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Real Life Adventure - High Fantasy Edition
Writer Kalok Wing
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Real Life Adventure - High Fantasy Edition
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Chapter 1 - Crest
Kalok Wing
Oct 16, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kcZQPT3mCKglhfRa6zbPposted on PENANA

Chapter 1copyright protection61PENANAsit0lFGtmj

Bryan opened his eyes after what felt like just a few moments had passed. He sat up from the hard wood floor and rubbed his head. Everything seemed relatively normal. He was still in Charlie’s bed room, surrounded by the unconscious figures of Aaron, Ashley, Christina, Jessie, and Kyle.copyright protection61PENANAIGvIwkCAGf

If that could be considered normal.copyright protection61PENANAlXADcrNi1Y

He made sure everyone in the room was still breathing and took a few quiet steps out into the living room. Some of the guys had already started stirring, and everyone seemed to have some headache-like discomfort.copyright protection61PENANA7thBuCga5C

“Hey, you alright?” Bryan walked over to Charlie and shook him slightly.copyright protection61PENANAtOiZxPjaq0

“Huh?” Charlie always seemed to ask that when someone woke him up, “what happened?”copyright protection61PENANApLYZoarcts

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Bryan helped him to his feet while everyone else was becoming fully awake.copyright protection61PENANAbBWscr5tBb

Before anyone could really do anything, everybody was already asking each other “what happened?” But no one knew the answer.copyright protection61PENANA55Zo4xeoHE

[Good morning.]copyright protection61PENANAp6qn6Pyx12

A pleasant-sounding voice sounded in everyone’s ears. It was soft and tranquil; most were instantly sure it was a woman speaking.copyright protection61PENANA0cDXEQoJj0

“I just want to make sure, but I’m not the only one who heard that right?” Vu asked.copyright protection61PENANAUp6UObs2z9

One by one people voiced their affirmation. Everybody had heard it.copyright protection61PENANAHZg7nnWWUY

“Ah good, I’m not going crazy yet then,” Vu quipped.copyright protection61PENANAYVaCTPtizM

[Welcome, newcomers, to Aphospea, a world of freedom unbound.]copyright protection61PENANAiucpp0AR3a

Casey, Corey, Jerry, Nik, Vu, and Zhao all seem interested in what’s going on for their own various reasons, while Charlie simply went back on his phone—likely expecting someone to explain it to him later. Of course, Bryan was interested too, but walked back into Charlie’s bedroom to check on the others first. Much like everyone in the living room, no one was sure what was going on, but Aaron and Kyle were listening relatively attentively to the strange voice’s words.copyright protection61PENANA1KaiSxFOuA

[The world you now find yourselves in is very different from the world you have come from. Here, your options are limitless. Survive, acquire skills and abilities, and grow strong and influential!]copyright protection61PENANAMsvX5pNyHm

Anyone who’s read certain online novels or watched certain anime would instantly find that kind of a line familiar. With varying amounts of anxiety mixed with excitement, those who were interested could hardly wait to hear what was next. For others, it was much more anxiety than excitement.copyright protection61PENANAl0Rxpgy08B

[Your options are limitless! Survive, acquire skills and abilities, grow strong and influential! The Crest emblazoned on the back of your non-dominant hand will help you monitor your progress.]copyright protection61PENANAa9mlseS73n

All at once, everyone noticed it. A decorative but tribal looking tattoo had inexplicably appeared on the back of their hands. The lines were black; some were wavy while others were jagged, but they all came together to form a wicked set of wings. It was impressive—a little over the top—but if it did everything all the guys were imagining it did, it was likely that no one would really care.copyright protection61PENANAHQQdOVCBtj

[Simply touch the Crest, or think Status Window to display the Crest’s most basic feature. As you discover new things and features, messages like the one you are hearing now will give you a basic understanding as to not leave you completely clueless.]copyright protection61PENANAYPkQmK6VKf

What happened next was to be completely expected. Everyone’s interest was piqued when they heard “status window”; its implications were many and far reaching. Whether it was by touching the Crest or thinking the command, everyone wanted to see their Status Windows. Bryan was so excited that the split second it took for the window to appear felt like an eternity.copyright protection61PENANAwVpTgR89Yc

