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Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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2. Of Wrath & Death
Lunassandra Hughes
Jul 18, 2017
29 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4ISvAhNZVkig9gD8vtzHposted on PENANA

Jack's jaw was clenched tight and he left Henry in the dust as twilight filled the sky. Henry didn't follow him, figuring he would be caught in a toxic mood for a while. copyright protection60PENANAI1IvunzOTB

Jack slammed the door to his shared room closed as he stepped inside, kicking his cot off it's legs and across the room into the bed.copyright protection60PENANA6YkZuUghUc

"Idiot!" Jack slid down the wall to the floor, his head falling into his hands, "Christ, I'm such an ass."copyright protection60PENANABdtKt6TZzs

"Yes, you are."64Please respect copyright.PENANA8Tat3oAixi
copyright protection60PENANAHiupNZNmNH

He looked up at the feminine voice to see Sverila towering over him. His jaw fell slack and she laughed.copyright protection60PENANAYTFiS9d9q8

"Come now, do you really think my form is entirely bound by a mortal coil?" She laughed once more before kneeling down to his level and taking his face in her hands.copyright protection60PENANAm2lPNPVHPv

"Lover, do you really think she is so unaware when I take control?"copyright protection60PENANA9wNEWBDJXr

His eyes widened, "Sh-she knew?"copyright protection60PENANArWl6fdfsnG

"Of course she did. I could've kept her consciousness away, but it was too fun to feel her shrink back like a wounded animal."copyright protection60PENANAAJJWyxMueB

He clenched his jaw once more and shook off her hold. 64Please respect copyright.PENANA3Rx09ez92G
copyright protection60PENANA0o8N24oFNm

She allowed it, appearing beside him a moment later.copyright protection60PENANA7ejslyGA13

"Does she know that you're here now?"copyright protection60PENANAhCN1zmylRM

"Perhaps, but then again, it would be safe to assume that she is too weak at the moment to stay sentient."copyright protection60PENANAXRa5Fc94SX

Sverila laughed in his ear and he turned away.copyright protection60PENANArZcKsxj88k

"You don't care, do you? About her or me?"copyright protection60PENANAbqWZrvmZRd

"I do care, Lover. Just not in the way that you might want."copyright protection60PENANAMO4WUK93O2

He pulled away from her, but she appeared in a haze of shadows at his other side. The lights flickered above them and the room was plunged into darkness, not even the moon shining from the window could penetrate the dark.copyright protection60PENANA1f2dZuKiCT

He blinked before he felt his back against his cot back in it's rightful place. Sverila was above him, he could feel her straddling his lap. She leaned down into his ear.copyright protection60PENANADOjzNK5aKW

"But you do not care, do you? You still want me, I can feel it."64Please respect copyright.PENANAHayuMnmo2C
copyright protection60PENANAnwKstFcCI0

He swallowed, feeling his dick harden beneath her. She laughed, rocking her hips gently over him. He groaned and she kissed a line up his chest.copyright protection60PENANAEKfHXfbIyN

Where did my shirt go?copyright protection60PENANABbBVLpGQzq

He felt his hands grab onto her hips, keeping her rocking slow and steady.copyright protection60PENANAMXWxppcB2V

The lights flickered again, but they didn't stay on, only barely revealing her form to him. Her reflective eyes stayed bright in the darkness, glowing out at him like a predator. God help him, this must be some spell, surely he was not so weak otherwise!copyright protection60PENANACHFSoC7zlG

He felt his pants disappear and felt his skin meet hers as his breathing picked up.copyright protection60PENANAnXRYSDoytY

"Tell me, Lover. Do you fancy me? Do you think I'm beautiful? Do you love me?"copyright protection60PENANAZfVWNkmZWo

She leaned into his ear, "Tell me, Lover. Tell me, and you can take me as long as you want."copyright protection60PENANAUy6zqucy4x

"Yes!" He exclaimed and she chuckled low in his ear and all of a sudden he was inside of her as she rocked her hips, prompting him to thrust up into her heat. God, why was she so warm if she wasn't tangible without Luna?64Please respect copyright.PENANAvbwGEA5fSD
copyright protection60PENANAerv6qoJPWd

Luna.copyright protection60PENANANWtISg3efZ

He slowed as he thought of her. She, she cared about him, she wanted to change herself to be with him, she was hurting herself to try and do that. God, what was he doing?copyright protection60PENANACaxJJYdWwh

He tried to stop, but Sverila sped up her pace and he felt like he was sinking.copyright protection60PENANAuLJZR9nBYk

What's happening to me?copyright protection60PENANAOLgiu9yxnO

This had to be a spell, he wanted to stop dammit!copyright protection60PENANAx0Y5JI3WEz

But he couldn't, why? What was she doing?copyright protection60PENANAe8lX8c7wO5

She bent over him again, whispering into his ear.copyright protection60PENANAQDR7VmgtTE

"Do you love me?"copyright protection60PENANAhrEfwnXzkC

"Yes," he felt himself groan as he felt pleasure begin to ricochet in his body, pooling in his gut.copyright protection60PENANA9zLuxTHEpv

