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Hellmore High
Writer TrulyBlueAngel
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Hellmore High
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No One Plans A Murder Out Loud
Aug 2, 2017
16 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4KNtmGaa7gKZN42wYeTZposted on PENANA

Its nothing. A coincidence. Lots of angels have brown wings, in fact he can count 12 in the courtyard. So, why is he so focused on that pair. The wings are placed on a young angel, maybe around Kafziel's age. His skin is dark almost matching his face, His jaw chiseled, A bright smile that crinkles his dark brown eyes. Kafziel follows the angels eyes to a group of others that are mixed in with demons. They all have one thing in common, a Letterman jacket. Kaziel cant see what exactly is on the jackets but its a normal Letterman commonly found in schools like this. The angel seems to be talking and laughing with this mixed group. Kafziel shreds his eyes from the only familiar wings to the other occupants in the courtyard, at least the ones he can see over the box hes holding. They're all mixed. Demons and angels conversing. Demons and angels Making out, holding hands, and playing games. Everything is different from what he usually witnesses. He realizes hes been staring when he twist once more to get more looks, when Annas face pops in view and she puts her wings to block his view.copyright protection56PENANAhlGokLmMl1

"Earth to Kaffy? Hello," She twists her face into an animated grin, full with the wiggling eyebrows and everything. "You saw him too? Geez I hope we don't have to fight over him."copyright protection56PENANAaqLXT8E3iM

The brown wings Tacked to the trophy case lashes through his mind. "I actually hope we can fight over him." He doesn't want to think about the dude dying this was just his way of telling himself he can get to know the angel in question.copyright protection56PENANAj3L68OD62w

"Wow Kaffy, always getting in the way of my future Boy friends, Your selfish you know," She sticks her tongue out.copyright protection56PENANA6jSMHcy4YT

Kafziel rolls his eyes into a grin, and kicks her in the butt,Which she retaliates by trying to kick back but ends up dropping and breaking one of her boxes. In turn Kaf breaks into a Mischievous laugh. He would rub his hands together Menacingly but the box hes holding stops him. Anna drops fast putting her clothes back in the box.copyright protection56PENANA58jR6dZLgi

"Its not funny Kafziel, these are designer!" She yells with a moody tone.copyright protection56PENANAxAmjHu7kB9

"They are from old navy, it would be different if it was Kelvic Klive," Kaf drops his box on the hood of the wagon and bends down to help Anna put everything back into the tore up box. Anna glares the whole time. But smiles when they finish. Kaf turns to get his box off the hood.copyright protection56PENANARHtJuaW2eU

"Hey you guys need help?" A voice he doesn't recognize, its not Anna's way too husky for a female even....Kaf spins on his heels to look at the owner. He can admit he almost gets whip lash from the spin. When hes fully around his face his a foot apart from the stranger. Forest green eyes ,with a tint of some other color Kaf cant put a finger on, is staring back at him. Hes Holding One of Anna's boxes but Anna's not in sight. The stranger stares at him expectantly. Christ, Kaf needs to answer.copyright protection56PENANAWk3gbataVJ

"Uh, Umm, Yeah, no?" What was that garbage Kaf wonders. Is he suddenly a dumpster for words. Mentally he face palms. "Help would be appreciated, But me and my sister dont even know where our dorms are or if were sharing at all. So if your okay with starting help on a blank canvas it would be great." Kafziel nods. As Does the stranger. Kaztiel looks for horns while suspecting the stranger. He finds none, but he doesnt find wings either. The stranger seems to notice though.copyright protection56PENANAttkPM1jUmV

"I don't have horns, Lost them in a fight," He chuckles setting the box down and pointing to where horns are supposed to occupy. His tail whips behind him though playfully."Didn't lose this appendage. My names Caspian." He holds his hand out. Kaf puts down his box and hesitantly shakes Caspian's hand.copyright protection56PENANA4dCxX7HTaW

