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Hazy Blood Moon
Writer Wonderstruck777
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Hazy Blood Moon
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Jul 31, 2017
23 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!P4iOATeMP9HhRmBaWC9Lposted on PENANA

“Slide to the left!”copyright protection62PENANANAyICV4lc2

“Slide to right!”copyright protection62PENANAx16PPHI4ty

“Cha-Cha real slow!”copyright protection62PENANAdbQ5xsfu5p

The girls and I vigorously danced to DJ Casper’s “Cha-Cha Slide”. Although, Ashley, Kenzie and I weren’t dancing with as much enthusiasm as Roxy and Blair; they were really going in!copyright protection62PENANAfSZOBCJFXV

“How low can you go?” Blair sang along as she stooped low to the floor while dancing. “Can you go down low?”copyright protection62PENANAHuXOjNv2RZ

“All the way to floor?” Roxy pitched in as she attempted to twerk but failed miserably as she lost her balance and fell to the floor.copyright protection62PENANAB5asaHUpbZ

“Guess you should stick to ballet Rox and leave the twerking to professionals such as myself.” Blair laughed as she danced her way back into a standing position.copyright protection62PENANAPrSOgtr09p

“No no no,” Roxy protested as she pushed her hair out of her face. “I can twerk, you just caught me off guard!”copyright protection62PENANAVQTTFdGagy

“The only time I’ve seen you twerk other than today was when we went to Skyler’s party last month,” Ashley said eating a hand full of Skittles. “And you failed miserably that time too, and you weren’t even drunk.”copyright protection62PENANA9RDkjN2edd

“Gee, thanks for backing me up Ash,” Roxy sarcastically dead-panned.copyright protection62PENANAe2F6RWAiWJ

It had now been four hours since I’ve been at Roxy’s house; almost midnight actually, and I have to admit, these girls are a hell of a lot of fun to be around. The first thing we did was sit around and talk for the first hour. The girls seemed to be very interested in my life and the things that I did. Albeit, I thought my life was very boring since the only thing I did was eat, sleep, go to school, go to ballet, and watch Netflix but they didn’t seem to mind though. They also thought the story of how Roxy and I became friends was hilarious. Blair couldn’t stop laughing when I told her that my grandmother was the “masked gunman”.copyright protection62PENANAHSABLfPsq5

After talking for about an hour, Mrs. Knox had made dinner for us so we all sat at the dinner table and ate; Roxy’s parents joining us as well. They too were very interested in how Roxy and I met and just like the girls, they were highly amused at the hilarious story. They soon retired upstairs, saying that they were tired.copyright protection62PENANA0AXDUhrWvE

Then after dinner, Roxy pulled out the Wii and we played Mario Kart and JustDance. I lost miserably in Mario Kart, probably because the girls played more often than me and I hadn’t played the game since I was like ten with my brother Bradley. However, Roxy and I killed it in JustDance! We mainly danced to Disney songs and both of us got nearly perfect scores for each song. I guess ballet turned out to be useful for something after all. After running through most of the Disney songs, our bodies were still energized and ready to dance so we decided to dance to songs like “Cha-Cha Slide”, “Cotton-Eyed Joe”, and “Move Your Body”. I’m having a great time with the girls! It’s been so long since I felt and did something like this, just having fun with some friends.copyright protection62PENANAaJHQPyMqRJ

“Can you twerk Fi-Fi?” Blair asked as she sat down on the couch. They’d all adopted my nickname “Fi-Fi”, saying that it was absolutely adorable for someone like me.copyright protection62PENANA9zBJbmZ0Pp

I coughed as I fought down the blush that was rising up my cheeks. “N-No, of course not!”copyright protection62PENANA6P03tVkURP

“What do you mean of course not?” Kenzie raised an eyebrow. “You’ve got a big ass; you automatically can twerk.”copyright protection62PENANAy2zgTpPGPG

Here we go again. “What kind of stereotype is that?”copyright protection62PENANApYg0IrnHsc

“It’s not a stereotype, it’s the truth,” Blair nonchalantly shrugged. “And all stereotypes stem from some form of truth.”copyright protection62PENANA7y27Bv2WpU

“Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but, I can’t twerk,” I stated as I folded my arms across my chest.copyright protection62PENANALYXkfQK4wz

