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Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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2. Memories Pt. 1
Lunassandra Hughes
Aug 5, 2017
39 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2SKpcfkSIGVKeWhCUXWAposted on PENANA

The girl was hugging him, a killer, a war hound, a monster. Allegra clutched onto him like he was her only life preserver and he felt her sob brokenly into his chest. She was older now, an older teenager, maybe nineteen or slightly younger. She was sicker too, all the color gone from her skin and her hair dry and dead as whatever was ailing her began to kill her in truth. She was wearing black funeral garb and he held her stiffly, silent as she cried.copyright protection63PENANAgK3MrdyPMi

Someone had died; her father. Beau wasn't speaking to her she claimed and he had noticed the boy avoiding her in recent days.copyright protection63PENANAdObYendyfW

She had gone to him, managing to track down his room in the basement. Well, it was his when he had pleased his superiors at least. He felt awkward holding her; he couldn't remember anyone coming to him with anything other than assignments for when they needed someone eliminated. Allegra had slowed her sobs, and she fell silent against him except for her breathing and quiet sniffles.copyright protection63PENANAebGt7X62V2

He held her against him on the bed and she clutched her arms around his waist with all her strength, which wasn't much now- giving him more reason to believe she didn't have long left. Her cheeks were sunken in and her eyes were tired and surrounded with dark red-brown circles.copyright protection63PENANADbNGXfUv4G

"I'm sorry," She mumbled against him and he ran a hand through her hair; it was rough and dry, but it smelled like the lemon balm that he could vaguely remember growing in a garden he had visited. It was one of the only things he could recall about his life before all of this.copyright protection63PENANAOivZgJntiD

She pushed back onto her knees beside him and he found himself lost in her pale green colored eyes. She ran a hand over her face, obscuring his view for a moment. She let out a breath and smiled at him softly. It was one of apology and he leant up to grab hold of her face.copyright protection63PENANApxO61W47YZ

Allegra leant into his palm, grabbing his wrist to prevent him from pulling away. He knew this was wrong, there would be hell to pay if anyone knew she was here. They knew that she spent her time with him, but he was still only a wardog to them, and she... she was something else all together. He didn't know why they kept her, why they seemed intent on dosing her with medications that seemed to only advance her illness. Whatever that illness was, he couldn't tell.copyright protection63PENANAaBaXi7cdDh

Her father had been the commander of this base, though there was no telling what would happen to her and her adopted brother now. Her brother filled in as a doctor here, he had even been treated once by the boy. The boy did not like him in the least, but Lukos was certain that Beau was just envious of how his adopted sister looked to him.copyright protection63PENANAUszpsP9Pjr

But what would they do with her? He couldn't say; he never knew their reasoning with anything anymore and it wasn't as if they particularly cared if he supported their choices. But he was sure that whatever they wanted from her was connected to her illness- but it seemed like it wouldn't matter as her health continued to deteriorate.copyright protection63PENANAtIYhPZdT7c

She laid back down beside him, her soft curves lying against his side. How she had managed to keep any weight on at all was surprising, but he didn't question it as she looked up at him briefly before looking away.copyright protection63PENANAThO3e7brkP

"Lukos?" She breathed and his blue gaze trailed down to look at her.copyright protection63PENANAIeihEK7Nzq

"Thank you." She murmured against his chest and he released a long breath in response.copyright protection63PENANAe29dkYdySk

She was cool against him, but then again, so were most people. He ran at a much higher temperature than normal people- humans, he reminded himself. For there was no way that he was a human with his other form continually calling for release and domination of any who dared face him.copyright protection63PENANALLCzPRH1i2

He was not foolish enough to release the Beast however- the soldiers would attack him with their most vicious poisons via darts and silver bullets that for some reason only stung from the liquids that they were doused in. Then he would be chained unwillingly and experimented on until his Beast willingly went back into the cage he had constructed for it.copyright protection63PENANAR1h9jVTqIt

The Beast was deadly and loud in his mind at almost all times- except, for some reason, when he was with her. No, the Beast quieted and dare he say it, was pleased when he was with her. It had always been that way, he supposed, but it had taken him years to realize it.copyright protection63PENANARXw0bQZopR

He was never more aware of it than now, her arms wrapped around him for comfort that for some reason didn't make his Beast feel constricted by. Damn him, it felt almost like his Beast was preening under her hold.copyright protection63PENANAJaDmKsdruv

The air began to warm around her; it had been doing so for a while he could guess, but he was sure he had only now noticed it. He inhaled and the scent of something with a biting sweetness invaded his senses. He bent his head down to track the scent, and he bit back a growl as it grew stronger the closer he sunk to her.copyright protection63PENANAulxLuQGngp

Allegra pulled back for a moment and faced him, her eyes slightly glazed over with something that appealed to the Beast, but remained unnamed by his human form. He could feel the Beast, the dangerous predator rattle his cage and try to snatch for control and Lukos felt like he was actually losing his hard earned control slipping as the air continued to grow hotter and the sweet scent pervaded his mind.copyright protection63PENANAR7nn8ye7XD

He didn't think when he kissed her, as all thoughts seemed to fade from his mind.copyright protection63PENANAZHOC3y5h0z

Allegra responded eagerly against him and he rolled them over till his larger frame hung over her's. Allegra's hands wrapped around his neck and he ran his own down her sides, careful not to grip her too tightly. She shivered against him and opened her mouth further, providing him with a welcome entrance.copyright protection63PENANANuUkgpaWNr

