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The Heart of Camila
Writer Mira Shadows
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The Heart of Camila
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Mira Shadows
Aug 26, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BrUlodNSnUaIoNzYjc3Gposted on PENANA

Chapter 147Please respect copyright.PENANACZBTHTW9O6
copyright protection43PENANAe8IHsu1mio

The Departurecopyright protection43PENANAfTP9eem26K

    Camila walked in the noisy village of London with her mother. "Stay close, Camila. There is a big crowd today." Said her mother. Camila and her mother went to the market of the town and stopped at the stand selling a variety of fruits. "Mommy, can you please get me a toy?" asked Camila anxiously for there was a guy selling toys across from them.copyright protection43PENANAXgsm41lodo

      Her mother ignored Camila and continued to talk to the sale's man. Camila furrowed her forehead and crossed her arms. She really wanted to get a new doll, so she did what every six year old girl would do. She went to the toys herself. When Camila got to the toys she had forgotten that she needed money and turned around to get back to her mother. Unluckily, when she turned around her mother was no where to be seen. What was she to do?copyright protection43PENANA5rwN9ZiamA

      Camila felt like she was going to explode. Her mother was gone and she was left helpless. She ran around the market screaming for her mother. She checked everywhere, her mother had left her. The world around her started to spin and she felt like she was going to barf. Then, she saw someone come out of the shadows of the market. The person was wearing a pale blue robe that covered his/her face. When things got scary, Camila woke up and was surprised to find herself in her bed in her room.copyright protection43PENANAyBtoKIC7LJ

      Camila walked from in her room to the small kitchen. Her mother was placing a plate of soggy grits on the table. Camila took a seat and ate greedily. These soggy grits might look disgusting to you, but they were the best food Camila had ever eaten. This isn't saying much, for Camila was born in a peasant family and those soggy grits were a treat in this family. "Mommy, what's the occasion?" she asked. "Don't you remember what's today?" asked her mother.copyright protection43PENANARI0j54lqty

      This day is the reason of her current nightmare. Her mother was going to take her to meet the queen of England's daughter, Elizabeth. She was going to be interviewed to see if she will be one of the girl's to be Elizabeth's ladies in waiting. Inside, Camila was scared of what would happen. If she was accept, she would be taken away from her home and go with Elizabeth where ever she went. However if she wasn't accepted, her parents would loose hope of her marrying a noble or bringing back fortune to her parents.copyright protection43PENANAOy0ll9kEkG

     Camila put on her best dress. A plain green one to make her look cheerful. The queen had a carriage pick Camila and her mother up and take them to the castle. Finally, they were at the castle. Camila was shown to the court of the palace where sat Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Camila exchanged greetings, and instantly they were friends.copyright protection43PENANAeThIh2rU9c

     Ten years later, Camila was one of Elizabeth's two ladies and was packing for Rome. She would ride there with Elizabeth to meet her new husband. Camila and Elizabeth got into the carriage and were off. There were endless possibilities of what Rome would have in store for the two teens. They couldn't wait and see.47Please respect copyright.PENANAms7h6siQ8J
copyright protection43PENANAE1VEk0JGqc

This was a preview of the book. Like the story if you think I should continue.  copyright protection43PENANAefKfA6oVKI

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Strider - It's nice to see someone else take a fancy to historical settings and adapting them
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