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My outside book work
Writer The Virtual Shadow
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My outside book work
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The Virtual Shadow
Jan 13, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!MaPgPWKgZCTlkzSpHjmTposted on PENANA

This little project was technically my first book work. But i scraped it cause it wasn't good in my opinion so i'm changing it up to fit better into what I plan. While this is more or less the future rather then magic or supernatural, i like to have these different elements to not only try something different but use my creativity more. Hope this does well when i start on it.copyright protection345PENANAy8udyN1uvB

lore:copyright protection345PENANAUiMKyCHiTG

Pieces of beyond:copyright protection345PENANAVM1gmUG4d2

Little is known outside of space of what happened, but something caused a massive wave that blasted through the galaxy, when the planet was hit, they only felt minor quakes around the world. This happened in 1939 and was called "The Great Quake." During this time was also a lack of any materials to continue modern life for another 50 years, this was causing worldwide problems. Many years later in 1964, in a city known as Velliora was destroyed by a giant meteorite that caused the center of the city to be obliterated. Much of what remained suffered badly with almost all people dead and to be injured, buildings turned to rumble. A special organisation known as Glass-eye saw something on this meteor and went to investigate. Soon after arriving and coming near the center they found a strange and new substance that could be many things. It also was able to respond and duplicate. Knowing they only had just over 20 years till the world would run out of material and might destroy it. They begun experiments to test it.copyright protection345PENANAXLarZJe0dK

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