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Hazy Blood Moon
Writer Wonderstruck777
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Hazy Blood Moon
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Jul 24, 2017
16 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4SV8uadY2meH682lALjhposted on PENANA

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection73PENANADgsuRI5pCF

"Mate."copyright protection73PENANAGHyCP2M30O

My eyes widened in terror as I struggled to get out of his grasp. "Wh-What? What do you mean?"copyright protection73PENANApfwwoyRZja

What in the world was happening? Mate?copyright protection73PENANAgXrJsisyI4

But the stranger's eyes turned into confusion as he brought my neck closer to his nose and took a deep inhale of me; all the while, Mango was barking and growling at him.copyright protection73PENANAdoML0CONFP

He pulled away from my neck, seeming to be muddled as he stared deeply into my eyes, his face dangerously close to mine. "Why do you-" His deep, velvet voice began to say before he was interrupted.copyright protection73PENANAC558BtGst0

"ROMAN, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" a voice shouted.copyright protection73PENANADJY4sqnUY5

Our intense eye contact was brought to an abrupt end as both of our heads turned to sound of the voice. Roxy emerged from the shadowy trees with an angry expression on her face as she took in the bizarre scene that was happening in front of her. "GET OFF OF HER!"copyright protection73PENANAZcuLYvoMi3

Roman directed his gaze back towards me and released the hand that held my chin to firmly wrap it around my waist instead as he pulled my body even closer towards him. "MATE!" He growled out even harsher this time as his grip began to become painful on my wrists.copyright protection73PENANACU8H2JbJbE

"Ouch," I cried in pain and his eyes widened before he immediately released my wrists.copyright protection73PENANAKPoJTQ9hL8

"What?" Roxy said in confusion. "Roman stop it, she's my friend! My friend from ballet."copyright protection73PENANAmKlRwkmU7E

After hearing that, Roman the wrist strangler, released me from his vice grip as his face morphed into an even deeper state of confusion. "No she's-", He tried to say again but Roxy wasn't having it.copyright protection73PENANAYJz6rCPCl1

"No she's not," She glared at him as she knelt beside me. "Like I said, she's my friend from ballet; she's not from around here. You're confusing her with someone else."copyright protection73PENANAh6QFPKwZ1h

I feel sorry for whoever "mate" is to him around here because this behavior right here is straight up psychotic!copyright protection73PENANA8o2tfzOBuV

With unsure eyes, he slowly released the arm that was wrapped around my waist and backed away as he stared at me in bewilderment.copyright protection73PENANAgsEPz5roIN

"I don't understand," He shook his head in confusion as he looked up at Roxy; his gray eyes sparkling.copyright protection73PENANAp0TgGJ0cI1

That makes two of us pal.copyright protection73PENANAuQqxkF78hB

Now that Roxy was standing next to him, I could see the striking resemblance that they shared. Same steel gray eyes, same thick, shiny brown hair, same pink pouty lips. They have to be related. She did mention before that she has an older brother.copyright protection73PENANA3x4ImDOO2w

"Are you alright, Fee?" She asked in a concerned tone as she held out a hand to help me up off of the ground.copyright protection73PENANABsxvIdeJpW

With my eyes still glued Roman, I hesitantly gripped her hand as she pulled me to a standing position. I was still scared that he'd make a move to grab me again.copyright protection73PENANALUNbr8Rzh8

Now that I was standing, I noticed just how large this man really was. He towered over me as my head barely reached his shoulders.copyright protection73PENANAblGf33TRRW

"Fee?" Roxy said again as I didn't respond to her the first time.copyright protection73PENANAosoVX78cQy

"Ye-Yeah, I'm good," I quickly said as I gulped and folded my arms tightly across my chest.copyright protection73PENANA8CtVNV4Eul

No one made a move to say anything after that. Roman the Wrist Strangler was still staring into my soul, which was making me very uncomfortable, Mango was still snarling at him and Roxy seemed frazzled.copyright protection73PENANANFGtVKwOCo