“Have you ever even tried before, Fee?” Roxy asked as she began scrolling through her phone.copyright protection62PENANALVx1WftkXV

I paused before answering as Roxy gave me a sly look. “No, but-”copyright protection62PENANAx4uzc65f2v

“Then you can’t say you don’t know how to twerk because you’ve never even tried.”copyright protection62PENANA9Nu78JXSNu

“I have no intentions of learning how to twerk!” I exasperated, getting a bit annoyed with the entire situation.copyright protection62PENANAryqZAmf3Hc

“Don’t be like that Fee,” Roxy said as Finatticz – “Don't drop that thun thun thun” blared from the speakers. “Come on, I’ll teach you.”copyright protection62PENANAZehtOtzUIB

“It’s a no from me.”copyright protection62PENANApSpTZyDXrq

“DON’T DROP THAT THUN THUN THUN! AYE DON’T DROP THAT THUN THUN THUN” Ashley sang as she and Roxy began twerking to the music. I must admit, they were doing a good job.copyright protection62PENANArTYRSye8CV

“You guys are insane,” I laughed as Kenzie and Blair also joined in; with Blair climbing on top of the coffee table.copyright protection62PENANAkBaB5Z5FTN

“You’re the only odd one out Fi-Fi!” Kenzie taunted.copyright protection62PENANAhjGHdFfQDG

They’re not going to stop until I gave in, aren’t they? I sighed as I slowly walked towards them and Roxy quickly grabbed my hands and tried to get me to twerk.copyright protection62PENANAg4AfVtO9Br

“Ok first place your hands on your knees like this,” She instructed and I reluctantly followed. “Good now bend your back and your knees, then stick your butt out.”copyright protection62PENANA5W2gy8fDO8

I felt utterly ridiculous as I followed her commands. This doesn’t even feel comfortable.copyright protection62PENANAr5s7MFN2vq

“Great, now just move your ass to the beat of the music and then you’re twerking!”copyright protection62PENANAIMvj1rMQBn

Letting out one last sigh I attempted to execute her instructions but from the snickering I heard behind me, I knew that I was doing a terrible job. “If you guys are going to laugh at me then I won’t do it anymore!”copyright protection62PENANAhGjkWRsbuh

“I said to move your ass not your back,” Roxy laughed as she tried to show me again. “Come on try again, just feel the beat in your body and let loose!”copyright protection62PENANAkWmM39sRbX

Sighing, I assumed the position once more and tried to move my body along to the rhythm of the song. I must’ve been doing it correctly because my thighs were beginning to ache; usually in dance if you feel pain then you’re doing it right.copyright protection62PENANAiUKNdLeZBP

“Damn, go Fee!” Roxy cheered as she turned the music up louder.copyright protection62PENANAmSwGdtxFF2

“And you said you couldn’t twerk!” Kenzie gave me a knowing look.copyright protection62PENANAXZYjM2sfUE

The initial feeling of bashfulness withered away as I became more confident with the girls edging me on. Who knew twerking could feel so empowering!copyright protection62PENANAddyX0LIfLk

“Thank you, thank you!” I mocked bowed as the song ended. “Ok I’ll admit, that was pretty fun.”copyright protection62PENANA57dCOq5l6K

“Let’s try another song,” Blair said as she shuffled through Roxy’s music. “You have a playlist called ‘Twerkfest’ Rox?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.copyright protection62PENANAo3KnnxpQMk

We all turned to give her questioning looks but she just shrugged. “Twerking is a great form of exercise ok so stop judging me.”copyright protection62PENANAuZx2WyOFOz

“Ok, how about this,” Blair said as she played Beyoncé – 7/11. “You know this one, right Fi-Fi?”copyright protection62PENANAZUHdwvECQK

“Who doesn’t know this?”copyright protection62PENANAmfO7CbE11r

“You’d be surprised,” Roxy stated as she began tying her hair up.copyright protection62PENANAmwqTynrm2f

“You know Rox is going in if she’s tying her hair up.” Ashley laughed as we watched Roxy begin to dance a hip-hop choreography to the song.copyright protection62PENANAV29DgG8UiY

My eyebrows raised, impressed as I watched her little routine. “I didn’t know you danced hip-hop.”copyright protection62PENANAFEeuMQFqSH

“I’m a woman of many talents,” She smirked. “Now come on, I don’t want to be the only one dancing.”copyright protection62PENANASeej7MGz9J