It was exactly what he was expecting it to be. It hovered just an inch above the back of his hand, and would continuously turn so that no matter how he looked at it or what position his arm was in, he could see the information easily. The window itself was semi-transparent and rectangular, with little greyed out tabs near the top edge. Only the first—and current—tab wasn’t greyed out, the Status tab.copyright protection61PENANAwF3mTRivtL

<Name: Bryan Chan> <Age: 21> <Race: Human> <Sex: Male>copyright protection61PENANAPsB9iXTpSE

<Level: 1> <Class: Newcomer>copyright protection61PENANAEpz3jPVrYT

<HP: 100/100> <MP: 0/0>copyright protection61PENANADvzHRsz9Y2

<Strength: 10>copyright protection61PENANAVOvwXNuRcm

<Dexterity: 10>copyright protection61PENANAwRM5V5VQxT

<Constitution: 11>copyright protection61PENANAKbojSgMrqL

<Intelligence: 10>copyright protection61PENANAulzZRxMmpZ

<Magic: 0>copyright protection61PENANAJVRv1MBWD8

<Charisma: 11>copyright protection61PENANAQnjfHbvuCV

<Luck: 5>copyright protection61PENANAf7hO68mSvL

<Passive Skills: Gamer’s Mind, and Gamer’s Body>copyright protection61PENANASeGJJHwkE9

As far as the stats went, 10 was probably the average. Bryan knew he was somewhat lacking in strength, but seeing a numeric representation of his strength as a 10 really cheered him up. He could understand having 0 Magic, but honestly hoped that the Luck stat was somehow different from the others—otherwise, 5 would be an abysmal number.copyright protection61PENANAsuxMJeXeJA

Everyone started comparing stats. After some discussion, the group figured that 10 was most likely actually the average for everything except Magic and Luck. Everyone had 0 Magic; while most members of the group had around 5 Luck. Corey and Jessie were a little luckier, and had 6 Luck.copyright protection61PENANAaYHrNOA9H5

Then there was Jerry. With 9 Luck.copyright protection61PENANAVzjBj3jPnX

There was some speculation that the Luck stat went on a scale from 1-10 and just went back and forth depending on fortuitous or un-fortuitous encounters, but there would currently be no way to tell. Everyone had to stifle their jealousy to start discussing the actual situation and what to do about it. The most surprising thing was probably that no one was freaking out or panicking. Did it have something to do with the Passive Skills? Everyone had them.copyright protection61PENANAZQswDbLBqu

Unfortunately, tapping on the skill names in the Status Window didn’t display a skill description, so figuring out what the two passives did would probably have to wait until they unlocked a Skill Menu or something.copyright protection61PENANAcAtU2hICqp

Nik and some of the guys decided to take a look outside while everyone else took inventory of the food and other necessities in the house. If they were all really brought to a different world, no one was sure how the house was brought with them, but everyone needed to have some kind of idea about what they had to work with, where they were, and what was around them.copyright protection61PENANAImY2Xi5h8t

The outside reconnaissance took just a few minutes; we were surrounded on three sides by forest, and behind us was a forested mountain—with a cave. That would take some exploring at some point. Inside the house on the other hand, there was 2 crates of water, enough food to last everyone about one or two meals, and enough blankets and pillows to go around. Thankfully that gave everyone a day’s worth of time to adjust and discuss. Everyone gathered back together in the living room.copyright protection61PENANAf7kHEXSpyj

“Alright, so it looks like its late afternoon outside,” Nik announced, sharing the details about the setting sun and amazing scenery before finally continuing, “what’s the plan?”copyright protection61PENANAUKTnEWFmy6

Everyone dropped into a contemplative silence. Bryan was the first to speak up, “hey Vu, Kyle, and Casey, you guys are fast and used to running, can you take advantage of the time we have before night time to scout a little further out around us?” It would be good to know more about our surroundings than just ‘forests and forested mountains’.copyright protection61PENANALhsKjq3oHb

“Oh yeah sure, no problem,” Vu nodded, “let’s go guys.” He motioned to the other two and made his way to the door.copyright protection61PENANARXibEW8xmH

“Be careful,” Bryan added.copyright protection61PENANAQgrKE5Gkse

Vu just brought his hand up to head level and waved with the back of his hand before exiting the house.copyright protection61PENANAqewSYPi1dZ