Her legs, long and limber, wrapped around his hips and he groaned at the feeling of her so close against him. There was no way she knew what she was doing; there couldn't have been, she had lived a very sheltered life, or at least so he had thought.copyright protection63PENANAmEyJ1HigOg

He had to stop, but he found himself almost unable as the Beast demanded that he pushed on and continue his ministrations, sliding his hands up her shirt to encapsulate her breasts in his palms. Her hands became more desperate as they slid down from his neck to pull at the hem of his undershirt. He pulled off the shirt and it fell haphazardly to the floor.copyright protection63PENANATOYIq2hwjh

He tugged at her own and she rapidly unbuttoned it and revealed her torso to his hungry gaze, which he had no doubt was revealing his and his Beast's desperation. He licked and teased at her nipples and she let out a soft moan in response. It had been so long, so damn long since he had any relief.copyright protection63PENANA56M0q3qA0d

He couldn't even remember the last time, if he was honest.copyright protection63PENANA1mRA6Tip97

Allegra's hands clawed into his back, and he released a low growl in reply, shuddering when she thrust her hips against his and he let out a groan. He had to pull back, he had to. But he didn't, his hands unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down her legs. She released him long enough to pull off her pants and discard them onto the floor with the rapidly growing pile of clothing.copyright protection63PENANAG3VELmG2SZ

She wrapped her arms around his neck once more and pulled him to her, kissing him. His tongue brushed along her teeth. They were sharp, like they had been filed to make them like razors. She allowed him entrance, and he didn't blink when he felt himself bleed a bit. She didn't appear to notice, but her movements seemed more desperate now, and he felt her struggle with his pants. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAPr2oE1VWCm
Allegra let out a moan against him, and he tugged off his own pants. He slid his fingers beneath her underwear while one of his hands teased the flesh over her abdomen. Her back arched and he groaned when he felt her wrap her legs around his hips again. She was wet against his hand and he felt her moan as he ripped the offensive underwear away from her. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAgFDxWRMOdO
Nothing was between them now and he teased the little nub and she arched up to meet him. He felt her grow wetter and she kissed him again. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAONgNlN9Aja
"More," She moaned against his lips and he felt compelled to act. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA38C5xh7seJ
He lined himself up against her entrance and slid inside of her heat with care. When he came to her barrier he kissed her again, distracting her as he sharply pushed through. She let out a hiss against his lips and he stilled for a moment once he was fully seated in her.copyright protection63PENANAkY67Ywao7a

After a few moments he felt her thrust against him and he growled restlessly before he began to withdraw. He pulled back till only his head was inside, thrusting back all the way in after a second passed. She cried out beneath him and ground her hips against his own, her arms crawling up to encase his back.copyright protection63PENANAC9xuKDn23x

And then it became a flurry of movements, her soft cries pushing him further and further till he felt her clench him within her. He let out a groan of his own as he came within her, both of them shaking as she milked him. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAPups1mkOax
He braced his arms over her, so his weight wouldn't completely go slack against her. He flipped onto the side of the mattress, and he let out a breath when he felt her slide over to lean against him, her leg wrapping around him. She kissed his chest softly and he damn near sighed at the feeling. God, he was screwed.copyright protection63PENANA9JB4nmq4pi

His Beast damn near purred in contentment and he could feel the air begin to cool back down, his nose easily picking up the sweetness as it began to dissolve in the air with the temperature of the room.copyright protection63PENANA4KgaRfH2EP

After a few minutes her heartbeat slowed and soon enough he felt her breathing even out beside him till she was asleep. Or at least he thought she was. She wrapped an arm around him, letting out a soft sigh. 67Please respect copyright.PENANACYlSLGGVgZ
"I love you, Lukos." Allegra mumbled against him and he blew out a breath, trying to remain relaxed so as to not disturb her.copyright protection63PENANAdhYKLIo9Lr

He didn't say anything, but she clearly didn't expect him to and soon enough she was actually asleep.copyright protection63PENANAGUbhYzEpD4

This was bad. He shouldn't stay with her, not now. They would use her against him; he was sure about that. He cared about her, not like she did for him, or at least not yet.copyright protection63PENANAIIOZSGfAIT

His Beast growled and shook the cage in his anger. It had grown attached to her- too much so. Nothing about this seemed familiar to him- not a damn thing. He couldn't even recall ever having his other side react like this to anyone and he got the feeling it had never happened.copyright protection63PENANApVaoGW745S

He should have expected this, he knew she had become attached to him, placing him even closer to her than her brother. He didn't know how he felt about her, but one thing was for certain, and that was that she appealed to his darker half too much- and so help him, he knew the Beast was just as attached to her presence as she was to him.copyright protection63PENANAwMNH4LgIbU

In truth, he had doubted that he felt much of anything at all, both he and his Beast, but if he hadn't felt connected to her before, he did now.copyright protection63PENANANTCBTvh860

She trusted him; no one trusted him, but she did. He didn't know how, but she did. He hoped to high heaven though that she never met the Beast when he was fully in control- Lukos knew it was undeniable that his passenger cared for her- as much as he cared for anyone, that is- but he definitely did not trust that she would be safe with the... wolf in control. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA5k8IpFZx7d
She doesn't know you- that's why she trusts you. She doesn't know what you've done, she doesn't know what you are. Not really.copyright protection63PENANA1wVcUB82Ge

Hours passed, and when she awakened he managed to convince her to leave after they showered. She looked brighter than before, like he had given her life if only for a short time.copyright protection63PENANAVc0IU4ubNF