“The beat of this song is different from the first one,” I grumbled as I tried to find my rhythm.copyright protection62PENANAP5MYI2FQXX

“Just go for it Fee,” Roxy encouraged. “Dance like no one is watching; that’s my motto.”copyright protection62PENANAPCC36oUMPM

Easy for you to say, you’re a dancing prodigy.copyright protection62PENANAuH0I08vHHE

“Smack it, smack it in the air!” Kenzie clapped along to the song. “Legs moving side-to-side.”copyright protection62PENANAqwKcvsfajc

Deciding to take Roxy’s advice, I “let go” and allowed the music to take over my body. It felt a bit instinctive, the beat was just catchy and I soon found myself vigorously dancing to the song; the girls all cheering me on in the background.copyright protection62PENANA88OKcV96IZ

“Don’t you drop that alcohol!”copyright protection62PENANAScHTVI1qpJ

“I KNOW YOU CARE!”copyright protection62PENANA5QfP2LhiWB

I don’t know how much time had passed but the girls and I were still dancing as if there was no tomorrow. We’d run through about four songs already and were no currently dancing to Grown Woman by Beyoncé. We weren’t just twerking anymore; we were incorporating a myriad of African styled dance moves from the music video itself.copyright protection62PENANAu4KjPWeY3W

“I love this song!” I beamed as I replayed it for the third time, trying my best to nail the choreography.copyright protection62PENANAXW9EP4mRvM

“You’re pretty good at jazz styled dancing Fee,” Roxy said as she and the rest of the girls retired to the couch to watch me dance.copyright protection62PENANAAACQpFBHXx

“Really?” I questioned.copyright protection62PENANAisC2LrZ0p3

I’ve only ever studied ballet dancing and let’s be honest, I feel miserable when I’m doing it. It’s just so stiff and controlled. But with this dancing, my body feels free and not as rigid, not to mention this dancing is much less painful than ballet.copyright protection62PENANAWnZ62PbpGG

“You’re giving Beyoncé a run for her money in the music video.” Ashley chimed. The part when she dances at the end with the other ladies was my favorite. She just seemed so fierce, aggressive and powerful in her movement. Something that I want to be.copyright protection62PENANAbhhO7GtIor

I continued with my dancing, not having a care in the world. Not even noticing the sound of Roxy’s front door opening and closing, and the footsteps that were headed towards her living room. My eyes were closed, and I was lost in the rhythmic beat of the music. At least until I heard Roxy’s voice shout in anger and annoyance.copyright protection62PENANAgHTSKFkJFJ

“I DON’T CARE! YOU HAVE TO STOP DOING THIS!” She shrieked.copyright protection62PENANAMC7MI9BUzi

My eyes shot open in shock and the sight that was before me left my jaw unhinged and my eyes wide as my entire body heated up due to embarrassment. Oh no.copyright protection62PENANAAKzSyHy2qX

There in front of the doorway, standing in all his glory was Roman Knox. His dominant gray eyes were glued to my form as I stood there shaking like a leaf. Why God? Why did this have to happen to me? Just when I gained some confidence.copyright protection62PENANAuGEozo3T8I

To make matters worse, my tank top and shorts had both ridden up due to my dancing and I quickly tried to pull them down to properly cover my midriff and thighs.copyright protection62PENANADVlLH3VjYu

“This is her?” a feminine voice softly said. It surprised me that I could hear her even with the loud music blaring in the background.copyright protection62PENANACzfcrOTZQj

My eyes quickly darted to the source, who was a tall, skinny, blonde that I hadn’t noticed before, standing on Roman’s right. Like everyone else in this little community, she was unnaturally gorgeous and had piercing green eyes, with flawless skin. Typical.copyright protection62PENANAXl0BJAZNu7

But something seemed different about her. Her eyes were scrutinizing me with such a high intensity that it made me squirm a little. She looked like the type of person you don’t want to mess with; I don’t even know her and I find her intimidating. One of her eyebrows were raised as her eyes raked me from head to toe. What’s her problem? I noticed that she stood very closely next to Roman and I felt my heart rate begin to speed up in jealousy.copyright protection62PENANAv82QTKUO3S