"I'm so sorry about him Fee," She apologized as she wrapped an arm around me. "He just mistook you for somebody else."copyright protection73PENANAL0RaWPh518

I peered around at him to see if Roxy's statement was correct. He gulped as he shook his head again. "Yeah, I-uh, you're definitely the wrong person. I'm sorry about what happened." He apologized before turning around and darting off back towards the house.copyright protection73PENANAE9K75y29dw

"Was that your brother?" I asked softly as I stared at the spot where he just was.copyright protection73PENANAv0cct7W0Wy

Roxy sighed. "Yeah but, he's not normally like that. I don't know what came over him. He didn't hurt you did he?"copyright protection73PENANAoHzfRv49A5

Well I mean, my wrists still hurt and that encounter greatly impacted my mental and psychological constitution. But other than that I'm awesome!copyright protection73PENANAief3mkBouO

"No, I'm fine," I lied to reassure her. Looking down I realized the original reason why I even came here in the first place.copyright protection73PENANAV0P8cif8jb

"Here's your shoes," I bent down to retrieve the pale pink toe shoes.copyright protection73PENANAHHTgXKL2Um

"Thanks," She accepted them as she ran a hand through her distressed hair. "I feel so bad about what happened Fee. I know that must've scared the hell out of you."copyright protection73PENANA7cBnfXIRmc

"It was definitely a chilling experience, but like I said I'm fine, you don't have to keep apologizing."copyright protection73PENANAFidvqpNFy7

She gave me a deadpanned expression. "Yes I do, if this situation was reversed, you would've built me a shrine or sacrificed a goat as an apology."copyright protection73PENANARfPKwMvhOp

I chuckled as I picked up Mango in my arms. "Yeah, you're probably right."copyright protection73PENANAEWBfjRd1IA

We both walked back towards my car in silence. I was still paranoid that her brother was going to appear out of nowhere and attack me again. "This place is really beautiful," I complimented. "It's like a mini city here."copyright protection73PENANAeoSrTiRHYp

"Oh yeah, it's a family thing," She explained. "Basically our ancestors had a huge amount of land and decided to turn it into this community."copyright protection73PENANAOQEDAap5se

"That's actually really cool," I said impressed.copyright protection73PENANAv7a6nuXAwG

"It is but sometimes I wouldn't mind if it was a little closer to the rest of civilization you know? This place is really isolated."copyright protection73PENANAaK43cXm3El

"True, but that's what gives it its charm."copyright protection73PENANAssb76MivRK

She shrugged nonchalantly. "I guess so."copyright protection73PENANAKnSUufprQV

Our conversation was cut short by the sudden beep of my phone, letting me know I had a new message. As I read, I remembered the task that I was supposed to do. Oh shit.copyright protection73PENANA81Gc4S9qWO

"Shit," I swore as I unlocked the SUV. "I forgot that I was supposed to pick up Bon-Bon."copyright protection73PENANALohXwnJOSB

"Now I feel even more bad about what happened," She frowned.copyright protection73PENANAzDYrxsHXUx

I rolled my eyes. "I told you that I'm fine Roxy, seriously I'm not mad or anything."copyright protection73PENANAS2yyeDro3n

"I hope you aren't just saying that to make me feel less guilty."copyright protection73PENANAdPMuMiRv6K

I am. "No, I'm not."copyright protection73PENANA6Gn58VxPSs

"Alright," She said as Mango and I got in and I started the ignition. "I'll see you on Monday then? I'll message you later."copyright protection73PENANAmLuVjJyK8C

I nodded buckling up. "Yeah, I'll see you later."copyright protection73PENANA8lrUPecGKj

She waved one last time as I swiftly turned the jeep around and sped on out of there like a bat from hell! I wasn't taking any chances with that lunatic still so close by.copyright protection73PENANArRZOW7JuXC

