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The One
Writer IcePrincess
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The One
A - A - A
Chapter 2
Aug 4, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IOqzrFZIHkKyDvnXUQMBposted on PENANA

The helicopter slowly descended towards the roof of an old abandoned hospital. The hospital's paint was grimy and peeling leaving the building a dirty gray color. The pilot carefully landed on the roof with a soft bump. As people filed out of the helicopter, Tammy stayed back, peeking around the door frame. Terra walked up next to her.copyright protection49PENANAUjBhjnVPbE

"Come on. I'll take you to your room." Tammy nervously took her hand and allowed her to lead her out of the helicopter and into a small building. Inside was an elevator that took them down, into the hospital. Terra pressed the button and waited for the elevator to come up.copyright protection49PENANAOTtetUTsDB

"So, whats up?" Terra asked, leaning up against the wall. Tammy shuffled her feet while staring at the ground. "We put you in a public ward so you don't have to be by yourself," Terra said, trying to start up a conversation. Tammy was saved from answering as the elevator dinged allowing her, Terra, and the crowd of people that had gathered behind them, to get inside.copyright protection49PENANANo9qTxoNna

During the mad rush to the elevator, Tammy had lost Terra and ended up standing next to Ty. He didn't say much through the ride, but as the elevator dinged on level two Ty grabbed her hand.copyright protection49PENANAoht0zMouCz

"This is your floor." Ty murmured, pulling Tammy out of the crowded elevator. Outside of the elevator was a room full of beds. The room was painted a sea foam blue. A giant window stretched the length of the room across from the elevator. She followed Ty, who had let go of her hand as soon as they left the elevator, towards a bed in the corner of the room. The bed was right by the window so Tammy could look out at the city. "I picked it out my self," Ty whispered, fiddling with the name tag on the bed. "I used to be in your position, just got broken out of solitary confinement, scared and alone."copyright protection49PENANA8qtBFWwypa

"Really?" Tammy asked relief flooded her senses, someone knew what she was going through. Ty nodded, staring out the window.copyright protection49PENANAacykDsR1fe

"The view helped." Ty added, "also not being alone." Tammy sat down on the edge of her new bed and stared out the window. The lights of the city flickered in the distance and the moon hung in the sky like a sliver of silver.copyright protection49PENANAbEwEF5r3z4

"If you need anything call me." Tammy looked up, Ty was holding out a small flip phone, his brown eyes softly held her gaze. "My number's already in it." Tammy slowly took the phone and opened it. The soft light from the screen cast an eery glow on her face. "Do you know how do use it?" Ty asked.copyright protection49PENANACIv6ka2QJr

"Yeah, my mom had one of these," Tammy answered, "thanks."copyright protection49PENANA1TDzdh15ih

"No problem," Ty replied. His phone beeped and he fished it out of his pocket. "I have to go." He spoke, "If you need anything."copyright protection49PENANAjtWQ8BVAFv

"Just call, I know." Tammy gave a small smile. Ty nodded and walked back to the elevator. He looked back over his shoulder before he entered and Tammy gave a small wave before the doors closed and he disappeared from view.copyright protection49PENANAEid9oxkro4

As soon as Ty was out of sight, she realized how hungry she was. A few people milled about the room, talking to each other, reading, playing games. She saw a break in the wall her bed was pushed up against and decided to check it out.copyright protection49PENANASpYwZcN0h5

She rounded the corner into a food court. There was a giant buffet built into the counter on one wall. A few people were handing out drinks and snacks that were stored behind the counter. The rest of the room was taken up by tables and chairs, where people dined on their food. Tammy inched into the room and made her way to the counter where someone handed her a plate. copyright protection49PENANAiAzeqIQmiw

"Would you like some water?" Tammy looked up to see a girl dressed in the rebel uniform. She had short blond hair that traced her jaw line and a set of brilliant blue eyes. copyright protection49PENANARWP46dCrE1

"Yes please," Tammy whispered, eyes downcast.copyright protection49PENANAvxqu3pGRqX

"Here you go!" She smiled, handing Tammy a water bottle. Tammy took the bottle and continued down the line. She observed how people used the tongs to take the food from the buffet and copied them exactly. She was a little nervous when it came to meat after eating Nutriloaf for two years, so she took some salad and every type of dressing they had.copyright protection49PENANAXIywXZfOlx

She scooted back into her room with her food and slipped onto her bed. As she was just finishing up her salad her phone beeped.copyright protection49PENANAkcuahBnU22

Ty: Terrence is ok he just came out of surgery. Just thought you might want to know.copyright protection49PENANAVyzl3DLJub

Tammy: ok. Tell him to feel better :) copyright protection49PENANAGsUeZSeeHz

Ty: He says thx. How are you doing?copyright protection49PENANAL2Mgc4RzYU

Tammy: I just got food. They have good salad.copyright protection49PENANACTtbfwP1fk

Ty: Lol! Get some rest. Big day tmrrw.copyright protection49PENANAdWM7bL0p0H

Tammy: ok.copyright protection49PENANAYMKL2WPUwO

Tammy turned off her phone and plugged it in next to her bed. The battery was at ninety-eight percent but she just wanted to feel like a normal teenager for once.copyright protection49PENANAP8IikXP9Z5

The next morning she woke up with the sun shining through the windows. The room was almost empty with just a few stragglers collecting a few things. She rolled over just in time to see Ty rushing towards her.copyright protection49PENANAtc1gkd2kC2

"Are you ok?" He asked breathlessly.copyright protection49PENANA2BOMmRJcLf

"Um, yeah." Tammy mumbled, half awake, "I just overslept."copyright protection49PENANA0BnITHGJRF

"Oh okay," Ty mumbled, running a hand through his hair. "Terra wants you to come down to the yard for training." copyright protection49PENANAOkRQBb3DwG

"Okay," Tammy replied, "I'll meet you in the lobby."copyright protection49PENANAFzhulEl4Q7

***53Please respect copyright.PENANAt8nyanZQJv
copyright protection49PENANAkRIHzCpglg

She showed up to the lobby in black army pants and a black tank top that she had found, folded neatly, by her bed. Ty was waiting for her with Tim by his side. copyright protection49PENANAVaBN0cZ3Qw

"Hey, soldier!" Tim joked, throwing her a salute. Tammy gave him a small smile, she wasn't sure what to think of him yet. Ty elbowed Tim in his side and he scowled, rubbing his ribs.copyright protection49PENANAKv510qGlvw

"Hey, Tammy!" He smiled, walking over. "Terra wants to meet us in the back." Tim looked like he was going to say something, but thought better about it and closed his mouth. Ty led them through a hallway to the back of the building where a door opened up to a huge field. Part of the field was filled with a giant obstacle course, where rebel troops were already testing their limits.copyright protection49PENANAtPocxYOWea

Terra walked up to them a small smile on her lips. Her hair was pulled up in a tight pony tail. "Welcome to your first day of boot camp."copyright protection49PENANAdakOYk1XoR

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