Wait, what?copyright protection62PENANAiGsxSTlLSc

Why am I jealous? I don’t even know Roman that well. I shouldn’t be upset just because he has a gorgeous girlfriend.copyright protection62PENANA5Qy6rhGr4b

“Africa,” His deep voice resounded throughout the room. The song had now stopped and I internally cursed as I realized it wasn’t on auto play so that I could have some sort of white noise in the room.copyright protection62PENANAzAjCrcmm0q

The way he said my name made chills crawl up my back. It sounded so regal from his soft-looking lips. His pink lips that look so inviting right now…Why are you thinking about his lips Fee!copyright protection62PENANAfj6HRYAdKt

“Ro-Roman,” I softly responded. I don’t know if it’s just the great lighting in here but I could’ve seen his eyes very clearly. I watched his already dilated pupils, shrink even more as I said his name.copyright protection62PENANAqPjYVLfCck

He made a motion to step towards me but Roxy’s hand shot out and tightly gripped his wrist as she glared intensely at him. I’ve never seen her look so furious. “Get out of here, Roman!” She growled at him. I mean she literally growled like an animal! I even heard the deep rumbling in her chest. What in the actual fuck?copyright protection62PENANANLV6nnjKJk

I looked at the girls and they didn’t seem to be as startled as I was at that. Was that a normal thing for her?copyright protection62PENANAbZDhHvghI0

“Roxy?” I unsurely called out to her as I inched forward. “Are you alright?”copyright protection62PENANAL9Q57MQnp2

She shook her head and shut her eyes tightly as if she was in pain before speaking. “I’m fine Fee,”copyright protection62PENANAIcODjc0CWK

No one made a move and everyone’s eyes were darting between Roman and I. The girls were looking at me in question, the mystery blonde was staring at me in amusement and Roman’s eyes were gazing at me with a raw, passionate gaze that was making me very uncomfortable.copyright protection62PENANAW7KApr6FJP

Finally, he tore eyes away from mine to harshly glare down at his sister. “Roxy, come with me.”copyright protection62PENANAGuYxz5jpsI

She scoffed. “I’m not going anywhere with you! You’re the one that needs to leave!”copyright protection62PENANAsaVhOftPSq

“I said to COME WITH ME,” He suddenly boomed which scared the crap out of me. “NOW!”copyright protection62PENANAAPxkqXMwDv

The girls all averted their eyes towards the floor, even Roxy’s confident demeanor had now broken and her head dropped and as her eyes also shifted to the floor. I felt intensely intimidated by Roman myself but I didn’t bow my head like the girls had and neither had the blonde beside him.copyright protection62PENANAljZjQzpaZS

“Fine,” Roxy softly said before turning towards us. “I’ll be right back.” She said before she and Roman made their out of the living room and down the corridor, the blonde following behind them.copyright protection62PENANATr3PIR4cHW

The girls all gave me questioning expressions as they looked for me to say something. “Um, what was that?” I asked lamely.copyright protection62PENANAChMaCc7oIK

“I don’t know, you tell us,” Blair asked seemingly breathless. “I didn’t know that you knew Roxy’s brother.”copyright protection62PENANAT44ToUsN5r

“I don’t,” I quickly replied. It was true, I didn’t know him. I knew that he was a weirdo though.copyright protection62PENANAGYTJOCBSOi

“Oh please,” Kenzie rolled her eyes. “He was practically eye-fucking you.”copyright protection62PENANAPrABBcNIBw

My face heated up. “I-I don’t know what you mean!”copyright protection62PENANAtuAxnYsQMx

“He’s definitely into you,” Ashley said playing with her finger nails. “But you know, he’s got quite the reputation for being a man-whore.”copyright protection62PENANAiswbckONdD

“So I’ve heard,” I sighed.copyright protection62PENANA624GEFTsou

“You would know, wouldn’t you Ash,” Kenzie quipped.copyright protection62PENANAYRZzonxQdj

I watched Ashley’s face twist in annoyance as she whipped around to glare at her cousin. “Shut up Kenzie!”copyright protection62PENANAnvMUHYevMr

Judging by Kenzie’s remark and Ashley’s reaction, I’m assuming that she and Roman have some sort of history; a romantic history at that. I think it’s best for that topic to be dropped.copyright protection62PENANA8Sucz9StBg