No one could know about what they had done; they'd use her to punish him if they found out. So he avoided her, like her brother had done. He would overhear the soldiers jeering when they found her looking for him- they found it absolutely hilarious that she followed after him, the mindless weapon that they thought he was- that sometimes he thought he was too.copyright protection63PENANA6BzIcseuBk

It was weeks, maybe one or two months later that he stopped hearing about her. She had stopped looking for him, which was a relief. But a small part of him was concerned for her.copyright protection63PENANAuCQqPL2YOI

Her brother had taken to giving him the stink eye again, even when he was alone with him. They must have made up, then.copyright protection63PENANAcJVdsQiW16

Beau had a wound on his neck almost all the time, but now it was at all times. Occasionally it would bleed afresh when Lukos came across him, it's scent like a siren's song to the monster within- the one that hungered to bathe in it. But still, he kept his control and forced himself to move on from the man, to not question him or his injuries.copyright protection63PENANAC7HcQUF4og

After a particularly rough mission he arrived back at the base's clinic to find Allegra laying on a cot faced away from him. He spotted the tubes attached to her arms, but it appeared she was sleeping. Beau was at her side, in his hand; a bag of blood. He hooked the blood onto the stand and it began to drip slowly into the tubes his sister was connected to. Beau's neck was free from bandages, but covered in dried blood- an image that seemed familiar to Lukos, but one he ignored.copyright protection63PENANApTTgjI1mHQ

Beau didn't notice him enter the room and take a seat on a cot in the far corner away from them. A man, one of the grunts, was lying on the cot beside Allegra. He was pale and bloody, but from what, Lukos couldn't tell.copyright protection63PENANA4UA082QqZR

Allegra stirred and sat up, her eyes blinking and glazed. Her brother was at her side in a heartbeat, his own skin pale from the loss of blood. Some color was appearing in her skin, and she looked tired. She noticed her brother's wound and sighed.copyright protection63PENANAwCZeOP8tUw

"You're so good to me, Beau. You deserve so much better."copyright protection63PENANAKjpDzJmB54

Her sigh garnered a shake of his head, annoyance shining in his brown eyes.copyright protection63PENANAraY2a640x3

He said nothing, however and when Allegra pointed at his kit, went to pick it up for her. She cleaned his neck enough for Lukos to spot a... bite. He watched Allegra bandage the bite and put away the used supplies. Beau sat patiently on the cot as his sister worked.copyright protection63PENANAS4GRiuHqYB

As she went to pull away he caught her hand in a tight grip. "You need to get rid of it. It's killing you."copyright protection63PENANAWIUmmu6I5c

She looked infuriated by his words, but said nothing, ripping her hand from his and sitting up as well as she could given her attachment. He sighed and stood, walking over to his desk and pulling out a syringe, the liquid within a flourescent red, unnatural. He walked over to his sister, grabbing her arm and injecting it into the IV in her elbow.copyright protection63PENANAMxmLzwRExp

She appeared to grow more tired and fell slack against the wall she had sat against. Her eyes glared at her brother.copyright protection63PENANAIptohLSYbR

"Ally," He said to her, "It won't be alright if it even survives. You know the medication is changing you, can you only imagine what it's doing to it?"copyright protection63PENANAz8zuvVYCE4

She clenched her eyes shut and a couple of tears made their way down her hollow cheeks. Beau sat down beside her again and held her in his arms. Her form was shaking, and she muffled her sobs into his shoulder.copyright protection63PENANAOrBacbH4Pe

"It doesn't feel right," She sputtered, "I can't kill her, she's mine. I can't do it."copyright protection63PENANAtxEXWVIPTU

He sighed and held her for a while, and Lukos slipped from the room unseen. He could feel regret squeezing at his chest, even as the Beast let out a pleased growl.copyright protection63PENANAGt3gXybWaQ

They would find out, and they were both screwed. He was surprised that Beau hadn't confronted him, if someone had done that to his sister, he would have killed them.copyright protection63PENANA0YhB9uNQyC

Not that he could really be killed, but still.copyright protection63PENANA42aIZ6DIVx

She was pregnant. Had it been that long since he had seen her? He could've sworn that it had been only five weeks, but then again, his sense of time had always been distorted to say the least.copyright protection63PENANACC1FSYe3Vp

What medication was she on that it was changing her for that matter? The child was suffering too, then. Beau must have been right; he would never have hurt his sister like that if it wasn't the truth.copyright protection63PENANAUVocxxGknf

So he stalked the halls until he found the apartment she shared with her brother. He had been there before, when she was younger and she wanted him to spend time with her. She would tug on his hand and pull him into her room away from her father's meetings, whereupon he would shrug and go along with it because he almost always knew what his part was long before any mission.copyright protection63PENANAXsh7aheOZa

Her room was a pale blue in color with soft greys and slightly brighter blues in accent. He sat down on one of the comfortable chairs that furnished the space and waited her arrival. An hour or so later, he heard soft footsteps ghost to the door and the door slid open and she stepped within, not noticing his presence. She pulled off her jacket and pulled off her shirt before she noticed him. Her back had faced him through this and he was surprised that she managed to spot him in the darkness. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAgXIGqJ2Kyc
She gasped and turned on the light, her face lighting up when she knew it was him. God, how he felt like a failure when he thought of how much he must have hurt her if she was so happy to see him. Her green eyes looked glassy as she smiled at him and he stood and walked to her.copyright protection63PENANAmCMniEmxIh

