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Chapter 1
Nov 14, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OdIbHyriOU407aO2jP6Jposted on PENANA

Todaycopyright protection95PENANA5Q0pZkBDmq

“Today has been a very restless day for me. I have accomplished nothing.” “Oh Rain, you’re always complaining, cheer up,” spoke Mother. “But, mooooommmm! I literally have no life! All I do is go to school and come home,” said Rain. “Well, stop being so emo and uptight. Then my little weirdo, would have more friends,” said Mother. Rain, became angry and stormed off, shouting “I am not emo!” before slamming her room door.copyright protection95PENANAgbDYmlwNEl

Raincopyright protection95PENANAIIlPSaRc0Y

Uggh, why does mom always have to be so weird!? Rain, rolled on her stomach and hugged her pillow. Sleep crept up on her and made her eyes heavy. Rain felt hands on her throat and awakened scared. She couldn’t believe what she saw before her eyes. “Mom!” Rain tried to scream, but nothing came out. Red Triangle eyes stared at her. Rain’s body felt numb and as if, she had no control over it. The eyes seemed to float bodiless through the air, not blinking or moving once. Time seemed to inch by and it felt like an eternity, the eyes have been staring. “I have to break away and move.” Rain, gave one more shot and managed to look at the clock. In that instance, her body felt released. Rain looked back to where the eyes were before and they had disappeared. Rain shot out the bed, running full speed towards the door. Once in the hallway, Rain, heard a blood curling scream.99Please respect copyright.PENANAnTbdQH27Ov
copyright protection95PENANAV5PWvPh7sD

Momcopyright protection95PENANAxJPaIbveZ9

“Mom, mom, mom! Wake up, please!” Mom, opened her heavy eyes. “Yes, sweetie. What is it?” “Something is in my room!” Mom didn’t understand what Rain was trying to say. The doors were locked, house quiet and no alarms going off. Mom sat straight up in the bed. “Ok baby, I will go check out your room.” Rain just stayed quiet as she watched mom exit the room. “Rain, you can’t let her go in there by herself. But, I am so scared!” Rain, spoke to her conscience. Mom walked down the hallway to Rain’s room. Mom slowly entered the room, with her magic ready to attack. Mom looked behind the door first, ceiling, closet and under the bed, but nothing was found. Mom ran her fingers through her hair. “Man, my child sure does have an imaginative brain.” Mom chuckled before closing the door and walking back to her room. Not, knowing the red eyes watching her through Rain’s window. Mom came back and got in bed. “I didn’t see anything sweetie.” “But, mom I promise something was there.” Seeing how bad Rain was shaking, mom knew something serious was happening. “I believe you baby, now sleep under mommy so I can protect you.” Rain laid down on mom’s chest. 99Please respect copyright.PENANAKlezwWL1bK
copyright protection95PENANAzHSVxL5oX5

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