“I met him about two weeks by accident,” I told the girls. “I came here because Roxy and I had accidentally taken home each other’s ballet shoes. But then, he suddenly attacked me out of nowhere and seems to be infatuated with me ever since.”copyright protection62PENANAXA7X9wkGmy

“What do mean infatuated?” Blair asked with a raised eyebrow.copyright protection62PENANA0K4MELLTgx

But before I could say anything else, Roxy’s sudden appearance at the entrance of the living room made me stop before I could even start; the girls all whipped around to see what I was staring at as well. But I felt anxiety creep up on me as I looked at my friend. Roxy’s expression greatly bothered me. Her eyes bore into mine with an emotion I’ve never seen her look at me with before. She looked suspicious of me. Her eyes were wary, although I could tell that she was trying hard not to show it from her body language. Why was she looking at me like that? What had Roman told her?copyright protection62PENANAkppPCZYusz

“Blair, Ash, Kenz, can you guys come with me for a sec?” She asked. Confused, they all stood up to stand by her, while I remained frozen in my spot. “Fee, can you just wait here one sec?”copyright protection62PENANALq9SnioIZL

I gulped. At least she’s still calling me by my nickname. “Yeah sure, um, is everything alright Roxy?”copyright protection62PENANAh0vlNa6y3n

She attempted to smile but it didn’t reach her eyes. “Yeah, yeah everything’s fine! Just uh, something came up. It’s not important but I need to discuss it with the girls, we’ll be back in no time.”copyright protection62PENANA5oNvdpubTW

Everything was not fine. Something was up. “Okay.”copyright protection62PENANALFnVxKeWtd

She gave me one last fleeting look before walking off with the girls the way she came. I softly sat down on the couch as I looked at the spot where she just was. Did I do something wrong? Why did Roxy look at me like that? Does she hate me now?copyright protection62PENANAHKed51oczr

My anxiety spiked as my mind filled with negative thoughts. This sleepover was going so well and you just had to go and ruin it, huh Africa?copyright protection62PENANAzFPmb3MFeG

I guess that’s just my specialty; fucking everything up.copyright protection62PENANAC0lZVSK9Pe

I sighed as I curled myself into a ball and buried my face into my knees. I really hope everything turns out to be ok.copyright protection62PENANAnxYCL4D9gd

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection62PENANAAPSqc4tYJI

Roman’s POVcopyright protection62PENANAEmIZmES7NH

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection62PENANAlbfjN0nr9E

“I hear what you’re saying Roman, but you know that’s impossible,” Jenna said we walked up the steps towards my parents’ house. “It’s simply not possible for a wolf to be mates with a human.”copyright protection62PENANAEKuxaGBEFl

“Don’t you think I know that Jen!” I said annoyed with the entire situation. “But I’m telling you that she is my mate! There is no other way to describe this feeling when I see her.”copyright protection62PENANAmjI5j4Jbbx

“Then she’s a wolf, she has to be.”copyright protection62PENANATwI8Qw9eYi

“I’m telling you, she’s 100% human!” I exasperated. “Her scent is a human one and she didn’t react at all to our mating! In fact, she looked absolutely terrified!”copyright protection62PENANASC3mae3MSI

Jenna sighed as she ran a hand through her blonde hair and shrugged at me. “I don’t know what to say, Ro. You said that you’re positive that she’s your mate, but she’s a human.”copyright protection62PENANA7e2PjlU2x6

“That’s why I’m going to ask my father if he’s ever heard of anything like this,” I said unlocking the door to my parent’s home and stepping inside the dimly lit hallway. “As the previous Alpha, he’s bound to have knowledge of things that most pack members do not.”copyright protection62PENANAArCjAtPJIO

Three years ago, my father had stepped down from his position and I took his place as the new alpha of the Hazy Blood Moon Pack. For the most part, I had ruled in a similar way as my father had, stern and fair. However, unlike him, I had absolutely no remorse for rogue werewolves. Any who dare to cross onto my land will be slaughtered on site. I knew better than to trust a rogue, one of my closest friends is dead because of them. But with the new development of me finding my mate, who could very well be some form of a rogue werewolf, I’m not too sure about that “kill-on-site” law anymore.copyright protection62PENANA2Aq5XBj1nc

“He probably might know something,” Jen said as she followed behind me. “If not, your grandfather is still alive, and he’ll definitely know something about it.”copyright protection62PENANAJvqLlK7fNF