My cell phone began to ring and I answered it without checking the I.D. "Hello?"copyright protection73PENANAWjnqfHaNri

"WHERE ARE YOU?" The annoying voice of my little brother screeched. "You were supposed to pick to pick me up thirty minutes ago?"copyright protection73PENANAqADRus6G9Q

"Would you chill out?" I rolled my eyes. "You should be happy I gave you more time to spend with your friend."copyright protection73PENANA0AH0pE7984

"Unlike you, I actually have a life." He shot back.copyright protection73PENANAL4o8vEPFrh

The nerve of this little prick. "Hey I'm the one that's picking you up, I can leave your ass there for all I care!"copyright protection73PENANAXRRBJm4Q3d

"Oh yeah," He challenged. "Well, then I'll tell Grandma! What'll you do then?"copyright protection73PENANAG3Oo3d3bnb

Damn he got me there; no one wants to incur the wrath of Maya Grey. "Just sit tight, I'm coming." I curtly responded as I hung up.copyright protection73PENANAg8gFgMj6sL

Little brat.copyright protection73PENANAoqDg1nC5dF

~copyright protection73PENANAjUJ8iNmmYJ

"Beautiful!" Madame Mercier praised as she watched Roxy finish her performance with a perfect Grand Jeté.copyright protection73PENANAxfROV8Bee3

She had asked Roxy to perform a variation of Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers for the rest of the class, and she executed it flawlessly. Her talent was just out of this world! She's svelte, yet strong. How can someone be that small but still have so much power in their body?copyright protection73PENANA0DtETu1vAe

"Flawless as always Roxanne," Madame Mercier commended. "Observe ladies, this is what hard work will get you."copyright protection73PENANAbT9U1sHnOG

"Great job," I told her as she sat down next to me.copyright protection73PENANA6mWXaR6M6l

Watching Roxy dance made me realize just how much I suck at ballet. There's no doubt that I'm one of the weakest dancers here.copyright protection73PENANAP6YiLRNMnn

"Alright ladies, that's all for today," Madame Mercier clapped her hands. "Remember that auditions for Giselle will begin next week, as well as our joint lessons with the danseurs from the Carleton Dance Company."copyright protection73PENANA1ygatiDbFr

We all knew who would take the starring role as Giselle.copyright protection73PENANARMNOKYFQKM

"I'm so tired," Roxy groaned as she began untying her pointe shoes. "Kyle kept me up all night!"copyright protection73PENANAbzT9SE1Fqo

Ah, the infamous Kyle. He was Roxy's boyfriend, who was the starring role of our conversations 45% of the time. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind her talking about him, but when she starts to talk about their very active sex life it makes me feel just a tad bit uncomfortable.copyright protection73PENANA2sXjDqBgBh

"Oh God Roxy please don't start," I rolled my eyes. "You've informed me quite of enough of how much Kyle keeps you up at night."copyright protection73PENANAHt3vhNtXDe

"Get your mind out of the gutter Fee, I don't mean it that way." She laughed. "For once we actually laid in bed and talked instead of doing it all night. We started talking about one thing and then it just swayed to another, before we knew it the sun was rising."copyright protection73PENANAJPOCZGg0mH

"You got no rest last night and still managed to practice before you went to school and just now," I said looking at her incredulously. "How do you do it?"copyright protection73PENANApoamINMk3o

"Honestly, I asked myself the same question today." She shrugged. "I truly have no idea."copyright protection73PENANABLRFg9sJ66

"Well, you're going to need all the energy you can get," I said as I pulled my sweats over my black leotard. "With the whole Giselle play that's happening, you'll be as busy as ever trying to prepare for the lead role."copyright protection73PENANAYQVMsVsJVO

"Who said I'm going to get the lead role?"copyright protection73PENANArkdBHVpugs

My head whipped around to stare at her with a deadpanned expression. "Oh come on, who else is going to play Giselle besides you?"copyright protection73PENANASRdKwtUZd0

