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Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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3. A Breath of Life & A Return to Normalcy
Lunassandra Hughes
Sep 21, 2017
46 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QIbEux0fP0NWQK2lEIDQposted on PENANA

"My sister? Oh yes, I imagine she must have been to have been unable to reach you before she lost control. It probably would have been her goal to get back as soon as possible."copyright protection49PENANAOHPcvk383p

Jack looked up at the masculine voice, but it was dark and hard to see. He blinked only to find the god kneeling on one knee beside him, looking down at Luna. His liquid mercury eyes were frightening to behold and Jack could feel fear race through him along with adrenaline.copyright protection49PENANAeU8pyCXzRN

He resembled a solid man- like he was an obsidian statue come to life and somehow, it felt like Jack was looking at his own reflection.copyright protection49PENANAzFJppML3uo

He couldn't be sure- but it felt like the god was mimicking him. Why, he didn't know.copyright protection49PENANAUi5JuB4yJ8

"Isn't she beautiful?" The god asked and Jack looked down.copyright protection49PENANAXY26nAIlaA

"Yes."copyright protection49PENANA8JgR8FEUJ8

"I wonder, mortal. If you could bring her back, would you?"copyright protection49PENANAiDronW0suJ

"Yes! Of course I would!" Jack exclaimed and the god chuckled, spiking his fear once again.copyright protection49PENANABsHEy5fhqp

"You see, the fear that you're feeling, it is because you sense your own death. That is the gift I give to all mortals that cross me." He paused and switch topics.copyright protection49PENANASy88qhO4bx

Jack glanced down at her slack form, diverting his gaze from the god. Who was he? What did he want with her?copyright protection49PENANAdtbFSzCS16

"Luna requires one thing to bring her back to life, and I intend to give her that. But I need a host to do that. Are you willing? I assure you, as long as you keep silent on my occupancy, no harm will come to you or your friends at my hands."copyright protection49PENANABDzjh8pwqP

Jack swallowed.copyright protection49PENANAVio3rPkfUv

"Is your fear getting the better of you, mortal? I wonder if your desire to see her alive again outweighs your fear."copyright protection49PENANAN8ZZNRypJA

Jack nodded after a moment, slow and wary.copyright protection49PENANAwle5Eve41E

Anryien chuckled, "Good. Now this will hurt just a bit."copyright protection49PENANATXXi0o8lE2

The god disappeared into shadows that swept over Jack's eyes , consuming them in a wave of darkness. His features began to shift and he let out a cry of pain, but Anryien quickly put an end to the shift.copyright protection49PENANARraQrXH0nr

I think it will be much easier if I go about this less ostentatious than my sister, wouldn't you say?copyright protection49PENANAAUMOZrkevl

Jack groaned and felt his consciousness torn and thrown to the back of his mind.copyright protection49PENANASpiQIjeQES

Do not fret, I shall continue to communicate with you, mortal. I'll even let you see why I needed you to give yourself to me.copyright protection49PENANASwk2mL04Mo

You see, mortal. I cannot give my brides the second touch they require to awaken from death. I can give them the first, but I require a host to give them the second and third and so on. I think you get the point. The first touch, the kiss of death is made when they are already dying. It preserves their bodies and in some cases heals them back to perfection. Though it is bad news for my sister, I believe she was planning to conceive a child. Of course, one can never be too sure of Sverila, but I'm sure something along those lines was in the goal.copyright protection49PENANAvmiibiKwwg

Anryien allowed the mortal to see through his right eye, while he took the left. He checked her over, moving her dress to check her wrists and chest, pleased when he saw her skin knitting itself together again. He felt the mortal recoil in his mind at the sight and Anryien laughed. copyright protection49PENANASpGbfoute9

Do not be so disgusted, mortal. You do want her alive, do you not? Of course, now that I am within you I care little if you do not, for I shall follow through regardless. But it does amuse me that you would be so repulsed by her healing. I do not think she needs to know that when she awakens, do you? I am certain it would hurt her, and I do not intend to let you hurt her again. 53Please respect copyright.PENANAcSy6BFBk4o
How do you know I've hurt her?copyright protection49PENANAm7FHa2tb6f

Anryien laughed aloud as he continued to inspect her wounds, this time checking over her legs. They were covered in rapidly drying blood and the semen of the men that had attacked her. He'd have to make her forget that, or at the very least remember it very little. Couldn't have her hurting again.copyright protection49PENANAzCCRVO9GkG

No, no, no. I will not let her be hurt again!copyright protection49PENANAWc5Cnk0SOf

He righted himself and addressed Jack.copyright protection49PENANA2anISxKlIR

Oh, excuse me, mortal. How do I know you've hurt her? The answer to that is simple, I've watched you all for the past several weeks, even before my sister located my idol. I was quite fascinated by the mortal woman who continued to love the person that hurt her. I watched from the shadows as she counselled with my sister on how to make herself 'good enough'. You see, I've always despised men who made their women insecure. A man is not a real man if he cannot make the one who loves him feel good about themselves. But then again, you only cared for yourself and my sister. It didn't even hurt you that much when she told you that Luna could see what you two were doing. It only hurt when my sister hurt you, didn't it?copyright protection49PENANAAhuc9q0i6l

How else did I know you hurt her? Well it was quite obvious with how she looked at you, even when you were looking at her. She made no real attempts to hide it, but you were just oblivious to it, it was almost comical how unaware you were. You didn't notice also how she went out of her way to make you comfortable and happy. To think, you barely noticed when she cleaned up after your temper tantrum and left you fresh blankets.copyright protection49PENANAY3y4FVoGOc

Is that? On her legs?copyright protection49PENANAWRnjzfQkAz

Anryien snorted again.copyright protection49PENANAcbRHn07ojd

Yes, you see I made sure to follow my sister's trail but I was running a little late, only stumbling across her after some mortal men had attacked her. She was in quite a bad way. I thought she was going to die right then and there, but she forced herself to stay on for some time afterwards. We talked, and you see, since I have been around her for quite some time I knew she was worth talking to at the very least.copyright protection49PENANAJigimWdKC2

You like her, love her even.copyright protection49PENANAXyUkStAJOb

No, not yet. I have barely interacted with her, and I do think that requires more than a few words of conversation. Though to be fair, I have known her quite more so than you. You see, when people die they reveal to you who they truly are, and she revealed to me that she was true and kind and sad. She captivates me, I must admit, but as for loving her, I do think I'll have to be around her more to get a handle of that. Its another reason as to how great an opportunity you presented, you gave me the chance to know her in ways I could not do otherwise without killing her. Granted, I have not taken my true form in millenniums, but I have noticed that mortals still tend to die soon after they are touched by me.copyright protection49PENANAi0maHKaP8u

Why did you call her your bride? What does that even mean?copyright protection49PENANA2SMja8goTS

Anryien smiled, pulling on the darkness to clean her off except for the torn dress. He didn't want the memory of being touched in such a way to be recalled too soon.copyright protection49PENANArQrlbkPM3D

You caught that, did you? Ah, well, a bride is a term I use for the rare lovers of mine who have gained the status of being closer to me than my living lovers.copyright protection49PENANAXmEjwm4Hbc

I thought you said that you couldn't touch the living without them dying!copyright protection49PENANAbe5Xyg6OEZ

