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Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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Lunassandra Hughes
Sep 22, 2017
56 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!127nIIldMCwGxqgKgqseposted on PENANA

3copyright protection65PENANAiIVtwVibOz

Rebirthcopyright protection65PENANAaPCidk0zxM

Asher awakened to the sound of rapid pacing, really fast pacing. He opened his eyes to scan the room. They were in his old room in the basement; he and Theo. Theo immediately appeared at his side when he noticed his sentience, clearly irritated by the turn of events. copyright protection65PENANAb4tJuJuK9W

Asher couldn’t blame him; the vampire was anxious to get back to his lover’s side, as she was due to make her transition soon. Theo had been pulling out his hair and his dangerous eyes were bloodshot and red; and they had a glow to them that they hadn’t before. copyright protection65PENANAZsFUWbQemE

“You alright, cousin? You were out a day longer than I was.” Theo notified him and Asher nodded, sitting up against the headboard as his mind adjusted to his new memories. copyright protection65PENANAOxurPHLQhj

Theo was without a shirt, where it had gone, Asher had no clue. copyright protection65PENANADto6cSPGDZ

He scanned the walls for a mirror, but he knew he would not find one. He looked down at his hands, noting that they were free of scars that had priorly marred them almost completely. copyright protection65PENANADCsixotnDQ

“Your eyes are darker, cousin.” Theo stated, scanning him, his gaze appearing hungry. copyright protection65PENANA1rnvSddE3v

Asher blew out a breath, “When was the last time you fed?”copyright protection65PENANAYGYmNafCRT

Theo narrowed his eyes on the lycan, “A month ago.”copyright protection65PENANACuv4M2sgq5

“You need to feed then,” Asher stated blankly, pulling up his sleeves and holding out one of his wrists for the vampire to feed off of. Theo blinked in shock.copyright protection65PENANA6rxuXqHb4L

“You don’t have to,” Theo asserted, but Asher shook his head. copyright protection65PENANAG3sFqfPFRH

“Can’t have you going on a rampage any time soon.”copyright protection65PENANAytb4yY70ex

Theo nodded and quickly bit into the lycan’s wrist, taking several long pulls that irritated Asher’s Beast.copyright protection65PENANA5lZDPX3w88

No one other than her!  copyright protection65PENANAiPbKuBZkhR

The Beast’s demand ricocheted through his mind, wracking his mind with his other’s sides irritation and desire for her.copyright protection65PENANA2PldUTc1Tq

Oh no. copyright protection65PENANAyZLyCBvF8E

No, no, no! Surely he wasn’t mated to Allegra- he would never have forgotten his mate, there was no way! copyright protection65PENANAOqtZaYBajS

But there was no other option- he was certain that the Beast would never have desired a particular woman like he had her. copyright protection65PENANA1lImzCfLD9

Asher shuddered at the realization. Wanting to desperately deny the very idea. copyright protection65PENANAcc9YKLzgrH

But he had known other lycan who had mated; had spoken with them about it, even. They had told him of their Beasts reaction to their mates, a desperate hunger for them- one that they could never have fully satisfied with others.copyright protection65PENANAUf8ofjnQtG

Theo pulled back from his wrist, cleaning the bite quickly and urging it to heal. copyright protection65PENANAIu2rRB37nH

“You think she is your mate? Congrats, cousin!”copyright protection65PENANAgzTpyEb8UD

Asher frowned at him and Theo chuckled. copyright protection65PENANAPPSYd7hAYK

“Come now, you should know how well they fucked you up. The fact that you can even remember anything at all, let alone retain it, is quite the miracle.”copyright protection65PENANAhHej86Ubdi

Asher blew out a breath, “I don’t like this. I don’t really know her now, at least.”copyright protection65PENANAStRMTqr5yl

“Well, you know she was part of Viscera. You should probably ask her about it before you jump to conclusions. Marcelle still hasn’t forgiven me for killing his ex-lover.”copyright protection65PENANAIoaBmoJDYH

Asher nodded, clearly recalling that interaction between Theo and one of his lovers. It had been amusing as an outsider, but he had no doubt that it would not have been had he been a part of it. copyright protection65PENANAogoDzxJuIW

Theo laid down at the foot of the bed, his legs hanging relaxed over the side as he let out a sigh.copyright protection65PENANAMBqEok4PpD

It was surprising the vampire hadn’t burst out of the room yet. Incredibly so, given his attention span and the lack of entertainment. copyright protection65PENANAb71mJnKs1J

“What have you been doing?” He asked him and Theo smirked.copyright protection65PENANA9pZy3z5M3O

“Watching you sleep.”copyright protection65PENANAIPq9uOtyES

Asher narrowed his eyes on the vampire, “Thanks.”copyright protection65PENANAbP0dcJBWbC

His smirk widened, “No problem.”copyright protection65PENANAGl2FU5e0Si

They were silent for a few moments, and it seemed the only sound poured in from the upper levels; an ever present hum that put his Beast on edge, irritating him. copyright protection65PENANAOB8eKC3dbH

“Why don’t you tell me about her?” Theo suggested and Asher frowned at him. copyright protection65PENANA6nx6AJQbF2

“You didn’t read it in my blood?”copyright protection65PENANAOmoQ1iWgiO

Theo sighed, “I try not to pry. I only heard what was going through your mind while I fed on you.”copyright protection65PENANAz6pHlajoou

Asher rolled his head a few times before speaking. copyright protection65PENANA6uSDBsmrE2

“She was the daughter of an old leader of the base. Her brother was a doctor here. They both patched me up a few times.” He glossed over the reality for a moment before his boredom wore out and he spilled his information to Theo. copyright protection65PENANAusoSjqagHt

“I had a flashback, a memory. Though it felt more like a dream to be honest. I was back here, and I didn’t remember anything except since I got transported to this base shortly before she arrived when she was a child. Two weeks after I got here, her family arrived- her mother leaving shortly thereafter. Her name wa-is Allegra. She was sick, though I didn’t really know from what. Something close to anemia- but it was more vampiric than that.copyright protection65PENANA5gAvXVFhk3

“She would follow me around, it took her a few months to say anything to me, but she soon told me everything she could think of. I remember not thinking too much of it- occasionally I would go on missions, destroy a few towns, and come back and they still didn’t wipe me. copyright protection65PENANAMqyE396qBK

“When I began the memory, I’m in my bed- this one- and she’s crying. Her father was dead.”copyright protection65PENANAs5dRYxh9NZ

Asher took a deep breath, but Theo rose a brow in response, spotting where the conversation was headed, based on the blank expression on his face. He knew the lycan only wore that mask when he discussed his few sexual excursions. copyright protection65PENANACSgcod73us

Well, in compare to the vampire’s own, it was few. copyright protection65PENANA7gSFVVP1lq

“You had sex.” Theo stated and Asher nodded.copyright protection65PENANAMOw0FuxXDl

There was surprise on the vampire’s attractive features, which even Asher had to admit were certainly attractive. Vampires were almost never unattractive- especially not ones descended from the Family. It made it easier to draw in prey since they had to feed more often than lycan, at least in their earlier years. copyright protection65PENANAWfdcsBqAFV

Theo sighed, “I am curious.”copyright protection65PENANA2McUs7Ph9b

Asher raised a brow. copyright protection65PENANAHWZeWFIuCm

“How exactly did you remain unaware of her position in your life. I mean, from what I know of lycan matings (not a lot, mind you), wouldn’t your… other form demand to claim her? I mean you lycan are certainly not discreet with the mating marks.”copyright protection65PENANAPzC3M4FdFk

Asher blinked and leaned back further. copyright protection65PENANA9H7mBztrQD

Theo looked at him briefly before turning away to look at the ceiling. copyright protection65PENANADyzDMwiv0V

“Maybe whatever they kept using on you damaged not just you, but him too.”copyright protection65PENANASQvvTizyvf

Asher released a breath, picking up his tale, “She told me she loved me and I avoided her. The next time I saw her… she was in the clinic getting a transfusion-”copyright protection65PENANATFW01xAvZr

“Those never work well for vamps,” Theo interrupted, “Has to be straight from the source, and it has to be from a stronger body than humans, at least if she was in transition and ‘sick’ for vampires of any species usually means transition.”copyright protection65PENANA8CZIgMfyif

Asher nodded, “- Her brother had been going on about how something was killing her, how it wouldn’t survive itself. Gods, Theo.”copyright protection65PENANAub60GZigyO

He swept a hand over his face and he watched Theo’s eyes widen at the implication. copyright protection65PENANAvrtrsvZ20Z

“She was pregnant?” Theo asked in shock, “But lycan can’t produce children with vampires, of any species that I’m aware of at least.”copyright protection65PENANAu8CtRSg6rz

Asher shook his head, “I wanted to speak with her when I found out- so I waited in her room for her, even though I knew we would both be in trouble if anyone caught me.” copyright protection65PENANAmVKsVqseH1