"There are a lot of other talented ballerinas here who can take the role."copyright protection73PENANA6bR2XkXp4T

"Enough with the humility Roxy," I started. "I don't even think Madame Mercier will accept anyone else to play the role of Giselle."copyright protection73PENANAevdr7VnwpD

"What about you?" She shot back.copyright protection73PENANAZhvc22GW2T

My eyes shifted back and forth. "What about me?"copyright protection73PENANAX85Oa298sd

"Aren't you going to audition?"copyright protection73PENANA1HIf9Qawnz

I snorted. "Yeah right. Even if I did, I'll probably audition to be a tree or something."copyright protection73PENANAamRGyUIeRL

Roxy frowned. "You shouldn't put yourself down all the time you know."copyright protection73PENANA8OTeD4gMdJ

"I'm not putting myself down, I'm just stating facts," I said slinging my gym bag across my body as I searched for my keys. "Besides, I told you that I'm only doing ballet because it'll look good on my college applications."copyright protection73PENANAZerIuAyE7V

"Is that the real reason or the excuse that you've convinced yourself with."copyright protection73PENANAeii6YQ1H5S

My right eyebrow twitched in slight annoyance. "I-I don't know what you mean."copyright protection73PENANAseGmsjrJ6F

She let out another sigh before grabbing her own gym bag. "Forget it. I don't want to fight. But to be fair, if I'm auditioning then you have to as well."copyright protection73PENANAt5UUOoun3C

"What role can I honestly get Roxy?" I asked as we made our way towards the exit.copyright protection73PENANAjhUBoSrpAx

"You never know unless you try Fi-Fi," She shrugged. "Who knows, maybe you'll surprise yourself."copyright protection73PENANAh2LYpeiRXo

I snorted at her optimism. "I doubt it but fine, I'll audition."copyright protection73PENANAwquqliOQFR

Pushing open the doors the exit, the first thing that we were greeted with was a monster black Hummer that nearly took up two parking spaces. What the hell? Who owns this?copyright protection73PENANAsY9mAyf1YP

"Whose truck is this?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.copyright protection73PENANAzfSlehzw9x

"Oh that's Kyle," She said sweeping a stray brown strand back into her bun. "He's picking me up today. Come on, I want you guys to meet."copyright protection73PENANAUFYo6jHU9m

She didn't give me anytime to protests as she tightly gripped my wrist and dragged me towards the monster vehicle. The first thing I saw was boot clad feet before a tall figure with a shit-eating grin on his face coming out of the passenger side of the car.copyright protection73PENANAMClWZVveXt

God damn, I could see why Roxy talked about him so much. He was fine as hell!copyright protection73PENANA4xIWSWestn

He was of Asian descent with short black hair, muscles that were bulging from his fitted black t-shirt and adorable brown doe-eyes. His smile was also very handsome.copyright protection73PENANAZn3XM9ht3r

"Hey baby," Roxy released me to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him down for a passionate kiss.copyright protection73PENANAQQ4cN37ih5

"Oh God," I said slightly disgusted as I turned away.copyright protection73PENANALlCuiurwXU

She laughed as she released him and turned back towards me. "Babe this my friend that I told you about, Africa Grey. Fee, this is my boyfriend Kyle Seng."copyright protection73PENANAUWiXU56cya

"Oh so you're the infamous Africa," He held out a large hand towards me. "It's great to finally meet you! Rox talks about you all the time."copyright protection73PENANADp0IBOLJ63

I shook his hand as I felt myself blushing a bit by his handsomeness. "Ye-Yeah it's the same with me. She always talks about you."copyright protection73PENANAORprmHWNeT

"Good things I hope?" He asked as he turned to lovingly stare down at her. How cute!copyright protection73PENANAI8P05K6bXE