"Do you love her? Will you ever love her, I wonder?"copyright protection60PENANAKg8Bo3YExS

He stared up at her, his mind a haze. 64Please respect copyright.PENANAxWu4XDjwNl
copyright protection60PENANAjOjX4Pl2oG

Is her face moving?copyright protection60PENANAFyfq2MjKrJ

Her features began to shift beneath her skin, her right eye shifting into a familiar honey color.copyright protection60PENANAfb0oNosL3Z

No, no, no! No, don't let Luna out!copyright protection60PENANADmOXkTMFWb

"Answer me, Lover. I can assure you, we both want to know."copyright protection60PENANAmBJB1MolwQ

"Stop!" He urged and her voice turned harsh as it shifted into Luna's.copyright protection60PENANA5M25bPtEBx

"Answer us!"copyright protection60PENANAEfUscemYUj

"Jack! Jack! Luna's gone!" Henry shouted from outside, pulling on the door handle.copyright protection60PENANAagUTSWGhhd

It was locked.copyright protection60PENANA7m09scZVQB

She was doing this to get to him, to hurt her. He bit back his response, feeling her warmth shift with him still inside her, he groaned and she let out a moan, her voice shifting further, yet slowing down. Her glowing eye narrowed on him.copyright protection60PENANAtuQnX3Bj2v

"Answer me!"copyright protection60PENANACcMx6EtNVL

"No!"copyright protection60PENANA0381dAddw3

The shifting ceased and gradually her features shifted back into Sverila's. She bent down over him, kissing him softly and he felt his climax overcome him. He groaned and she laughed lowly in his ear.copyright protection60PENANAOZxFmvIYPL

"Thank you, Lover. Truly."copyright protection60PENANAusXgZ4VtRR

The door's lock released and Henry came running inside, skidding to a stop when he spotted them still connected, Sverila laughed at him.copyright protection60PENANAeSUmT8W6ls

His face lit up like a red Christmas light, but his green eyes brightened in his anger. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door closed as he left.copyright protection60PENANAa9sIPOdyN2

She began to rock her hips once more, but he pulled free of her hold and fell off the cot to escape her. His breathing was harsh and she appeared before him, kneeling to look into his eyes with both of her silver discs.copyright protection60PENANAjhuhytltXd

"Now tell me, was that so hard?"copyright protection60PENANAlb5fyYnu5J

"You forced me to!" He yelled at her and she smirked at him.copyright protection60PENANAXfTpXIebg1

"Not really. You don't love her, you might like her, but you certainly don't love her. I remember listening to you ask her if I loved you. It shouldn't really surprise you, but she lied. She did know. She just wanted to save you the pain that she already felt. Poor mortal, she was trying so hard to be good enough."copyright protection60PENANAdzjHQSbcm8

Sverila let loose a cackle. "Poor girl, I must tell you, I do so pity such pathetic youth. My brother will love her, unlike you, I'm sure."copyright protection60PENANApHkvWSukmz

She left him alone in the room, walking into the bathroom and locking the door.copyright protection60PENANA4kPXJNFXYV

Sverila stared at her reflection in the mirror. She threw on the shower and snorted.copyright protection60PENANAZbvjTmb4yx

Luna's spirit gazed out from the mirror at her. Her cheeks were tear stained and her bright eyes were dull and dark.copyright protection60PENANAdYexubpYwM

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" She asked and the goddess smiled at her.copyright protection60PENANAyB6nyQbdO9

"If you must know, your older brother once used me similarly. Not that it will mean anything to you since you barely remember getting to the base. You don't even know how old you are."copyright protection60PENANA9NlF6e1ijA

Luna looked down, away from her, but she was trapped in the mirror, trapped in the back of her own mind, and could do nothing.copyright protection60PENANAPxz453gv1N

Sverila laughed, "Don't fret, mortal. I'll let you out. You might want to wash up, though. I got us a little dirty, and I don't think I'll clean you up this time."copyright protection60PENANAhAooYWe9a3

Her features shifted peacefully, Sverila dulling the physical pain for the first time. Her happiness at her host's pain gave her the allotment to take on the girl's physical pain. She was already weak from lack of food, it wouldn't do for her to fall back into a coma, now would it?copyright protection60PENANAikQEZXT1fc

She stepped into the shower, Luna taking over as she did so. The girl fell down onto the tiles, her legs weak and her mind too tired to give her the release of crying out her pain.copyright protection60PENANAC5KcaPfqkh

She felt numb, her body was sore and felt terribly terribly used. She leaned her head onto the aluminum wall of the shower, her body curled up in a ball. She sat like that for a while, knowing that she'd have to get up in a while.copyright protection60PENANAeCRC0PzfZK

I want to go back to sleep and never wake up.copyright protection60PENANAii59W56P6l

