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Momo Heaven
Writer Pink Pastel
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Momo Heaven
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Love Slave Part One
Pink Pastel
Nov 16, 2016
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7EapA9IDPfhkWM65x56fposted on PENANA

I'm living somewhere in the middle of delusion and reality.copyright protection39PENANA0ORMGE9tQZ

Erotic books in front of me laying there staring back at me. It's a bookstore. I hide and stare. A customer buys one of the books grinning in happiness and then leaves. I stand there and stare yet again.copyright protection39PENANAuXDEmeN5RD

I am a young maiden at the age of seventeen. My name is Momo Shiina Heaven. To other people, I appear as a normal high school girl...But that's just my face on the surface.copyright protection39PENANAl9YhW5mtat

Uggg lost the strength in my legs.copyright protection39PENANAIbhAXXe6q4

"Uh um miss are you okay?"said a lady in the bookstore worried.copyright protection39PENANA6V1KAoYntQ

"Oh I'm okay,"I said getting up with sweat running down my face.copyright protection39PENANA1P007W5uqg

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection39PENANAX9reJpcXwD

"I'm home!"I screamed while I came in through the door.copyright protection39PENANA2Cy3m8slwW

"Farty! where have you been loitering around at!!"screamed Kiri.copyright protection39PENANAcyLcyS9Emz

"Kiri,"I say.copyright protection39PENANAUjImysMKqi

"I went to the bookstore for a bit,"I said walking slowly up the stairs to my room.copyright protection39PENANAosUWwh5ZCC

"Geez! just hurry up and do your job!! It's due tomorrow, right!? I'll call you when dinner's ready"said Kiri pushing me up the stairs helping me.copyright protection39PENANAVOaG1JzanV

"Alrighty,"I responded.copyright protection39PENANAKiftFOVrym

My younger sister is such a considerate kid I thought.copyright protection39PENANAKXPFUlWZkz

I go into my room, and throw my bag onto the bed. I change into my other face as an Erotica novelist by the name of Aihara Kain.copyright protection39PENANACgnMWpwwzT

As to the reason why a normal high school girl like me starts writing Erotica novels: It's because of a few years ago, My father passed away.copyright protection39PENANAskcHNSvJj4

He was a famous Erotica novelist in the world of Erotica novels. His pen name was Aihara Kain. That's right, right now, I'm a ghostwriter, writing novels in place of my late father.copyright protection39PENANA542UJWgFWB

Something urgent was the trigger of this. Momo writer of ninth grade.copyright protection39PENANAeyRClO1RkB

"My father's unfinished manuscript...? It's half finished,"I said worriedly.copyright protection39PENANALMVYuJQ0sa

"I would like to discuss this with you...Momo-san...would you continue to write it in place of sensei?"said James my father's editor looking quite anxious.copyright protection39PENANA5ye7tX3JD0

"I always heard from sensei about your talent in writing...just this one time...we will keep it from the public that he already passed away...,"said James.copyright protection39PENANAkRzcuU0vMl

"You will also receive money for the manuscript, as well as royalty, so...,"said James.copyright protection39PENANA7y83wDMnDf

While James rambled on I was lost in my mind. My father was a very good father who cared a lot about the family. But...on one hand, he gave us a lot of love. On another hand, he spent money lightly and was a heavy womanizer so our life was very harsh.copyright protection39PENANAxINMQhKU0n

After my father passed away, he left us a mountain load of debt. We only received a small amount of life insurance money, so it wasn't of any help in repaying the debts. All of that had to happen when my mother, who had a weak body, was hospitalized. I was at a total loss.copyright protection39PENANAUlftyJozfa

KNOCK,KNOCKcopyright protection39PENANAUmI3qfGcCj

CLICKcopyright protection39PENANAs92gWSxGMy

Entered Kiricopyright protection39PENANA3HUias2z1h

"Farty, dinner is ready,"said Kiri.copyright protection39PENANAJWEsZ4HFhj

"Okay,"I responded.copyright protection39PENANAZJt1ZpUx6G

I decided to start writing, like a drowning person clutching at  a straw.copyright protection39PENANA5aoZtzrv8t

Fortunately, my novels were favorably accepted, and somewhere, I've gotten here...copyright protection39PENANANRprkov14M

"Itadakimasu!" we both said at the same time.copyright protection39PENANAl3wO5weZ3l

At dinner timecopyright protection39PENANAG9v49YDBuL

"Ah, that's right they said that next week, Okaa-san will be temporarily discharged from the hospital! they called us on the phone,"said Kiri.copyright protection39PENANA4hDuIXTeZX

"Really?!"I said.copyright protection39PENANA1k1y964o58

Then shall we go out to eat? It's been a while since we last did that. Yay! I thought.copyright protection39PENANAJMhfQqeu1I

When I started writing novels in place of my father, I was determined. I will write novels to support my family and our life. I don't have time to play around like a normal high school girl.copyright protection39PENANAg60TAJRtYR

"I want to eat sushi yum,"said Kiri munching on everything like a squirrel.copyright protection39PENANArZbsxlzCJF

Of course, love is out the question for me. I thought that falling in love and having a boyfriend doesn't have anything to do with my high school life But...copyright protection39PENANAKtr2IitXMv

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