“I can get started on some dinner preparations,” Nik offered.copyright protection61PENANAc5WvhBsq8O

“I’ll help too,” Brandon chimed in.copyright protection61PENANA7Y5yJKEp46

That honestly, didn’t sound like a bad idea. Some food would definitely help calm the nerves and anxieties. Everyone offered up their agreement to the prospect of food, so the two chefs made their way into the kitchen to work. Then they immediately turned around and announced: “The stove doesn’t work. No fire. No cooking.”copyright protection61PENANAEukanjZFld

Bryan sighed and turned to Charlie, “hey Charlie, can you help me decide on sleeping arrangements since it’s your house? I’ll go get us some firewood or something. We can start a fire outside and cook there.”copyright protection61PENANAFyjC3Adw0m

Charlie looked up from his phone and looked around at the people in the room. “Simple. There’s 4 girls, so they can go 2 to a room—since I’m sure they won’t want to be sleeping in the same room as any of you—and I get my bedroom cause it’s my room. Easy,” he then turned his attention back to his phone.copyright protection61PENANAl7lqG4bktg

Bryan shrugged and looked around the room for agreement. All the guys shrugged and all the girls nodded. That took care of sleeping arrangements relatively simply. “Zhao, Corey, Jerry, go divide up the extra blankets and stuff while I’m out gathering firewood,” Bryan decided that there was no sense in wasting time. The three that were called upon filed into the hallway where the cabinets and drawers were. Bryan made his way towards the front door, but stopped next to Ashley for a brief moment.copyright protection61PENANAr7LLi84hOq

“You okay?” He asked her.copyright protection61PENANAvtYO51piyp

“Yeah,” she answered as if to say ‘why wouldn’t I be?’copyright protection61PENANAFTx0kd4vyx

“That’s good,” Bryan smiled and continued on his task.copyright protection61PENANAMZFyKXHPfv

“Actually, I’ll come with you. Will be easier that way,” Nik announced and followed Bryan out.copyright protection61PENANAfLZeA4gZnO

After 15 minutes of sorting, and a few good debates and arguments about who should get what, everyone who wouldn’t be sleeping in a bed got their own blanket and a pillow. The girls would have the stuff already on the beds, and Charlie had his own sheets. There was definitely more relief than surprise at the fact that Charlie actually had enough spare blankets for everyone.copyright protection61PENANAp2HW21a7xI

In the meantime, Bryan and Nik managed to pick up every stick they could find just outside the house. There were even some rocks for making a fire pit thrown into the mix. The two of them set about erecting their cooking fire, and thanks to Nik’s relative expertise, were finished in no time at all. Bryan headed back inside to tell Brandon to join Nik, and then took a seat as close as he felt he could sit next to Ashley. He relaxed a little while watching the cooking duo ferry food from the kitchen to the cooking fire.copyright protection61PENANAFkHkSsiAhy

The scouting group returned shortly after and headed inside to claim their own sheets. Kyle went back to sit with Jessie and Casey started arguing with Corey over wanting his seat back. Vu on the other hand walked over to Bryan to essentially give a report.copyright protection61PENANA5xj4MT92Sw

Vu summarized, “well there really isn’t much other than forest in our immediate area. There are a lot of these little rabbits with single long horns coming out from their foreheads, and a pretty large lake off to our right.”copyright protection61PENANAQhzxeCyoJ6

“At least there was water and a potential source of food then. Though actually catching a rabbit may prove incredibly difficult…” Bryan sighed and remembered his attempt at catching a rabbit when he first started college.copyright protection61PENANA6oqNJif1Tx

“I also found some decently sized branches we could use as makeshift clubs or something. I brought them back just in case,” Vu smirked.copyright protection61PENANAAY5T3RMdTF

Bryan raised an eyebrow. Vu would be the one to think of something like that. The two of them stepped back out of the house to take a look at the branches Vu had brought, and then began to discuss what they could do with them.copyright protection61PENANAKKXjhbVQzF

Time passed relatively quickly as everyone delved into their own conversations about their current situation. The interesting prospects. The potential dangers and worries. The allure of adventure and magic. The thoughts about home.copyright protection61PENANAXF3ntNGJPz

Then it was time to eat.copyright protection61PENANAgpymiCe5P8

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