When he stopped he reeled a step back when she crashed into him, locking her arms around his torso. He regained his footing and wrapped his arm around her, feeling like complete and utter shit when he felt his shirt dampen. She took a deep breath and then released it slowly before looking up at him. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAiabD3WkKRB
"Lukos?" She asked and he released her, taking a step back. She looked confused at her actions, till she felt his gaze travel over her. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAKXVSGlxGSF
"I know." He stated, "About the baby."copyright protection63PENANAWCclOJSv4g

Shock entered her eyes and she was quiet. After a few moments she let out a sigh and turned around to finish undressing. He was silent as she did so, and from her tenseness he knew she knew he was analyzing her. She turned back around and made to walk to her closet before he grabbed hold of her. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAU9DCQ3mSNU
He was quiet for a moment before he let out a breath, "I'm sorry."copyright protection63PENANAK1I29TknHk

"Why?" She asked him, partly curious and partly worried if her eyes were anything to go by. She turned to face him and he scanned her once more.copyright protection63PENANAx3XjrfYNMG

Her arms were skinnier than before, like all the fat she had went to her belly, which was not nearly enough. He found himself reaching out to touch before he stilled and went to pull back as he caught himself. She grabbed his hand and pulled it back to her letting it rest on her abdomen. He wrapped his other arm around her and gently pressed a finger against her stomach, stretching out his senses, hearing and feeling a pulsing that emanated from her and he nearly hissed at the feeling.copyright protection63PENANA4Jjg480XD5

He had never really been able to feel much through that arm, it having never recovered the full sense of touch in some of his fingers after having it ripped off and reattached again. But still, the rapid beating caught his senses. She walked closer to him and he lost thought when her breasts met his chest. He felt her run her hands up his arms until they were around his face, pulling him down. She kissed him, her tongue dancing against his softly, so sweetly that he could think of nothing else.copyright protection63PENANAdo6WrfPLCx

He pulled back once logic flew back into his thoughts, "No, Allegra. I don't want to hurt you."copyright protection63PENANA6aB3u2isP5

Her eyes were blank for a moment before confusion came to the forefront.copyright protection63PENANA9TPsaUAbRe

"But you haven't hurt me? You won't."copyright protection63PENANAg5Dm14CRQf

"I," He ran a hand over her stomach lightly, "Your brother said it was killing you."copyright protection63PENANAoWp0ZU2imS

She sighed, running a hand through her hair in exasperation. She turned her back on him and plopped herself on the bed, her legs crossed as she leaned back using her hands to hold herself up as she looked at him. Her eyes were penetrating, but not without warmth.copyright protection63PENANAnvLdYW7z7Y

She let out a breath and a small laugh. It was warm and light, but her words were surprisingly derelict of those qualities. "I was going to die anyway. It is inevitable either way. Besides that, she isn't the one killing me. It's this damn sickness that's killing me."copyright protection63PENANANo4qL5vnXl

She leant up and forward, pulling him closer till they were even with each other. She had uncrossed her legs and he could feel her softer warmth radiate from her skin. It was nowhere near as powerful as his own, but for her it was.copyright protection63PENANACmh2mgWoyj

Her eyes were brighter than he had seen them before. Her skin was warm and a pale pink, making her appear lively, though the dark circles and lack of muscle or a decent level of fat gave her away. Her strawberry blond hair was tied back into a braid, and it appeared to have more of a bounce to it than before as well. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA454fJ8c4S4
She had curls when she was younger- they used to bounce whenever she moved her head, even at the smallest of movements. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAGC2BvIX3oQ
As it was now, her hair was darker and still too dry for her to have been healthy. He found himself wrapping one of the loose curls around his finger. It almost had a crunch to it and when he pinched it they both heard the sound. She frowned softly, a slight grimace making it onto her face and she looked down at his chest. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAIi0mVQphJc
He released the lock of hair, trailing the back of his hand over her clenched jaw. After a moment, she exhaled and the tension left her. In a sudden movement that managed to surprise him, he felt her pull him down as she fell back onto the mattress. He managed to brace himself on the bed frame with his knee. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAbOig32og7h
He looked into her eyes.67Please respect copyright.PENANAkNUnpp5mst
"Touch me," She beckoned, her eyes glazed once more. She kissed a trail down his jaw and along his neck, nipping lightly at his flesh till she noticed a cut bleed freshly beneath the top of his shirt and jacket. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAdbMexH4WYN
She pulled back and sat up, removing his jacket quickly. He knew she was concerned by the worry that shone in her eyes, and he felt a pang of raw emotion when she hissed at the sight of his wounds. He had a jagged slash across his already scarred chest and two stab wounds that were already healing on his hip. Her nostrils flared and he spotted a flash of pink in her eyes before it was gone in a flash. She slid off of her bed and forced him to sit down, throwing on a silk robe and disappearing into the hall only to come back and shut the door quietly behind herself. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA9aBsqFvOWD
The slash had stopped bleeding half an hour ago, but while she cleaned it began to bleed anew. She sighed and her brows were furrowed together with worry as she worked. He did not wince or flinch or show any response as she worked- he had been trained not to. She sewed the cut closed neatly and inspected the bloody bandages covering the now minor stab wounds. They had not been minor when he had gotten them, but his speedy healing had served to save his life. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA6hq0EPpJcS
For some reason, he felt like even now, his health was not what it used to be. What it had used to be, he didn't know.copyright protection63PENANAgWP29NZgm7

She peeled the bandages off with care, trying not to hurt him more than necessary. No one had ever done that for him- no one had cared enough to. But then again, he was more a tool to Viscera than a person.copyright protection63PENANAfavjBgp6En