He paused and met eyes with the vampire with a sigh, “She was so damn happy to see me- like I was her favorite person, which I guess I was. I felt like shit when she got all teary eyes when she spotted me. Because I had just left her alone and avoided her like I had never met her.”copyright protection65PENANA2cswDV1DY1

“We spoke and she confirmed it for me herself and she helped bandage me up- I had left the clinic without getting treatment and she knew it, but she didn’t get on to me about it. She stitched up the slash-” He ran a hand over his chest where it should have been, but wasn’t anymore.copyright protection65PENANACsaeW26c8x

The scar had been jagged and Theo had seen it for himself, but he couldn’t spot it now, even though it should have been poking out onto his shoulder beneath the tank top he wore beneath his jacket. It was gone- like it had never happened and Asher pulled off his shirt, and both of them scanned him for all the scars that should have been there-but weren’t. Even the ones where other lycan had slashed him with their venomous claws. Asher scanned Theo as well, but it was harder to tell- Theo had been talented when it came to avoiding direct hits, and his vampire body was better abled to prevent scarring. copyright protection65PENANAMvtxXpYqDF

“She went to put away the kit she had used in the next room, but her brother started screaming at her- he was angry, but he should have known it went against her beliefs to get rid of ‘it’. She didn’t come back in for a while after he left, I heard her throwing up in the bathroom and when I came in she nearly passed out, so I took her back into her room and stayed with her for a while. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did it anyway.69Please respect copyright.PENANA62unKkV89o
“A couple of hours later Beau came into her room-I stayed in the shadows and he never saw me- and talked to her a bit. He kept going on and on about feeding until she…”69Please respect copyright.PENANAhXGIlRfb0T
He gave a soft laugh, “I really should have noticed it before then, even despite my memory loss- Beau always had bandages on his neck and in the clinic his wound had looked like a bite.”
copyright protection65PENANArGRUcvPe9N

“It was.”copyright protection65PENANAfLgq0ct7pC

“She wasn’t human?” Theo asked him and Asher shook his head. copyright protection65PENANAFb78J5xHvb

“I think it was the medication’s doing- her eyes looked like the red of the serum they gave her when she was hungry.” He mused softly as a knock came at the door. The soft patter of feet was heard before the door came open after the lock released. copyright protection65PENANAmWReQ3JGhS

He didn’t remember a lock, but it had probably always been there. He sat up in the bed and they watched as Genny stepped into the room, her hand holding onto that doll. It had a crack in one of its brown eyes, and its hair was patchy in some places, like she had ripped some of it off. copyright protection65PENANAuxEKYFXrMn

She was sucking on her thumb and the doll was held just above the floor, causing its yellow dress to drift over the stone. She stood and stared at them for a moment, then nodded. She walked over to the edge of the bed and removed her thumb from her mouth and held her arms up in the universal ‘pick me up’ gesture that came from children. Theo lifted her up off the floor and placed her beside Asher on the bed and she grinned a sharp toothy grin at the pair. copyright protection65PENANA3rybAig7ZL

“You smell more like us now,” She told Asher and Theo quirked a brow at her. He knew his own system would have eliminated whatever they had injected him with. The only thing he found surprising was that he had passed out.copyright protection65PENANAilIazzdjgv

Genny nodded again with exuberance, her little head going up and down exaggeratingly. “Normal people never live through it.”copyright protection65PENANAcK2Rv1wsti

“Normal?” Theo fronted and she gave him a look of ‘did I stutter?’. It was off for her young face, but she gave a long sigh and then a nod. copyright protection65PENANAPwJoIjGYrG

“I used to have a nanny before Maggie was born. I tried to change her, but she died.” Genny’s eyes got glassy as she recalled her nanny.copyright protection65PENANAJK1sUB18Vh

“Where was your mother?” Asher asked her and she shook her head to clear up her little mind. copyright protection65PENANAD72GYxIu0b

“She was taking care of Ann. Little sister was really sick then, but she got better for a couple of years. Then she got worse and now she’s like me.” Genny said matter of factly.copyright protection65PENANANQIxfqRWoj

“How old are you, Genny?” Asher asked her and she was silent for a moment in thought. copyright protection65PENANAC83EAYgC7b

“Momma said I stopped aging when I was three. I think I was born in 1979. Momma could never tell because she never left the base. She hasn’t aged either.” Genny told them with caution. copyright protection65PENANAUKiXrhv9Mv

She knew he was her daddy; she remembered seeing him before everyone left. Momma had told her the he was her daddy; she also told Genny that she shouldn’t tell him- that the people they lived with would hurt him like they hurt Momma. copyright protection65PENANAkzm36CtYzR

Genny thought Momma was awfully brave- Lenora didn’t but Genny did. Genny had been with Momma since the beginning and she had seen those mean men attack her. Genny protected Momma though. She killed the mean men and they stopped coming after Momma after that. Uncle Beau would fix Momma up and threaten them, but Genny always got ‘em.copyright protection65PENANAhbZlQAj6dq

She stopped when Momma told her to, though- her Momma was always worried about her. But Genny was tough and she protected Momma whenever she could. Daddy had never helped them, but Momma said that it was better that way- if he didn’t know, it couldn’t hurt him.copyright protection65PENANAh8bA5DRAMD

Genny looked between the two men and smiled at Asher. He gave her a hesitant smile back and she beamed. Genny liked making people happy. It was her job- a self appointed one- but her job nevertheless. copyright protection65PENANA67ctaj5DiE

“Hey, Genny.” Theo said and she turned to look at him with big red eyes. copyright protection65PENANAvzQvUG6eNj

“Where are the people we came in with? Are they okay?” He asked her and she nodded, her little lips pursed. copyright protection65PENANAE4rQFxtw7g

“Momma says we mustn’t be rude. They’re fine. Lucy and Aggie gave ‘em a canteen.” Genny replied, poking at Asher’s arms. copyright protection65PENANA9eomHzGMcY

She let out a giggle when he moved it and Asher smiled at her. copyright protection65PENANArIxidsZjGM

The two men were talking over her, but she paid them no mind, her hands pulling away to sweep her hair out and away from her face. Theo let out a hiss when he spotted a burn on her cheek, drawing Asher’s attention to her.copyright protection65PENANADlR4bwBF2J

Her eyes were big and round and her long brown hair was hanging loosely, though it seemed determined to get in her face. Asher let out a hiss of his own when he focused on the burn; a dark brown nasty scar that dominated her cheek.copyright protection65PENANAVcXjyETfr5

“Who did that to you, Genny?” Asher asked her and the little girl shrugged. copyright protection65PENANAdTOKb2calS

“One of the mean men tossed something in my face when I helped Momma. It burned, but Uncle Beau made it stop hurting. It doesn’t hurt anymore, see?” She poked and prodded at the scar. copyright protection65PENANAXYdO3plF4o

“Mean men?” He followed up and she nodded her head again.copyright protection65PENANAp0Amk91dot

“They used to hurt Momma, but I protected her and they stopped.” She beamed at him, proud. copyright protection65PENANAjBm7my9zJv

Theo picked her up when she began to slip off the bed and settled her on his lap. She swung her legs back and forth against his own, watching the two of them with curious eyes. Asher looked infuriated while Theo was stock still and tense. copyright protection65PENANAsGuGvy5Rea

It was a tense few minutes until they both relaxed again, but Genny didn’t notice, content to be held for a while. She liked being held- only Momma used to hold her when she was younger. Uncle Beau did too now and then, but she barely saw him when she was younger. Daddy had never held her before, but she didn’t blame him. He didn’t know her then, but her Momma had always said that he would when he met her for real.copyright protection65PENANAfDaQ0v02Ip

She hoped he liked her- Lucy and Aggie said that he would because she was the best big sister ever. But part of her doubted them- even though Aggie was the smartest of them.copyright protection65PENANAv20S9nrjXa

Aggie liked to help Uncle Beau take care of Momma and their guests- but their guests always ran away from them. Clara would bring them back and Aggie would fix them up again and they would make Momma better for a while. Then Momma would get sick again and Lucy and Aggie had to find new guests.copyright protection65PENANAOpRj6nRce5

Daddy and his friends weren’t supposed to be like the usual guests Momma told her. That’s why Genny’s sisters stabbed them with the needles. copyright protection65PENANAmuJxkK2lML

Genny didn’t like needles. They made her angry when Uncle Beau used to poke her with needles when she was younger. The mean men kept running tests and tests on her, and they didn’t give her anything to eat- so she had to feed off of her Momma, and Momma just got sicker and sicker and sicker.copyright protection65PENANAKiNLbX8Cg5

Genny didn’t want her Momma to be sick, but Uncle Beau said she’d always been sick and will always be sick. copyright protection65PENANAN5vEoB1gNg

Genny missed how her Momma would hold her when she was younger- now her Momma couldn’t. She rubbed her eyes with her palms as she began to cry.copyright protection65PENANAmaK5H5PKqC

Theo stilled again as the little girl began to cry. He had never really been around children- spending maybe a few hours around his younger siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc…- and as such, he had no real idea what to do with them.copyright protection65PENANAwaUjV6h4Ix