I cannot. But the peoples who once worshipped my sister and I gave some of their women and men unto us to gain favor. The men were almost always safe unless they gained my attentions, but my female lovers were always assured a peaceful, if not pleasurable death where they would be granted rest in the afterlife.copyright protection49PENANAH6Q9r2tgPx

But back to your previous question, a bride is more than just a lover of mine, I suppose. They are near death when I come across them and with a kiss I grant them the opportunity to come back from the underworld and walk among the living once more. But you see, they will die again if I do not take a host and give then a 'kiss of life' if you will. In previous times I would inhabit one of my priests to do this, but as they are in short order at the moment, you'll have to do.copyright protection49PENANAUMTz6pVa77

Anryien inspected her again and the wounds were healed shut, a sharp pink staining them.copyright protection49PENANAnilsgTJnIn

If you wish to step back mortal, I would understand. I will not force you to watch like my sister does. Cruelty is her domain, not mine.copyright protection49PENANAnpudyVg2c5

No, it wouldn't be right if I did so after what she had to go through. Don't tell her, though. I don't want her to think she's hurting me.copyright protection49PENANAz7SsGZSCa0

Anryien shrugged lightly picking her up and setting her across his host' s lap. She was ice cold beneath his warm touch and he let out a chuckle.copyright protection49PENANAJxi40zYJWG

Tell me mortal, do you feel my chill in our mind?copyright protection49PENANA7j6BxFxOHK

Yescopyright protection49PENANAUhRMKyMCaW

Would you rather I withdraw it? Beauty here had a good reaction to it. It might make it easier for her to come back.copyright protection49PENANACTuVYuuWer

Whatever it takes, I don't care.copyright protection49PENANADmKKYipv67

Careful mortal, it sounds as if you actually care.copyright protection49PENANAg0p7M9FzMQ

Anryien chuckled again, he got the feeling that the mortal would glare at him if he could.copyright protection49PENANAvpJZkHuPEJ

Just get on with it!copyright protection49PENANAgh6124jsAp

Very well.copyright protection49PENANAAQpZYc8ELU

He leaned into her ear and began his call to her soul, "Beauty, it is time to awaken. I think you will find my willing host quite agreeable. Now come forward, ascend back into your mortal coil and join us once more."copyright protection49PENANAuhjdhEVLuz

She did not stir, but he did not expect her to. He turned her over to straddle his hips, Supporting her back with one hand while using his other to pull her head back to touch his lips to hers.copyright protection49PENANAvKRBMTF6lg

Her warmth began to return to her once more, and he felt her breathing begin again as he let her fall against his chest. His chill radiated from his skin and she sighed softly, blinking her eyes to look up at him hazily.copyright protection49PENANAvV6VV583JU

She spotted failing to notice his change in eyes first and she blinked tiredly at him.copyright protection49PENANAYdbirsWmeq

"Jack, I had the craziest dream..." She mumbled, falling back asleep. Anryien craned his neck to look down at her.copyright protection49PENANAVKbMlYG142

"Beauty, you might want to keep awake for a bit longer. I have something to tell you."copyright protection49PENANAhzXovTtDWd

Her eyes widened at him and he smiled warmly down at her, keeping his arms wrapped around her. He picked up her hand and brought it up to his lips, touching them softly. Her skin was still colder, and it would remain cold till she died in actuality, but she was warmer than a corpse now at least. Her lips were still a dark blue, and her heart was beating slower than a mortal's normally should, but he knew that was how it was going to be for her from now on.copyright protection49PENANAyVqJdScaer

"Anryien?"copyright protection49PENANABabNXxLEzP

He smiled at her as she blinked up at him in shock. "I assure you, you have been more than just dreaming."copyright protection49PENANAGQpEfUxJyu

He sighed, "I have taken a host for you, and it should please you that he allowed me to do so willingly so that I may bring you back to us."copyright protection49PENANAW6pnQDf3Ou

She gaped like a fish till she forced her mouth to close.copyright protection49PENANAupFGdCeYhN

"How do you feel? You can actually feel, correct?" He asked her as she kept alternating her gaze between him and her hand which was still in his hold.copyright protection49PENANANXEcBT78CG

"Yes, everything feels warmer except for you. You feel normal."copyright protection49PENANACzM2WDGbGu

"Normal, huh, still feels like home to you?"copyright protection49PENANAGbUlS7Y66f

What the fuck did she talk to you about when she was dying?copyright protection49PENANAUTcy6OseX5

She blushed and it turned her cheeks a bright pink, "Ah, yes."copyright protection49PENANAUAEHCAkjM0

He smirked at her and her blush grew darker.copyright protection49PENANANtcIO4QNbW

Funny you said that she looked at me obviously, because she certainly is looking at you that way. copyright protection49PENANA35QgDW46b1

Is that jealousy I detect, mortal?copyright protection49PENANAb5BPMeq7xd

Anryien laughed, "I must admit, that you appear much more pink than when we last met."copyright protection49PENANA7lGk4voUiA

She laughed and he felt the familiar captivation overcome him.copyright protection49PENANAQlFHCjEGpP

Her laugh was like music to his ear. He ran a hand though her hair, irritated when he spotted all the dirt and grime.copyright protection49PENANAIAVjqHyQP6

"Would you like me to take care of this, Beauty? I would change your dress, but I thought it better to ask you. Your undergarments have also been destroyed."copyright protection49PENANA3WrKhvfGqy

She looked down to see a long rip down the center of her chest, her bra was broken open, and it hung on by the straps of her shoulders only. She blushed again and nodded, a part of her confused with how she had gotten that way.copyright protection49PENANAghUVYwfCcE

It all felt like a dream to her- she remembered everything for sure, but it didn't feel like it had actually happened to her.copyright protection49PENANAsUfneF5NwU

The shadows reached out briefly and terrified his host momentarily as they swept over her. When they pulled away her dress was free from blood stains and tears and her hair was clean, falling to her waist in loose curls. Anryien knew her undergarments had been taken away, but she was still free of them as he didn't quite know what to do about it. He had tried not to stare at her when she was unclothed before when he was just watching from the side, so he didn't have a clue what to do about that situation.copyright protection49PENANATzRkk8QzOg

The truck let out a shudder and Luna looked up at her surroundings.copyright protection49PENANA75y11wxg9K

"How?"copyright protection49PENANAVBFaYUQ4Hm

Anryien laughed, pushing a locke of her hair behind her ear, enjoying the surprise on her features and the feeling of her skin. He had forgotten how good it felt to be able to touch someone.copyright protection49PENANAYAWPVgXMPM

"Your mortal carried you back to the truck. The doctor is up in the front driving. We're several hours away from the military base where you're residing."copyright protection49PENANA3WRBYS8w9h

She nodded, as if to herself. She ran her eyes over the back of the truck before looking at him, her eyes still a syrupy brown instead of her normal gold. He wondered if they would shift back, but he doubted it.copyright protection49PENANAg4TVeSP4Wx

"Tell me, beauty, are you still weak, like you were before?"copyright protection49PENANArU8nJ3DHPs

She frowned, thinking it over.copyright protection49PENANAuTpluoeCUo

After a moment she decided, "No. Just a little tired. I'm not even hungry for the first time in a while."copyright protection49PENANAUasO6HGWMC

"About that, beauty, since I have begun taking you as a bride you are experiencing changes in your body."copyright protection49PENANAudwCAgFeXv