She cleaned the wounds and the flesh around them, trying not to rip at the sutures with her sharp nails. He had barely felt it, but she had scratched well and good despite being careful not to when cleaning his slash. There was a long thin pink line above the slash that he now noticed. She finished her work seconds later and he grabbed hold of her hand with his scar-less arm, in his rush to inspect her hand neglecting her reaction to his strength. She had flinched, but it didn't register with him as he turned her hand over in his own. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAdq40EBHJyG
It was small, but her fingers were nimble and long- like a piano player's. There were a few scars on the backs of them from where she had been stuck with needles too many times. Her nails were thin, but long and deadly, like she sharpened them herself. He knew she hadn't however. He pressed the tip against one of his fingers, digging it in very little before his blood oozed to the surface. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAxIQ8bgOG5L
She laughed, it was a nervous and erratic laugh, one that aroused his suspicions. She was keeping something from him, and most likely everyone else. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAjb2KbHABrN
"I need to cut them down again," She laughed softly, "But they grow out so fast- it almost doesn't matter if I do it or not."67Please respect copyright.PENANAuEdyFS9mBI
She pulled her hand free and left him alone again to return the kit back to it's rightful place. She was much slower this time, and a minute later he heard her brother yelling in the next room. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA28qShB96ie
"I'm sick of it, Ally! If you stay around him it will only make everything worse for you! Why the hell do you do this to yourself? Is it love? Is it love that makes you this masochistic?!" Beau's voice penetrated the walls of the apartment, and Lukos could just barely make out her response. copyright protection63PENANAsgJJi50ftz

It was soft and full of remorse. At what, he didn't know.copyright protection63PENANAyKwnNFbMWy

"I'm sorry-"copyright protection63PENANATcIpwkFVrj

"Sorry! You're always sorry! Then why do you keep doing this? You are going to ruin everything we have here! Everything your father has built! All for the damn soldier you followed around like a lovesick puppy since you got here! What will you leave behind when you die? You are so dead set on leaving behind a motherless child, but don't you recall how that fucking felt? You're going to leave me behind already, but you want to leave a child as well? Yeah, real fucking smart Ally!"67Please respect copyright.PENANARBqUmCCWd3
He sighed and Lukos could practically hear the sneer he threw at her through the wall. "You actually think he's going to give a damn when you die? He's a fucking assassin, no better than a wardog, Ally! All you'll ever be is a distraction and it won't be the disease that kills you then, but the people who live here with us!"67Please respect copyright.PENANAKHIYgnQpJr
A moment passed, he couldn't hear anything in that moment till the sound of glass breaking in what must be the kitchen flowed to his ear. Beau was laughing, but it was dark and full of menace. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA7MAyFR9PYr
"Oh, you're hungry aren't you? What's the matter, can't handle being around a little blood before the hunger kicks in? Yeah well, your lover will have to take of it for you this time! I'm going for a fucking walk!"67Please respect copyright.PENANA3Q3uKp6nmk
A minute later the door to the apartment slammed shut and he heard the bathroom placed beside the bedroom begin to run. The door shut softly but he could hear her retching. He left her room and came to stand before the door. He knocked, and the door seemed to come open of its own regard. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAq6285iwVHg
She was facing away from him, keeled over the toilet as she retched. All that poured out from her was blood however, a seemingly never ending river of crimson flowing out from behind her cherry-stained lips. It splattered the toilet seat and part of the floor and her skin was shivering like she was going through drug withdrawal. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAnP2XnIPxxO
"Allegra?" He inquired, walking till he stood over her. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAYBE25psbMO
She swallowed back another heave and began to rock back and forth slightly. She held up her arms to him, and he pulled her up, letting her lean on his body for support.copyright protection63PENANAjUA2DT7E8B

He could feel his Beast rattle the cage again, demanding that he take care of her... She had to mean something to his inner wolf- but for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what.copyright protection63PENANAeHlK48qgVn

God, she weighed nothing . 67Please respect copyright.PENANAwcVyl0QRWy
Her head began to sway before her body did and he swung her up and into his arms bridal style. Her eyes were clenched shut. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA7joahLS7jp
"I don't want you to see me like this," she mumbled against his throat but he paid her no mind and took her back into her room and tucked her beneath the several quilts that took up residence on her bed.67Please respect copyright.PENANAVh0zk6YMhL
He pulled back, but her grip on his hand pulled him back. Her eyelashes fluttered against her cheeks- which were no long pink but an ashy white- but she did not reveal her green eyes to him.copyright protection63PENANAOOzxd5ST1j

"Stay," She pleaded softly and he found himself lying down beside her on top of the blankets. He kicked off his boots, hiding them beneath the bed skirt just in case he needed to make a quick escape. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAANXwmjxcbt
Allegra tucked herself against his side and let out a sigh, her breathing evening out. 67Please respect copyright.PENANALjN9t4Vmbe
He knew she wasn't asleep yet. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAM7wMGQSFCa
"What are you hungry for?" he asked her and she did not meet his eyes as he looked down at her. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAqdYoKkIhxT
He noticed her nip at her lip softly.67Please respect copyright.PENANALjczsGDo3P
"Don't worry," She said, "It doesn't matter. I'll figure something out later."67Please respect copyright.PENANADPW9CD0viD
He nodded, knowing she wouldn't tell him yet if at all. So she fell asleep against him. But he didn't rest. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAFIRE7BZPTx
It was all turning to shit. They would find out it was him who fathered her child, and God knows what they would do to them. God knows what they would do to the child. He should have stayed with her, he shouldn't have ignored her, he knew that now. He felt it in the dampness on his chest, in the beat of her heart against his side. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAIFQVejCRIF
Her brother appeared stressed to say the least- in part for the same reasons he was. But if he was honest, the idea of having a child gave him slight excitement, granted it was clouded over by worry, but it was still present. A child. He was going to have a child- he wanted to be there for them and Allegra, but no one could know. No one other than her brother. 67Please respect copyright.PENANAHlvEv7hwCA
He heard the door to the apartment open and shut. It was quiet for a moment before he heard footsteps approach her bedroom. Lukos slid off the bed and stepped into the shadows behind the door as it came open to reveal her brother in the doorway. 67Please respect copyright.PENANA9ij0XqCWfw
Beau stepped inside quietly, leaving the door open as he approached his sister. He smelled vaguely of scotch, but not overbearingly. He sat down beside her, trailing a hand over her face. Allegra sighed in her sleep.copyright protection63PENANAdkdOmRHuwQ