Why did she have to be the one to take on the goddess? When had she, for that matter? She couldn't remember, all she could recall was stumbling into the base with a case with the heart that held Sverila's godly power. She had given it to the general in charge, and since then she had been being used to take care of the dirty work.copyright protection60PENANA2JrMVBBb2W

She didn't feel too bad about that. She could understand that it helped save lives, she had even been proud of that.copyright protection60PENANAsgykTyatO9

But she hated this feeling that she was left with.copyright protection60PENANAd7rjgoomdv

She hated that she had met Jack. She hated that she had been paired with him. She hated that she had fallen for him. She hated that her love was the only thing that kept her happy, and the very thing that was poisoning her.copyright protection60PENANAIge92aLElN

Would she ever be good enough for someone?copyright protection60PENANAAO398XIjqw

Without knowing, tears had begun to make their way down her face. She could hear thumping coming from the bedroom, Jack was probably destroying the room, she knew he must have been having a hard time. Luna's passenger had been using him, and as such, Luna was confident that he was angry.copyright protection60PENANAtEDVXUjlhx

A few minutes later she heard a door slam and stood on shaky limbs to turn off the shower. She wrapped a towel around herself and stepped out of the steam filled bathroom to an empty room. The cot had been thrown around a few times and drawers from the bureau and their contents were thrown haphazardly around the room. Her side of the bureau was left untouched, despite it having been moved to slam against the cinder block walls. The walls had been scuffed by the cot, too.copyright protection60PENANAQZN59QfUuA

Luna quickly finished drying off and put on her nightgown, pleased when she felt it loose despite everything.copyright protection60PENANAI5oMexJWQa

Her quest had gone unnoticed till tonight, but she glad that she had taken it this far. She was still weak and tired (and hungry), but she felt better about herself.copyright protection60PENANAtkO7fM1y8i

She shouldn't, she knew. Sverila had probably scared some of the injured soldiers half to death, Morgan had been lying beside her in his cot, he had a good laugh though if she remembered correctly.copyright protection60PENANA5ZiT4sJjne

She smiled and busied herself with fixing the room and putting Jack's belongings back in their places. She had tied her long black hair up into a ponytail to keep it out of her face, and she caught sight of her features in the mirror that had gone untouched on top of the bureau.copyright protection60PENANAU5kjRyRBvI

Fine features and large doe eyes greeted her and she smiled lightly. Despite the dry deathly pale skin and gaunt cheeks, she felt like she looked better than she had before. She'd have to be careful though, waking up in the med bay meant that they had probably figured her out.copyright protection60PENANALZ2A6hm8Pu

She had just finished her work when a knock came at the door.copyright protection60PENANArVtJOycySz

"Come in." She welcomed and Ann stepped into the room, closing the door softly behind herself. copyright protection60PENANAMMF66xFX8b

Despite the calmness of her actions she appeared utterly infuriated. Luna waited for the redhead to release her anger.copyright protection60PENANAFUaHuhYQqO

"Do you know how utterly pathetic you are? I thought you were strong, but you would weaken yourself just for an idiot who doesn't give a single shit about you." Ann slowly said, her voice reserved, like she was holding back the worst of it.copyright protection60PENANAlRJPBynN6g

Hear that, mortal? She's found you out.copyright protection60PENANAnT2208AF6I

"You scared some of the men in the infirmary with the stunt you pulled. They really care about you, you know? They were concerned! All for you! Nevermind that the godly whore scared some of them shitless. Barrett thought she was going to kill them. She threatened to, he said."copyright protection60PENANARLC1s7jrXJ

"I can't control what she does." Luna stated and Ann narrowed her eyes on the angry woman.copyright protection60PENANAfjBZ9cyx0F

"If you were stronger you could've, but you decided to go without eating for god knows how long instead. All for some idiot. God, Luna! I almost though Uncle was going to use the heart again!"copyright protection60PENANANnyQqyY0e5

Luna scowled, remembering the pain she'd had when he last did so. She had felt like she was having a heart attack, her vision going blurry and her breathing rough while her ribs felt like they were about to crush her own heart. And that was with Sverila in control.copyright protection60PENANAJ5Ql7itrKq

Ann swallowed and pulled back, "Jacobs died earlier today. Kept asking for you since you were the only one who talked to him after he got sick."copyright protection60PENANAbZKMZTZxrZ

Luna swallowed her guilt down, staying on her knees on the floor, fiddling with the hem of her gown. Ann snorted and left with few parting words.copyright protection60PENANAcemL4Nk3Nz

"So fucking selfish."copyright protection60PENANA8wFYSNhle1

She pulled herself up off the floor using the bureau after the door had slammed shut on the redhead's way out. She stumbled into the bed, and under the blankets. She passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow a feeling of numbness soaking into her and overpowering any hunger that still ran through her.copyright protection60PENANAMq1xc1rbyS

The next morning Jack shook her awake. He was clearly still angry, throwing down a banana and apple down on the bedside table.copyright protection60PENANAbL6xxblSe8

"Eat up," he said, "We have the mission to go on. General thought you could handle it since Sverila scared everyone last night."copyright protection60PENANArmF7lyUCU9

