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I Don't Always Make a Contest... But When I do, It's a Meme
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I Don't Always Make a Contest... But When I do, It's a Meme
I Don't Always Make a Contest... But When I do, It's a Meme
Submission Closed

Action is a terribly big part of a lot of books, movies and anime, and always has been- From Marvel movies/comics, to that suspenseful thriller sitting on your bookshelf to Dragon Ball Z.

Memes are also a terribly popular part of media, but these two things rarely mix. Of course, there are exceptions.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure- an anime well-know for it's action scenes so advanced that took anime way over a decade to replicate properly, but what is it know even more for? It's memes.

And so what I am trying to say is, try your best to write an amazing fight scene, so breath-taking that all who read it will be entranced- but try to fit in as many memes as possible. Just Do It.

Challenge: Fit in a meme from a popular anime or J-game (e.g. Pokemon, LoZ)

Total Reading Time: 9 minutes


The Virtual Shadow - Ok i have so many memes up my sleeve and an idea for the fight. 
3 years agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - I have several thousand aces in a hole somewhere...just got to remember where I hid them all.
3 years agoreply

Flow - I'm ready to shine with Haikyuu Memes
3 years agoreply