She looked at him blankly, waiting for him to continue. She rocked her hips and he quickly remembered the fact that she was straddling him.copyright protection49PENANAGro6NTu2wp

Now would probably not be the time to... follow that thought.copyright protection49PENANAqqATeGAVDn

I concur. Though maybe you haven't noticed, but she is... bare against us.copyright protection49PENANAx7A4Jbkppi

Fuck, that explains it!copyright protection49PENANAU6KjdycIAJ

She dropped her head onto his chest and stilled, relaxing into his hold, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, savoring the warmth she gave off.copyright protection49PENANA719IUoouk2

"What changes?" she asked him softly and he nodded, beginning to tell her.copyright protection49PENANASRasWTEhj4

"Like the temperature of your skin. Your much colder than the living, slightly less cold than a fresh dead body in winter." She nodded at his words.copyright protection49PENANAzebkxpTK7u

She was a dead body in winter.copyright protection49PENANAtfvDXp2mUm

His host's words were said without jest.copyright protection49PENANApMezfatUrM

Beside the point.copyright protection49PENANAY10amyzfiH

Anryien continued. "Your lips are still blue from when I kissed you originally, and that is where it turns interesting. Your kiss should be able to grant peaceful death to those you touch, or at least if Noyllia was anyone to go by. You should know that I've only done this twice, the first was unsuccessful because of my lack of a host to return her back to life. The second was my Noyllia and she survived it to completion, and she never aged a day past that."copyright protection49PENANAJLWeoUErgz

Luna blinked and looked at him. "What happened to her?"copyright protection49PENANANFm1fBcIwD

Anryien swallowed, "I don't like thinking about it, but she left me for another, the god of light, Yiaren."copyright protection49PENANAuvFvF13fhl

Luna nodded, "I'm sorry for bringing it up, it must hurt you to talk about it."copyright protection49PENANAW07TfwNUX4

He nodded stiffly, changing the topic.copyright protection49PENANAtKKPMZrYHY

"There is another gift you have been given, and it has to do with your tears. I will leave you to discover it, however. It is quite remarkable and I think you will find it quite useful."copyright protection49PENANACcthI9jLoA

He wrapped his hands around her hips and drew her closer, and she pulled back to look him in the eyes, pulling her head off of his chest.copyright protection49PENANA7kBfeQL1LJ

"What did you mean about surviving it to completion?"copyright protection49PENANA5euQ4gPwfx

He pulled a hand away from her hip to wrap around her head, her hair curling beneath his touch. Anryien chuckled and she blinked at him, waiting for him to speak. He did not speak, choosing to bring her face to his and kissing her again, she let out a squeak of surprise and he quickly took entrance to her mouth, drinking in her taste.copyright protection49PENANAuSKXas6tev

It was sweet and light, like fruit, but bitter like chocolate. He wanted more of it and he urged her to assert herself, pleased when she responded slowly, her hesitance shining through as her hands fell against his chest slack.copyright protection49PENANA4mQFB4wn6h

She moaned and he released her head to grab hold of her hips again, rocking her against him.copyright protection49PENANA6bwA2ARR77

Okay, so this is a better time to 'continue that thought' but I should remind you that we're in the back of a truck in the dead of night with it freezing outside and I am pretty cold right now.copyright protection49PENANApBZ9y9CFDQ

I'm sure she'd be willing to warm us up.copyright protection49PENANAaHd1nO5Ucb

Jack went silent at that, appearing to enjoy the feeling of her body flush against his. He stopped after a moment and his voice rang throughout their shared mind again.copyright protection49PENANAbjnITpiLhp

Are you sure we can't save it until-copyright protection49PENANASG1RPA1rfE

Anryien groaned and he could feel as much coming from his host. He felt his manhood spring to attention as he continued to rock her back and forth, Luna appearing to enjoy it if her moan was anything to go by. She continued her rocking as he ran his hands up to her waist and above to her breasts, which were still free beneath her dress.copyright protection49PENANAiqmvsJkxDx

He pulled back and released her mouth with a last kiss.copyright protection49PENANAIPQ6xKvQvN

"Anryien, your lips are turning blue." She sounded worried but he shook it off.copyright protection49PENANAgothfjRhK7

"It will wear off. My host is kept safe from being killed by your lips, beauty. Though I must admit, I do not think that anyone would blame you if you did in fact kill them. You taste quite good." Anryien chuckled and she laughed lightly, her arms still between them as her fingertips curled into the coat he wore.copyright protection49PENANAV3yhz01UxF

"Now what did you say about surviving till it was completed?"copyright protection49PENANArguhn11TRx

She caught you, asshole. Time to fess up.copyright protection49PENANAG8V9pbshsd

Shut up, mortal. You don't want to know, anyway.copyright protection49PENANAoohXGQXHLv

He could practically feel his host come forward in his mind like they were facing one another at a table. Jack would be leaning forward in interest, his lips tight in a smirk. Anryien would be leaned back for his part, tired from the turn of the conversation.copyright protection49PENANAmcMRt9Sv3K

He didn't like the idea of scaring his new bride, so he'd dance around the truth, toning it down so as to avoid 'freaking' her out.copyright protection49PENANA2JSXTi8mzB

He sighed, "Luna, it is complicated to say the least, I just do not wish to trouble you with the specifics until you have fully adjusted to your changes. But if you insist, I'll tell you a little of it."copyright protection49PENANAAXZRVFISnt

She leaned forward a bit, focused entirely on him and Anryien felt his host recoil at her intensity in his mind. He swallowed down his apprehension, sliding his hands back down to her hips where he let them rest.copyright protection49PENANAoKGbB9luFo

The truck bounced over a jump in the pavement and he grabbed her tighter to keep her from sliding around. She released a soft sound of contentment and he pulled her flush against his chest again. She gave in and relaxed against him.copyright protection49PENANAeH77F0pOnY

"I-I don't want to scare you off. But it it is not completed you will be stuck in a limbo of sorts and left vulnerable to true death. I won't be able to pull you back from that again." He said gently and she nodded into his chest.copyright protection49PENANApXWpOR5xKs

Man, you got it worse than I did for your sister.copyright protection49PENANA19dHkORFiw

I wasn't the one desperately apologizing to her dead body, mortal. I'd think that you care for her too, to go to such a dark place all in the name of regret. I find it incredible that you would let me occupy your body all in the name of regret.copyright protection49PENANA3xebFUc4Iz

Touche.copyright protection49PENANA38wZylRDTC

Anryien looked down at her, and she slowly wrapped her arms around his torso in a hug.copyright protection49PENANA6ULjC68tLr

"You won't scare me off," She stated calmly and he nodded.copyright protection49PENANA0PZf1E9dIS

Anryien thought back through the millenniums that had passed since he made Noyllia into his bride. He had brought her back to life, taking his priest as his host to bring her back past the onset of her death. He had spent some time with her, learning about her and her true personality and exploring her body as he did so. She had been beautiful to look at, beautiful to be around. She had borne him a demigod, securing her place by his side until she left him.copyright protection49PENANANL1jLzFDdy

It made him regret killing her in a jealous fit. He'd been young and so angry, he had been in love with her much too deeply, he saw that now.copyright protection49PENANAgjt1D58LzT

Hold up, you killed her? I thought once the change was completed she was immortal!copyright protection49PENANAdzJcOKQYYy

