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Package Deal
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Package Deal
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Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Aug 21, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iG1eNcrhlCMICfRU7MgVposted on PENANA
The next day  she dressed in black leggings, flats and a plain white tee. She put her hair up in a loose pony tail because of the heat. As Diane had suggested she was free of makeup and perfume. 
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The same guard was at the desk when she arrived. 
“You can go on up.” he said without looking up.
“No escort today?” 
He didn’t respond. “You'll need this for the elevator.” He slide a key across the desk eyes glued to his phone. 
She walked out into the empty waiting room. Diane greeted her from her desk she pressed a button and spoke. A  minute later Mr. Davis came out with another man a bit more serious.  He was thinner than Mr. Davis. He was tall all limbs built  Like a dancer. He had blond hair and dark green eyes. He looked at her not in a sexual way just looking.
“Nice to see you again Ms. Childs.”
“You too Mr. Davis.” She smiled politely.
“Please call me Andrew.” He smiled.
“Only if you'll call me Evelyn.” His eyes were intense but something soothing about the look in them. “Eve and Evie also work.” She said in a rush.
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The other man cleared his throat an annoyed look on his face.
“This is one of my partners, Tyler Johnson.”
39Please respect copyright.PENANAjXb9hUHpQ1
“Nice to meet you.” He said shacking her hand. “ I can see what charmed Andy. My purpose for being here today is to  explain the job more and to get a second opinion for the other guys.” He smiled flashing perfect teeth.  “There are many things that  in fact go on here. All designed  to cater to the modern  businessman’s needs. Floor one is a supper lounge, with a bar of coarse. That's where you'd start.  We offer massages. You'd hardly be there unless your a licensed masseuse.” He laughed, turning towards  the waiting area. He sat in one of the chairs. Andrew took the one  beside him. 
Eve followed, sitting on the couch closet to Andrew. Diane took a seat next to her.
“We also have a gentlemans club where dancers preform.  You would never be asked to dance but, the option would always be there if you chose. You would be asked to waitress  at The club a few nights a week.  There's is another club that caters to a darker taste. More leather than lace if you chose to you could waitress there a few nights as well.  Does that sound alright to you?”
39Please respect copyright.PENANARiE0LvWrOa
“Could I just stay at the lower level?"
He shook his head. " We like to switch things up. Makes things unpredictable. It's part of the ambience.” He flashed a smile that was cocky.
“You want it this way.” Andrew looked at her. “It’s also a safety precaution. No girl is ever on the same floor back to back. The schedule is different every week. This all makes it harder for the customers to get attached to any specific girl. Even harder for a guy to find her.” His smile was warm. “The locker room is better than that.”
Tyler and Diane nodded in agreement. 
39Please respect copyright.PENANAsJacgqNINb
“The higher the floor the higher they Pay you By The Hour. All your doing is serving drinks in a sexy costumes.” Diane spoke pushing her glasses up.
39Please respect copyright.PENANAr68CgqxYPn
“Noone will touch you If you don't want to be touched.” Tyler said casually. “This isn't some cheap strip club, men here have class and respect. We don’t ever want you to do anything you don't want to do.”
39Please respect copyright.PENANAZHFEIraFSZ
“Then why make me sign a contract?”  She couldn't shake the uneasy feeling she felt about it. Like she was signing a part of herself over to them, they're company.
“Protection. The contract protects the company. You and also our members. We keep things clean but things do go on here that they wouldn't want their wives or the media to know about.
39Please respect copyright.PENANAQlI0xZqkIe
Eve nodded. It made sense. These qere high profile politicians and business men some of the memebers were even celebrities.
39Please respect copyright.PENANAw9lEMB4kzU
Diane slid her a manila folder. It was thick. 
“We'll give you a minute to read it over and make a decision. Let Diane know when your ready.” Tyler stood heading into the office next to Andrews.
“I hope you give this a chance Evie.” Andrew smiled as he left heading towards his office.
Eve opened the folder and started reading. The legal mumbo made it take concentration to get through. Eve was an avid reader but this wasn’t reading for fun it was chore reading.  She quickly realized it wasn’t just one contract but multiple ones covering different things. 
39Please respect copyright.PENANAIzCoekPo0I
 She wasn’t allowed to share any details about what went on above the first floor.  The partners couldn’t be alone with employees without a chaperone. So there wouldn't  be any confusion or possible lawsuits on sexual harassment. That  explained why Diane seemed to not only assist Andrew but shadow him. 
Whenever in view of customers you were supposed to remain a lady keeping your class and grace. Had to use the employee entrance through the back door using  a personal key card. If the key was lost you could be terminated or fined. She would have to leave her phone inside a lock box. No recording devices of any kind were allowed. You Couldn’t talk to the radio once not employed for five years, another 3 for print and two more before video. Nothing was out of the ordinary she cleared get throat. When Diane looked at her she nodded then sat back down. Both the men came back with Diane hovering behind them.
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“I’ve signed them all. What's next?”
39Please respect copyright.PENANAwrYR6Lsa62
Andrew smiled while Tyler flipped through the pages .
39Please respect copyright.PENANA5OBIcP32e3
“Off to the wardrobe department  to see Claire our seamstress.” Andrews eyes managed to be both pale and bright.
39Please respect copyright.PENANALBTOIKoO2k
39Please respect copyright.PENANACyLBqRmT2s
Eve followed the men down the corridor
 Diane heels clicked agianst the floor as she brought up the rear. A  girl sewing beads onto a corset sat at a work station another sat at the desk.
 She was 5”2  with a thicker body than any of the other women Eve had seen there. Different fabrics lined the back wall. Hard wood floors.Th room was bright from the Windows. Both girls greeted the men and Diane before smiling and going back to work.
A woman In Her forties came out. She was still in shape and not just for her age. Her dark brown hair was cut in a long bob framing her face. She hugged Tyler then Andrew. Her hand brushing his shoulders as if brushing off a piece of lint. The two of them shared a look that seem not necessarily intimate but familiar. 
She turned. Her light brown eyes focused solely on Eve. She looked at her from top to bottom then back again before she came over. Extending her hand. “ You must be Evelyn. A beautiful girl and you appear to have a lovely figure though it might just be those thick panty hose your wearing.”
39Please respect copyright.PENANAV7hxQunTwB
Eves eyes widened but she kept quiet. “Nice to meet you Claire.”  
“Maddie a robe please.” The older woman turned back to Andrew before she had finished speaking.
39Please respect copyright.PENANAWhdQ6VAvJD
The girl came from behind the desk smiling. “Follow me to the changing room.” They turned down a corridor inside the wardrobe department. “ Inside you’ll find a tank, boy shorts,  a robe and a pair of sandals all  new of coarse we suggest the girls take it all with them for their next fittings.” She opened the door. “ take everything else off but you may leave your hair up. Do you need me to wait here to take you back or do you remember the way?”
39Please respect copyright.PENANAPmbAYCskvu
“Ill be fine thanks.”
“No prob.” Maddie waved it off. “Welcome to the team.”
39Please respect copyright.PENANANqC4Yszlm5
She knew the men would still be there. She would be exposed. The thoughy made her face flushed she changed leaving her clothes there.   She went to join the others. She had taken a wrong turn but realized it quickly.
“you Have lovely a Complexion.” Claire turned to her. “is the hair natural.”
“I was thinking go dark almost black. Bring out her eyes and skin.” Tyler came closer.
After thinking for a moment Claire shook her head. “Have you ever been a redhead?”
“No, pretty much like it is now.” She had gotten highlights once but, the hairdresser hadn’t done a good job.
39Please respect copyright.PENANAWina8u5JZP
“Something tells me Keegan will want red. Something deep.” She said to Andrew and Tyler before turning to Eve. “Could you remove the robe.”
39Please respect copyright.PENANAmOcxpaaSvF
“I'd been hoping for something lighter.” Andrew seemed suddenly nervous. “She'd make a stunning strawberry blonde with those steamy grey eyes and dusting of freckles.” He wasn't  looking at her or anyone for that matter.
39Please respect copyright.PENANAnj60o4tXpP
39Please respect copyright.PENANA3m7rwgVCZU
“Best leave it till he comes back.” Tyler said looking at Andrew.