"Kafziel." Just after finishing the word, Caspian's hand tightens. Not in a way he was expecting more of a friendly manner. Caspian releases his hand first and smiles a brighter smile. Kafziel smiles timidly back. Caspian seems to be wearing a Letterman. Its a red torso piece, with light yellow sleeves and red and blue rings contrasting with the yellow sleeves. An H rests on the Left sleeve. Kaf supposes it stands for Hellmore.copyright protection56PENANAO6gSms2QDY

"What sport do you play Caspian?" He tries out the name. Caspian stares down at the piece of clothing questionably like he forgot he was wearing it. Upon realization he changes his smile into a smirk.copyright protection56PENANAA6rUVeVf9h

"Football, reason why i'm here to help. I've got the whole team at the power of my finger tips," Kaf notices Caspian staring behind him. Kaf looks over and sees his grey wings perked up in interest. Kaf puts them down quickly. Embarrassed. Caspians smirk turns into a silly grin as he continues his sentance. "You know, because im team captain."copyright protection56PENANAbdvOKsVsm5

Kaf looks back at the trunk of the wagon and sure enough Anna is talking to brown wings and handing him and other players boxes.copyright protection56PENANAoabF2y75pL

"One of my mates ran to the office real quick and found out her and your information. So no I don't mind a blank canvas." He picks up the box and hands it to another demon, then turns back to Kaf. "If that's your only box I can show you to your room." Kafziel doesn't realize hes glaring until Caspians smirk got an inch wider. Kafziel now had a million questions.copyright protection56PENANA3ZRvUNKQ3T

With as much grace he can muster he follows Caspian in the building. Caspian Leads him to in elevator. Once the little ding is heard the door opens and They file into the elevator. The doors close softly but enough to be heard in the silence between the two.copyright protection56PENANA8e6D2R6Xks

Kafziel speaks first, adjusting his wings so they are barely touching Caspian at their shoulder to shoulder distance. Why they were standing this close Kafziel didn't know. Seemed like Caspian just wouldnt move. Which irritated him. "How did you know our names to ask the office?" Caspian barely moved his head to glance at Kaf. After that quick glance he just turned and stared at the two metal doors.copyright protection56PENANA3IDfoGOwLd

"I just heard Two new angels were coming from Covelton." Kaf was staring intently at Caspian's face hoping to get a read. Nothing. For the first time Caspian wasn't smirking or smiling. Kafziel wondered if that was an act. Maybe hes not taking me to my room. The other jocks are with Anna did they get them to separate? Are they gonna be my wings on the trophy case.copyright protection56PENANAhPd9k8W5Y0

Kafziel was in the corner as quick a mel runs to get dinner, he tells himself. His breathing is hard and rough. The elevator is taking forever. The numbers above the door is on 3. How long has he been in this elevator? Why does it feel small? Why did he trust a demon? Is Anna gonna be okay? A million thoughts run through his head, Kaf is almost convinced it could be an Olympic sport. The numbers above the door blur together. Kafziel is gonna die, those will be his wings.copyright protection56PENANAY6e5KgXReh

A hand touches his shoulder. Kafziel tenses making his sense coming back. Hes staring into Caspian's eyes again. Caspian looks scared or is that look worried? By the time his eyes fully adjust the look is gone. Kafziel must have imagined that. A new hatred for Caspian as a being blooms.copyright protection56PENANAjh0XwoDkVp

"Kafziel, I didn't know it was that bad," His face is still staring at kaf just as blank as could be. Caspian removes his hand. "I didn't mean to bring up bad memories, or anything." Caspian Rubs his ashy blond hair, embarrassed Kaf guesses. Seems like hes doing that a lot lately. Guessing about everything, assuming.copyright protection56PENANAydeMmzUiES