Yes, she was. I poisoned her, wrecking her mind with nightmares and dark thoughts, corrupting her consciousness with madness till she faded from existence to escape the pain. I almost pitied her though, after I saw Yiaren care so little about her death. It-It made me regret my actions. I had been only a millennia old, and so foolish. I see that now. But rest assured, I will make sure that Luna comes to no harm from me.copyright protection49PENANARLkS56sKKF

He thought of the third step to completion and he felt his host recoil in anger.copyright protection49PENANAj0ZN2CSaor

No, I won't do it. I can't.copyright protection49PENANA4B1ONQzDPx

I assume it must have been easier for you to be used for such a purpose, as per my sister's penchant for taking what she wanted no matter the cost. I will not hurt her, if that is what you fear.copyright protection49PENANAcGjxzoE19o

You're just using her to make demigods, do you even really care? You are not the only one who wonders about people's reaction. I'll have to marry her to support her. Don't do this, I'm begging you! It will ruin mine and her life if you use her like that.copyright protection49PENANAHspGgri8CH

Cheap pleas to deter me, mortal. If it is not completed she will die. I dare say that she will not be 'ruined".I think she would make a perfect wife for both you and I. She loves you, would do anything to please you, and I will do anything within my power to protect her. As long as my sister is not in control, she'll be fine.copyright protection49PENANAAGiBv5s4Jh

Anryien could feel his host's fury coming to a boil and he began to lose control of his body's limbs.copyright protection49PENANACVXVtxk7yt

"Anryien?" Luna was concerned for him, yes, she would be perfect as his bride. He could not wait for her to be at his side, aiding him in completing his tasks.copyright protection49PENANAwgWVWcnfl0

His mortal host would not be allowed to distract him from his tasks.copyright protection49PENANAWVHfxck0g4

If he did... his sister would win and man would crumble as had the ruins of their worshipper's cities.copyright protection49PENANAhSZfOsM8Al

He snatched control back and lashed out at his host's aura, throwing him to the back of their shared mind. He tightened his hold on his bride.copyright protection49PENANAB6By2yKpO5

"We shall have to consummate our relationship. I-I do not want to force this on you, but it cannot be avoided. You will die if we do not."copyright protection49PENANAqL170zjkzA

His statement was the truth and she moved back to look him in the eyes. He forced his eyes to keep their more human-like luminescent blue color, watching her for any negative reaction. She was blushing brightly and he laughed slightly.copyright protection49PENANAoQto5hRSps

She bit into her lower lip, clearly mulling over his answer.copyright protection49PENANAd1yPzAnk0b

"Okay. I trust you."copyright protection49PENANAqqXryX1RiA

He smiled at her words and she smiled back in reply. He ran a hand over her leg , riding up her dress' skirt. He kept his hand still, agreeing with his host that she would have to be taken in a more suitable place.copyright protection49PENANArHqU5wcXoB

He used his other hand to grab her chin and pull her back to his lips. Her face was a bright pink,copyright protection49PENANApCDYrdzPxA

He kissed her softly.copyright protection49PENANA1X0YpyVqqd

When he released her, she fell back against his chest with a sigh.copyright protection49PENANA0SUrN0YZYn

"You should sleep. I must warn you that your first love will be in control when you wake. He will be able to explain away the situation, I am sure. The doctor was the only one who knew, and he should be easy to convince since I vowed that I would try and bring you back. For now, you need to rest. I am sure your mortal will be alert when you reach the base."copyright protection49PENANABoZfmrsWgZ

Luna nodded at his words. "Hold me while I sleep?"copyright protection49PENANAwhXwfn5bNw

He nodded with a smile.copyright protection49PENANApOokgblebj

"Of course."copyright protection49PENANABNIB252u1i

The hours passed and he closed his eyes, allowing himself fall back into dormancy within the mortal's mind, giving back to his host the control he had taken from him.copyright protection49PENANAuxAr4QOa1C

Jack came back to his senses slowly, and he could tangibly feel the god's dark chill recede. He blinked down at Luna, who was still in his lap slack against his chest, her head against his collar. He could feel his own natural warmth began to return to him, but the chill of winter's reaching grasp still made him uncomfortable.copyright protection49PENANAGqq5KHg5Vs

Luna moaned sleepily against his chest and he froze stock still, deeply uncomfortable at how well that sound triggered him sexually.copyright protection49PENANApxf78hcaMe

Don't get hard, don't get hard, don't get hard...copyright protection49PENANAtgL3HPTwZV

He repeated his thought in a mantra and found himself glad that she was too tired to notice his discomfort.copyright protection49PENANA8GmzL6g2cc

You will be experiencing changes as well, Williams. I suspect you shall have a portion of my gifts as I fully settle within you. I think you will find them quite useful. It will most likely increase your proficiency with most weapons, though I believe you will still need to work with guns, as they have never been adopted by my domain fully. My peoples fought with blades chiefly, so you might wish to try and explore that avenue. You shall also most likely inherit some of my abilities over shadows and darkness, perhaps even the disappearing act that my sister pulls. Though I have been told that I am more terrifying than my sister when my domains are used, so have care with how you proceed with them.copyright protection49PENANAuCJKJS1W3N

Jack sighed.copyright protection49PENANAaw4WALMuhL

Of course, just what I needed. It's going to be hard enough to explain to everyone that Luna made an epic recovery from death. I just absolutely needed another thing to add to the list of things that I will have to keep secret.copyright protection49PENANAqqsM0dTgf5

Do not whine, mortal. You have been granted superhuman abilities, you have nothing to complain about.copyright protection49PENANAtKHdur5wo9

Jack sighed again, tightening his hold on the sleeping Luna as the truck rolled over a bump in the road. Sunlight was creeping in from beneath the back flaps of the truck, and he could hear the sound of the truck approaching a town, or maybe it was the base. He doubted the latter as their was not sounds of gun shots from the practice shooting.copyright protection49PENANAkzGovhahLr

He glanced down at her and felt like he was seeing her for the first time, a memory of their actual first meeting sweeping into his conscious memory.copyright protection49PENANA3cSvYSJR9Y

He had been called into the General's office within the main building of the base in Cornwall.copyright protection49PENANAXDJEQd6WJv

He knocked on the door and entered when invited, hesitant at the pleasant tone in the older man's voice.copyright protection49PENANA544LsA3CSO

The General was not an easily pleased man.copyright protection49PENANA4W1WrZPbQZ

"Sit, Williams." He waved to a chair in front of his desk.copyright protection49PENANAaOCTts6zpQ

Jack sat, pasting a mask of collection over his features, his insides strung tight with nervousness.copyright protection49PENANA5uU9gnKjZD

The General sat back in his chair and took a drag from his cigarette.copyright protection49PENANA84z9119Qc0

"You have been chosen for a special project."copyright protection49PENANAQmOsfhVmRk

Jack didn't say anything and the General smiled at him, "Not going to say anything, Williams? That's unusual."copyright protection49PENANAcWP765uQpu

The General took another drag and blew out a breath.copyright protection49PENANAtyy2HA3Qrg

"Let's say we're trying to pull an agency together for the future- for the betterment of man- so that this won't happen again. To do that, we need someone to make sure the woman- the tool for this job- doesn't act out of turn."copyright protection49PENANAQhCFJRWEdN