And then she woke up. Lukos stilled even further when he spotted her eyes. They glowed a fluorescent red- like the serum they gave her. Her pupils were so dark or maybe it was the eerie glow that made them seem so. Her eyes followed Beau's movements and the man sighed, pulling off his scrub top. He was surprisingly well-built given his pacifistic ideals, and he watched at the man bared his neck to his adopted sister.copyright protection63PENANA5KxqvCzVSu

Allegra's movements were predatory as she sat up, the quilts falling into her lap to reveal her slightly bloody robe that covered her body from view. She traced a hand up his arm and over his neck where the bandage was from earlier. She stilled as she touched the gauze and pulled back.copyright protection63PENANAiHjRewX6qY

"It's too soon. I don't want to hurt you." She sighed and Beau shook his head.copyright protection63PENANAqDjErFw992

"You didn't take enough earlier if you need to feed again. I can't keep giving you transfusions, Ally. There aren't enough people on the base." He told her, his voice somewhat anxious.copyright protection63PENANA0eNxFiafd3

She leaned back against the headboard, "Then I'll wait."copyright protection63PENANAKwL3oZAl61

He let out a small annoyed growl, "You know you can't without getting worse. What do you think will happen to it if you don't?"copyright protection63PENANAkxEDb6jHgs

Her eyes widened slightly and she appeared to swallow down her anger at his words. He let out a sigh- they were both tired and both exhausted with one another for the night, that was clear to Lukos.copyright protection63PENANAKgHxOnPZD3

She leaned forward once more and peeled off his bandage to reveal the bite to her again. She wrapped her arms around him gently and pulled him to be flush against her. He bent down and let his head fall against her shoulder. In a flash she pulled his neck to rest at an angle and wrapped her lips around his wound. If he were ignorant, he'd think she was kissing him- until he spotted the line of blood that slipped down his shoulder and over his back.copyright protection63PENANA2nANrYN1kU

He barely breathed as he watched her... feed off of Beau. Her eyes were closed and her lashes fluttered against her cheeks. She relaxed against him, no sound in the room except for his heavy breathing and her swallows. After five minutes she pulled away, her chin dripping with blood. She licked at his wound and he collapsed against her, his breathing hard, but even.copyright protection63PENANA2ErHiDOBk5

He bit back a growl as his control began to feel as if it were slipping again. He wanted her, he wanted to taste the blood that dripped from her chin, feel the pounding of her heartbeat beneath his body as he claimed her.copyright protection63PENANA45lMCaas9N

It horrified him, no, no, he would not let that happen. Not in a million years, not ever! Gods, there was no way she would survive, there was no way he'd be able to live with himself... He would never let that happen!copyright protection63PENANAwcb60C5OEp

Allegra noticed him then, her eyes till alight like fire. She pulled her brother's slack form off of her and laid him on the bed beside her, sliding out and wrapping him in the blankets. He was asleep and she directed him into the living room. He waited on the couch as she retrieved the first aid kit again and aided her brother, and when she came out her mouth and jaw were clean and she wore a pair of sleep shorts and a loose top.copyright protection63PENANAIH4aomNdY8

She closed the door to her room and curled up on the couch beside him, leaning against the arm as a backrest. Her hair seemed to have a luster it didn't have before and he found himself reaching out to touch it. It did not crunch like before and he wondered how it could be that she seemed so immediately healthy. Her skin was pinker, and her cheeks, though still slightly hollowed, appeared plumper than before. Her dark circles were now just a shade darker than her pale skin and her eyes were back to their natural green, only this time they were more alert.copyright protection63PENANAi2dEPQOZiY

Allegra waited for him to speak, he could tell she was apprehensive. He didn't like the worry she held in her eyes- like she was afraid of what he would think of her. He killed people, rather gruesomely, and she was worried that her action would scare him off. He found himself chuckling and she looked at him confused.copyright protection63PENANANObYVbB00f

"Why are you laughing?" She asked and he was glad that they were alone.copyright protection63PENANApIWuTlRHzP

He didn't want anyone to see him like this, well except for her. He knew she would never turn against him- she would never use anything he did against him, of that he was sure.copyright protection63PENANAPSS3wHTlHc

"Why do you think I would look at you differently?" He asked her in return, "You know what I do, yet you do not look at me as if I'm a monster. I would never do anything to hurt you- not if I could help it."copyright protection63PENANAku0vtVH4VH

She scooted herself over to him and crawled on top of his lap to look at him in the eyes. His blue eyes met hers and she lightly pressed her lips against his, her hands crawling up his chest to encompass his face, deepening it. He found himself running his hands over her legs and wrapping them around her hips, rocking her against him. She moaned against him, her voice breathy as he felt her heartbeat through her clothes. He bit back a groan at the feeling of her shorts dampening over his erection.copyright protection63PENANAklqhPjCH0c