He turned away and walked into the bathroom, and soon steam came from below the door.copyright protection60PENANAEHzGfMHGYg

Luna ate the banana as she got dressed, frowning when she couldn't find her pants. She'd have to wear a dress.copyright protection60PENANAy92FHAQ2s5

Well, it's not like she hadn't worn one on a mission before. Sverila always wore something different when she shifted anyway. Luna assumed it was the same animal skin revealing dress as she wore in the mirror.copyright protection60PENANAbUsR1NqVql

She tossed on the dress and stockings to keep her legs warm since winter had begun to roll in. Jack frowned at her when he came out and she turned back to the bed to give him privacy, eating a couple bites of the apple and sipping on some of the water she kept in the bureau's drawers.copyright protection60PENANA552FLhrtYq

"Come on," Jack growled, "Let's go. Doc will be coming with us instead of Henry. He's not talking to me apparently."copyright protection60PENANAKxAMchm3kP

Luna looked up, "Why?"copyright protection60PENANA9wJBoKoPGP

He glared at her, but released a long breath, "Never mind why. Let's just go."copyright protection60PENANAaLUdqGuSat

They made their way to the truck where Thomas checked her over.copyright protection60PENANAjU0THcb4gw

"You ate? Drank water?"copyright protection60PENANATp3C0rnpg3

"Yes," She nodded.copyright protection60PENANAfrP9EgQ990

"Are you still tired?"copyright protection60PENANACsVClCPwG5

She was but she shook her head, "I'm good, let's just go."copyright protection60PENANA3Av6cwyAVP

He nodded and slid into the driver's seat, Luna sitting beside him, with Jack on the passenger side. Jack was staring out the window and no one talked as they drove for a few hours. Luna turned on the radio when she felt herself begin to nod off, but the two men said nothing.copyright protection60PENANAEagtkUKb4T

It was some song from a disney movie that had come out a few years ago, or at least that's what Thomas told her. It was playing on repeat and Jack shut if off after the third play, apparently having been listening.copyright protection60PENANAcGl7iHK7eq

"Jack?"copyright protection60PENANAdh0IndeWNa

"Leave me alone for now, Luna."copyright protection60PENANALsl1VFWFR0

Thomas' eyes narrowed but he said nothing.copyright protection60PENANAz3GUaZBU7Q

"What's your first name?" Luna asked Thomas and he blinked, looking down at her.copyright protection60PENANAlk7m3vAiro

"Silver."copyright protection60PENANAscQNeLtbrk

She nodded, "It suits you. I've never seen a young man grow hair as white as yours."copyright protection60PENANAb0nSVySxtZ

He smiled down at her briefly before turning his blue eyes back onto the road.copyright protection60PENANAnOkubn0LGr

It was silent again and Silver realized that both of his passengers had fallen asleep. He didn't blame them, it was starting to get dark and they had been on the road all day. They'd have to stop at the nearest town for gas before they got any further to enemy territory.copyright protection60PENANA98EZWTLp4d

An hour later he stopped and filled the truck up, grabbing some food at the tiny grocers next to the gas station. Luna blinked at him hazily, grabbing the offered food. He passed her the bag and she took a bag of chips from it, passing the rest of it to Jack. He blinked at her blankly for a moment before recalling his anger and snorting.copyright protection60PENANAKge899G1H9

"I'm not hungry."copyright protection60PENANA14Xlz9JzUp

She nodded, not even releasing her sigh. She ate quickly and quietly, setting aside the bag when she'd had enough. She placed it with the rest of the food on the floorboards next to her feet.copyright protection60PENANA14yG3vzPVE

They were fast approaching the spot and began to take the back country roads to go unnoticed, knowing that they might be questioned for driving an unidentified vehicle. Jack directed them to the marked location on the map, and they hid the truck.copyright protection60PENANA3FUhN4rt58

"I'll stay with the car. Wake me up when you get back." Silver stated and they nodded as they slid out.copyright protection60PENANAD7dBsNKcmE

They hiked further into the forest for a good twenty minutes until Jack told her to settle down.copyright protection60PENANACoIb4MGECB

He barely looked at her when he told her to call the goddess.copyright protection60PENANAiFhdX4hpyn

She frowned, depression creeping in after being so... ignored would be the most appropriate word.copyright protection60PENANAybuLMXyw9V

She fell to her knees as the shift began, biting back a scream of pain. Sverila appeared to want to stay locked up, but after a few moments came out with an annoyed look on her regal features.copyright protection60PENANAbMjUXoHE2j

She narrowed her eerie eyes on Jack before smirking. He glared at her, but said nothing.copyright protection60PENANAgkZxyWBPl9

"What's wrong, Lover? Did I hurt your feelings?"copyright protection60PENANAcUlGF7DeEN

He swallowed tightly, "We have a mission. There is a base to the north. We need you to bring it down. Just stay out of the town in between."copyright protection60PENANA9PAtKxSrcU

