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On Break
Case File: 24 (Draft version)
Writer The Virtual Shadow
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Case File: 24 (Draft version)
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Chapter 0: Facility operations
The Virtual Shadow
Mar 15, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!V04DK7WK8q2kzmwzt9txposted on PENANA

In a large busy city of Grann Trove, late at night, a man with a hoodie and jeans stands on top of a tall building, watching the empty streets below. He sighs and sits on the edge, feeling tired from before. Thinking about the city, he tightens his hood before he starts, wondering about the Trove, of how it used to be great for tourists and the great sights to behold. He then thinks about how its changed in a short amount of time.67Please respect copyright.PENANAfmUY5qe3Ed
copyright protection63PENANApZfQL11n80

A person comes through the door back into the building and pats the hooded man on the shoulder.copyright protection63PENANAJ31NHLUDv3

"I take over man. You look ready to pass out." the guy addressed.copyright protection63PENANA4yoDUVcn5G

The hooded man replies with a yawn. "Yeah that'll be great, thanks..."copyright protection63PENANAVuFalrcnOl

The hooded man then pulls his hoodie off, revealing he has slightly long hair, very dark purple, with purple eyes to match. He gets up and looks at the gloves he is wearing. Walking off into the building, he heads down a few rows of stairs leading to an empty office building as he gets lower down. As Chris leaves the building, he breaths in and out, leaving with a tired look.copyright protection63PENANAoyopl6agJG

Meanwhile, in a large living room, people fill the huge lounge and bar room with a wide flat screen TV to match. The room has a messy looking bar to the side with comfy seats and two hall ways leading out, one being slightly blocked by boxes and housing items, and the other clear and leading to a operating room.copyright protection63PENANAkNeIr8EEwJ

The guy behind the bar has golden-yellow hair that is short and flat,  grey eyes, and tattoos on his arm and below his neck.  A skeleton with a holy look to it runs up his arm, and wings that carry a soul sits below his neck.copyright protection63PENANAkre0CzrOXg

When a girl sits by the bar, the tattooed guy comes by and smiles to her, but she doesn't even look.copyright protection63PENANA9lOyKaEUro

"So you seem new here. You have anything special or any useful information?" he asks politely but quickly. "I know someone would have sent you for one."copyright protection63PENANABLbQuDY8hv

"Only information... A town about one hour form here is being used as another sector, though for research so far," the girl replies in a annoyed tone, trying not to let it show.copyright protection63PENANASCW7CyG4nE

"Interesting, thank you. By the way I'm Wilfred. Wilfred Oarian," the informal boy adds.copyright protection63PENANAlxZa5JlKEM

The girl is silent for a bit, and then leaves to check the place out. Wilfred just shrugs, figuring this is nothing new. The bar phone rings loudly enough for him to turn around.  He quickly checks the red light to see where, and notices it from "Warehouse - Water line."copyright protection63PENANA8fxk52X4be

He answers the phone with seriousness. "Hello Tyler, something up?"copyright protection63PENANAA3Qxat5Ryt

Tyler sighs. "We manage to lose contact with Sara and Justin, the last of our spotters for the south area. Not sure how they got seen. But we also found info on the town, Tefforn. They have agreed to the High-Point Zone debate they had. We may need to get regulars from now on."copyright protection63PENANAvU0v46epQT

Tyler breaths and begins to change the subject, forcing a more cheery tone. "So did you see the new girl yet?" copyright protection63PENANAcZ9KjfMgkY

Wilfred replies in a slight disappointed tone. "No, not yet. She didn't seem happy, but that's nothing new is it."copyright protection63PENANAvU1mrcPx4o

"Well its quite an amazing one," Tyler teases jokingly. "Maybe you'll run from this one."copyright protection63PENANA0Ai05m6kMX

Both Tyler and Wilfred share a laugh.copyright protection63PENANAdYWmJfBvwV

"Goodbye," they both say, hanging up. copyright protection63PENANAt2PvohIeON

Wilfred pours a drink of water and continues serving those who want a glass. He thinks about Chris, about how he is the closest there. Thinking why he is near the edge of Trann Grove.67Please respect copyright.PENANATEz2JFtsxg
copyright protection63PENANACPnVQtiXN4

Heading back to a dockyard, Chris heads to a large inactive warehouse that has some empty crates and containers by one side, with rust covering the sides of the entry door. The windows are slightly dirty since the place has been abandoned for a few months. Chris heads to the front door and knocks a code.  It's accepted, and the noise of locks being used follows.  The door opens up, and Chris enters. He waves to the guy who opened the door, and he proceeds to lock it again.67Please respect copyright.PENANA6KK5YL2F0O
copyright protection63PENANAU03QnM6YiD

Chris walks to one of the office rooms where folders and a computer is and taps a person on the shoulder. The woman, Trisha, turns to show a her long dark orange hair covering part of her face on one side.  It's short on the other side, her dark blue eyes searching. As soon as she sees Chris, her face goes from absolutely bored to elated.67Please respect copyright.PENANAagb4egutk8
copyright protection63PENANAUMFKh310hQ

"So you're back already, huh? I was hoping you would, we lost contact with a couple today. Besides that, had fun out there?" Trisha asks cheerfully with a hint of playful sarcasm.67Please respect copyright.PENANAHdNggwVKZt
copyright protection63PENANANUFbPvE8sr