Kafziel sighs, the elevator dings and Kafziel walks out first this time. "Well it was, Demons wern't friendly to me or my sister. Sorry but that changed our point of view about your race. If not her point of view than mine." Kafziel supposes it was a little harsh to say something like this, but it might of needed to happen to keep Caspian at arms length. By the hurt look on the demons face, Kaf thinks it worked. Caspian walks to an oak door, a mimic of the others in the hall, but the number is different.copyright protection56PENANAiDZxJJOGA2

176Ecopyright protection56PENANAXUkXSRmwch

"This is your room, I don't know who your roommate is but boy do I feel sorry about the problems you're dragging in," Caspian walks back to the elevator but stops behind kaf. Kaf turns his head, Caspian is smirking. Probably because he earned the biggest glare. Or because he planed to pick a loose feather off Kaf , which earned more than a glare and an attempt slap but Caspian, just walked into the elevator fast. Kafziel scoweled. "Your passcode to your room is 375 , " He twist the grey feather in between his fingers, "I dont know much about angels but I know enough to know you need a groom." With that the elevator door closed. Leaving Kafziel rubbing the wing that is down a feather.copyright protection56PENANAVKuawQKr9p

"What a dick..." A female voice behind him says. Kafsiel rubbing his feathers pays no mind to her and replies.copyright protection56PENANAjs2i0L2OsD

"Tell me about it..." Kafziel looks up and a tall dark demon is standing behind him. She must be 6'4" or something.. Kafziel backs up. Which earns him something close to a giggle but more of a laugh.copyright protection56PENANARpybmq2JWf

"Don't worry I don't bite, i'm your roommate . My name is Metzi, " Of course she is. "I know your from Covelton School, and you and your sister transferred here, isn't she a freshmen? Yeah, yeah she is, thats right. Anyway I know Covelton, My sisters girlfriend went there. She said is hell for angels, no pun intended."copyright protection56PENANA0S0v2wmMYw

"It is." Kafziel sighs, " Sorry if i'm a little too judgy then, I guess you could expect that. Does everyone know we're from covelton?"copyright protection56PENANAchZeAZ0DOs

"Oh you betcha, its the fastest gossip that traveled these halls in the first weeks of school prep. Your lucky you got here before classes officially start."copyright protection56PENANAgFSORffUYb

Great so everyone knows. I have a feeling Caspian won't be a stranger. Kafziel smiles a mock smile and turns to punch in the code. The code..copyright protection56PENANA9Z39v6GSTE

"Wait a minute," Metzi held the hand he was punching the numbers with. Metzis eyes are unique, they are a light blue, but they almost look purple. Why is he so interested in eyes? "How did Caspian know the code to our room?" Metzi had a point kef thought.copyright protection56PENANAo5Wokwolac

"Can we change it?" Kefziel said hopefully.copyright protection56PENANAOqSGfJWuDU

"Unless you want to pay a 300 dollar fee.." metzi looks at him cautiously, " No." She scoots Kafziel over and punches the rest of the code in. "Guess were just gonna have to trust the jocks." With that she opened the door.copyright protection56PENANAGNUKWpRDiK

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_______________________________________________________________________________copyright protection56PENANAhGQd4bKtwU

It took forever to get situated in their room, not because it was small which it isn't, but because Metzi is just like Anna and had tons of boxes. Which Kaf thinks for once is actually good considering the room is so big. If Metzi only brought a couple things like Kafziel did, they wouldnt have enough furniture. Metzi explained how her family donates yearly to the school so she has no limit to what she can bring. Which is unfair but lucky for them. Metzi had people bring in couches, tables and chairs, kitchen supplies, decor and a television. Metzi even made another call for Kafziel upon realizing the dorm didn't come furnished like Kaf requested. Kafziel insisted to pay for it but metzi wouldn't let him,Kept telling him she has favors to pull in. Before Kaf knew it their dorm room was fully stocked. He had the loft while metzi got the bottom. Said that way he can stretch his extra appendages more. The style they went for was a simple black,gray and white color scheme. And touches of gold here and there. It was about 9:00 pm, until they had every thing tidied up.copyright protection56PENANAFklx1BhX6U