She pouted but nodded. "Should be easy enough."copyright protection60PENANALsfKZNHBD3

She left him in the forest alone all but for the weapon he had brought with them for precaution.copyright protection60PENANALPX6wCeaRS

She knew she needed to kill off as many of the soldiers in the base that she could reach. Keeping her host sentient and healed was beginning to take a toll of the goddess. With her heart still intact and in the hands of her keepers, she was left weaker than she wanted and she had expended her energy needlessly recently.copyright protection60PENANAX1Ixvs5nUi

She manifested in the base and lashed out her familiars from the shadows onto the unsuspecting soldier, consuming their life forces. She lit a fire in the main building near the armory, killing any who tried to put it out. Soon enough bullets went flying outwards and killed off any that tried to put an end to the fire which was a near surprising amount.copyright protection60PENANAhFKxpKk6lY

She was weaker than she should be. She should have let her host heal at a reasonable pace instead of shoving it all at once. It would take quite some time to regain her lost energy.copyright protection60PENANA96N7dkKruB

If she had her brother's domains, her powers would be perpetually full. He still had his heart, she'd bet. Or at the very least he would know where it was.copyright protection60PENANAjrC2Z8v5vp

She scanned the wrecked buildings for survivors with her senses, satisfied when she could only sense the heartbeats of a few as they ran from the base. She disappeared in her mist, reappearing in an alley in the town.copyright protection60PENANAnM48kuSFAd

Dammit, too weak to go further. Creatrix knows, the mortal will be too weak to do anything.copyright protection60PENANADKkrRxLBZf

Sverila hid their shared body behind a dumpster, though it would provide little coverage given the opposite end of alley that was left partly open. She growled softly and shifted, letting her host take control, the mortal would have to figure her way out of this mess by herself.copyright protection60PENANAdjHQlGYQMt

Luna couldn't bite back her scream this time and it was shrill as it pierced the air. She collapsed like a broken doll against the grimy brick wall, her hair clumping together in whatever it was that was on the walls.copyright protection60PENANAg9gkhAOafp

"Looky Boys! Looks like we're having a lucky night!" A man's voice drifted back to her as he spotted her from the end of the alley.copyright protection60PENANAnTaIk2g5Ef

He and two other men walked down into the alley and Luna looked up at them in a haze. They were wearing some kind of uniform, but it was too hard for her eyes to focus. She couldn't even make out their features clearly- well except for the one who had spoken who had some kind of large black tattoo on his neck.copyright protection60PENANAkRy2HUJGKv

One of them grabbed her leg and dragged her further into the shadows of the alley as the moon's light faded from the scene. His friend pulled a knife and stabbed it between her legs, ripping open her dress and stockings and cutting into her legs.copyright protection60PENANA90FqlW1a7g

"What? What are you doing?"copyright protection60PENANAzvaKduMtzq

"Oh look! She talks! I wonder if she screams?" The smallest one spoke up and she frowned, her vision beginning to return to her.copyright protection60PENANAJUhhWZbGFW

She was bleeding slowly from the cuts and she fought against the biggest one, the one with the knife, as he pulled her legs apart.copyright protection60PENANAbPXQfjNgtU

"Andre, oi! Do you want to go first?"copyright protection60PENANAx3pHNDcz7M

"Stop! Stop!" She cried out when she realized what they were doing as pain from the cuts began to clear her head of her haze.copyright protection60PENANAZQGh8DgjjW

"Sorry, baby girl. No can do. A beauty like you should demands to ravished. You'll love it though, I assure you." The man she assumed was Andre stated as he began to pull off his belt. 64Please respect copyright.PENANAcvvLZi8lGb
copyright protection60PENANAgvLem1x9i0

He tied her wrists and tossed her onto her stomach.copyright protection60PENANA4P4uxR8Jqf

She kicked at them, but her kicks were weak and tired as her head began to go hazy again.copyright protection60PENANAvq5cHdQYxa

"Please, please stop." She begged.copyright protection60PENANAUOFG21HAb0

They did not stop.copyright protection60PENANAAgPFLnwT7X

When they had finished, they left her with cuts across both of her wrists and down her chest, in addition to the two long ones on her thighs. They left her alone, laughing as they left the alley, as she could feel the cold bite into her almost bare flesh.copyright protection60PENANA8DneP5rG3Z

The shadows were darker than ever and she could feel her eyes start to droop closed as she began to slip away into sleep.copyright protection60PENANAQYOwEQymqJ

"You might wish you hadn't done that, beauty." A masculine voice whispered in her ear and she frowned, trying to force herself to wake up.copyright protection60PENANAm10cGLzdEH

"Who?"copyright protection60PENANAaMkx0aCsQG

A shadow manifested above her, a being made up entirely of darkness. He, the shadow, kneeled above her, placing her head on his knees. He was surprisingly solid, and it reassured her. His cold seeped into her, but it felt much better than the one coming from the winter chill in the air encompassing her broken frame.copyright protection60PENANAsHEgdj6LGx

