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Majoras Mask but in real life with the Sun and without the masks
Comments ( 8 )
candysweet101 - ROFL at that last line! XD
2 years agoreply

Flow - eyyyyyyy! You're very Punny
2 years agoreply

Maria3313 - Why thank you
2 years agoreply

Naerie - Maria, if thats what you're gonna say when the world ends, we have to be in the same vicinity so we can say stupid things together.
2 years agoreply

Maria3313 - Sounds great. I'll invite you over to my place when the sun is to crash into the earth.
2 years agoreply

Naerie - @Maria3313, I'll mark that in my yearly planner then. :)
2 years agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Nice, a scorcher! When I saw the title, I wasn't expecting the sun to be the one about to crash into the world, I was expecting the creepy face of the moon, now I don't know which is worse, staring down the blazing sun, or staring at a moon with a face, either way, nice story!
2 years agoreply

Jess Rufus - Haha! If that's genuinely what you would say if the whole world was about to be burnt, I would definitely want to be with you when that happens.  XD
2 years agoreply