He supposed it had something to do with her physical age- that she would be so child-like in personality. In reality, she would’ve been an adult with a family of her own by now if she had aged to maturity. She must feel trapped inside her own body, he supposed. copyright protection65PENANAavDGa2ici5

He felt Asher lift her out of his arms and he looked up to see, this formidable hunter, cradling the girl against his chest as she cried. copyright protection65PENANAsEfcKXiAII

Asher had spent time around his younger siblings before this whole thing, more time than most of his other older siblings, well, until he had sworn his allegiance to the Allied Family and away from the whole of his race centuries ago. copyright protection65PENANAceT7yPePUW

Asher looked at him as he gently rocked Genny, trying to get her to calm down. It took half an hour before the girl managed to calm down and for her tears to dry in pale pink frozen rivers down her cheeks.copyright protection65PENANAn5s0LD23Pl

She leaned back and rubbed her eyes, watching Asher watch Theo. Asher looked down at her and she gave him a soft smile. copyright protection65PENANA9hZpuKmNk5

“Why so sad?” He asked and she sniffled. copyright protection65PENANAvxkpFSeTI8

“Mo-Momma can’t hold me anymore.”copyright protection65PENANAQ5dj5ZW82M

Asher thought back to the chamber where Allegra had touched a few of the girls through the glass. She’d been attached to wires, probably more than a few. copyright protection65PENANAtb4tBydXly

Genny’s stomach growled and she stilled, her face blushing. copyright protection65PENANA3R6ngLfvFX

He could sympathize.copyright protection65PENANAEv3SP8RLhU

“Why don’t we go to the kitchen?” He suggested and she nodded, scooting off of him so he could stand. He picked her up from the bed and she leaned her head against his collarbone, where the claw marks had once resided.copyright protection65PENANAxL6BeHasFw

It couldn’t have been comfortable, but she stayed in the same position as he carried her down the halls and up a flight of stairs with Theo following him through the narrow corridors. As they got to the doorway to the kitchen, the little girl smiled at the vampire shyly from over Asher’s shoulders. copyright protection65PENANA0Io65FSlax

Theo smiled back at her, stepping into the room behind them. Asher placed her down on the floor and she ran to the refrigerator- a surprisingly operational one. It looked to be original, and it hummed loudly in the space. It was not a large room, but it was comfortable enough for a handful of people. Genny ran to the fridge, opening it and pulling out a sippy cup that was filled by some liquid blurred from view by a blue tint on the cup.copyright protection65PENANAjO3mHSvyDM

She pulled out a canteen of something and ran back over to them, handing Asher the canteen before climbing up and sitting on a tall stool by a bar table. Theo could barely see her chin over the table and he smiled at her. Genny beamed at him, her mouth wrapped around the nipple of it. He turned back to Asher to see that he had opened the canteen. He sniffed the air around it, his eyes taking on a glow as he hesitantly took a sip. He gave a dark chuckle as he pulled away.copyright protection65PENANAtbxzNLgYeV

“I think this would more suit your tastes. All it does is make me hungrier. I need to go for a hunt, or something.” Asher sighed, his own stomach growling with the need for meat. copyright protection65PENANAueETlJyd5J

Any kind. He wasn’t feeling picky.copyright protection65PENANALoyOKfGfNk

Theo shook his head with a smirk before taking a pull of the canteen. Grimacing when the cold taste hit his tongue, his face contorting into disgust. copyright protection65PENANA2hwzQjl6hz

“Ugh, it’s cold.”copyright protection65PENANA2MOGGaqenv

Asher sent him a look of ‘what’d you think, dumbass?’.copyright protection65PENANAX8TvXEKDUy

He sat next to Genny at the table and the little girl was humming something under her breath.copyright protection65PENANAYWPuwGOSN6

“What’s that?” He asked her and she looked up at him. copyright protection65PENANAsPShwzrWNP

She looked away.copyright protection65PENANAsKYmgV11zV

“Momma used to sing it, but I can never remember the words.”copyright protection65PENANAzxSp2o5QhS

She sipped on the cup for a while as she felt Asher sit down beside her. copyright protection65PENANAWJIP0fprcc

“When was the last time you ate something solid?”copyright protection65PENANAgEXe1da2fJ

She looked at him blankly and blinked, “They never gave me anything ‘solid’. So Momma used to feed me. I think it’s better when it’s warm.”copyright protection65PENANAYPhQejekav

Theo looked down at the small brunette, “So she just fed you her own blood? There’s too many of you for you all to have fed off of her.”copyright protection65PENANAd7fWXfbmHn

Genny nodded, and they were interrupted by Clara appeared at the door. copyright protection65PENANAyY2wc3Km6Z

“Clara!” She giggled as her physically older sister twirled her around in a circle. Clara laughed, her voice like metal wind chimes, as she placed her sister back on the stool.copyright protection65PENANA64OnU3H9nR

Clara flitted away to the fridge, withdrawing another canteen and drinking a bit from it. She took her sister’s sippy cup and turned away to refill it. When she was done, she handed it back to Genny and they both smiled while Clara patted Genny on the head.copyright protection65PENANAFBYUxWaIiR

Another young girl stepped into the room. She was tiny like Genny, but maybe a year older physically. Genny’s face lit up when she spotted her younger sister.copyright protection65PENANA6RP8n2c8pi

“Monnie!”copyright protection65PENANA7vmWTgZAqn

The little girl-Mona- stepped further into the room, her mary jane shoes squeaking against the linoleum. Behind her, Cassandra and Jaron entered, Talon coming in shortly after. copyright protection65PENANAs5Zr0wnafG

Cassandra had removed her jacket and her shirt was in tatters over her chest, revealing her black bra and a flash of skin on her stomach. Jaron had claw marks over the leather of his chest-guard, though it appeared he wasn’t strong enough to break through the hardened leather. Talon was stiff and his plain white shirt was stained with his blood as he had done much the same as the other two, clearly having clawed at his chest- more so due to his already sharpened claws that Asher was sure had come out when he was injected.copyright protection65PENANA2mxRuVUG3j

Mona pulled on Cassandra’s hand, leading her over to the fridge and handing her one of the remaining canteens for her, Jaron, and Talon, who quickly seized the container and gulped part of it down. Mona in turn had pulled out another sippy cup for herself, pointing at the table with her cup to get the three to sit down. copyright protection65PENANAYbPl7JC7j2

They sat down across from the vampire and lycan quietly, all of them stiff.copyright protection65PENANAvL8ud81Ajh

Mona sucked on her cup quietly at the opposite edge of the table from her sister and appeared content to watch them. Her ruddy brown hair was tied back out of her face in two braids, while her red almond shaped eyes peered at them with curiosity shining out.copyright protection65PENANAglDOd7K7OO

Cassandra took a hesitant drink from the canteen and handed it over to Jaron. The blood had stained her lips a fresh red, her eyes having turned crimson as well. Jaron’s eyes had done much the same, though they appeared slightly darker, seeming to lighten as he drank. copyright protection65PENANArNZh870Lfk

“Are you two alright?” Asher asked them and Clara looked at him curiously from on top of the countertop. copyright protection65PENANAOK6Wfj5gTo

Did he think they would hurt them? Momma said one should always be polite and courteous till given reason not to, and all of them followed her wishes. It was hard not to, since their mother could slip in and out of their minds without much effort.copyright protection65PENANAxaJaZXiJ46

Momma liked to broadcast her feelings to them too. Clara liked it because Momma always tried to make her happy. Momma used to sing to them when they were younger, she still did when they were going to sleep sometimes. copyright protection65PENANAxwTwN2EOOT

Cassandra and Jaron nodded. Talon finally relaxed and winked at Mona and she gave a small smile. copyright protection65PENANA8CEfyTyEas

“Mona here, thought we needed to get out for a bit. So naturally, we went looking for food. But I take it, we won’t be finding it by the sound of Asher’s stomach.”copyright protection65PENANA3HCNSBKakO

Asher narrowed his eyes on the shapeshifter before chuckling.copyright protection65PENANAhSlbp8e3X2

Theo nodded and Cassandra noticed how Genny kept glancing at Asher. copyright protection65PENANAX6ECldwTRG

“Do you know them?” She asked him and Asher nodded.copyright protection65PENANAlUoYHgAsrV

“I know their mother. I lived here for a while.”copyright protection65PENANAgJNCUcL8gI

Cassandra nodded and Aggie stepped into the kitchen wearing a white shirt and overalls. Her own pair of tiny mary-jane shoes clicked on the floor as she approached them with a level of grace that no child should have.copyright protection65PENANAadOPQ92m3U

All of them seemed to have that quality- light of feet and grace that extended to all things.copyright protection65PENANA2oPqnxHXZ9

Aggie stopped beside the table and looked up at Theo and Cassandra, her gaze travelling to the rest of them. copyright protection65PENANASgSFSNSDV8

“Uncle said he will answer all of your questions now.” She stated, already departing the kitchen.copyright protection65PENANAl6maWckYzn

