"Do it because I said so, Gary." - Chapter Six | Penana

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"Do it because I said so, Gary."
Co-Writer SkyGuy_SoFly*
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"Do it because I said so, Gary."
Chapter Six
Dec 16, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mmr2ANDH2HMsmk9vhpeIposted on PENANA

Chapter Six copyright protection84PENANAFzFCAJwELe

The sun was an orange ball of fire lowering itself in the sky like someone slowly dipping their toe into a cold pool. Gary yawned, following the monotone female voice telling him to follow an old and forgotten road. It's asphalt and paint were chipped and ruined as weeds and grass grew from it's ruins like a phoenix from ashes. The automated voice informed Gary that he was only half a mile away from his destination. copyright protection84PENANAd7AEabsOTu

He'd been driving for about an hour, as he drove with the window rolled down and his hand patting the side of his car as if he were beating a drum. He beat the side of his car to the tune of drum beats that popped into his head. At cruising speed, and with his black lensed aviator's hanging firmly on the bridge of his nose, he felt an odd feeling of nirvana (Whilst, coincidentally enough, listening to Nirvana.)  copyright protection84PENANAvFXS07nhwB

Gary was a few miles out of town when his peripherals changed from sprawling urban sprawl to the enchanting features of  Carnival Peak's charming suburban outskirts. There were golden wheat fields and red barns as far as the eye could see. The city Gary lived in, Carnival Peak, was a massive city. Carnival Peak was the biggest city in not only California, but also in the entire world. Carnival Peak's humble beginnings were as a popular meeting place for throwing parties because it was on the very bottom tip of California and had two beaches and several islands. It was also a rich area, it had lush forests, great farmland on it's outskirts, rolling mountains, valley, plains, and beaches. There couldn't have been a better place to start a city back in 2006. Since then, taking an astonishingly short five years, the city rose to be the economic and entertainment center of the world. Currently it has a GDP of 2.5 billion dollars. Carnival Peak's influence had been so strong that a new region spawned itself on the south side of Carnival Peak called Silverwood, a year later Hollywood studios either moved out of the country, crumbled and disappeared, or moved it's operations to Silverwood. copyright protection84PENANA0cbGOMplqa

Gary had always lived closer to the edge of Carnival Peak, even in his younger years before Carnival Peak existed. Many of the fields of crops had been there for maybe a hundred years, he could point out barns and silos he could specifically recall from his childhood.  copyright protection84PENANAzDiahtlJhe

The Lincoln came to a smooth stop at a small parking lot populated with only a few cars, most of them were either trucks or old school muscle cars. The building looked like an old 1960's style diner. A neon sign glowed like a firefly, it read: Gordo's Diner. This was Gary's destination. copyright protection84PENANAeNUbFVi3dP

Gary turned off the car and locked it. He walked down the sidewalk towards the front double doors. His phone buzzed in his pocket. "You're here." copyright protection84PENANAFd1RTPDjb3

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