Another thing that I’d done differently from any of the other alphas before myself was to appoint a female as my Beta. Jenna was my best friend since we were toddlers. She had my back since the beginning and I knew that I could trust her to have it till the very end. When I became Alpha, I couldn’t see anyone else standing as my right-hand wolf other than her. Of course, there were protests in the beginning, but after seeing Jen in action, no one had anything else to say. She was absolutely ruthless when fighting; going straight in for the kill. Anyone who ever underestimated her is either dead or has some sort of physical or mental reminder as to why you shouldn’t ever.copyright protection62PENANAln6YGGswqa

“Is that…Beyoncé I hear?” Jen said as we walked towards the living room.copyright protection62PENANAktLLyInSJK

“It’s probably just Roxy,” I rolled my eyes as I thought of my annoying little sister. Every time I saw my mate, she was with Roxy and every time Roxy would try to separate us. On one hand, I could understand her behavior. She knew of my womanizing reputation with females and was just trying to protect her friend from what she suspected was me being a man whore. But on the other side, I hadn’t even had the urge to flirt with another female besides my mate ever since I met her. I’ve barely seen her in the two weeks we’d met and my wolf got annoyed when Roxy tried to separate us. Although, I hadn’t told Roxy that her friend was my mate; I don’t even know how she’d take the news.copyright protection62PENANA4tgvfBgnQ4

But as we were about to step into the living, the sudden scent of coconut and honey hit my nostrils that made every muscle in my body tense, a scent that I knew all too well. I felt my heart rate began to pick up and my lower male anatomy became excited at the intoxicating aroma of my mate.copyright protection62PENANA2cr9a8PDFg

“What’s wrong?” Jenna asked in concern as she noticed my demeanor change.copyright protection62PENANAN0JyLih8b1

“She’s here,” I growled out as I felt my canines extend. Her scent alone was driving me crazy and I hadn’t even seen her yet. “My mate is here.”copyright protection62PENANATgu9MJL27B

As soon as I said that we both looked up to see a caramel figure dancing sensually to tribal sounding music. My mate. She was skimpily clad in a small tank top and a tight pair of shorts that barely covered her large, bubble-shaped ass. I felt my lower region tighten as my eyes drunk in the jiggle of her thick thighs, wide hips, and generous butt. Her body was perfect to bear all of my pups. Her long black curls were wild as they bounced along with her movements and her breasts looked like they were straining against the fabric of her top. My Lord. To top it all off, her smooth honey brown skin was glistening under the light and her large lips were pulled into a smile that made my heart clench at how lovely it was. She was incredibly beautiful! I don’t know if it’s the mate bond but never in my life have I ever seen someone as gorgeous as she was. Africa, my Africa.copyright protection62PENANA69OyiZH8Cm

Sadly, I pulled from my thoughts by my annoying sister who finally noticed my presence and glared harshly at me as she stalked over to me. “Roman, what are you doing here?”copyright protection62PENANAopm8Y8qfhB

“What, can’t I visit my own parents’ home?” I sarcastically responded. “Or is that also a problem for you?”copyright protection62PENANAgaRLkDv5GC

“You have to stop this Roman,” She sternly said. “I know that you’re only here because you somehow found out that Africa was here. I don’t know what kind of sick infatuation it is that you have with her but it needs to stop! I told you already that she isn’t like those girls that you like to mess around with so just leave her alone ok! You creep her out enough already, so just leave before she notices you!”copyright protection62PENANAHNLvl4u3c7

If it was anyone else talking to me like that, they would’ve been six feet under, but because this was my little sister, I held back. To tell you the truth, no normal wolf would even have the balls to speak to an Alpha like that; but Roxy has Alpha blood which makes her braver and stronger than most wolves.copyright protection62PENANApBwMKuUaKb

“Watch it!” I growled back at her. “You don’t tell me what to do, and I may be your brother but I’m still your Alpha and you will respect me!”copyright protection62PENANAM1mEMHiiMZ

“I DON’T CARE! YOU HAVE TO STOP DOING THIS!” She dramatically screeched at me, completely gathering the attention of everyone in the room, including my beautiful mate whose face morphed from confusion to horror as her eyes locked onto my form.copyright protection62PENANAUuMG08KubX

