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The Gifted Ones

A stabbing pain formed all the way from Jason’s chest to his feet. He fell to the ground and blood trailed from his chest to the ground. Lucifer kicked him towards Lily and smiled.

“Jason!” Lily stared down in horror. “Hold on… Let me pull the knife out.”

Wait, knife?Jason thought. But… Where would he get a…

He looked over to the spot where he and Lily stood battling the demonic monster in her mind.

The knife that he made her drop was gone, and it was in his chest.

Jason screamed out in pain as Lily pulled on the knife. “Lily! Just stop. Don’t pull the knife out.”

“No!” She cried. “I can’t leave you here to die!”

“Look,” Jason said.

She looked over at Lucifer who was sitting on his chair fixing his cuffs. Humming, while grinning wildly.

“He’s waiting for you patiently. Please. You have to fight him. None of us are capable. Look around.”

Elle and Zach laid on the ground, eyes closed, hands intertwined.

“Please.” Jason coughed, blood spraying Lily’s dress. “Lily please.” He begged.

Tears filled her eyes, falling down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry.” Jason wiped her eyes with his thumbs and smiled. “Only you can fight him. Please go.”

A girl named Lily lived a normal life like everyone else at Three Lakes High School. Then she met a boy named Jason and her life changed. Magical beings existed. She learns more about her past as she figures out who murdered her mother. Will more people die? Will Lily and Jason become more than friends? Who will die until they figure out who the culprit is? Will Lily, Jason, and Elle have the courage to stand up to the culprit? Lastly, who is the culprit?

The story starts out normal, but it gets more serious as Lily becomes more aware of her new world.

Cover photo by Unsplash

PG-13 Completed