"I am Anryien. Tell me, are you my sister's host?"copyright protection60PENANAv2yvffhPsV

Luna nodded lightly and he laughed, "My sister knows my weaknesses well when it comes to women as beautiful as you."copyright protection60PENANAwCIRaJ1NbS

She swallowed as he ran a hand through her hair. It felt nice. It felt reassuring. It felt like he cared about her.copyright protection60PENANAtDz7UNr0z7

Tears made their way down her face.copyright protection60PENANAy597BpmSeP

"Am I dying?"copyright protection60PENANAOLswCCfDpr

Anryien appeared to nod.copyright protection60PENANAwT560ZTsZt

"But if you die, my sister will be free and she will simply take another host. You will be the only one suffering for her weakness."copyright protection60PENANAzyyJF9821n

His eyes stared down at her, manifesting in eerie silver discs so like Sverila's own. He appeared troubled and she lifted her hand to his face, touching it lightly before he limb felt much too heavy and dropped.copyright protection60PENANARP8jmLWBpl

"Will you stay with me?" She asked and he nodded.copyright protection60PENANA2Vf71f6VI6

"I will stay with you, beauty. But wouldn't you rather be with the one you love? Wouldn't you rather he be with you? I can take you to him."copyright protection60PENANAohEW0k59m7

She nodded, "B-He's angry, he doesn't want me anyway."copyright protection60PENANAwdWFxiqtUP

Anryien nodded, but he disappeared into shadows, taking her with him back into the forest. He took to the shadows of the night, dropping the woman on her knees before the man she loved.copyright protection60PENANAPXL45MkcH2

The man barely glanced down at her, too tied up in his anger from the previous day.copyright protection60PENANAj5jY2ki7tF

He picked up his weapon, "You're late. Come on, we need to get back to the truck. Thomas is probably out cold by now."copyright protection60PENANAe0SbFqu5Uo

He began to walk away and the woman did not say a word, collapsing onto her side as he walked further and further away, assuming that she was following.copyright protection60PENANAVJmGOst9Eb

"Jack..." She mumbled softly into the grass.copyright protection60PENANAbYhvWjQfqk

Anryien stepped back out of the shadows and took her in his arms once more.copyright protection60PENANAUFkNQZdk58

She was quite beautiful for a mortal, despite her appearance of ill health and the fact that she was bleeding out onto the earth. She reminded him of his dear Noyllia, the one lover of his that he truly loved. Her dark features were just as perfect as her's had been. The only glaringly obvious difference being the color of their skin tones- making the woman before him appear vaguely like his sister in coloring. The woman before him was very fair, made even with fairer by her dark hair.copyright protection60PENANAJ1R5IGybPd

Her golden eyes blinked up at him hollowly. Like she was used to the pain of her lover not returning her affections. Anryien could make out the man in the distance, still unaware of the fact that she was not following him. Anryien frowned at the ignorance.copyright protection60PENANAn1bEx8Xooo

Mortal men were a pathetic breed in his opinion. They were entirely too prideful, only willing to kneel to an incomprehensible all-knowing god, instead of the gods that actually reigned over this earth and created them.copyright protection60PENANAIi326T1ke7

His people had been undyingly loyal to he and his sister, giving unto them all that they had required in return for their favor. He regretted giving up his worshippers for the gift from his Creatrix that was never to come. He knew his sister did as well, her gift had betrayed her in favor of his own power, driving his sister to hate all of mankind.copyright protection60PENANAsX8k3R0B2Q

Sverila, his dear sister, was entirely too bitter, he knew. But he loved her all the same. However, she had clearly wronged this mortal beyond words and he felt the need to aid her.copyright protection60PENANAPpS04p91Nx

Why? What made her so important?copyright protection60PENANAqwQtyWnAgB

He had been observing her and his sister from his domain over shadows for some time, watching as his sister discovered his empty idol, her excursions with the mortal man that her host loved, the very same one who could not be bothered to look behind himself to see that she was missing, no no, he was too angry to see what was so glaringly obvious. His sister could be cruel, but he wondered why she had been so cruel to her host. He had missed too much in the past few centuries it seemed.copyright protection60PENANAHJzQ3CH4eK

"Are you Death?" The mortal woman asked him and he smiled down at her.copyright protection60PENANAU3aN4edeg0

"Death is one of my domains."copyright protection60PENANALGxC95yxFP

Anryien had watched as this mortal tried desperately to catch the man's favor. It had pained him to see someone so constantly pained would continue to hang on to such a rat as the man must be. He bent down to whisper in her ear.copyright protection60PENANA8nzHdCkVGz

"You are happy, you know that the one that you love loves you too despite his silence. You are sad to leave him, but you know that you are headed for something better."copyright protection60PENANAFBDQoI4BWl

His domain over persuasion rang loudly in his voice and she smiled softly, her eyes drooping closed before she forced them open once more.copyright protection60PENANACI19kbfTJU