 "White is not your color.” The older woman told her to turn  around so they could get a better look. “But your figure is amazing. The men will eat it up. You sure know how to pick em Andrew.”39Please respect copyright.PENANAslJET9P32k
copyright protection35PENANAzsQkJy8Vjs

39Please respect copyright.PENANAJpDPp1TTZj
He smiled seeming more like himself. “That's why they pay me the big bucks.”
39Please respect copyright.PENANAI2FQtc6oO5
 Claire held color swatches to her face. “Your complexion favors rich colors more than most pale woman.” She held up some fabrics. “She’s defiantly more lace than leather."
39Please respect copyright.PENANAjgr2VlcKoe
Andrew shook his head. “She can do both. Make her a French maid reversed grey on black
39Please respect copyright.PENANA47DIX3KRWJ
Claire look surprised. "Even the stockings?"
"All of it."
She nodded but looked at Eve slightly annoyed. "I hope were not waiating our time chosing outfits that take the longest just for her to quit." She smiled.
“Only make three leave the rest for the others. “ Andrew ignoring her attitude
39Please respect copyright.PENANAaFLQvf2BDR
39Please respect copyright.PENANAHX88Z3tcNS
When that was done they took her down to the kitchens where she meet one of the floor mangers. She trained her how to carry the tray in heals. Which she could do already but, there were some serving specifics. Like bending one knee when leaning over to serve drinks. Smiling and winking   over your shoulder whenever leaving a table making eye contact  with a different one each time. 
“Spread the love. Flirting is great the guys’ll will tip more but if anyone ever gets a Lil too tipsy catch it, report it and he’ll be escorted away." Andrew 
“What ever bad mood you find yourself in has to go when you step in here and put on a costume.The men should never see you frowning or upset. That will get you in trouble with the floor manager. You could get suspended from floor.” Tyler texting.  
Diane gave her a schedule each floor had a schedule for each day of the week seemed confusing back for fitting in two days.
39Please respect copyright.PENANAqS04BX8lO5
“I’ll walk you down.” Andrew said once he finished talking dresses over with Claire.
39Please respect copyright.PENANA5ZKRPf6SQK
Andrew walked next to her in the hallway. Though she knew he wasn’t looking at her Eve fought the urge to fidget. He made her nervous. It wasn’t a physical fear. She knew he wouldn’t overstep any boundaries. That wasn’t the man he was and Diane was behind them. Something about the way he looked at her. He looked into her eyes too deeply. His ice blue eyes trying to pierce through her defenses. Make her open up. The way he had in the interview when talking about that creep at her last job and when she"d expected to see pity in his eyes she saw anger. 
39Please respect copyright.PENANAKyHSHHVaTJ
"Your going to do well here. Go out tonight celebrate your new job."
39Please respect copyright.PENANA3kC3pd1yzP
She drove home for a quiet night in. Soaked in the tub read a book until it was time for the weekly skype with her parents then went to bed early
39Please respect copyright.PENANADEPnwEDDxu

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