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Chapter one (cont.)
May 7, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!VlTj9Cuzi5drqqLBTd66posted on PENANA

Morningcopyright protection92PENANAxDaO6x90vf

            The next morning, Rain woke refreshed. “Ahhh, moms bed is always so comfortable.” “So, is yours!” Mom glared at Rain. Rain, just smiled back in moms’ direction. “But mom, I like yours better!” “Why, is that my little chipmunk?” “Because it’s big and soft. Two people can fit in it!” “But, so can yours, chipmunk.” Rain, just looked down knowing mom had won that battle. But in no way, would Rain admit to just wanting to be close to her mom.copyright protection92PENANAbrA5KKHekZ

            “Well mom, I got to go!” Rain said, as she ran out the door. “Have a good day!” Rain could hear moms voice, but not make out what she said. Rain, just kept running as fast as she could to school. “I can’t wait to tell Mashare, about what I seen in my room.” Mashare, was closing her locker as she heard footsteps approaching. Mashare turned around to be greeted by Rain’s big smile. Mashare hugged Rain unexpectedly and shocked Rain. Rain paused for a moment before wrapping her arms around Mashare.copyright protection92PENANAjyrJYdlSqs

“Come on Rain, we have to get to class or we will be late!”copyright protection92PENANAZY59NcHWcc

Rain followed closely behind Mashare.copyright protection92PENANAboEMtowbCR

“It’s not like I have a choice, you’re practically dragging me.”copyright protection92PENANAbWpCGoQ2gg

            Mashare said nothing back, only continued to run full speed toward Mr. David’s classroom. They reached their seats just before the bell rung. Mr. David, stood and begun teaching the class. Meanwhile Rain, can’t focus on anything Mr. David is saying.copyright protection92PENANAugfAq2N7Z0

“Rain, who are you? Rain…..Rain…..Rain???” Mr. David kept calling Rain’s name. “Rain!” Mr. David finally, shouted. Rain jumped hard and looked at the teacher.copyright protection92PENANAjaoXXSmu4Z

“Y-y-y-yes, Mr. David?” copyright protection92PENANAlfVKRB8IEp

"I asked you a question Rain."copyright protection92PENANAZ9FeJ5hxdg

"I'm sorry, Mr. David. What was the question again?"copyright protection92PENANAxwrVuoORSS

"Who are you?" Mr. David asked, annoyed. copyright protection92PENANAQe8LY0n6I2

"Who am I?"copyright protection92PENANAwHbcVVhcsu

"Yes, who are you Rain?"copyright protection92PENANAtZ1VVwkJnd

Rain began to laugh. "Well you just said my name, so you know who I am."copyright protection92PENANACerL0pLnwt

"Rain, you are missing the point of my question. Clearly I know your name, but who are you? Let me give you an example: My name is Mr. David to all of you, but I am a poetical writer, I am impatient, I am the shadow of my daughter, the foundation of my home and last, but not least, I am a hopeless romantic. Now, once again Rain, who are you?"copyright protection92PENANAq2aBe5wwiY

Rain, sat there unable to speak. Her mind was running a hundred miles an hour, trying to answer the question. She thought she always knew who she was, but was unprepared for the question.96Please respect copyright.PENANArY2oerjlj7
copyright protection92PENANA1MX3HSA1CY

"I-I-I can't answer that question Mr. David."copyright protection92PENANAefcG0c5LAB

Rain, slumped down in her chair as her classmates started laughing at her.copyright protection92PENANAe0EpBTv8pO

"How can you not know who you are?" One of her classmates shouted.copyright protection92PENANA6rA4uiX4kA

Rain, became even more embarrassed and hid her face with her book. copyright protection92PENANA2zPefQrlC1

"Now, now class, that is a very hard question. You might think you know the answer, but you don't. None of you know who you are, until you find your reason for living."copyright protection92PENANAXR2BgDuLLU

Everyone in the class just stared at the teacher, knowing what he said was true. It seemed like he had hit all of them in the face with a rock and their shameful actions were hard to swallow. copyright protection92PENANAzSlaWPsUTN

"Since everyone here feels like they know who they are, that is your homework. At the end of this school year, everyone has to come up with an excellent answer."copyright protection92PENANAuWmjaCaCXM

"What if, we refuse to answer your stupid question? What will you do, suspend us?" Tommy laughed out loud.copyright protection92PENANADUDFwUj0F5

Mr.David gave Tommy a heart aching stare, before giving him an devilish smile.copyright protection92PENANAVfXgpU6RO0

"Oh, no Tommy, I won't do that. I will fail you so, you have can't graduate and have to repeat my class. We will see if, my question is still so stupid and funny when, all of your classmates graduate and you're back in that same seat next year."copyright protection92PENANAEiW1C7DMJB

Tommy, shut up and leaned back in his chair, knowing not to speak another word.copyright protection92PENANAznvd227l2N

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