She ground herself into him, like she craved friction as she kissed him, her tongue teasing him.copyright protection63PENANAwQ4oTA6NWO

She pulled back after a moment, her hips still grinding away at him. He ghosted his lips over her jaw and down her throat to nip at her collarbone. "I want you."copyright protection63PENANAZgi0LMVsRR

Her words pushed him further and he nearly ripped her shirt into two as he took it off. She wore no bra, she hadn't needed to for the most part. Her breasts were small, but they still gave her a pleasant curve for him to handle as he licked and teased at the flesh surrounding her nipples. Her breathing turned uneven and gaspy as he worked and he smirked when he found her moaning quietly.copyright protection63PENANA9bdAs2T5JU

"Lukos..." She moaned against him and she arched her spine, pushing her chest against his mouth in the process.copyright protection63PENANAhgKmFEXLrT

She unzipped his jacket, pulling his wifebeater off soon thereafter. He kicked the table in front of the couch across the carpet, where it stopped short of hitting the wall. She rose up and pulled him down onto the carpet, her nimble fingers undoing his pants and sliding them down over his hips. He stood and kicked them off, sliding back down with a soft hiss as she grabbed hold of his cock.copyright protection63PENANAAr9SrVFnnw

When she spotted his reaction she smiled and gave a gentle caress, her grin wider when she felt him buck against her hand. Allegra pulled him down with her other hand and he slid back along the couch to sit on the ground. He didn't breathe as she kissed her way down his stomach and over the v of his hips, only taking a sharp inhale when he felt her breath over his erection. She kissed a line down the root of his 'little' problem and when he felt a small peck on his head he felt sweat on his brow. He pulled her away before she could do anything further and back up to his level, seizing her mouth.copyright protection63PENANAexHr7au1ge

She tasted like dark chocolate and oddly pomegranate, and he explored her mouth, desperate for more of the flavor. This time he felt it when he bled against her teeth and he glimpsed a red mist overcoming her green gaze as he kissed her. She appeared to go into a sort of a craze and crawled on top of his lap, her warm heat dripping against him. He hissed as he felt her lick and suck on his tongue. God help him, the feeling went straight to his cock.copyright protection63PENANAVyuGUakRWM

She pulled back once more and whispered against him, "Take me."copyright protection63PENANAKweUpFP42d

She rose up slightly and he grabbed hold of his erection, sliding it into her wet heat. She slid back down with a pleased sigh and he gave a soft grunt- recalling in the back of his mind that her brother was still asleep in the next room. She ground her hips against him and he felt himself slide deeper within her. He grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her up, minding the strength in his hold as he did so.copyright protection63PENANAAgKiISscTJ

Her breathing was sharp and uneven as he rammed her down onto his manhood, and she gave a tiny grunt herself as he slid all the way to the hilt within her. He pulled out, pushing her up again till only the top of his head was in between her lower lips before he released her weight, and he filled her.copyright protection63PENANArPhWvb6P32

Allegra, the red still in her eyes, bit at her lip harshly and kissed him and he tasted her blood on his tongue as he thrust in and out of her. It was strangely addicting, it tasted like her, but only vaguely. It tasted darker, and oddly elusive and he couldn't pin down the flavor to anything he had ever had before.copyright protection63PENANACOzQIYwy2y

They ground into each other and he eventually flipped them over to gain more leverage and began to pound into her. Allegra had lines of tears down her face as they both became more desperate for their ends. She clenched him inside of her, her hold like a vise around his cock. She thrust up to meet him, both of their breaths mingling in the air as they kissed. Her hands ran over his body and she wrapped her legs around his hips, forcing him to grind himself into her.copyright protection63PENANALDPwVyooLi

Allegra was nearing her end and she squeezed his cock once more with her will before it became uncontrollable and he reached his own end inside of her.copyright protection63PENANA7c7p8CBfsE

They were a mess; sweaty, red, and their hair was wild around their faces. He tried to slide out of her, but she held him still, her hands wrapping around his face then his neck as she kissed him softly.copyright protection63PENANAi5sRWbPsJR

She gave a soft laugh as they pulled apart. "I think we need to get cleaned up."copyright protection63PENANA0vvQ1roqP9

She released him and he stood grabbing his clothes and her's, handing them to her. She held up the top for him to see. It had a long rip down the middle of the front and she turned to him with a smile and a raised brow.copyright protection63PENANAJXmQnutYKW

He smirked at her and she guided him into her bathroom, turning on the shower and dumping her shorts in the hamper while she placed the shirt in the trash bin. He hung his clothes over the sink and she pulled him into the shower stall.copyright protection63PENANAC215TXhIp1

He was still as she pulled off his bandages to inspect his wounds. The slash was nearly all the way healed now, all but for a fresh scar. The stab wounds were healed now as well, but they had already been for the most part anyway.copyright protection63PENANAAqw5hywFZm

"You need to get the stitches removed," She said and he nodded.copyright protection63PENANAPIkbzHG2Fq

She took the soap from the dish and ran it over his chest and arms slowly. He held her hips against his lightly, noting the bruises he had caused on one hip from his strength. He ran a hand over her small almost unnoticeable belly. It was still pulsing, and a thought came to the forefront of his mind.copyright protection63PENANAYis0olYF4o

Why is it pulsing?copyright protection63PENANAHEOeJ6MgLM

He took the soap from Allegra and pulled her around so her back was flush against his front. He ran it over her chest and over her arms, tracing it down to circle around her abdomen. The pulsing was distracting him, but he still heard her pleased sigh.copyright protection63PENANACBuWN3Et5j

