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Available on my website!​​​​​​​https://iamjtolentino.com/cirowriter/blackwood/

​​​​​​​To be thrown in such a tumultuous world in tumultuous times was the fate of the Esper-bearer. It was, at this time, the weight the Blackwood family had to carry. Bastard of a peasant girl and one of the princelings of Aventyne, Vyncent Blackwood, set off from his homeland to rid himself of this curse.

Across the sea, rumors tell of an exorciser as old as the dirt the first men have tread. Once he meets him, Vyncent hopes his family's blood to be cleansed of the essence of Espers, but with it, the extinction of all magic from this realm.

Note on Chronology

Blackwood is told through the point-of-view of characters who may or may not be miles apart from each other. Chapters may cover a day, a few hours, or even several months; a day covered in one chapter may be within a week of a preceding chapter. Things may have also simultaneously occurred between multiple chapters. Because of this, the narrative is not sequential for the most part.Map of the Known World



- World Map by Jon Tolentino(me)

- Cover Art by Jiachen Z.

Profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~018cd1d218c86bded4

Colors: Jon Tolentino


Blackwoodis a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2021 by Jon Tolentino.

(This is a spin-off of one of the characters from Survival Meeting In The Afterlife. See below to read the story!



Young Adult

(A continued story from a novel I created called Edward. I will post that story as well, right after I finish posting the Zachary Novel.)

It all started with a baby named Zachary, who was bound to die in a harsh winter cold, where he thought no one would be willing to love and take care of him. He then opened his eyes because he felt a wave of warmth that melted the ice and snow off his fur. Instead of crying, the baby laughed with joy, knowing he was safe from the never-ending harsh blizzard that would’ve killed him if he stayed outside for just a few more seconds. The kind soul who took in this lost and cold infant was an old lady named Susan. She lost her own children from miscarriages and wars. Eventually, this poor old lady lost her husband in a much greater war that was worse than the last. She was alone and cold just like this poor baby, but now she was blessed with children, whom she willingly adopted. They too were lost in the cold blizzard after escaping a wicked family who never loved them; a brother and sister, one with the heart of ice and the other, the heart of fire.

Their names were Edward and Scarlet, and once they met their new little brother, all they wanted to do was protect him with all their soul and heart, and help raise him to become a great man, and indeed he was a great man, much greater than they could’ve imagined. No one knew Zachary’s original family, but that didn’t matter, because they knew he is in need of a new beginning, where little did they know, that he’ll soon help change the world to become a better place with his love and kindness. But he isn’t the only one, along the way through his life; he made friends as his family grew bigger and stronger. He had more brothers and sisters, cousins, and even aunts and uncles. Eventually, he meets someone later in life who was more than a friend, but that’s a story that may or may not be told in this book.

For now, we must watch over Zachary… and make sure he survives.

Young Adult
Ravenlight 1- Embers of the Past

Elise Bakuuva wants nothing more than to live an average life, to find acceptance in life and a goal for said life; though for her, a normal life seems nigh impossible. Living among the Dragon Descendants of Vulfax, she finds herself everywhere from belittled to abused by peers and family alike. The majority reject her docile book loving ways which go against their ruthless warrior ways.

Facing daily misery and depression, even physical assault, the path to find herself becomes increasingly difficult and lost to an endless fog. Things grow even more hopeless when new eyes set upon her. The Hive, warriors of Dark Power and Magic, striving to capture the Earth and bring it under their control. The Tribe, an unknown enemy to the supernatural, seeking to find Vulfax.

With enemies of the clan moving every day threatening the few things she clings to, a choice will have to be made. To become a warrior for the sake of what she needs to protect, to let things continue as they may, or to walk away from everything in the hope of a better tomorrow. One thing becomes certain to her though; her past is not the past she believes it is as more and more answers lay themselves bare as the enemies of Vulfax tighten their grips. Diving down further, she will struggle to find what she wants and believes, or she will dig her own grave in the process. The race is on!