"Do you not trust her?"copyright protection49PENANAZqJOyPU3Gj

The General smiled, "Her, yes. She's quite a sweet girl. Her 'passenger' on the other hand..."copyright protection49PENANAyaR7dzHhq8

Jack shook his head, "I don't understand."copyright protection49PENANAxhp9W81SNf

The General called for her to be brought in.copyright protection49PENANAGNFpBefvhW

He put out his cigarette on the nearby ash tray.copyright protection49PENANAPP6GWkgEBG

"You will."copyright protection49PENANAM9XbjUkkM8

A knock came at the door and Ann entered, a woman falling in behind her as she entered. The woman was maybe an inch shorter than the redhead that narrowed her eyes on him.copyright protection49PENANAztVfTxu82L

His eyes widened as he took her in.copyright protection49PENANA5SBczywPc8

Large thick black curls falling to rest against her shoulders, framing a delicate face with large entrancing gold doe-eyes. She was build wider for a woman, taller, and she appeared even more hesitant than he was as she stepped further into the office.copyright protection49PENANAwZhtaBovVa

She was beautiful and easily put any dame he had dated back home to shame.copyright protection49PENANAEvEzKx6eG9

Then what had made him forget that?copyright protection49PENANA0L1CXAbupn

The memory left him and Jack was left to stare down at her.copyright protection49PENANADVmVpxwN3r

Had Sverila put a spell on him? What had made him forget that? Was he really so taken by the goddess that he had ignored what was in front of him after already acknowledging her beauty?copyright protection49PENANAYHXCgIanWQ

Why, what happened to me?copyright protection49PENANAxXByAz9L4z

Anryien did not answer him.copyright protection49PENANA8HvvDU39I6

Luna arched her back and pulled away from him, sitting up and blinking her eyes. He stared at her quietly until she turned her attention onto him, she smiled at him happily. But she dropped her smile a moment later, concern coming into her eyes.copyright protection49PENANABHNyk4gusd

"Are you alright?" She asked him, "You're not hurting are you? I know it's painful to switch consciousness."copyright protection49PENANAkZbWyLwHwA

He shook his head quietly, clearing his throat, trying to think of what to say. He blinked and she had wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Her chill was somewhat pleasant, not at all like the harsh cold that was beginning to seep in from the change in season.copyright protection49PENANAgFiLbVGe5p

"Thank you, Jack. I'm so sorry you had to do this for me."copyright protection49PENANAlH79grexWG

He swallowed, "No problem. Listen, you didn't happen to hear me when you were... dead, did you?"copyright protection49PENANALhGWeeIKWf

She shook her head against his neck, her breath drawing goosebumps as it pressed against sensitive skin. He wrapped his arms around her hesitantly and she hummed softly in his hold.copyright protection49PENANAldVDY6zFlF

Have you never held her, mortal? That is quite surprising given how affectionate she is to others. How did you manage to ward off her touch, I wonder. Was it because you did not want to grow as attached to her as you were to my sister? I am truly astonished that you would punish yourself like that, she is quite a pleasure to hold, of that I'm sure you are figuring out.copyright protection49PENANA5HmcQDE5aA

Jack did not reply, and he stayed in that position with her for a while.copyright protection49PENANALVSsS6HBQD

In truth, he knew. copyright protection49PENANAQbRLPPSpvd

He knew he had been doing wrong by her- Henry had told him as much. So he had withdrew from her as if to distance himself, to distance her from his relationship with Sverila.copyright protection49PENANA4AVrNL4rQf

He stayed still, well, until he felt the need to readjust. He could not keep in one position as well as his passenger could, apparently. His ass was falling asleep from the constant sitting and his back was stiff from leaning against one of the benches in the back.copyright protection49PENANA2CbV531MES

"Luna," he alerted and she pulled back to look him in the eyes.copyright protection49PENANAqv4hgT79jD

"Yes?"copyright protection49PENANAmneiP13UtU

He stared at her for a moment, "You wouldn't mind if I got up to move around a bit? My legs are falling asleep."copyright protection49PENANA9wxlrDptp3

She shook her head and he stared at her for another moment until her eyes widened as she realized her position. He chuckled at her response and she quickly moved off of his lap and grabbed hold of one of the secure straps hanging off the fabric that guarded them against the elements. She stood on shaky legs and he pulled himself up onto the bench and grabbed hold of her once more, pulling her to sit next to him.copyright protection49PENANAlQzq7PkfYD

"What do you want me to tell everyone?" He asked her and she appeared thoughtful.copyright protection49PENANASl16DQ8HLC

"As close as the truth as possible. I died and Sverila's brother brought me back, we'll just say he left us alone after that." She replied evenly.copyright protection49PENANACV8agANF3d

Jack blinked at her, "What about her? Does she know what's going on?"copyright protection49PENANAJp3iPb89r7

Luna shook her head, "She hasn't been talking to me. She doesn't really feel like she's present at the moment. I mean I can still feel her, but it's like she's too weak to stay sentient."copyright protection49PENANANjtOq7FzPq

He nodded, "Good."copyright protection49PENANAbrljCBUqgX

The car began to brake and they both heard the gate to the base release and welcome them back. Thomas pulled the car into the garage nearest and jumped out and met them at the back, surprise lighting up his features as he spotted Luna up and healed.copyright protection49PENANAD0mHicSqmj

"Luna, are you okay? Did the... god heal you?"copyright protection49PENANAy9D1X48CDX

Jack stood and helped her stand, letting her lean on him for support as she began to gain her bearing back. He jumped out of the truck and reached up and grabbed her, placing her down on the concrete. She swayed slightly and he pulled her to lean against him again.copyright protection49PENANA2Ppo92Z3sg

"Yes, he did." Luna stated calmly but Thomas still wanted to take her to the infirmary and check her out.copyright protection49PENANA06gnNzAGZW

They walked to the infirmary and Luna hissed as the sun hit her eyes.copyright protection49PENANA0y5Dz2IIFm

She will be sensitive to light at least for the time being.copyright protection49PENANAGIb66k95nB

Jack nodded to himself and helped her along, gaining the attention of some of the other soldiers that they passed. They passed Henry by and his closest friend steered clear of him, anger sparking in his eyes as he spotted Jack. He blinked at Luna when he caught sight of her.copyright protection49PENANAloHCMvbmbb

She looked like a different person in many ways, he thought. She was back to her normal skin color instead of the pallid one she had worn for the past few weeks, and her eyes didn't glow brightly, instead a deep brown while her lips were a dark blue, like the icy waters of the northern Atlantic. She appeared shaky on her feet and he quickly disregarded his anger at his friend in favor of checking on her.copyright protection49PENANAjbJoPjrx26

He followed them to the infirmary and some of the men looked up when they entered.copyright protection49PENANATIO5PUpY0N

"Lunacy! How you feelin', doll?" Morgan welcomed and she smiled at him.copyright protection49PENANAAmchYYNalY

"Better than I did before, but I think I just lucked out to be honest."copyright protection49PENANAlE953Youvq

Morgan chuckled and began chatting with her amicably as she sat down in the cot she had been in previously next to his. The man was laying out on his, his arm in a sling against his chest while his torso was wrapped in several bandages. His head was wrapped tightly too, but he didn't appear troubled by it.copyright protection49PENANABp9puZkUXk