"How do you know it's a she?" he asked her quietly but she heard him easily enough considering the fact that the water was turned on high.copyright protection63PENANAU4Cm50I3GM

Her head leaned against his scarred shoulder and her eyes, still red, looked up at him.copyright protection63PENANAroqgCamoq8

"A feeling," she told him and she let out a breath as he wrapped an arm around her to grab hold of the shampoo bottle. It was unscented, like the soap they gave to everyone else, but it was a higher quality, so Beau must have gotten a hold of it for her.copyright protection63PENANAa3JF0wIE0O

He poured a bit into his hand and ran it through her hair, running his other hand down her spine lightly. She leaned into his hand as he rubbed her scalp, drawing a pleased moan.copyright protection63PENANAXUTAgYBZ1i

He couldn't get over how easily she trusted him.copyright protection63PENANALtGcJin5HO

It's because she loves you, idiot. She told you that herself.copyright protection63PENANAdSRWxRtgwt

He let out a breath and she turned around and let the water rinse out the soap from her hair. She kissed him softly for a moment, standing up on her tiptoes to do so.copyright protection63PENANA5toZ4FXFEZ

He didn't think before he spoke, "I want you to drink from me."copyright protection63PENANAXqsDCbV0gD

Her eyes widened at his words, shock showing in the red.copyright protection63PENANAOuvFr3xUj3

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Quick! Make up a reason so you don't seem too stupid!copyright protection63PENANAopxNoBsmh6

"The red in your eyes haven't gone away, you're still hungry aren't you?"copyright protection63PENANAlexOSa0Oah

She let out a breath and stared at his chest for a moment, "Yes, but I can go until my next transfusion. I think."copyright protection63PENANArYLXEc0b7j

"When's that?"copyright protection63PENANAfwJNj7oLtG

"The day after tomorrow." She sighed and he picked her up, leaning her against the back wall of the stall. Her legs were wrapped around him again, but he didn't notice as he stared at her.copyright protection63PENANASPUpDNAEBK

She looked down at his stare until he pulled her head to his throat.copyright protection63PENANAV3JG0nS0z0

"Do it." He commanded her and it was a minute before she licked the area and another minute passed before he felt her teeth penetrate into his neck.copyright protection63PENANAkPw3CPa1BE

He must be masochistic, because he felt his cock harden once more as he felt her soft pulls as she drank from him. A humming pierced the air and he felt the pulsing through his hand kick up stronger than before. But it was not the pulsing that caused the hum, it was Allegra.copyright protection63PENANAHtuCT7ptM1

She's purring, dumbass.copyright protection63PENANAeH4Xn5lg5U

He groaned as she rubbed herself over his growing erection. Using his weight to brace her against the wall, he grabbed his cock, sliding it back within her slick heat again. She bucked against him, her purrs constant as she drank from him while he fucked her.copyright protection63PENANAgqJMtmCEnd

It was not slow or loving as it had been when he took her for the first time. Now it was fast and hard and he felt her arm wrap around his shoulder as he bounced her up and down hard. She licked at her bite, cleaning the wound till the blood stopped flowing. She bit back a scream as he rammed into her, her lower muscles clenching him again and again.copyright protection63PENANAi4HMGAU64G

Her head fell back and hit the wall, Allegra biting her lip all the while to hold back her responses. She let out a moan as she reached her end, a long stretched out sound as he continued to thrust himself deeper into her. It was a few thrusts later that he came, spurting inside of her.copyright protection63PENANA7jnchLiC1n

They stilled, her still in his arms, her legs still wrapped around him, his cock still inside of her and hardening once again.copyright protection63PENANAxhOh4hDGV0

He didn't know how it was possible that he was still getting aroused at this point, but he pulled back from her, slipping from her heat and placing her back on her feet. He kept his arm wrapped around her to help her balance on the slick floor tiles. The water was now cold around them, but she was pinker now than before.copyright protection63PENANAUe4B1LbWSg

She looked up at him, her eyes back to their usual green. Her strawberry colored hair was drying, having been kept out of the water as he 'heated' her up.copyright protection63PENANADZA0cRMuuN

"I feel warm," She told him leaning against him for support.copyright protection63PENANAS15GiaYVRU

"Sore?" he asked her and she gave a tired blissful nod, tilting her face up to his.copyright protection63PENANAWL81maMy6E

He kissed her softly as she purred against his lips. Suffice to say, it went straight to his length, but he ignored it, helping her out of the shower. They dried each other off, her giving soft yawns as he dressed himself. Allegra wrapped herself in a towel and stepped out into the hall first, spotting the sticky note on the wall in front of the bathroom entrance.copyright protection63PENANAPJEpKRhwmL

She held it up to him.copyright protection63PENANAkfMqW5BU1s

Going out. I'll be back tomorrow for your transfusion. Meet me in the clinic at 13:00.copyright protection63PENANAPXdXYA7L8e

She grabbed his hand and pulled him back into her room and into the empty bed. She curled into his chest immediately when he laid down beside her.copyright protection63PENANAqYX5nHXFek

"I love you, Lukos."copyright protection63PENANAqyzcZwiArj

Her whisper did not escape his attention as she fell asleep against him. He was silent for a long time, till he was sure she was already deeply asleep. He slid from her hold and the bed and locked the door, taking off his shirt and sliding back underneath the covers.copyright protection63PENANA3gghefRm10

So damn screwed.copyright protection63PENANAAsYxxmfv1t

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