Genny and Mona hopped off the stools and Genny grabbed hold of Asher’s hand, stretching up to hold on. He gave a slight laugh and picked her up, surprising Jaron and Talon. They had never heard him give a genuine laugh, but the little girl accepted it with a bright smile around her sippy cup’s lid. Clara escorted them down the halls and up to the main floor. Eventually they came onto the main hall and tracked to the main chamber. A few of the unnamed girls were present, but they left soon thereafter to do… whatever they did to entertain themselves. copyright protection65PENANATBMI29fK7e

Their uncle was sitting at his desk in what appeared to be an incredibly uncomfortable chair. He was surprisingly relaxed in the chair, leaning back till only the back legs touched the floor and supported his weight. He was reading a newspaper when they approached him. It was a week behind the current date if they had to guess- with the grainy picture of what the press had deemed was the giant wolf that had attacked Berlin. He looked up at them from behind the desk. copyright protection65PENANAT0uMGmAy0v

Five chairs surrounded the desk in a circle and Beau rested his seat back on the ground and  rolled back in his chair, folding the newspaper back up and sitting it in his lap. He waved an arm over the chairs and they sat, Mona, Genny, and Clara choosing the floor. copyright protection65PENANAHlC4wyhQxQ

After several moments of silence he rolled his eyes, “What do you want to know?”copyright protection65PENANAeqs08uaofi

“What did you inject us with?” Cassandra breached the silence. copyright protection65PENANAD9i8VYvvwv

“A formula of sorts. A highly potent mixture of the ‘medicine’ they gave my sister, and blood from several sources. Two of them in this room.”copyright protection65PENANA1eREindzeK

“Who?”copyright protection65PENANApsbStkmEJB

Beau pulled off his glasses and twirled them in his fingers for a moment before putting them back on. His eyes were the most alarming out of all of them. A bright, fierce red, and a hunger that seemed to permeate from them. copyright protection65PENANAWmLeuGdZcJ

“My sister and-” he pointed at Asher, “-you.”copyright protection65PENANAueYmTgJ7QY

Asher leaned back in the chair he sat in as the others turned to look at him. He looked back at Beau, “Why?”copyright protection65PENANASgq38Uouy7

“Does the why really matter at this point?” Beau dodged, but Theo turned to him with a raised brow. copyright protection65PENANA6utRJYyWXL

“Yes.”copyright protection65PENANAGs0EOUVy1L

Beau sighed, “I do not question my sister’s wishes, you would have to ask her. But the odds of that coming out before she wishes is very low.”copyright protection65PENANAwT1XWaRlEp

“That’s not like you.” Asher said and Beau raised a brow at him. copyright protection65PENANAsLUVDEUcAR

“Maybe not. Perhaps I’ve learned to be better than that.”copyright protection65PENANAYhkZW8TSHU

Beau sighed, “Next question.”copyright protection65PENANADdOFaLP16u

There was silence again, but it was comfortable surprisingly. copyright protection65PENANArygluU0o7B

“What does your sister know about what we’re trying to do?” Theo asked, recalling the twins’ words. copyright protection65PENANAg5SA4PJYHq

I know a great deal of things. I knew you were planning to leave this world.copyright protection65PENANATlDH1OsRQy

Allegra’s voice pooled into the air- stemming from the tube in the center of the room where she was contained. It was calm, free from any judgement. copyright protection65PENANAlh7CDBwD0D

Asher’s Beast was pleased at the sound of it.copyright protection65PENANAegJ7ROWAME

Viscera is not done with you yet, Lukos. copyright protection65PENANA0F0En1tPSj

“Was that a threat?” Talon spoke up, his eyes narrowed on the tube he had turned to face. copyright protection65PENANAoeBvQe7nR8

Of course not. Just merely a warning. Viscera has been trying to reclaim this base for the past year. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.copyright protection65PENANA16pLdgzaQl

Asher narrowed his gaze at the floor before turning to Beau.copyright protection65PENANAOR1PwoQZeJ

Allegra had gone silent and Theo kept his eyes trained on the lycan. copyright protection65PENANAjDXU8O8gc0

“Funny how this shit keeps coming back-”copyright protection65PENANApd7OZk4yvV

“Like whack-a-mole except with self-righteous war-seeking pricks-” Talon interceded, drawing a glare from the lycan.copyright protection65PENANAUkNW9jlZjz

He held up a hand, “My bad, won’t interrupt again, scout’s honor.”copyright protection65PENANAJCcGxlvFCH

Asher relaxed, releasing the shapeshifter from his glare and running a hand through his hair.copyright protection65PENANAG1VNPU8TtD

Why? Why? Why did it always have to lead back to him? Could he not have a time of peace? He needed it, he deserved it, dammit! copyright protection65PENANAPnYCj7WE7g

Prey, prey, prey… Nearby, smell it, man? We want it! We want it! We want it! Taste it on our tongue. Release me. Need to hunt. Need to hunt. Need to hunt. Prey, prey, prey…copyright protection65PENANAeQTrxqM26o

Asher was struck still by the surprising coherency on the Beast while his tongue watered at the scent that he could almost taste it was so close. copyright protection65PENANAKMqGzfAI94

He glanced at Theo. copyright protection65PENANAmYrkBLryqz

The vampire nodded, tapping three fingers against his knee five times. copyright protection65PENANAOEqI5X8S0e

Someone is here.copyright protection65PENANAhK0HrAW2j6

Allegra’s announcement to everyone drew their attention to her momentarily.copyright protection65PENANA6F5xZGjrfJ

More than just humans. Something-someone else. Its thoughts are erratic at best, and I have never sensed their presence before. Beau, bring the girls in!copyright protection65PENANA04nqMtoUlo

Desperation sounded in her tone, and Beau rushed off to fulfill her command. Within seconds, the rest of the girls had arrived, each of them scurrying to stand within the shadows cast by their mother’s tube. copyright protection65PENANA9C9ajALgD4

Someone was missing, no- two were missing. copyright protection65PENANAmJJrhJ8Abn

A scream shattered the air and Aggie ran into the room, her shoes making her slide feet first to safety. Lenora came last, a clawed hand wrapped around her neck, shoving her into the chamber. copyright protection65PENANAjcrHDda18v

Gods, he knew that woman, she had nearly killed him.copyright protection65PENANAqh7AsrbdHO

“Annka?”copyright protection65PENANAi3x2vPLDpX

She sneered at them in reply, her perfect vampiric features contorted in disgust. copyright protection65PENANA0J9sqMFAOO

They had all stood from their seats at her entrance, Cassandra and Jaron making their way to each stand guard in front of the back of the room- trying to prevent the girls from getting hurt. copyright protection65PENANA6f6ePyF0Mm

He could feel Allegra’s gratefulness in the air, but shook it off as he kept his eyes locked on the angry vampiress that he had made the mistake of pissing off, what? Over two-three thousand years ago?copyright protection65PENANAP4qn6VcSzB

Gods, he was old.copyright protection65PENANAPzkZ2KMHlA

“Found you, fucker.” Annka growled and he placed himself between her and the rest of the group, Theo and Talon standing a few feet behind him to help fend her off if need be.copyright protection65PENANAwrPDGFclGY

Are you with the humans?copyright protection65PENANAIv39Sa542E

Allegra’s voice appeared to shock the vampiress out of her anger for a moment, before her features set back in her rage.copyright protection65PENANAGSe0RgLEY7

“As if I would side with such weak allies,” Annka seethed, her irritation growing till she threw the struggling Lenora into Talon, sending the two of them spiraling to the right. copyright protection65PENANAeuz47fJjAq

Asher kept his eyes trained on the immediate threat, “Theo, take down the humans, I’ll worry about your sister.”copyright protection65PENANAijVlsNvxSy

Theo snorted, “Just be sure not to scratch up her pretty face, pretty sure it's the only way she manages to make money.”copyright protection65PENANAbyqpziFkWD

Annka slashed her brother with her claws as he flitted by, his hellfire blood spattering the metal sheeting of the walls and filling the air with the scent of melting metal.copyright protection65PENANAsb71gfg0zR

She turned back to him, “What? Am I not such a threat that you would deign to shift to fight me off?”copyright protection65PENANAqRaldC9I92

He let out a growl but she smiled in reply, enjoying it clearly. copyright protection65PENANAhkAHKa0pvX

Her gaze flashed behind him and her head cocked to the side at the sight of the girls- a dozen of them by his count- hiding in the shadows. copyright protection65PENANA3X9bYpqfq0

She narrowed her fiery eyes on him and he forced his Beast to stand down- it wouldn’t do anything to fight in such an enclosed space. He couldn’t risk bringing the walls down around them either. copyright protection65PENANA6QSgc5TmO2

Annka knew it, too. copyright protection65PENANAo5nZM89NxF

She approached him slowly, like a panther hunting down her prey. She reminded him more of a snake in actuality and he let out another warning growl before she roundhouse kicked him across the room and into the tube where Allegra was kept. The glass cracked under his force and as he righted himself he felt the vampiress’ claws wrap around his throat and press him further into the hard surface, which began to quiver against his weight. copyright protection65PENANALBCUMBkdQK