"No not really, just tired as hell. But thanks... I'm going to head inside and rest. Tomorrow me and Matthew have to see why our water pipes aren't fully working and check out a place we can use," Chris tiredly replies, tying to be nice.67Please respect copyright.PENANA05dLacwdRx
copyright protection63PENANAdnsgdP3kOm

Trisha pulls a bigger smile. "Its cool. I can see your tired, no need to blabber to me," she assures.  "Bye-bye for now," she sings at the end.67Please respect copyright.PENANA21Od62tBwO
copyright protection63PENANAXI8CtqGurY

Chris can only return a small cheerful look. "Before I forget, Damian is at my look out. See ya." He leaves the bored worker back to her computer.67Please respect copyright.PENANAKd1xuh3q22
copyright protection63PENANAleT0pJw4RY

He heads to another door, ready to collapse. The door opens like its about to fall, but Chris powers through, heading to a nearby building that looks more up to date than the warehouse. Before he enters, he stares out to the water. Chris yawns and heads inside the building, running into Wilfred, the man opening the door.67Please respect copyright.PENANAT287Oijkvb
copyright protection63PENANAv4lYlzNoUC

"Almost smacked heads then," Wilfred says jokingly, playfully punching Chris in the arm. They fist bump. The journalist smiles, but Chris doesn't.67Please respect copyright.PENANARxdGKjIeVf
copyright protection63PENANALRkUuNlbiM

"What's wrong, buddy?" Wilfred asks with concern.67Please respect copyright.PENANA3Ft4dXmhoo
copyright protection63PENANA9D12EqLauC

Chris yawns. "Just need some sleep," he tiredly answers. "Plus thinking about how long I've been here now."67Please respect copyright.PENANAkirspfLJAg
copyright protection63PENANA90HuY24MrY

"Hm. I'll leave ya be then," Wilfred says. "I've got to run off anyway. See ya." He begins to rush and talk a bit faster at the end.67Please respect copyright.PENANAUsO78zrQOm
copyright protection63PENANAocQJ7kxsvP

"Bye..." Chris ends. He looks around and takes off his gloves, revealing the metallic blades on the fingers leading to the back of the hand, all the way under the sleeves67Please respect copyright.PENANA6R2zVfxixW
copyright protection63PENANAeFtfI7Guib

Chris goes further inside, past some boxes that are ripped and empty. He reaches a nicer looking door and opens it, making sure he doesn't bump into yet another person. He enters and sees people sitting around a table talking. He pays no attention to them and goes to an empty dining room, which is rare. He continues past into a hallway and after passing a few doors, heads inside a room numbered "15." 67Please respect copyright.PENANAHRe8jEo4nY
copyright protection63PENANA7rcOVbQ0Xh

Inside, it's a room with bunks and a small table with two chairs, a small TV and pile of books. On the other end is a tall boy with clothing hanging out with a lamp on top. Chris climbs on top to a comfortable bed and looks at his hands again, slowly forming blades at the fingertips. The only way he can think of his unnatural gift is in annoyance. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAliqaqyJRpx
copyright protection63PENANAYmuP5B9C4F

"Guess all I can do is be thankful I'm not dead by now and can do good..." he thinks out loud, slightly angry but really more disappointed, knowing how others might feel.  "Doesn't change what I have lost." 67Please respect copyright.PENANAewpg6lwDD3
copyright protection63PENANAsjlWy34fym

Chris yawns and rolls up his sleeves, uncovering the rest of the metallic, thin blades across his lower arms. He closes his eyes and falls to sleep.67Please respect copyright.PENANAAlVOuetSjR
copyright protection63PENANArFNDtJOkKM

Meanwhile, Tyler, with light brown short hair, a stubby beard, and blue eyes, is smoking a cigar and talking on his phone. He takes out the cigar, blows some smoke and ends the call. He enters a small, dark room with a full map of the Grann Trove, complete with drawings and markers. Others are inside arguing about who to run extra supplies.67Please respect copyright.PENANAQF9hPAQzrf
copyright protection63PENANABI86xeIHRM

Tyler raises his voice. "Settle down, people!" Leaving the room quiet, Tyler clears his throat.67Please respect copyright.PENANA6GLwXRRtvv
copyright protection63PENANAnk5JhEMlTk

"Look, I know, I know... We are in a... Position where we need more people to run the supplies to the other locations, and Tefforn being one new issue," he continues in a formal voice. "But we need to focus on spotters. No spotters..."67Please respect copyright.PENANAx5QsUkHnc1
copyright protection63PENANAIl0vZtfNNZ

He pauses and looks more serious while speaking with a more relaxed tone. "Means no suppliers and no help for the other Wakening hideouts. Let's work together to figure this out."67Please respect copyright.PENANAe3GolwYb5q
copyright protection63PENANAApIJvgXdYP

The others apologize to each other and start to talk about who could be temporary spotters and about recruiting new ones. Tyler just continues smoking, calm and relaxed as he takes a seat. He looks at the map while listening even more carefully to their conversation.67Please respect copyright.PENANAqc7cI44zyz
copyright protection63PENANA0m955qJSMD

Wilfred is at a parking lot, digging in his pocket to grab his keys. He flicks through and finds his car keys and unlocks the car in front of him. A nice standard red car. He starts the car, turning up the radio, and drives off into a crossroad, heading to his apartment. Wilfred changes the station and stops on the news. He listens, hoping to hear anything connecting the dots to the two missing spotters. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA55FVyAggYt
copyright protection63PENANAduYd0XHfLu

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The Virtual Shadow - Thanks Shadowbobcat for not only improving the wording here but also spotting some things i rushed at first.
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