the harbingers of pride and wrath to the architects of deceit and despair, this book unveils the dark legacies of those who once stood in the light.

As you delve into "The Book of The Fallen Angels," you will uncover the stories behind their fall from grace, the demons they command, and the enduring impact of their presence in the world. This compilation is an essential guide for scholars, seekers, and those who wish to understand the darker aspects of the spiritual realm.

May this book serve as a beacon of knowledge, shedding light on the shadows cast by these fallen entities and offering insight into the eternal struggle between good and evil. Prepare to embark on a journey through the names and natures of the most infamous celestial outcasts.

Welcome to "The Book of The Fallen Angels."

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