Damn her, he couldn’t do much against her unless he shifted, and she knew it. copyright protection65PENANAdWB5dOa6aZ

Allegra reached out swiftly through the glass, skinning Annka’s wrist with her own razor sharp nails. It startled the smirking female, forcing her to drop her smirk and step back, releasing Asher momentarily. Allegra’s hand returned behind the glass, but as he stepped away from the tube, it screamed in protest before shattering. copyright protection65PENANA9z4xzRFJEd

The milky fluid within flowed out and Asher quickly grabbed hold of Allegra before she landed on the glass shards.copyright protection65PENANAoqO1kACFOs

“What is this?” Annka breathed, backing away just as Theo made a reappearance with human blood dripping down his chin and chest to run down to the floor in a trail of drops leading to his location in the doorway. copyright protection65PENANAq1p27DQiK1

Asher looked up and found Beau fast enough, growling out a guttural command, “Do something!”copyright protection65PENANAhTAlrac6UR

Beau turned to two of the girls, “Clara, grab the blankets from the clinic. Lenora, prepare a cot!”copyright protection65PENANAjih8kCJWix

Allegra was slack in his arms and she appeared to grow colder and colder by the second. She was covered in scratches from the stray glass, her head laying against his chest as if she was asleep. copyright protection65PENANApIyPKGsAYd

Protect! Protect! Protect! copyright protection65PENANACg7cBynOFh

His Beast rattled at his chains, demanding release to kill anyone who dared stand against him and his desire for her safety. copyright protection65PENANAFYAX7UAQQS

It seemed to last forever, but Clara quickly returned to the room with blankets and helped to wrap her mother up while they moved her over to the cot Lenora had prepared by the desk. Annka seemed shocked still, but Asher was still very much on edge as he placed her down. copyright protection65PENANAnfBW5lDxWB

Her strawberry blonde hair had darkened to a red-brown, but it appeared soft and healthy, despite the grime of the fluid she had been immersed in for heaven knows how long. She was naked beneath the blanket and she had filled out since he had seen her in his returned memory. Probably a result of the pregnancy. Her breast were surprisingly firm and larger than previously, but it was no surprise as she appeared to be much healthier, therefore having gained more weight to sustain herself. copyright protection65PENANAKySSLtq9i5

Asher kneeled down beside the cot and wrapped a hand around her face. copyright protection65PENANAqY40VbVw2L

“Allegra?”copyright protection65PENANAoq1Zm6lZEh

“Momma?” Genny stared out from behind Theo’s leg at the body of her mother.copyright protection65PENANABpQthCXILg

It had been a long time since she had seen her Momma’s body. No wires were connected to her now, having slid off when her Daddy had taken her away from the tube. It worried Genny how her Momma wasn’t awake. Momma was always present, even when she wasn’t. So why wasn’t she responding now?copyright protection65PENANANbeSca37G6

Beau had busied himself with taking her vital signs, even retrieving a black piece of glass to see if she was breathing, looking for the tell tale cloud over the glass. He let out a breath of relief when he realized she was breathing evenly. Her heartbeat was even as well, Asher could feel it when he laid two fingers against her throat. copyright protection65PENANAT4wV4S1pSG

Lenora appeared again with a bowl of water and a washcloth and a sponge. She dipped the sponge in the water and began to clean Allegra of the stray goop that clung to skin, and the layer of film that was seated beneath. She cleaned off her mother’s arms and legs, wringing the sponge every once in awhile, the excess water and grime flowing onto the floor and down into one of the drains. copyright protection65PENANAHu6yYoaW6V

Thank the gods for that, or else they’d all be wading in it by now. copyright protection65PENANAcT7rLkBPri

Beau stepped back, swaying side to side with excess energy. He crossed his arms and ran a shaky hand over his face, letting out something like a hysterical laugh. He turned to Annka, then turned away. copyright protection65PENANAVknrgrkhRd

“Idiot.” He remarked running a hand over his face once more. copyright protection65PENANAYyH47GshCz

She sneered at him in reply, not in the mood to defend herself at the moment, apparently.copyright protection65PENANAdPtkgeES46

“Why aren’t you doing anything?” Talon asked and the frazzled man dropped his arms and glared. copyright protection65PENANAb0rysH0MZR

“Because I can’t.” Beau let out a breath, “It’s going to be hell- she had her consciousness swimming around in each of our heads and now it’s been whipped back and contained to a body once more. You can’t just do that- not with her.”copyright protection65PENANA0YqI2xovP1

Asher looked up and dropped his hand from Allegra. “What do you mean?”copyright protection65PENANA52Qym7N10R

Beau quirked a brow, though it seemed more to be the excess energy than anything else as he continued to sway his weight from foot to foot. copyright protection65PENANA8bRzJkgK6g

“A short summary of what went wrong here? It was nineteen ninety, she was in labor again, but something was going wrong- it had been going wrong for almost the whole pregnancy. The drug they were using became too concentrated in her system-it had changed the girls too, but they themselves had to be treated for the same disease after a couple years after their birth. This time it changed her- and the child. She had already been changing slowly, but it pushed her over the edge, and it happened while she was pregnant, so it happened to the babe too.”copyright protection65PENANAB7e2PhAeMp

He took a deep breath. copyright protection65PENANAgSr6qOedQe

“When she went into labor she had to be tied down and strapped in tight- but she kept breaking free of the restraints- so they kept tieing her down. The labor progressed and she gave birth to the child- but it was older than it should have been, it resembled a six month old as soon it was born. I was the one to hold the child- it was a boy and as soon as I got my hand within range, it chomped down… something must have been coating his teeth, some sort of venom, because I had to pass him over to Ally (who had broken free of her restraints again) and I passed out. When I came to, everyone in the base was dead but the girls and the babe was gone.”copyright protection65PENANA4YqWx9gOTn

Beau sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Ally was the one to greet me when I woke up- she had killed everyone that couldn’t run fast enough to get to the vehicles. She was covered in blood and I remember praying that I was just hallucinating because it smelled good- really really good. She found me one of the spare bags we kept on hand and I… well let’s say it would’ve been me covered in blood if people were still there.copyright protection65PENANA4vviykz8zm

“I asked her where the baby was but she didn’t answer me. The girls kept mumbling something about him, what was it Clara?”copyright protection65PENANAxPeZWENbSD

Clara looked up from her lap at her uncle, “We can’t see baby brother. Where is baby brother?”copyright protection65PENANApWCQT9ZaYT

Asher looked at her, but she went back to fiddling with her fingers, her gaze back in her lap in contemplation.69Please respect copyright.PENANAl3Ks87fR2b
“What do you mean you couldn’t see him?” Asher asked her and Aggie answered.
copyright protection65PENANAy2p3lXoU6X

“We could always see him before, maybe not physically, but we always knew where he was and what he was feeling, he… talked to us sometimes. Talked to Momma much more though.”copyright protection65PENANAhDNvCJaqU2

Asher noticed Allegra’s heart rate pick up and turned his gaze back on her. copyright protection65PENANA4kZGaTQa3O

Theo followed his gaze and he felt the vampire’s gaze stare into his back. Theo turned back to Beau.copyright protection65PENANA4BQtFbr36x

“What made you put her away, in that tube?”copyright protection65PENANA1nbOTOx4es

Beau walked around and grabbed a chair, positioning it on the opposite side of the cot from where Asher was bent down. He leaned back and ran a hand along his nose again, taking another deep breath. copyright protection65PENANA7iM7ZW0P74

“Ally was unpredictable in her new form, closer to a predator than to you or I. She had a tendency to shut off all her emotions without seeming cause, and she would leave destruction in her wake. I… was not much better. It was addicting, thrilling even to hunt with her. We would leave the children with a human woman from the town nearest, and it was her that put an end to it. She managed to convince me to stay away from the town, to lock myself away. But Ally couldn’t. She was the one who kept the girls fed and sated hunger-wise. Prior to all of this she had been doing it with her own blood, but towards the birth she stopped. She found that she could keep them full by sating her own hunger, a hunger which grew and grew till it became near unmanageable.copyright protection65PENANADbGuFlG6pM

“On the up side, she had never been healthier. On a good day, when she had just fed, she damn near glowed like the moon. But even she realized that we couldn’t go on like that, the humans in the towns around would notice- hell, they were already noticing, but she had a tendency to mutilate the bodies when she drank from humans and they couldn’t figure out what could be causing such a thing. copyright protection65PENANAEqaQe4EM9S

“So we made the tubes from the supplies that Viscera had left behind, and she managed to steal the rest of what we needed. I put her away and for almost a month none of us heard from her, but the girls were fine, a little thirsty themselves, but not an unmanageable kind. It had been just the girls and I then; I had killed the nanny in a moment of weakness.”copyright protection65PENANAegb0naXo04

Beau uncrossed his arms and he began to twitch his leg up and down, up and down. copyright protection65PENANAsDg87VuN2T