Just as Kafziel was heading to bed mitzi called after him.copyright protection56PENANASMHNxEdohv

"Hey man!" She pointed to the picture of mel on Kafziel's new desk. "What is that?" He knew this question was coming as soon as he set the frame down. They sat down sharing stories, talking about families, talking about the past. Before long Kafziel is having fun. Hes learned Metzi is a cook, and loves playing golf. Her sisters girlfriend graduated Covelton 3 years ago, and had to take therapy because she couldn't walk the streets without being scared by demons. But her therapist was also Metzi's sister. Kafziel is now best friends with a demon. The day took a turn for the best.copyright protection56PENANA9zcZNgayKG

Saying goodnight, and preparing for school for the morning was hard. Kafziel wasnt sure if he wanted to blame it on them talking until 12, or blame it on just not wanting to stop talking.copyright protection56PENANAsp1OX3pe1v

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~________________________________________________________________________________copyright protection56PENANA8UiQHQvVeM

Running, the soles of Kafziels feet hurt. But hes running, he doesnt remember why or when he started running but he is. He isn't anywhere, just black, darkness , surrounds him. He cant seem to hear, or he thinks, maybe there is nothing to hear. that is until he sees a light and his shoes make squeaky squashes against the tile floors. behind him its still darkness but the darkness opens up into what appears to be the entrance to the hall of the school.copyright protection56PENANAqnlCm9TxHD

He hasn't been to this part of the school, but the Hellmore High signs and pride frame lockers and walls. A clicking sound joins the noise of his shoes. He keeps walking straight, Until light flickers ahead. He then stops normally like any rational person. When the light does come back on there seems to be a figure at the end of the hall wearing raven mask. Not one of those half face witch doctor ones, but a full raven head. There's no way you can see he shape of the head under the mask. The figure seems to be wearing something like a leather jacket. Kafziel backs up even more when the figure pulls out what looks like a giant, over sized Hook. Mr raven head moves slightly more, letting the hook fall a ways to his ankle, the only thing holding the hook is the chain its attached to. Kafaiel backs up quicker,every nerve in his body is telling him to run.copyright protection56PENANAea3gY0joel

Raven head, moves his head sideways at the movement Kafziel presented. Raven head walkes forward with each step Kaf takes. The faster kaf takes steps back the faster Raven head moves. Pretty soon They get into a jog pace. Raven throws the chain over his head and swings the hook and chain over his head. The motion reminds Kafziel of a cowboy but much more of a threat. For this Kaf breaks into a full run.copyright protection56PENANAUnfdeX3JSi

He rounds corners hes never turned before. He stops outside of a few classes. He cant hear the killer anymore, is he safe? Before he can sigh a relief hands cover Kafziels mouth and pulls him into a classroom. Kafziel moves, shakes, throws hits. His wings turning into weapons.copyright protection56PENANAwjFRW21QzI

"Shhh, Kafziel!" Kafziel stops fighting as the hands drop from his mouth. Kaf doesn't recognize the face in front of him, but he does recognize the wings.copyright protection56PENANAtNSx3RxngM

"Whats going on here?" Kafziel ask, trying to hide the tremor from his voice but seemed to be unsuccessful.copyright protection56PENANAIb9YonWs7P

"I know as much as you," Brown wings looks over his shoulder. "My names, Sirus." Sirus tries to be helpful and lighten the situation, kaf doesn't think it helps but a sarcastic comment can be unsaid at the moment. "Look, all I know is that were dreaming? I think?"copyright protection56PENANAKD8pv5swV2