Anryien watched as the woman looked at the man with the most loyal of attentions, how she cared for the dying long after the healthy had abandoned them, easing their transition into his realm. Perhaps she would be better as one of his own he wondered. He had not taken a lover in some time, most mortals were terrified when they met him, but not she.copyright protection60PENANAJRiizwUUrB

Surely, that was a good sign.copyright protection60PENANAt7d7XCP2dM

"How do I feel to you?" He asked her.copyright protection60PENANAnQup0PBfIk

She sighed softly, her breathing much too shallow for his tastes, "Like home."copyright protection60PENANAasctKMZEGq

"Luna!" Two voices called for her, drawing closer, but they were still too far away.copyright protection60PENANAgaythv67yk

"Is that you name then, beauty?" He asked her and she nodded.copyright protection60PENANAUWaombeXrX

"It suits you." He paused, forcing her soul to not begin its disconnect from her body.copyright protection60PENANAiCpv59h4OX

"Would you stay with me if I asked you to, Luna? Would you be mine, even if still a part of you belongs to your foolish mortal love? Would you be my Bride?"copyright protection60PENANAv483yqyEx6

She smiled gently at him, "Will I be with you? Will I still be able to see you?"copyright protection60PENANAYr39Qpl5nM

"Luna!" The two mortals drawing closer called, but she appeared to be focused on Anryien.copyright protection60PENANA2ForbtAsxo

"Yes, beauty. I will be with you every step of the way."copyright protection60PENANAq2ty52ZEHw

"Then yes." Luna whispered, her heart slowing its beats.copyright protection60PENANALGYOQPdbUB

Anryien, the god of death, darkness, war, and persuasion, leaned down and kissed the dying mortal lightly.copyright protection60PENANAXWglnsPYUn

Her lips began to turn blue from the cold of both him and the weather and she turned her gaze up to the night sky. He kept his arms wrapped around her as he felt her life force sink into her form, killing her and making her his.copyright protection60PENANAmlpQUvTTaA

The mortal man came bolting through the trees and down to the ground where he had left her, a second mortal coming down to tumble after him and they both spotted her, and Anryien holding on to her.copyright protection60PENANAqWhpL7eZi8

"Mother of God, what is that?" The mortal, Jack Williams, swallowed, staring at the god.copyright protection60PENANAAg5RBsjrre

"Look at the moon, it's so pretty tonight." Anryien's Bride whispered, her eyes staring amazed at the sky even as the light faded from them.copyright protection60PENANAONzeEuKxnU

"We have to get to her! Look at the blood!"The doctor called to Williams and he slowly approached the two. Anryien's eyes following him along the way.copyright protection60PENANA8OQpdCwrBP

"He's like Sverila, Doc. He's got her eyes."64Please respect copyright.PENANAXcmtS03YgW
copyright protection60PENANAAb5F2H8l8z

"It's snowing!" She whispered in awe.copyright protection60PENANAzWn9a2DUA1

Sure enough, snow began to blanket the ground.copyright protection60PENANAPIQG83iFvT

The doctor slowed to a stop beside Williams. "It must be her brother. Diviny said something about her having a brother, right?"copyright protection60PENANAu65AM7hVtp

"Do you think he'd let go of her to let us help her?"copyright protection60PENANAv3mTcxVQsv

"Doc, I don't think you've noticed, but we don't exactly have anything to help her with. We didn't bring your bag with us." Williams sighed, taking slow steps to approach the god and the mortal woman.copyright protection60PENANASheJYmMg2i

Anryien narrowed his eyes on the man. He could now recall what loathing felt like after so long. The mortal stilled at his glare, but the doctor kept walking forward till he was a few feet away. He kneeled down beside the two.copyright protection60PENANAawpf7bno6Q

"Will you let us help her?" he asked and Anryien sighed.copyright protection60PENANAOCTav6IqXa

"She is already under my domain. Her heart is a moment away from stopping completely. But you may try."copyright protection60PENANAWQsbzqymHA

"Williams, get your shirt off and start ripping it into bandages. I'll keep pressure on the wounds on her- dear god, where is she not cut open?" The doctor turned to Anryien, "Can you help her?"64Please respect copyright.PENANABNS5SPJbmw
copyright protection60PENANAFS747efvDm

Anryien sighed softly, "Yes, but not in the way that you may like."copyright protection60PENANAlrYfCtmkUk

He pulled her up to lean against his chest, wrapping his arms under hers and covering her heart with his hands. He leaned into her ear once more.copyright protection60PENANAvRaX3KoB66

"Beauty, when you wake you shall be healed, your body will heal even the most vicious of wounds and you will awaken refreshed. But for now you must die, while you rest we shall allow your body time to heal and then you will be brought back with Life's kiss."64Please respect copyright.PENANAxz13k0lsl1
copyright protection60PENANAcLYjQ5y5Bb

"Wh-What are you doing? You're killing her! Doc, he's killing her!"copyright protection60PENANAsXDqcfUzAP

The mortal sounded near hysterics and Anryien turned his glare on the mortal once more, but the man was too foolish to stop his rambling.copyright protection60PENANAT6H43KPsmW