“When did she first speak to you after that?”copyright protection65PENANAAHjKxxPbkY

He looked at Asher, “Almost a month to the day I put her away. We knew she excelled with abilities over the mind, but in the tube they began to grow more powerful. At last check, she could hear and manipulate any mind within a sixty mile radius. Not that many here, but the local populations have been growing as of late.”copyright protection65PENANA4yegzCrw0r

“Manipulate?”copyright protection65PENANABs5SBcN50Q

“Yes, we found that she could slip thoughts so effortlessly into someone’s mind, that they thought it was their own. She didn’t like that at first, but it allowed her to monitor the locals at any rate. She used to talk and sing to the girls in their minds, it made them happy. About a decade ago, she began to be able to project her astral body outwards and manifest it enough that she could be felt when she touched someone. Within the year, she could project it miles away to help lure people away from the road. “ Beau breathed, looking up toward the ceiling. copyright protection65PENANAYAxil4Pbga

Jaron spoke up, “So you’re telling me she lured us here intentionally?”copyright protection65PENANA9lIoBh03O1

Beau shook his head, “I have no hand in orchestrating her will, and she has not told me her thoughts on any matter of sustenance in the last two years. “copyright protection65PENANAuquzi5M6aN

Annka had moved to lean against the far wall, she had even rescinded her claws. Her face was blank, but they could clearly spot her interest in the discussion.copyright protection65PENANAW9ourKzhVQ

Allegra drew in a harsh breath then, her eyes blinking sharply. They were a bright red, like some of them. Her eyes appeared hazy and when they focused, a shock wave was sent throughout the room. Everyone except the girls were thrown back- they must have been immune to her. In a flash, she was gone and the doors were slammed open and shut within a mere second. Asher rose and he ran after her, leaving the rest of them together in the chamber.copyright protection65PENANAr4batNruRf

“Allegra?!” He called after her, his eyes barely catching a glance of her ruddy hair as she bolted up the stairs. He knew where she was going though and slowed his pace to give her some space.copyright protection65PENANAvlG0VY5I5g

“She’s going to her room.” He remarked and ascended up one more flight till he reached her floor and down the hall to the apartment where her family had lived. The door was open and he stepped through. copyright protection65PENANAv2qTwRD69z

The furniture was covered in dust cloths in the living room, but the kitchen appeared to be recently used, probably by Beau. The room was clear and clean, and Asher followed the sound of rustling to Allegra’s shut door. He cautiously opened it and stepped within. copyright protection65PENANAWBE8L7WcBN

Allegra’s form was covered by the closet doors as she appeared to scan for suitable clothing. More rustling was heard, and then the sound of hangers being moved and one pulled off. copyright protection65PENANAs798747dNc

“Allegra?” He probed and he heard her suck in a breath before the rustling was heard again and the doors were closed to reveal her in a short floral dress that hung off of her shoulders by thin straps. She was barefooted, but had clearly only thrown on the dress for his arrival. copyright protection65PENANAuifUcMMQSV

She probably wanted to take a shower. The grime still clung in places to her skin.copyright protection65PENANApPw3XhbTuN

She gave him a soft smile, “Yes?”copyright protection65PENANAGWVP52UdgH

He stepped forward, and he watched her gaze travel over him, analyzing him briefly. He was looking at her too, and a wave of apprehension flowed through him- but he was more inclined to believe it was her own by the look in her eyes. She didn’t move as he stopped less than a foot away from her. Her head was tilted up slightly to look him in the eyes.copyright protection65PENANAqK0FFdrr3k

Say something. Can’t keep her waiting for long.copyright protection65PENANAnt9Tw6bI0F

“Are you alright?” He asked her and she gave a soft laugh.copyright protection65PENANAvHCqxItrWJ

“Yes, I am. I just need to shower.” copyright protection65PENANA9mua29ntAr

Her reply was nice and even, and he believed her, confident that he would have been able to sense if she was lying. copyright protection65PENANAOXUXRr3394

Most supes could detect deception by scent alone.copyright protection65PENANAJELm4i4xK1

His mind reverted back to when they had showered together at her words. He willed himself to stay still, not that eager to get an erection.copyright protection65PENANAhTnL4qVrUw

No, bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. She doesn’t know you, not really. copyright protection65PENANASIuNFleIpn

He heard her their quiet breathing mingle in the air around them, neither of them truly eager to speak. copyright protection65PENANAM81yu6QzEA

Out. Out. Out. Release me, male! Out. Out. Out.copyright protection65PENANAAVuYHyoC0i

His Beast rattled at its cage and he could feel his desire to be free run rampant through his mind. He didn’t think the Beast would hurt her- but he didn’t want to risk it at the moment.copyright protection65PENANA8T0DGFYUon

Out. Out. Out. Release me! Out. Out. Out. She’s mine! Release me! Out. Out. Out.copyright protection65PENANAibwjJ0qAA4

Allegra let out a soft sigh and stepped around him to head towards the bathroom when she heard no other questions. She stepped into the bathroom and shut the door and his sensitive ears could hear a rustling as her dress hit the floor. The water shut on and a couple minutes later, steam began to slip out beneath the door.copyright protection65PENANAaa0E9Hcxkd

He waited for her to come out, sitting down in one of the two chairs that sat on the other side of the bed, glancing around the room. copyright protection65PENANAQt6Q6Mw5HV

It was much the same, except the sheets and bedding were clearly different than before, but still matched the room’s blue color. The only major difference from his memory was the empty crib that sat vacant in between his chair and the second, clearly used years ago when the girls had been younger, and Allegra had not been in the tube.copyright protection65PENANAtZ6ZiQZJqz

Her scent still lingered in the air, clearly undisturbed for a long time- almost like she had been here just the night before. copyright protection65PENANANBKOfTvsrQ

Out. Out. Out. Release me! Out. Out. Out. Mate. Mate. Mate. Out. Out. Out…copyright protection65PENANAFhkL8qyFvf

His Beast continued to ramble, barely coherent at times. copyright protection65PENANAAYeHYxyYhY

Her scent poured into the room through the open door as steam rolled in from the underneath the bathroom door. copyright protection65PENANAy4ziTPcphE

She made him and his Beast excited and protective, even though he knew that she could probably handle herself now. But still, all he could think of was how she had relied on him before. She had loved him, regardless of what he had done- even though she overheard the nightmarish tales coming from other grunts. He knew then that he had cared about her then- but now it made so much more sense- now that he could detect her as his mate now that he was recovering his memories. Especially now when he could feel his Beast also becoming more and more aware of her as his. copyright protection65PENANAfXWzJ40iKv

She had been near radiant when she had spotted him then, like he had lit the world. Gods, he craved the feelings that she had given him with those looks.copyright protection65PENANAxkuM2tkArB

It was a good feeling- and he craved it once more, hungry for it like he hadn’t fed in years. copyright protection65PENANAyZG8izXvYf

A few minutes passed and Allegra appeared in the doorway once again, wearing only a towel. She walked back over to the closet and opened the doors, dropping her towel,copyright protection65PENANA9dc5NWaNeU

Mate. Mate. Mate. Claim. Claim. Claim.copyright protection65PENANAjMeOyhhSRJ

And tossing on a black dress that had been built similarly to the floral one. It made her skin appear brighter, almost like she was glowing. copyright protection65PENANAupIay1JvwI

She bent over and used the towel to dry her hair a bit, leaving it damp after she had wrung most the water out, leaving her hair long, curly, and shiny. Allegra looked up at them when she was finished, clearly waiting for one of them to speak. copyright protection65PENANALFWYKJUUx9

“Why did you run?”copyright protection65PENANAPQV4FtlXmc

She was silent for a moment, her gaze penetrating him before she blinked and the feeling of her stare abated. “I was overwhelmed, I needed to get out for a bit.”copyright protection65PENANAGRCp1aqLGW

“And now?”copyright protection65PENANAtsBpqm9khG

Allegra sighed, “Now… I suppose I’m fine.”copyright protection65PENANAt6xpbcTw9f

Her eyes grew glazed for a moment. Within a moment, they were clear again and she sighed, stepping back to the closet and sliding her feet into a pair of flats. She brushed past him, and he blinked, not having noticed when he had moved closer to her. He followed her out into the main room where Genny and Mona were sitting on top of the dust clothed couch. As soon as they spotted her, the two popped off the couch and ran to her. copyright protection65PENANAIQ6lf8wFTd

Allegra kneeled down and embraced her two daughters, who clung to her fiercely.copyright protection65PENANACnFdM5AVqS

“Momma?” Genny wondered, “Why did you run?”copyright protection65PENANACUY9j9lcGv

“I wanted to get cleaned up first. I can’t be getting my girls dirty when I tickle them, can I?” She teased, tickling the two girls on their stomachs.copyright protection65PENANAsplzKBHhhB

Genny beamed and embraced her mother again, while Mona got caught in a fit of giggles at the touch. She fell back onto her bottom and cheeks flushed, she brushed her red-brown hair out of her eyes to smile. She was a quiet child, but she appeared jubilant at being able to touch her mother once more.copyright protection65PENANAuTY97LfHGF