"How are you feeling, Morgan? Is Beatrice still giving you a hard time about the prank you pulled a few weeks ago?"copyright protection49PENANAIyGUQFTDPf

He smiled devilishly at her, "You bet, just you wait, Lunacy. Beatrice will love what I have planned for tomorrow."copyright protection49PENANABbTKgWJFrf

Luna laughed and he looked down at her lips, "Lunacy, why are your lips blue? Your eyes are different too, what happened, doll?"copyright protection49PENANA62Egs9fM4d

A few of the other men, one of them Barrett, watched her carefully, scanning her for a reaction.copyright protection49PENANA7MLOHBtBej

"She died." Thomas stated flatly, "But a god brought her back to life. Nothing has ever scared me more than the god did."copyright protection49PENANAQQvKAMHks8

Morgan stared at the doctor before busting out laughing, "Ow, don't make me laugh, Doc. What really happened?"copyright protection49PENANAzybePDn5ps

They were silent and his eyes widened, "Wait, you died? Like dead as a doornail, died? Doll, you do get yourself into too much trouble. Who hurt you, I'll take care of em."copyright protection49PENANAjwf4kXGOyV

Luna nodded, "I don't really remember what happened. It's all a blur, and what I do remember is weird, like it didn't actually happen to me."copyright protection49PENANA8pLD9mpQGS

She rubbed the back of her head gently, "I just remember talking with him for a bit and then what came after."copyright protection49PENANAZgqaugNSld

Barrett stared at her like she was some alien being, "You remember what came after you died?"copyright protection49PENANAkEKzJ4wqT5

"Tell us!" Oliver pleaded from across her.copyright protection49PENANAl1u7FDu5ua

She frowned as Thomas began to check her over, scanning her wrists and patting down her legs.copyright protection49PENANAXtqoEVEsN0

"It was bright and warm, but it was too bright and my head hurt the longer I was there. It felt odd. And then I was back and breathing again. I was confused and out of it for a while." Luna admitted and the men frowned at her, Henry included.copyright protection49PENANAF7EpHoueOo

"You're ice cold, Luna. Let me check your heart." Thomas instructed her and she nodded, allowing him to check with a stethoscope. He pulled back after a few moments.copyright protection49PENANAj9qNh5qLbV

"Your heart beat is too slow. It sounds like you're dying, but you're still up and fine. Did he say anything to you after he brought you back?" Thomas asked her and she shook her head.copyright protection49PENANAW8pnx3ibv5

"I was kind of in and out, he held me for a bit and whispered something to me, but I can't remember what it was."copyright protection49PENANAbbdQAUf583

Jack never figured she could lie as well as she was now, and he frowned but said nothing.copyright protection49PENANAtrdTeuZFga

Thomas turned his stare on him, "You were with her in the back. What did you see?"copyright protection49PENANABcj0zQ3R1z

"It was dark, he pulled her away from me and scared me so bad I thought I was about to die too. There was something... dark about him. He healed the rest of her wounds though and cleaned her up before leaving."copyright protection49PENANAXdKa4l4jqd

Henry looked her over, "Luna, where are your shoes?"copyright protection49PENANAnUFAOU5Nzl

Luna looked down at her bare feet, "I don't know. I must have left them somewhere... I can't remember."copyright protection49PENANAXaxgb77eY9

Thomas sighed and began to check her eyes with a flashlight before inspecting her lips with his gloves on. Luna was glad about that, the less she had to explain away, the better. He pulled back after a moment and stared at her like she was something perplexing, she could suppose that she was.copyright protection49PENANANWmy6rTbLk

She met his stare blankly and he sighed, looking away.copyright protection49PENANAo8e3J2XPPx

"I'd like to keep you here for observation. We'll run a few tests, well, the few that we can here." Thomas stated and she nodded.copyright protection49PENANAaNII4TPb8O

"Is your passenger awake? Do you think you could keep her from scaring my other patients to death?"copyright protection49PENANAkWKHuR9n2U

Luna laughed, "She's not really in the best shape to do anything. She feels too weak to do anything. I can barely feel her in my head."copyright protection49PENANAHr3WvNYtCO

Thomas nodded and the door opened to reveal Beatrice, who immediately turned her gaze onto Luna and Jack, narrowing her eyes.copyright protection49PENANA1NBJvGDlSL

"Uh oh, you two better run." Morgan teased and Jack narrowed his eyes briefly on him before relaxing.copyright protection49PENANAadIVUcM4AP

Beatrice was silent as she glared at the two of them before she swept Jack off to the right and came to Luna's side and captured her in a hug, rapidly pulling away at the chill that emanated from the shorter woman.copyright protection49PENANAZhg3dMQcfs

"You feel as cold as a walk-in freezer." Beatrice stated with wide eyes and Luna laughed.copyright protection49PENANA0gfC0LjD7b

"I'm fine, Beatrice. I haven't felt this good in a while. Everything feels warmer than before though." copyright protection49PENANApho7djkZnU

Beatrice nodded, taking a deep breath, "Don't think you're getting out of being yelled at, Lunacy. You're still in trouble for the stunt you pulled a few days ago. Ann is still pissed."copyright protection49PENANAPnc6qqSgC8

Luna nodded, and turned her gaze back onto Jack, who was still silent.copyright protection49PENANAJDoZgoLz2S

Henry glanced between the two before turning to look at Luna, "I'll update the General. Get some rest, Luna. I'll see you tomorrow."copyright protection49PENANAKsa9znsUnQ

She smiled at him and he returned it before leaving the infirmary.copyright protection49PENANAOde0jEqcV3

Jack watched him leave, frowning. He knew why Henry was angry, but he didn't know the half of the situation. Especially not when he actually interrupted Sverila using him to get at Luna. He turned back to Luna, but she was talking happily with Beatrice about the older woman's nieces and nephews. copyright protection49PENANAkEGIEW7pw9

So Ann was the woman's name. copyright protection49PENANAihBsqbQT5e

What do you mean?copyright protection49PENANAKUrYVLClXy

After you threw your tantrum and left the room, the redheaded woman, Ann, entered the room and began to insult beauty here. Ann was quite angry I believe.copyright protection49PENANAphd6ZR26hz

What did Luna do?copyright protection49PENANAgzQS2g4T9a

She took it and after Ann left went to sleep. I don't think she was heavily affected by the woman's insults. Either that, or they didn't matter to her at the time. I would like to avoid letting the redhead demean her again. She is not exactly in the more well fortified of mindsets at the moment.copyright protection49PENANA7U4zSZkvlh

Jack agreed, but his agreement was quickly set aside as the redhead herself entered the room, immediately narrowing her eyes on Luna and she approached the black haired woman with fire in her eyes. Luna blinked blankly at her, unprepared when the angry woman slapped her across the face. Jack immediately stepped in between the two, pushing Luna back onto the cot and out of Ann's reach. copyright protection49PENANA3KygQy8TFp

Don't let her get near her again. I will kill her myself if she lays a hand on her againcopyright protection49PENANAsVZjO1zSVJ

Jack wouldn't stop the god, Ann should have calmed herself by now. It had been about three days since then, she should have cooled her fury within the day after she yelled at Luna.copyright protection49PENANA32D8Cw7W1t

Why was she still angry?copyright protection49PENANAe5eMm5luZ0

"Winters! Out, now! I will report this to your uncle! Get out of my infirmary!" Thomas ordered and she snorted and left, slamming the door as she did so.copyright protection49PENANAUrWTLKVkDR

