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The Demons in her Mind
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Co-Writer Jack V. Wolf*
Beta Reader Kitty
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The Demons in her Mind
Chapter 2
Jack V. Wolf
Dec 1, 2016
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!e7n9gYwQJA0gqKkSJDCbposted on PENANA

Rayna awoke feeling like one big bruise. Everything ached, even her fingers felt sore when she moved them. However, that pain was quickly forgotten when she realized that it wasn't her own bed she laid in. She pushed herself up into a sitting position even though her back screamed no and her ribs cried in protest. Looking around, she knew that this definitely wasn't the place she called home nor the bed she'd spent many nights stifling her cries.copyright protection74PENANAezIPnmoyL6

The first thing she noticed was the fact that she was laid in a nest like bed. It was made out of big, small, and medium sized pillows that was held together by a tangle of millions of blankets made of every kind of material: silk, cotton, satin, acrylic, wool, and many others that seemed foreign to her. She also noticed that the interior looked like a cave. A real life, carved in cave with jagged points and curved arches.copyright protection74PENANAz0eW9uVGlE

There was a makeshift kitchen to the far right, cabinet's and a stove and sink added in. Then on the left, a few feet away from the bed was a beautiful fireplace and on either side were two book shelves filled to the brim and overflowing with books. Actually, there were books everywhere, on the floor, beneath the table in the kitchen, on top of the sink, and practically falling off the shelf attached to the fireplace.copyright protection74PENANAglVH6fzPTb

The last and final thing Rayna noticed was the big rounded door behind her bed. It was made of wood and had the most amazing patterns etched into it. As soon as she started to gaze hard at the door, it opened. Out stepped a very handsome, very built young man. Pure black hair fell over deadly green eyes which molded into a nose which looked to have been broken at least twice. My eyes widened at the scar which went from his right eyebrow down to his left cheek in a diagonal fashion, just missing his eyes. The man dominated Rayna  in size and height. The shirt he had on didn't do a thing to hide how well off he was and every time he stepped closer his muscles flexed.copyright protection74PENANA17LKX96lHS

For a second, Rayna almost forgot where she was, especially when she felt his hands on her body. She squeaked in embarrassment when she realized that he was only checking her wounds. Then she remembered what had happened.copyright protection74PENANAsgSGd2a9Iw

“We have to go. The dragon!" Her voice was hoarse and dry.copyright protection74PENANAOZSJGYZgNS

The man looked at her, as though surprised that she could speak. Then he shook his head and smiled warmly. “It's Eryx actually, but you can call me dragon, if you'd like."copyright protection74PENANArP0dzYmGk3

All the color drained from her face and she felt as though she was going to pass out. She'd have ran away if her legs weren't numb and tingly. His face became panicked when he saw her reaction. His hands immediately, but gently, wrapped around her hands and tried to soothe her by rubbing his thumbs on her palms.copyright protection74PENANAyMkrtxuEHc

“Hey, hey. I'm not going to hurt you, Rayna. Don't worry, I'm only a dragon because it is what you wished for, though you might not have realized it.”copyright protection74PENANAavc2eT0e9O

“I… I wished for it?” Rayna's hands began to tremble.copyright protection74PENANA6BD7Od5aTp

“Yes. I take on whatever form you need. It is my job as your guardian angel, you know.”copyright protection74PENANAescyTF5njM

Rayna froze. ‘Impossible.’ She thought, ‘I don't have a guardian angel. No one cares enough to give me one.’copyright protection74PENANAAuiNwxGwLQ

“If you're my… guardian angel, then where are your wings?”copyright protection74PENANAlSsYZgb5r5

“They're made out of Godly matter. The human eye can't see them, but you can. You just don't let yourself.”copyright protection74PENANAvFxHdrnjPH

Rayna was suddenly enraged by Eryx's words. How dare he insult her! Guardian angel or not, he didn't have a single right to tell her what she could or couldn't do. Her right hand pulled away from Eryx's and raised high in the air. It swiftly went down across his cheek, snapping his head to the side. He didn't get angry nor lose his temper on her, like the man at her house would've. Instead, he gave Rayna a rueful smile and said something that scared her, yet warmed her to her core.copyright protection74PENANA6qboeHWVeH

“It's okay to be angry. With all that you've been through, I'd be angry too. It's okay, though. No matter how long it takes I'll be by your side until you're okay. And no, I don't mean your smile-through-the-pain smile. I mean the happy, ecstatic, and beautiful smile that you used to have when you were younger.”copyright protection74PENANALzAdyAuKFW

Rayna yanked her other hand away and used them both to pull the covers and blankets over her head, signalling that she didn't want to talk anymore. Really, she didn't want to talk to Eryx ever again.copyright protection74PENANAPbBnSPPg9F

As soon as her head hit the pillow, however, she was out like a light. Apparently, she hadn't realized just how tired pain had made her. And she slipped deep into a dreamless sleep.copyright protection74PENANAXf68EkQAf4

∆∆∆∆∆∆∆copyright protection74PENANAi0ETectJW9

Eryx sighed as he felt her fall asleep. ‘Smooth, Eryx. Real smooth.’ He thought as he stood. Eryx ran calloused fingers through his hair and moved over to the small kitchen he'd created. As an angel he didn't feel the need to eat, it was normally junk food he'd brought for him and his little one. But he knew that Rayna would need real food that would sustain her, however long she was in this coma.copyright protection74PENANAFMkhac6Zsf

He quietly, quickly went through the cabinets only to see that there barely any food left in them. There was a half eaten bag of Lays chips and a package of oreos, luckily still unopened. He muttered to himself about how his little one could eat so much in just a week as he moved to the fridge. When Eryx opened the door to said fridge he was surprised to find there was milk in there. It seems like his daughter wasn't able to drink it all while he was gone.copyright protection74PENANAFqvLy95pKk

‘Speaking of Ashlynn, where did she go?’ Eryx thought, worried for his child's safety. Just then a little girl with one eye blue and the other green, burst through the wooden door with a smile so big it could crack her face in half. She didn't notice Rayna sleeping in the bed they shared as she was too busy running towards him with a dark brown cloak tied around her neck.copyright protection74PENANAt3l8WAkpjh

The arms were much too long for her short ones and the tail of the cloak dragged behind her little feet. She purposefully jumped onto him, forcing Eryx to catch and support her small body. He smiled down at her warmly, even though she had almost stepped on the sleeping figures head. Eryx shook his head and picked up the child.copyright protection74PENANAyZ3Sgd5ndy

"I'm going to go out to find food. Be good." He pointed towards Rayna's sleeping figure. "If she wakes up, calm her down. Be nice. Entertain, okay?"copyright protection74PENANADSY9ExiJW3

She stared at Rayna for a minute before deciding to answer. "Yes, sir!" She saluted him and he gave her a kiss on the forehead.copyright protection74PENANA4q6py30Ttj

Setting her down and heading to the edge of the cave, he gave one last wave before heading out.copyright protection74PENANAa2jeUzs0XG

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