I was so jealous of Roxy. Not only was she insanely gorgeous and talented, she also had a loving boyfriend. Let's not forget her friendly and extroverted personality; she's literally the perfect human being. I'll probably never be able to be like her.copyright protection73PENANAlB4mjGa4ph

"All good things," I responded softly as I tightened my bag on my shoulder.copyright protection73PENANA7e9wFveBjs

"Is someone else in the car with you?" Roxy asked as she turned towards the Hummer.copyright protection73PENANAv1Al2G58S2

Now that she mentioned it, Kyle had come out the passenger side.copyright protection73PENANANeDSBWyL1Y

"Yeah uh, Roman said he wanted to tag along for some reason," Kyle scratched the back of his neck. "I don't really know why."copyright protection73PENANA28cbFSHTu0

What?copyright protection73PENANAmZ2Xk4Dqdw

Memories of Saturday evening came flooding back to me as I recalled how was attacked by that lunatic. Roxy noticed my face turning into horror as Kyle said that and she quickly came over to me. "Do-Don't worry Fee, it's fine."copyright protection73PENANAt1K6Tl3r74

Kyle's face morphed into confusion. "Um, am I missing something here?"copyright protection73PENANAqadDmTv3M0

"Remember last night? I told you what that idiot did."copyright protection73PENANA39Z66kaJKo

Realization came across his face. "Oh! Well, I don't think he's going to bother you anymore Africa, so you don't have to be so afra-".copyright protection73PENANAfdp0kjmoKt

But his sentence was cut short as the driver side of the vehicle swung open and the man of the hour came sauntering out looking even more handsome since the last time I saw him. His hair was pushed back and the long sleeved red shirt that he was wearing looked like it was ready to bust at the seams because of how tight it was. His face was set into a harsh scowl as he walked over to us.copyright protection73PENANAtbDHOZAj2m

Oh dear Lord!copyright protection73PENANAk6vjcCEnmo

"Roman, what are you doing here?" Roxy seethed at him. "Why won't you leave my friend alone?"copyright protection73PENANALCCbCXuYlf

But he just ignored her he stood directly in front of me. I watched his eyes examine me from the tip of my ballerina bun to my flip-flop clad feet and back up; his gaze lingering a little longer on my hips.copyright protection73PENANArOq5ve56y7

"Dude, what are you-" Kyle started but was rudely cut off.copyright protection73PENANAtTeYcrBROX

"Shut up," Roman growled out, startling me by his harsh tone.copyright protection73PENANAfAzSMbPgab

His eyes connected with mine and I watched them soften a bit before he began to speak. "I just wanted to...apologize for what happened the last time we met. It wasn't my intention to frighten you."copyright protection73PENANAwC0XHwcMCK

Kyle's jaw dropped in the background as he stared at Roman in disbelief. Heck, my own jaw was ready to drop because I wasn't exactly expecting another apology since he already had.copyright protection73PENANAU5D84QzFHo

Everyone's eyes have turned to me and I realized that I hadn't said anything. But I was so nervous! My mouth started to feel extremely dry as my heart began to race. Calm down! Calm down!copyright protection73PENANACXZbQLnG2x

"Are you alright?" Roman asked as he gently grabbed my hand, which only made me panic even more.copyright protection73PENANARy9RvRnHD0

"Uh-um, yes fi-fine I am!" I scrambled out as I realized that didn't make any sense. "Am fine!"copyright protection73PENANAsy56H9XhPF

Someone, please kill me. Just bury me alive.copyright protection73PENANAFrDFDtq09s

My head dropped in shame as I wished the ground would swallow me whole for making a complete fool of myself. Why am I like this?copyright protection73PENANAy01ISxzgfd

I heard Roman let out a deep chuckle before his large calloused hand cupped my chin and gently lifted it up so that our eyes could meet once again. "What's your name?"copyright protection73PENANAgHLmOtwLKl