Jack turned and looked at Luna. Her head was still turned to the side and she was blinking tears out of her eyes. Her face was a bit pink with the other woman's hand print outlined. It faded within moments and she took a deep breath, releasing it tightly.copyright protection49PENANA4GUIOweWtg

"Damn, Lunacy. What crawled up her ass?" Barrett mused and Oliver nodded beside him. copyright protection49PENANAqHlEuHJPcI

Morgan looked annoyed, "You okay, doll? I've heard that one doesn't pull her punches."copyright protection49PENANAP7aL1WwXg9

Luna nodded stiffly and Jack watched her for a few moments, but she seemed in a haze. Thomas approached the two of them, and Beatrice busied herself with tending to some of the other men to give him room. copyright protection49PENANAOlQI3FehBH

"Why is she so angry?" Luna muttered and Jack tilted his head at an angle. copyright protection49PENANAx2pTGTBqIN

Don't tell me she doesn't know about your past with the woman. copyright protection49PENANA9yVkkWgQTx

We were discreet, and it was before Luna even arrived. I had broken it off weeks before! How would I know she was holding it against me? Why would she not just hit me then? Why would she go after Luna?copyright protection49PENANA0HSRqWwEe8

If I am reading your memory correctly, the woman did seem to be infuriated more with herself than with you when you broke it off. Perhaps she feels that Luna was following her footsteps in a way. But nonetheless, keep them apart until she has calmed herself. She will dearly regret it if she lets her anger at herself get taken out on beauty again. copyright protection49PENANAmMaMFRFgio

'Jack nodded, as if to himself, but actually in response to the god's warning.copyright protection49PENANA4rWZMgW27Q

Thomas approached Luna once more and Jack stepped aside to give him space. Thomas pulled her chin from side to side to check the injury, but it was already disappearing, her skin almost clear from the former pink. copyright protection49PENANAz7ysZYovDC

"Truly astonishing. I wonder what else you'll heal this fast from?" Thomas mumbled, seeming to forget he was actually vocalizing his thoughts. copyright protection49PENANAE0oPM4GrkY

Jack glared at the doctor, but Thomas merely withdrew and stood back.copyright protection49PENANAPpqMpc2le9

Luna gave a stiff smile and Thomas sighed, "Off you go. We'll do those tests some other time. I trust your handler can make sure you're fine from here."copyright protection49PENANAcOhKghJFMm

Luna nodded and some of the men groaned. copyright protection49PENANAirnHg9LWB6

"Sure, take the one pretty face out of here. God knows, I already have to deal with their ugly mugs every moment of every waking hour. You're right, take my only respite away!" Morgan groaned and Barrett bleated out a laugh.copyright protection49PENANAVrvldUxggM

"Says the ugliest mug here! Seriously, when did you last wash your face, ass?" Barrett laughed and they both waved the two of them out, Morgan with his good arm. copyright protection49PENANAqsBHdSYWxL

Luna smiled as he opened the door for her to leave and they left the building in favor of their room in the main building. They passed the tent where the General was talking with Henry, and by the sounds of it, he had just heard about Ann's tirade. copyright protection49PENANAjQcGxtQipr

Jack pressed his hand against her back and she smiled softly at him in response.copyright protection49PENANAokSTG6Oem5

They reached their room a few minutes later and he grabbed hold of her hand as he shut the door. She turned and faced him, confusion in her dark eyes. copyright protection49PENANA0MyBuLttI1

"Luna..." He trailed off. copyright protection49PENANAe1RrIoUyGk

"Yes?"copyright protection49PENANA05FTZlZOzl

"I'm sorry for how I treated you before. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was being selfish and I felt blinded by her. I should have realized that she was just using me to hurt you." He admitted, shame and regret coming into his voice. copyright protection49PENANATA7sbCdF5W

She appeared shocked at his words, like she didn't expect him to think any of it. It made him feel like even a worse ass, if he was honest. copyright protection49PENANAHkYyMGWGfD

She shook her head, "It's fin-"copyright protection49PENANA1fJG8I27wC

"Don't say it's fine, because it isn't." He interrupted and she nodded, tightening her hold on his hand. copyright protection49PENANAtqcBSod64i

"Just don't worry about it, Jack. It's over and done with, let's just forget about it."copyright protection49PENANA2LC1joIg5X

Jack swallowed, not liking the way she just pushed it aside.copyright protection49PENANAU7dDNlmQtT

He had seen his mother do the same shit with his father until she finally exploded and rained hell on their family for a week or two once a year. Somehow, he didn't think Luna would be doing that, and it made him feel shitier than she clearly wanted him to.copyright protection49PENANAsXjEyb3Mh7

She loves you, and love means forgiveness. Just make sure you don't repeat the same actions again, that will trap her in an endless cycle of pain.copyright protection49PENANA5kSHlc63tc

Jack did not reply to the god, blinking when he felt Luna hug him, her body flush against his. He relaxed after a moment, wrapping his arms around her loosely in response.copyright protection49PENANA1oje17AoY4

She pulled back a moment later, grabbing his hand and pulling him to her bed where she sat down and looked up at him with curiosity in her eyes. What was she curious about? What did she want him to do?copyright protection49PENANAhq1A5AM8m4

Kiss her, mortal.copyright protection49PENANAgro99KlgNP

Is that really a good idea?copyright protection49PENANAtOdM3fUDDS

Well, if you'd prefer, I can take over and do so myself.copyright protection49PENANAHVjJvokixG

The god was mocking him, pushing his buttons. Jack let out a low growl, causing Luna's eyes to widen at the sound. He picked her up and set her back on his lap and she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingertips tickling his skin. She was silent as she observed him and when her lips parted with the release of a breath he kissed her, throwing caution to the wind.copyright protection49PENANAmN8LXivjzi

She moaned and he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, tasting for himself instead of as just a passenger in his own body. Her lips were soft against his own, and their coolness served only to bring him more pleasure somehow. He wondered vaguely why that was, but quickly disregarded the thought in favor of continuing to act, his hands travelling from her legs to her hips to her waist. She arched into him and her breasts were flush against his chest and he released a groan as he felt her pick up her replies to his urging. She rocked her hips slowly over his lap and he stilled almost comically until he felt her nip at his lower lip, pressuring him to take more action.copyright protection49PENANA827lPaAJOe

His hands fell to the hem of her dress which had ridden up against her thighs as she rocked into him. She moaned when he ran his hands over the skin of her legs, and released a pleased sigh when he felt pleasure from the contrast in the gentle temperature difference between them.copyright protection49PENANACv9VfFkzYR

He ran his hands up her skirt, gripping her hips lightly. He unknowingly forced her to pick up her pace and a revelation hit him like a ton of bricks. copyright protection49PENANAgkFp5CHAVh

Ah yes, you remember that she is without anything beneath her dress now?copyright protection49PENANAT4j1p9b0S0

The god was laughing at him and he let out another growl, drawing a moan from Luna. Her hands crawled up the back of his neck to wrap in his hair and she became more desperate, picking the pace up further and exploring his mouth in return. She hummed gently and he groaned, his hands travelling upward to wrap around her breasts, riding her dress farther up, copyright protection49PENANAfvworL4Lk2

