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Something In The Dark


Life is collectively referred to as a dark fantasy, although many of us attempt incorporating ideas in our head, searching for ways to escape reality. I for one believe anything that can befriend you, can kill.

Every creature has a dark side but mine doesn't have my best interests at heart, I mumble short prayers, locking all the doors and windows shut.

Every step I took upstairs, made the wooden stairs creek, I keep having this feeling am been followed but every time I look back, am left with goosebumps and my head increasing in size.

I swallowed an imaginary saliva down my throat and continue walking up slowly otherwise I will freak out and run upstairs, that will mess up my night.

If you know anything about darkness, you'll know it leaves no room for the weakest heart. This foreign presence happens whenever am home alone, I made a research on the life beyond and discovered that the level of one's fear determines how far we're willing to let the darkness in.

I gently crawl under the duvet and sleep on my right side facing the door, my heartbeat was accelerating, you could hear every beat of it. 2,3,4 minutes later, the gruesome feeling was gone and I accidentally took a nap that lasted for two minutes until my ears picked a creaking footstep 👣 approaching in the direction of my room, dragging a metal object on the wall,  I froze on the bed.

I searched for my phone under the duvet and my eyes found it far on the table which was close to the door, this wasn't a normal circumstance so,  my mind is blank.

"Do you wanna play", the voice said, sounding distant but very  near. That was when I remembered all the short phrases used in horror movies, I stupidly find myself screaming them one by one.

Is anyone out there?

"Who the hell are you?"

Show yourself coward.

"What do you want from me?"

The noise died down and just when I thought it's over, the door to my room was kicked open with full force.

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