My face began to heat up even more as I realized how close we were. "Af-Africa."copyright protection73PENANAqqN35qxwrG

"That's a beautiful name for a very beautiful girl," He smiled down at me, making my legs feel weak. Me? Beautiful? "Does Africa have a last name?"copyright protection73PENANAY0H0IAxhQM

I gulped, as his attractiveness was beginning to become too much for me to handle. "It's Grey, Africa Grey," I said softly.copyright protection73PENANAv7uhuiK04v

He stared at me for a few more seconds before he released my chin and brought my left hand to his lips to kiss my knuckles. "It's a pleasure to meet you Africa Grey, I'm Roman Knox."copyright protection73PENANAlvW8z1z6x1

By this time, both Kyle and Roxy's jaws were to the floor as they stared at Roman and me in disbelief. Meanwhile, I was trying my hardest not to pass out as I felt all the blood rushing to my head. "Ye-yeah I know who you are. You're Roxy's brother."copyright protection73PENANANw1uxK542W

At hearing her name, Roxy broke out of whatever trance she was in and marched over to Roman. "What the hell is this Ro? Why are you acting like this?"copyright protection73PENANARx4lPyEAyI

His face morphed back into a scowl as he stared down at her in annoyance. "I'm apologizing for my actions Roxy!" He snarled. "Why are you acting like this?"copyright protection73PENANA5Td12M3CTB

"I'm acting like this because your behavior is bizarre!" She said in an obvious tone. "First you attacked her two days ago and now this?"copyright protection73PENANAEG8FbFqgKs

"Are you deaf? I said that I'm apologizing for having attacked her." He shot back.copyright protection73PENANAdB0hXPPBpn

"And I'm saying that you never EVER apologize!" She fumed. "I don't know what your motive is, but if you're planning on making Africa another one of your little whores, then you picked the wrong girl because she is not like that!"copyright protection73PENANAkvhyxklBXe

I felt my heart sink at her statement. So he was one of those guys, huh? I should've known. Why would a guy as attractive as this be interested in me if it wasn't just to get into my pants?copyright protection73PENANAcBVlh60HnL

Slowly I pulled my hand out of his grip as I backed away. "Um, I'm gonna go Roxy, my parents will start to worry."copyright protection73PENANA9BmaSkZIVp

"No wait," Roman said as he went to reach for my hand again but I stepped back even further. Why did I even want him to be interested in me?copyright protection73PENANA6gVnPsIa3F

"It was nice to meet you," I smiled at Kyle as I avoided Roman's gaze.copyright protection73PENANApggkBxrCfP

"Fee," Roxy said in a sorrowful tone.copyright protection73PENANAnoqKyj4y10

"I'll see you later," I gave her one last fake smile before I quickly went towards SUV and pulled out of there.copyright protection73PENANAY7gTv5legp

God, how do I get myself into these messes?copyright protection73PENANATFFaZhIrTX

"You're such an idiot Fee," I scolded myself as I sped towards my home.copyright protection73PENANAggmH0U05t1

I don't even know what I was expecting, for him to want to get to know me better? He's not even the same age as me, he'd be more interested in older women around his age. I guess I must've seemed liked "easy" prey to him. In a sense, I probably was because when you've been starved of a romantic relationship all your life, you start to crave desperately for it and begin to seek out any possible way to obtain it.copyright protection73PENANA5r9lkFrGTH

"Stupid," I chastised myself one last time as I swiftly pulled into my driveway.copyright protection73PENANA5MnLXm2FOW

"I'm home," I called out as I walked through the front doors of my home.copyright protection73PENANAC5dYMeTMjn

At my exclamation, Eden's head peeked around from the sofa as she skipped on over to me. "Oh thank God you're here Fee, I need help deciding the outfits my waiters are going to wear for my wedding."copyright protection73PENANAOoOXK9CbQv

Take me now Lord.copyright protection73PENANATWigHfDKVr

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