Take it off, it's getting in the way. She is fiddling with your coat's buttons now, if you haven't noticed. copyright protection49PENANADBni0sVI3R

Sure enough, her hands had dropped to his chest as she unbuttoned his coat slowly, distracted by his touch. He forced her to raise her arms up and he got rid of her dress, dropping it to the floor. He switched their positions, standing up and finishing her work, pulling off his coat and unbuttoning his shirt below it, which she rose up to push off his shoulders, kissing him once more till he pulled away, taking in her features that had been hidden by the dress. copyright protection49PENANAZWVjXls9ll

She blushed beneath his gaze and he smirked at her, running his hands over her legs and up to her waist, pushing her further into the bed and giving himself room to operate.copyright protection49PENANAaBQGZhr43M

Her waist was smaller than it had been before and he was surprised he hadn't noticed it previously. Her build was still broader than most women, but she was well-proportioned and her weight was evenly distributed over her body, including in her breasts which were smaller than he thought they were before, but still more than a handful to hold. Her hips were wide, and gave her clear curves that he couldn't believe he had discounted before. copyright protection49PENANA6GntYoWU6Z

There is a reason I call her beauty and it isn't fully because of her affectionate personality, I will admit.copyright protection49PENANAL6WHpU2S3o

Jack could feel the god's excitement race through his mind and he slowly ran his hands along her edges, drawing a soft sigh from her. He got on his knees on the bed, bending over to kiss a line up her abdomen to her throat, nipping at her skin and leaving marks that quickly faded, almost disappointing him that his attentions to her would go unnoticed.copyright protection49PENANAddZ4UZml3p

His thoughts faded away as he assaulted her lips again, spreading her legs apart and thrusting against her heated center, drawing another moan from her. His pants were growing far too constricting for his tastes, and clearly hers as well as she reached out to unbutton them. copyright protection49PENANA8a5vE4UAZ0

He stilled at her touch and stared into her eyes. They were darker than he had ever seen them, and lust shone in her gaze as she met his stare. copyright protection49PENANAAK7wrxqupu

"Are you sure?" he asked her and she nodded. copyright protection49PENANASDISICR4YV

"Yes."copyright protection49PENANAu66ACKFwlE

He slid off the bed briefly, taking off his pants and underwear, his erection popping free and drawing her gaze, her eyes widening some. He quickly rejoined her on the bed and spread her legs open once more, kissing and nipping a line on her inner thighs, drawing a surprised yelp as he approached her entrance, She bucked her hips when he darted his tongue out to lick her bundle of nerves, moaning as he explored her womanhood. She tasted addicting but he forced himself to pull back, moving back upward to kiss her again, nipping at her lips to gain entrance once more. 53Please respect copyright.PENANAISqkZ4Pe52
She ran her hands up his chest and onto his back, her nails scraping his skin, leaving red irritated marks on his flesh. He moved his hand lower until he penetrated her with two of his fingers, his thumb rubbing her clit roughly, making her breath quicken against his lips. copyright protection49PENANAxVoFsQcTlC

She bucked once more and let out a moan as he continued his ministrations, encouraging her to reach her climax sooner rather than later as his erection became overbearingly hard. She hissed when he inserted a third finger and he teased her till he felt her orgasm. She released a desperate moan. copyright protection49PENANAoeg66YJY3H

Take her now, while she is still dealing with aftershocks.copyright protection49PENANATyOZ8rKNX5

Jack leaned back and grabbed his cock, lining it up with her wet heat that, though cooler than the other women he had experienced, or even when he had sex with Sverila, was incredibly pleasureable to slide into. copyright protection49PENANAsv1RauHmn3

She bucked her hips a third time and he gave a thrust, settling inside her as she hissed briefly. He gave her time to adjust before he began to thrust into her again, beginning only when she had nodded to him, her eyes filled with need as their gazes met. copyright protection49PENANAZLhfSndClh

After a few moments, he picked up his pace, smirking to himself when her eyes dropped closed while she ran her hands over his chest, her nails scraping his skin on his front till he groaned, and thrust into her deeper than before, triggering her own moan, a sound that was beginning to resonate with him on some primal level, while she bucked her hips to meet his as her legs wrapped around his hips and crossing over his ass. She consumed his senses with her scent which he would later figure out was a mix between sandalwood and honeysuckle, almost as well as her sweet taste had been when his lips met hers once more, his hands braced on either side of her head so as not burden her with the brunt of his weight. copyright protection49PENANAkeP8eXzYLx

Luna thrust up to meet him with her hips, and he picked up his pace more and more, slamming into her hard, causing her to release a harsh breath in reply. copyright protection49PENANA4d254dzMAX

They both became more and more restless in their quest for orgasm, and he moved one of his hands back down to her clitoris, forcing her to draw closer to her end, which he knew would trigger his own. copyright protection49PENANAQzJ7OBu2eQ

The patchwork quilt on the bed was rough against his legs. He made himself meet her lips with his own again, and he groaned when he felt her orgasm overcome her and seize his length in a series of tightening and releasing motions, spurring his own orgasm to swallow him up. He slowed his thrusts into her, focused on deepening his movements and drawing out their climaxes. copyright protection49PENANAjy58Hj6hiS

Their breathing was harsh and shallow as they recovered, Luna arching her back to kiss him again, this time longer and softer, like she was savoring him. copyright protection49PENANAPm6Srb51YF

He responded in kind, gently continuing his invasion of her warmth at a deeper yet slower pace as they both came back down, Luna rolling her hips up to meet him with a soft moan that he could feel was going straight back to his dick, beginning to harden him yet again. copyright protection49PENANAYOfHV4jq6y

Not so fast, mortal. You might wish to take a break to recover. She will need to as well since neither of you is your best form yet. Not with the new changes at least.53Please respect copyright.PENANAviMmuED8cd
Jack nodded and pulled out of her, pulling her back to the edge of the bed where he picked her up, unintentionally grinding his erection against her again as he tossed the blankets of the bed back as he crawled under them with Luna on top of him, her head slack against his chest. copyright protection49PENANAgq6mzOGG6Y

She hummed against his collar, kissing his heated skin lightly, lovingly. copyright protection49PENANAyVkENMPTON

"Jack..." she hummed, her lips tracing circles against his throat.copyright protection49PENANAzMCOuxTOYZ

He cleared his throat, "Yes?"copyright protection49PENANAmfqtBZihFo

She did not reply, merely worming her way in his side, her left arm lying slack against his chest. She nuzzled his shoulder, her breathing turning deep and rhythmic. copyright protection49PENANAgejAS7nI1b

She's falling asleep.copyright protection49PENANAwAY8psGihE

The gods statement was accurate and he could feel her relax into his side, passing out. Her chill sunk deeper into his skin and it relaxed him thoroughly, soothing him to sleep himself. copyright protection49PENANAiDTI6vIoMo

Enjoy the rest of this night and tomorrow, I will demand time with her tomorrow evening.copyright protection49PENANAN2C7Duf1dg

The god's statement was not answered in reply, but he knew well that Jack knew better than to stand against him. The mortal was well aware of how easily the god could strike out and consume his mind in whole, only releasing him when he felt like it.53Please respect copyright.PENANA3p6CvHi72n
53Please respect copyright.PENANAvKfW4e0Ut6
copyright protection49PENANAcJRbShEyAV

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