Allegra smiled at the girls and Asher watched them interact, wanting to be a part of it somehow, but not knowing how. He felt a wave of comfort sweep through his mind, and it felt like her, like she was trying to comfort him.copyright protection65PENANAzizysTIO5o

Mona looked up from her mother at him, her scarlet eyes analyzing him, then flashing to look back at her mother. Allegra stilled and stood up to follow her daughter’s gaze as it travelled back and forth between them. Her eyes were warm, just as bright as when he had talked to her after he found out she was pregnant. copyright protection65PENANAjyNF7yhPPy

Baby, that had to have been Genny.copyright protection65PENANAqkrpuyaJgR

She’s the eldest, that’s what Lucy said.copyright protection65PENANApPaZoCS6qY

She said that she was born in 1979, and as far as he could remember, it had to have been around that time that he had conceived a child with Allegra. Allegra, who had no one except for him and Beau, who had loved him without even knowing him.copyright protection65PENANAuKwiqERHtH

You didn’t even know yourself then, either.copyright protection65PENANAgU1Hkvgufw

The small reminder played with his thoughts for a few moments. copyright protection65PENANAmEmwEK9wRA

It was right. He hadn’t known himself either, and he had no clue how he had even managed to gain her love. Her adopted brother had loved her, he remembered. Beau had followed her around faithfully when they were younger, despite the fact that he was two years older than her. He hadn’t realized it then, but Allegra had something eerily captivating about her. copyright protection65PENANAuml1FMFwu9

She hadn’t been ugly before,  but not overly attractive. Pretty, he supposed. But as she had gotten older and sicker, the captivating quality had only grown. At first he had thought her stupid to give a damn about him, but she never waned in her adoration of him, despite knowing that he was a glorified killer. copyright protection65PENANAdK3fsnKJS0

He blinked and came back to reality. Allegra’s warm gaze had turned toward concern, and he could feel her eyes trained on him. The two girls had run off to the kitchen, but entered the room again soon with two sippy cups in hand. copyright protection65PENANAgeFCLjnVPf

Lukos?copyright protection65PENANAwkBSlgE1M8

That hadn’t been his real name, but just hearing her speak it in his mind brightened his mood.copyright protection65PENANAa0TeflC04u

“My real name is Asher, Allegra.” He stated slowly.copyright protection65PENANA0lJFXvZlrO

“Would you prefer I call you Asher, then?” copyright protection65PENANAAY9bQvsuwe

He went silent, “I like hearing you say either of them.”copyright protection65PENANADHewVuSyuX

She nodded, smiling softly, her eyes bearing some unidentifiable emotion in them. She turned away and stared at the floor for a moment before blinking and walking to the kitchen. He followed her and waited behind the bar as she searched the fridge then the freezer, before finding a blood bag. She pulled out a mug from the cabinet and ripped open the bag with a slash from a single nail, the cold red liquid flowing slowly into the cup. After a moment, she placed the mug in the microwave and heated it up for a couple of seconds before pulling it out and sipping it with her back turned to him. copyright protection65PENANA2uiMafi9BK

He remembered how worried she’d been about his reaction towards her thirst. Was she still feeling this way? copyright protection65PENANAYcI7nyCQ39

He stared at her back, enthralled by the sight, his Beast and himself both. copyright protection65PENANA4GQjcMN5ki

Allegra didn’t appear to notice, downing the rest of it quickly. He heard the door to apartment behind them open and shut, the girls pattering away into the halls. copyright protection65PENANA2nMkaXAt6b

He stood and approached her, startling her when she turned around. copyright protection65PENANAd4nVcLuPBx

Her gasp spurred him on to close the space between them and he felt his heartbeat pick up at the sound of her own.copyright protection65PENANAYGdP0qBOvW

Her scent became sweeter and almost… darker with a bit of a cutting edge, warming the air around them. He angled his head down over her shoulder and inhaled the scent and it set off his Beast almost painfully within him.copyright protection65PENANA6xkTSvQsYX

Out! Out! Out! Need! Need her! Now!copyright protection65PENANAEb227eOB3q

Asher grabbed her legs and pulled her up to sit on the counter, running his hands over her legs and up her dress to her waist where he let them sit while he bent his face down to lock his lips over hers. copyright protection65PENANA826mR7MtVi

The taste of blood was thick and heady in her mouth but he could taste the familiar notes of pomegranates and dark chocolate. Allegra’s hands crawled up his chest and around his neck to wrap themselves in his hair as she kissed him back.copyright protection65PENANAq2QKVIfMbe

It was slow at first, tentative and almost shy for both of them as they reaquainted themselves. Allegra pulled him closer and arched her back, her breasts crashing against him, her fingers playing slowly down his neck and arms to grab hold of his hands and slide them up to her chest. copyright protection65PENANAJPqLSx0G83

Her nails pricked at his wrists, drawing blood and quickening their movements as she pulled away to kiss down his jaw and down his neck to nip over his jugular playfully. copyright protection65PENANA6h5dDXkpqg

He rubbed circles over her nipples through her dress before pulling one of hands away to run over her thigh and up her skirt, drawing a gasp from her. At the opening he delved deeper into her mouth, her sharp teeth drawing blood which only seemed to excite her more. copyright protection65PENANAHQixBegR0r

He pushed his hand up further, attracted by her warmth and running a finger over her though her underwear and she released a moan, her hands running up his chest to envelop his neck, her nails cutting thin lines into his flesh. She pulled away and pulled him closer, her mouth dipping to lick the blood off of his wounds which had begun to heal almost immediately- closing up into pink lines that Allegra cleaned with her tongue.copyright protection65PENANA5Jhvv93vQb

He pulled aside her underwear and pushed a finger past her lower lips and into her wet heat, pumping in and out slowly. She bucked against his hand and kissed a trail down his neck and over his chest, her hands travelling down his torso to his belt and nimbly unbuckled it. He pulled back for a moment.copyright protection65PENANAzXsEa5Cvv2

“Table, bed, or?”copyright protection65PENANAMdS4Ltj1lj

Allegra’s eyes were glazed over with lust, a dark burgundy that drew a growl from him unwillingly. copyright protection65PENANAsq3KWyTZ3K

She blinked blankly for a moment and appeared to try and make sense of what he said. copyright protection65PENANAaDHDiSJUof

“Bed.” She replied with a moan as he pushed another finger into her. copyright protection65PENANAWasPfdjyfE

He withdrew for a minute, grabbing hold of the back of her legs and braced her against his waist, gratefully using his speed as a supe to disappear from the kitchen and into the bedroom, kicking the door closed haphazardly with a resounding slam.copyright protection65PENANARI5Vs1tm0x

Well, he hadn’t meant to kick it that hard.copyright protection65PENANA6baNPsFym3

He dropped her onto the foot of the bed, her form falling to lay in the center. She crawled backwards up the bed and he pushed himself up to sit on his knees between her legs, which were bent at the knee and open to him. copyright protection65PENANAOjeg9tus2K

She purred softly as he knelt over her, bracing himself with one of his arms over her shoulder, rising up to nip at his throat, the vibrations of sound coming from her heightening the feeling. copyright protection65PENANA6UsbPVdihd

Asher sat back onto his knees after a moment, running both of his hands up her dress to push it up to her waist, revealing her black panties to his eyes and he gently pulled them to the side as he used his other hand to tease at her bundle of nerves and push two fingers into her wet heat. copyright protection65PENANAQnp1betQNQ

She ground her hips into his hand, her back arching while she bit out a moan, her lower lip caught between her teeth teasing him unknowingly. copyright protection65PENANAUBa9SjCnLF

“Scoot back farther,” Asher growled out and it took a moment for her to react, but she did as he ordered and pushed back to lay her head against the pillows, her dark strawberry hair fanning out around her head, her hands clutching her breasts for something to hold onto. copyright protection65PENANA7SzA4owiHN

He nipped at her hips and she bucked again as he withdrew his hand, copyright protection65PENANAvybVzm92dX

He trailed his lips down while his hands pulled panties down and away, her legs willingly helping him do such. copyright protection65PENANAT7z4grnTP9

He bent down and licked a line down her stomach to her clitoris, circling it repeatedly as she moaned softly. His hands gripped her hips tightly and he briefly moved off the bed to simply brace a knee on the bed frame as he moved to tease and nip at her lower lips and she let out a gasp, her hands moving downward to wrap in his hair. copyright protection65PENANAyX28y6x4oe

He explored her for a time, enjoying her taste against his tongue until she moaned out a command. copyright protection65PENANARUM2QlpZoC

“Kiss me!”copyright protection65PENANAXiJwm0YJUN

She pulled him up and they locked lips slowly, soft and relaxed- but it quickly began to desperate when she wrapped her legs around his hips. copyright protection65PENANATsKVBj28nq

Her hands fell back down to his hips and unbuttoned his pants, using her legs to pull them down, Asher kicking them off where they fell to the floor.copyright protection65PENANAmel9hbvGbT

