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Case File: 24 (Draft version)
Writer The Virtual Shadow
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Case File: 24 (Draft version)
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The Virtual Shadow
No Plagiarism!QsxNT5bl8XylJBAA0Ffwposted on PENANA

In a world where magic and powers are nothing but bed time stories and dreams, people who believe it exists are considered insane. But a few people show signs of these powers. It is something they are unsure how they have. Its growing, and many want them gone. They are part of a file, something that needs to be extinguished. There is one who has powers and wants to avoid it. He's known as 24copyright protection340PENANA6YqymJ4a6I

My second book idea. Well this was just an idea I had... To be honest all of my ideas are from my head. This was a spin off of an old project I wanted to try back in Fictionpress, but changed significantly.copyright protection340PENANAmWbTK4ZVp7

If any spelling errors and/or grammar are found, let me know or suggest the edits. Thanks.copyright protection340PENANASYsCA2dAIt

Comments ( 5 )

ShadowBobcat10 - Intriguing. Can't wait to get the first issue. And if you're worried about spelling/grammar, I'm always up for joining as beta (but you'd have to open it up, first).
1 year agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - Cool, just need something for my history, bios and etc. but i don't have word. (maybe later, i don't know if i will)

also thanks.
1 year agoreply

Lata - @lightofshadows,
You can try open office.



1 year agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - @Lata, Just out of habit of using word though, i can see this being good. Also, isn't there a free version of word or is it paid only?

Just used to it a bit too much to be honest.
1 year agoreply

Lata - @lightofshadows, Isn't all Microsoft office stuff free for 30 days or something like that? idk much on that. 
1 year agoreply