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    Hey, just a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi. I enjoy reading, writing, music, jogging, and even hiking. Thank you for your visit. A certified workaholic. :)

    My favorite books/authors include: Patrick Rothfuss, George RR Martin,J.R.R Tolkien,Michael Crichton, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Timothy Zahn, A civil Action, Ready Player One,Fail-safe ,Fast Food Nation, and his dark materials.

    Shows that I am following rn include, but aren't limited to : The Punisher, Turn, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Vikings, The Man in the High Castle, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Cobra Kai,the Boys, altered carbon, Lost in space, the Last Kingdom, the purge, and more.

    I listen to various types of music including Nachtmahr, Imperial Age, machinimasound, Hulkoff, brothers of metal, Amon Amarth, belakor, wintersun, deathstars,scenario 2,serenity in murder, hollywood undead, and in flames.

    Feel free to PM me if you have the same interests and would like to discuss. ^^
    Oh I also love anime: darker than black,code geass, basilisk,attack on titan ,one punch man,psycho pass,hakouki, Tokyo ghoul, one piece,Naruto shippuden, bleach, death note,shaman king, and fma brotherhood .

    Did I mention I am a big fan of history, most notably World War 2?
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Wanna Go For a Ride? The Return of Christine

Edward Knight is a 17 year old High School Student in Bakersfield, California  where is he a part of the JROTC program.  As he prepares to enter into military service after his school days conclude, he is only missing  one possession that most of his classmates have: a car. One day, he comes upon a 58 Plymouth Fury in a used car dealership and instantly falls in love. From then on, he and Christine share many adventures such as his graduation, birthday parties, and getting accepted into college. However, sinister events start to occur. When animals start dying, people go missing, and property gets damaged, Edward doesn't assures himself that Christine can't be connected to ominous events now, can she?

Christine (c) Steven King

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