She ground her hips against him and he felt his erection become near painfully hard. copyright protection65PENANAi8c2Fy3DiX

Claim her! Take her! Claim her! Take her! Claim her! Take her! Claim her!copyright protection65PENANArbqc61v89S

He let out a growl and she purred against his throat where she began to nip once more. They had both sat up, her hips locked over his as her legs hung tight around his waist. copyright protection65PENANAzw7UFp6b6i

“Pull back a bit.” He urged and Allegra did as he asked, releasing him a bit as his hand travelled down to encompass his length and move it to her entrance. She shivered at the feeling and moaned when he rocked them back flat against the bed, his hips pushing into hers as he made his way into her core which clung tight to him as he pulled in and out slowly, savoring the feeling of her encompassing him. copyright protection65PENANA4prgr6PuK7

He thrust into her at an even pace, groaning when her hands pull him by the neck down to kiss her. She ground her hips to meet his and cut into his back with her nails, drawing a growl from him as he picked up the pace.copyright protection65PENANAsbiSooTUw2

She had become more daring than before, more dominant that he remembered her being, letting out growls of her own when she got frustrated and urged him to go faster, go harder, treat her rougher. copyright protection65PENANAM6zU0ek7qq

No, she was definitely not as delicate or fragile as she had been before, but when had she changed? When had she become so much stronger, so much more… so much more enduring?copyright protection65PENANApvQQLiXBMI

He could not tell you how, perhaps through her natural grace, perhaps through the time he hadn’t remembered yet, but he was certain that she was indeed changed. copyright protection65PENANAIeU06ip0cW

She moaned beneath him, kissing a trail down his jaw to the front of his throat, nipping and sucking lightly at his skin. copyright protection65PENANA3Z2CU3Reah

He blew out a long breath as he felt his end draw near, kneeling back to hold her by her hips and slowly rock them against his as he slowly withdrew and thrust back in to the beat of her heart, which rang low in his ears, making his Beast damn near purr in satisfaction. copyright protection65PENANAFAMvqyNo9A

But he should have known that he would never have allowed him full control- not when they now knew that she was their mate.copyright protection65PENANA6RP0SWjhXv

Sure enough, he released a groan as he began to sink lower in thought as his Beast rose up to take more control. He began to just be a passenger in his body, feeling everything, but having none of the ability to do anything himself. No, he was in complete control, and Asher could do nothing to fight against it. copyright protection65PENANAd0vgCpjtEt

He was surprised by how he held them back from shifting- Asher knew from experience that he had no desire to be anything but in his true form. It was one of the reasons that he, unlike rare other lycan, could only take two forms- a human-esque one and a monstrous giant of a war hound that could bring large cities crumbling down around him. copyright protection65PENANAKj3wPu4DTd

He always took up the latter form, utterly despising the former in a way Asher had never understood until he was shifted into the latter without the Beast in control. copyright protection65PENANAeZ540Y1jfY

But no, he seemed to be almost savoring the experience- until Asher began to sense his teeth sharpening and his eyes burning. copyright protection65PENANAOtYkJAJ33n

Allegra opened her eyes, a dark cherry red that showed confusion, shock, and then interest as she stared into his own. copyright protection65PENANAwOHAlx5pbY

He wondered what she was seeing.copyright protection65PENANADqYJuYHviX

What was he planning? Why couldn’t Asher hear him?copyright protection65PENANAu7rsra2ad6

Allegra’s hands crawled down from her chest to grip the bedding, her nails ripping into the fabric, leaving long strips of tattered blankets and sheeting.copyright protection65PENANAyKVglgOqFZ

He was enjoying watching her- he hardly looked anywhere else. It was only when he felt her clench around him at her end that he picked up the pace at a rate that no human could go, let alone sustain. copyright protection65PENANApjqn3VmKqE

Allegra let out a whine of a moan, sitting up to hold onto his shoulders as he kept going, drawing her orgasm out. copyright protection65PENANAHVL9ndjqox

The smell of blood hit the air again, this time, Allegra’s. copyright protection65PENANAxWisdDI14o

He looked down briefly at her, but Asher could only see a bit of his hand- noticing in that small bit that his nails had shifted into claws and tore into her hips in shallow wounds- but it seemed to go unnoticed by Allegra herself who was breathing heavily against his neck, letting out sweet whines into his shoulder that she had nipped at before. copyright protection65PENANA1tIsQLndvO

She reached her climax around him and sunk her teeth into his collar, drinking from him in long pulls and triggering his own orgasm. copyright protection65PENANARdJDm6QGwe

Asher recoiled in his mind as he sunk his teeth into her collar, not partaking of her blood, merely releasing her after a few moments, licking lightly at the wound, his saliva jump-starting the healing process that her own healing abilities finished on its own as she continued to drink from him, her tongue teasing at the sensitive flesh when she pulled away, soothing the irritated skin. copyright protection65PENANAe3bxwpaere

She kissed a line up his collar, up his throat, and over his jaw to connect her lips to his, a relaxed kiss as Asher slowly rose to dominance in his mind again, his partial shift dissolving as he pulled his claws from her hips as they receded. His teeth dulled back down a bit, but remained almost as sharp before, but less animalistic as his eyes burned again, going back to what he could only assume as his normal shade of blue. copyright protection65PENANADsHlVy6iLC

They fell back onto the flat of the bed, Asher releasing her and rolling to the side, Allegra shifting to lay against his side, her breath warming his skin slowly. copyright protection65PENANA6DQPhdW7Ut

He was content to watch her, her eyes closed and her face at ease almost as if she were asleep.copyright protection65PENANAm9wyG3YRhp

In truth, he was analyzing everything about her, but without his true memories of their shared past, anything he would come up with would be pure theory, even he could concede that. copyright protection65PENANA6VSOgNmn58

Where was he for that matter? He had seemed to be lulled to a contented sleep within their mind, and his silence was welcome with Asher. For once, he was free to fall lax with his control- at least until he became sentient again.copyright protection65PENANA0cLR124YaZ

“Allegra?” He spoke up and she blinked, glancing up at him, her eyes warm when they met his own. copyright protection65PENANArx8Y6O14Fj

“Can you help me regain my memories?” Asher watched her take in his proposal, and after a moment his mate nodded.copyright protection65PENANAuLemzv9WTf

“I can, but not all of them were pleasant. You might wish I hadn’t.” She released a long breath, “Do you still want my help if that is the case?”copyright protection65PENANA4TrQKtTPr4

She scanned his face, searching for any sign of apprehension. copyright protection65PENANAOTCWRJLSNq

He looked away at the wall for a moment then back down at her, “Allegra, is there any way you can preview them to me? Then I can decide if I want them or not.”copyright protection65PENANAchcqEMWOJP

She frowned, “I can I suppose, but it would probably just make them stronger and allow them to come back on their own.”copyright protection65PENANA3OIvEtYyiq

“Perhaps that’s what I need.” Asher stated and she gazed at him for a moment before nodding. copyright protection65PENANAD6jf3bYO3M

She rolled off the bed and over to the closet, throwing on a robe. She let her voice drift back to him as she looked though her closet. copyright protection65PENANAff4rGJeCxX

“You may want to take a shower, it may be a while before you find yourself with the next opportunity. I’ll get you something to wear and something to eat while you shower. I believe they left some of your stuff here before they left. If not, you can borrow some of Beau’s I believe. They’ll be a tight fit, but they’ll do if we have nothing else.”copyright protection65PENANArALa6qD5YW

She left the room and turned on the water in the bathroom before peeking back in. “Soap is under the vanity.”copyright protection65PENANAvC2PR50QU4

Asher followed her instructions and when he came out fresh clothes were sitting out on the counter while the smell of soup was wafting in the air from the pot on the stove. It was warm and surprisingly good given it was from a gods know how old number of cans. copyright protection65PENANAD9kIB1sPEZ

He began eating and a few minutes later Allegra stepped into the apartment again, smiling before heading for a turn in the bathroom herself. copyright protection65PENANAN5AygGZULY

Ten minutes later she stepped back into the living room dressed in a pair of white shorts and a loose black v-neck, her wet hair falling to her waist. copyright protection65PENANAQhAS6sY7jT

He followed her back into the bedroom, which had been cleaned up with fresh bedding. She directed him to lay on the bed and she seated herself beside him in a chair that had been pulled to the bedside, away from its original position against the wall where its second still sat beside the lonely crib. copyright protection65PENANAbX2wGDx8tb

“Relax,” She commanded, “You won’t feel anything at first, but if you fight it, it will hurt.”copyright protection65PENANA7hhHQynPs9

Her warning hung in the air for a moment before she grabbed his hand gently within her own.copyright protection65PENANANiqoaxQ9E9

Asher nodded and closed his eyes, forcing himself to relax against the pillows, letting his head fall back into their fold. She rubbed soothing circles into his hand, graduating into subtle taps that became farther and farther apart and he felt like he was slipping away into sleep. A single tap sent him spiraling. copyright protection65PENANA2Q75mNJUVc

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