"She can't die! She thinks I'm mad at her! She can't die thinking that!"copyright protection60PENANAyyIwSyCqDd

He turned his gaze back on his Bride. She had stopped breathing and her heart had stopped beating. The light in her eyes was gone and her golden eyes began to darken to a dark syrup brown. He lightly pushed her eyes closed.copyright protection60PENANAC6agwnvrX6

He turned his eyes back onto the doctor, "Get her back to your vehicle, in the back. I will come back to awaken her soon."copyright protection60PENANAhRcYVgJLI5

The doctor gulped but nodded and Anryien handed her damaged body to Thomas and disappeared into the darkness of the night.copyright protection60PENANAHhDpNwXqXB

Jack tore her from his arms and began to march back to the truck. Thomas allowed it, spotting the deranged sadness in the man's grey eyes.copyright protection60PENANAEzHOPeclG9

He followed after him, slowly, allowing Jack relative privacy with her.copyright protection60PENANArX0EWWUFID

Yes, he was an asshole. Thomas was pretty sure everyone that met him thought that, but he had a good heart, even if he fucked up fairly constantly. McBride had been infuriated the night that Luna had disappeared from the infirmary and had started a fight which Thomas had assumed was due to the brown haired soldier.copyright protection60PENANAKpVoOIUM9R

"I-I'm sorry, Luna. I-I'm sorry I was angry. I wasn't angry at you, I was angry at her and myself. I took it out on you and I'm sorry for that." His breathing was harsh and loud and Silver could hear him trying to hold back for some semblance of reserve.copyright protection60PENANAoNr6CgkOC1

Silver was hit hard too, but he was confident the god would bring her back. He...he had looked like he cared for her. At the very least, he would have done it for his sister- unless she was already free of Luna. Maybe this had been some sort of elaborate plan to free herself, but Silver didn't think so. She would have come back to them to herald it in their faces, he was sure.copyright protection60PENANAY4ZYIVVDBD

She had a habit of doing things like that.copyright protection60PENANAhl3cKSVEE4

"Luna, I do care about you, I promise. I-I just didn't- I just wasn't enough. I'm sorry. Yo-you deserved someone who loved you and I-I was too caught up in her to do that."copyright protection60PENANAw3RX9teuiQ

They were creeping up on the truck and Jack had started to quiet down.copyright protection60PENANAvgVvfDqah1

"I'll sit in the back with her." Jack stated quietly and Silver nodded.copyright protection60PENANAOznRL8JHNo

He hopped in the back, drawing back the cloth flaps and sliding her and himself inside.copyright protection60PENANAMjrDgA7u4q

Jack sat at the back of the truck, pulling up the gate and sliding further back where he laid Luna down, her head resting on his lap. The truck started up and he pulled his jacket flush against his torso to fight against the cold. He stared down at her for a while, not noticing when tears began to run down his face. He ran a hand through her hair, grimacing when he noticed how thick and covered in tarish grime it was. That wasn't right, Luna's hair had always been soft and clean.copyright protection60PENANAlAGg5WUw7c

He supposed Beatrice would be the one to clean her up when they got back. Ann would probably still be angry with her, she'd probably scream at her dead body just to get some of the anger out.copyright protection60PENANAyVLWNx4xeR

Jack didn't believe that the god would come back.copyright protection60PENANAV0anErYMW3

He was a god, and he wasn't bound like Sverila so they couldn't exactly force him to come back.copyright protection60PENANAdhDTyJPsfW

Her lips were blue and he touched them briefly before quickly withdrawing. They were ice cold, so cold it almost burned. Her skin had evened out color wise, away from that terrible pale that had made her appear so sickly earlier. It was back to a milky white, but it was still almost as cold as her lips. She didn't usually wear makeup, and so it was not surprising that she had gone without. She wasn't one for getting dolled up unless it was to go out with everyo- God he was such an ass. Maybe if he hadn't said those things she wouldn't have made herself weak trying to get his attention.copyright protection60PENANAEOSpKGXOdc

He hadn't even noticed! But since he had carried her to the truck he had noticed how light she felt. What else had she done, he wondered.copyright protection60PENANAG9cRwRiuEe

He didn't even know if she had family. Ann would probably be the one to search for them, though.copyright protection60PENANAxRwbL4UBwa

The air got even colder and he grimaced, dropping his hand to her shoulder.copyright protection60PENANAybYqBI6yxk

Her dress was ripped beyond repair and someone had done a number on her legs. Her sleeves were ripped and bloody, like her wrists had been slit open. They probably had. Her chest wound was shallow, but had stained her pale pink dress an awful crimson.copyright protection60PENANAKetX50Povt

Where had she ended up that this had happened to her? Where had Sverila been? She liked causing Luna pain, but she would never have risked being unable to be repaired.copyright protection60PENANAD2l9e6e9HL

Realization dawned.copyright protection60PENANAjfWhGy0N7y

"She was weak."copyright protection60PENANA8RMBPRCEg7

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