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Hellmore High
Writer TrulyBlueAngel
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Hellmore High
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Aug 2, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!A4l2ysLfWw3eJMAomYNEposted on PENANA

                                                                                 Pilot54Please respect copyright.PENANAZK8zgwWq20
copyright protection50PENANAV2L6qfWMiZ

  Wings. Brown, with black specks. Instead of the pair being attached to the back of an angel they are nailed to Hellmore's prized trophy case. The remaining skin ,hanging by threads on the base, ooze with a crescent blood that can almost shine gold. Kafziel thinks hes going to be sick. The blood sounds nothing more than a leaky faucet but the image in front of him shows him otherwise. The dripping seems to be getting more and more clearer. closer, maybe? Kafziel thinks hes not moving, but the sound inches to him. Louder and louder...copyright protection50PENANAIS34VBwHQt

"Kafziel!" Annadaels voice replaces the dripping, instead of being at the famous school he lies in bed. Instead of the bloody image, his blank ceiling stares back. "Kafziel! Kaffy?!" after the couple more yells, Kafziel decides to answer back.copyright protection50PENANAdUIWGjk3h8

"I'm up." He says a little softly. Not sure why he didn't yell, but the wet tears on his face could be the answer he supposes. Before he can correct his tone, Anna comes bursting in. Without warning, though he should've guessed, shes right next to his side rubbing a tissue in is face. A little too hard he admits to himself.copyright protection50PENANAHcatjBJfo2

"Kaffy, whats wrong why are you crying?" Kafziel opens his mouth to answer, but is surprised he can't really explain it himself. He shrugs sure that would suffice. She looks puzzled but decides not to press. "You can tell me later..But you will tell me. Now, you need to get up dude, Were gonna be late. And were already cliche already, I mean c'mon two new kids transfer to a famous high school. Sounds like a god awful romcom," She hides her snicker behind her hand. Something he hated from the old school, were the conservative demons. They bullied Anna about her laugh and smile too much she always covers it now. Just a reminder of things they took he guesses. He smiles along with her.copyright protection50PENANAf7VibQTHyK

Kafziel nods. "I think i'm gonna wear my cat sweater today." The statement makes her laugh again and she leaves the room to him. The boxes everywhere remind him that this is the last time he will be sleeping here until hes a senior. A weird rule about Hellmore if you ask him. Every student attending besides seniors must stay in the rooms provided on the campus. Another thing to be worried about, sharing a room with a demon. A nightmare. He sighs and gets up. The digging in his clothes box seems to stir the cat Mel. She claws at his wings, so he has to shake them a bit. Hes gonna miss her. Mel wasn't exactly a cat, to be honest Kafziel didn't know what she was. She had wings, not of an angels more like a birds, then she had horns, he would go to say almost like a demons. But the texture wasn't as rough.copyright protection50PENANAbLETIkc2ou

Heading downstairs with his box, mostly containing clothes. He had some books, but most of his stuff was in his schoolbag. Anna was the pack rat. She filled the car with everything. Kafziel had no idea how he was gonna see out of the back. As big as the wagon is, it isn't as big as anna thinks.copyright protection50PENANAb5Gmz0Xjgm

"So, you ready?" Anna's blonde hair whips behind her as she jumps startled.Green eyes widened by surprise. Kafziel is always reminded how different he is from her. He smiels softly to himself as she finds her words.copyright protection50PENANAlvtgNE7HmF

"KAF YOuv'e got to stop doing that!" She looks back at the wagon. Her face grows solemn. "Do you think dad will be back soon? Because I don't, I couldn't care less though. But," She turns to Kafziel. He can tell shes focusing on his messy dark brown hair. "Do you?"copyright protection50PENANArxq5r8qDbO

"I think," kafziel thinks. "I think were gonna be late." He moves past Anna and starts the car. He knows he shouldn't blow her off but, he doesn't want to think about dad. When Anna and him got bullied, tormented would be a better word, Kafziel and annadael's father packed them up, rented a small apartment and hooked them up in Hellmore. Then he left. Said he had a business trip. Hes still sending money though. Anna slams the door behind her as she gets in.copyright protection50PENANA7mUOItOGM4

"Are you ever gonna groom your wings?" Anna says pulling a loose feather.copyright protection50PENANA28zwonav4x

"I haven't had time." Kafziel lies, he's had plenty, just couldn't care less. His mother always said he rocked the messy look anyway. His grey wings contrasted Anna's anyway.copyright protection50PENANAav4BBvK19V

Upon arriving Hellmore, Kafziel notices three things at the same time. One; The school's majority was Demons, Their tails stood out to angels, along with their horns. 2; the schools gate was defiantly not letting anyone in or out unless permitted. 3; certain Brown wings stand out the crowd. The only difference is that their not covered in blood.copyright protection50PENANAPhiJ61dUH0

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