Her stunning blue/violet eyes were wide and her jaw was practically on the floor as she stared at me. I felt a low growl rumble in my chest as I watched her struggle to pull down her shirt and shorts. She shouldn’t ever try to cover up her body from me!copyright protection62PENANABAz8mjDhto

“This is her?” Jenna’s voice resounded in my ears as I watched her rake her eyes up and down Africa’s form.copyright protection62PENANAsgpPVcwduj

“She’s got the build of a female wolf, strong looking legs, and midriff,” Jen mind linked me.copyright protection62PENANAcpNY6O7Rii

“But she isn’t a wolf,” I mind linked back to her and my eyes continued to bore into hers.copyright protection62PENANAOUTn3gHHxb

The loud music had now stopped and quickly grasped the opportunity now that I knew she could properly hear me speak. “Africa,” I said her name slowly. Her name was just as stunning as she was.copyright protection62PENANA50ruPmHmAc

I watched her fidget and gulp under my intense gaze before responding. “Ro-Roman,”.copyright protection62PENANAFMCtLIhSzA

Her voice was soft, but I heard her loud and clear. Hearing her say my name was like hearing I’d won the lottery. My body yearned to touch her, to feel her soft skin once more under my palm. It felt painful to be this close to her and not being able to touch her. I made a motion to walk towards her, but my previously blissful mood turned sour when I felt my sister’s hand wrap tightly around my wrist as she growled at me. “Get out of here, Roman!”copyright protection62PENANAaov4MyktfS

Roxy’s gray eyes darkened, her canines became visible and her growling intensified; I knew Africa had heard it because her eyes widened in shock as she looked at her friend in confusion. Hmm, another sign that she’s just a human, growling wouldn’t have startled her if she was a wolf.copyright protection62PENANAEkS6PHtx33

“Roxy?” Her soft voice called. “Are you alright?”copyright protection62PENANAJJQmcB4uuE

Roxy took a deep breath as she shook her head and her eyes and canines returned to normal. “I’m fine Fee.”copyright protection62PENANA4F3zJP84jo

Fee.copyright protection62PENANAWYJO4zwx6A

I found the nickname to be utterly adorable, but I still preferred to call her by her full name, Africa. I just loved to say it and would never give up the opportunity to do so. Once again I found myself falling into a daydream about my mate until Roxy invaded my mind with her mind link.copyright protection62PENANABQjrcw3h0x

“If you don’t get out of here, I’m going to get Mom and Dad.” She threatened.copyright protection62PENANAW4cZEWOM07

I tore my gaze away from Africa to look down at Roxy with a glare. I’m tired of her getting in my way, she needs to know.copyright protection62PENANAbW5UKathIA

“Roxy, come with me,” I said sternly to her.copyright protection62PENANARjqaLDGOUG

But of course, she just had to make things difficult for me. “I’m not going anywhere with you! You’re the one that needs to leave!” She scoffed.copyright protection62PENANAlRLyQpuEcu

I SAID TO COME WITH ME,” I shouted at her with my Alpha command, knowing that she has no choice but to obey. “NOW!”copyright protection62PENANAMorSic3MtL

I watched as she involuntarily bowed her head to me and submission, as well as her other werewolf friends on the couch. But I was stunned to see that my mate hadn’t bowed her head. Even though she was a human, they could still feel the power of an Alpha command to a certain degree. Yes, she looked startled and she had flinched, but she didn’t bow her head in submission to the command. Interesting.copyright protection62PENANAmk5MvQqbEl

“Fine,” Roxy softly growled out before turning towards her friends. “I’ll be right back.”copyright protection62PENANASZcEy242Hg

Giving Africa one last look, I turned around to make my way towards my father’s study with Roxy reluctantly trailing behind me. I knew that she was steaming mad.copyright protection62PENANAxuEYmXbpJE

“You come as well Jen,” I mind linked my beta and she obediently turned to follow us.copyright protection62PENANAb5ZgSu6iGK

I’ll put Roxy’s mind to ease once and for all.copyright protection62PENANAEyKQciTglA

~copyright protection62PENANAxS4cRra3RT

Sorry to end it here guys but I didn’t want the chapter to be too long. We’ll pick up immediately in the next chapter.copyright protection62PENANAH3ZHjRbqaR

See you guys then!copyright protection62PENANAbPqVGDezUz

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