That didn't make sense. Sirus couldn't be sleeping. That would mean one of them isn't real. Kaf is sure hes real. So is Sirus not? If Kafziel is dreaming how could he supply himself with the name of Sirus. This didn't make sense. "Look Sirus if that's true-" Kafziel is cut of by a hook smashing into the door of the classroom. Kaf stands back and Sirus stays back to hold the door close. "Sirus i'm gonna find-" Sirus is thrown from the door after it opened. Not much but enough to alert kaf. The killer walks in.copyright protection56PENANAepP7WTZuhf

"Sirus!" Kaf calls out. Sirus is not moving or responding. Kafziel needs to get to Sirus and get them out of here. Its a dream, that's the only way. How else could he explain the darkness.copyright protection56PENANAg0rqYPNViV

Kafziel books it to Sirus but suddenly is thrown agianst the wall by a desk. The force? The killer. Raven head, keeps pushing the desk, pinning Kaf to the wall. Kafziel tries pushing the desk off him but no luck. The killer stares at him. Well at least the mask does. Raven brings the hook to kaf's neck and lightly traces over his throat, drawing a pinch of blood. Raven steps back from Kaf moving his attention to Sirus. Sirus begins moving, becoming aware. Raven takes his time making his way to Sirus.copyright protection56PENANAK2yTs3YUzU

"Sirus! you need to run!Now!" Kaf slams his hands on the desk, trying to draw attention from Sirus. No such luck, Kaf is useless in this situation. Sirus tries to get up but hes not fast enough. The killer raises the hook and slams it down on Sirus's ankle. Once the hook made contact with the bone, it made a noise similar to breaking a celery stalk. But the noise was nothing compared to Sirus's scream. The hook is removed and raven hold it to his side. Sirus begins trying to crawl away. A blood trail is left. Raven moves with him, swinging the hook into his wing now. He removes it quicker. Kafziel tenses his own wing. The hook pulls out muscle and feathers scatter. Sirus Screams more and he tries to get away again but his balanced is off with a wing wounded he falls on his back.copyright protection56PENANAWOjMWgGVKX

Raven bends down over him and straddles Sirus's hips. Raven Brings the Hook up, and swings it down to the center of Sirus's chest. Sirus Screams once more, but its more muffled by gags and tears. Unlike the other hits Raven doesn't pick the hook back up instead he drags it opening the chest cavity more. Stretching it to his stomach. Kafziel doesn't want to watch but he can't look away. Out of fear his neck will not move. Sirus is still alive when Raven begins hooking his entrails outside of his body. After Raven is done pulling Sirus is still screaming, but Kaf thinks its the adrenaline that gives Sirus strength to move.copyright protection56PENANAb0YCrWrfSJ

Sirus dies at the door way of the classroom. Kafziel watched his life fade out of his eyes. The only thing that showed proof that Sirus fought until his last breath was the blood trail. Its sick. Who can do something like this. Kafziels hand is in front of his mouth. Chocking back tears. Raven looks back at him. but just starts cutting off Sirus's wings. Not even cutting off, hacking off. Hes not using a saw, hes taking his time, swinging his hook up and down.copyright protection56PENANAaCMIveLu9l

Kafziel felt like he was gonna pass out. Until the last time the hook came up. Instead of it coming back down it remained at ravens side. The wings rested in a pile next to his feet. The Raven began walkiing to him.copyright protection56PENANAo69HS5Yz1I

"Stop!" A few more feet and he will be closer,' its my turn' Kafziel couldn't stop thinking.copyright protection56PENANAxcJvOasgpk

"Stop!" Hes so close.copyright protection56PENANA0zXMis14Xa

"Stop." Hes right there.copyright protection56PENANAplgz39F1JG

"Please." Kafziels begging got more into a whimper. Or a beg? Raven lifted his hand up and placed it to the beak of the mask. The index finger making a signal of silence. Then the other hand came down on his skull.copyright protection56PENANAKgTuMHEeY4

Then Kafziel can only see black. And some green?copyright protection56PENANAzYEwLWZM0W

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