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The Heart of Camila
Writer Mira Shadows
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The Heart of Camila
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Mira Shadows
Sep 16, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AbcArqf0vHYOQjcdtz51posted on PENANA

Chapter 14copyright protection30PENANAlKGUQtMjc7

Mothers copyright protection30PENANArMjEmK5CLB

    Elizabeth jumped back in surprise when she saw her mother. "What's wrong, dearie?" she asked walking towards her daughter in an embrace. Now that her mother was in front of her, Elizabeth felt fear creep inside her. Her mother relied on her to make peace for the two countries, yet she couldn't. Elizabeth's mother pulled her into a hug and patted her. copyright protection30PENANAjJpa3Cnwct

     Everything that happened to Elizabeth before going to Rome came back to Elizabeth. She remembered all of the hours she spent walking behind her mother, being taught how to become a queen. She remembered how her mother was kind to the people, but brutal to her family. copyright protection30PENANAxxder4IeoU

    Elizabeth's mother pulled her daughter out of the hug and said, "Now, time for business. What was so urgent that I needed to come here?" Elizabeth explained to her mother, Queen Lucy, about the situation. Queen Lucy put her hand across her mother and uttered, "Oh, dear. No. This wont do." copyright protection30PENANAmPGGu3rAFc

     Queen Lucy picked up the folds of her dress and marched into the throne room, where King Apollo and Queen Neptune  sat upon their thrones. "Yes, your majesty?" asked the king all high and mighty. "I have heard that you want to be able to rule England." said Queen Lucy. copyright protection30PENANAbZWA9Zcxvo

     The king got off his throne and walked over to the queen. He whispered somethings to her that Elizabeth wasn't able to hear, then they split. "Come along, Elizabeth." said Lucy with a calm but high pitched voice. Lucy grabbed her daughter's hand and they departed from the throne room. "What happened?" asked Elizabeth once they were out of the throne room. copyright protection30PENANA03Weioi0DG

     "Lets just say the king and I have come up with an agreement." said Lucy with a grin. Soon after Queen Lucy had left the throne room, King Apollo ordered his scholars and advisors to meet with him. They all met up in the boardroom to talk about the arrival of Queen Lucy. copyright protection30PENANAVZwCG1F7Bl

     "You must be careful, your majesty. I have heard about how skilled Lucy is in her arrangements." said one of the highest advisors. "I have heard too, men. However, that cant stop me from being the king of both Rome and England. We all know women cant do anything to stop a man." said King Apollo looking around the room. All of the men nodded in agreement with the statement. copyright protection30PENANAkMlgnugA2M

     "What shall we do?" asked the newest of the advisors. The oldest advisors huddled up and talked about what to do. Some time passed and they had come up with a plan. copyright protection30PENANAY3QVh8kA9X

     "We shall trick the queen. We shall let her have her England and say we came up with another request. When Elizabeth and Antonius get married, Elizabeth has to be able to pick out one of the queen's advisors." said the eldest advisor. copyright protection30PENANAh4WNHCPnKq

    "What good would this do?" asked King Apollo with madness. copyright protection30PENANAI4d3lAyBaB

    "You see your majesty, Elizabeth is a woman that listens to her husband. Antonius is faithful to you and would do anything you tell him. Tell Antonius to tell Elizabeth to make Dane the head advisor. Queen Lucy wouldn't even expect her own daughter to betray her like that." said the eldest advisor. copyright protection30PENANAo9Fe4Xnpxw

     "What if Elizabeth doesn't betray her mother? What if she doesn't listen to her husband, Antonius?" asked the king. copyright protection30PENANAmOBjCiWrFG

     "Elizabeth is madly in love with Antonius. She has tricked herself into thinking that their love is strong. She will appoint Dane as the head advisor. Just for safety, have Antonius and Dane get on Elizabeth's good side. Make her trust them." said one of the other advisors. copyright protection30PENANASoL5s6F0IP

    King Apollo liked this idea, and approved it. He had his scholar write a note to Queen Lucy changing the requests. When the scholar was finished, King Apollo looked over the note and read it. "Give that here." said the king harshly to the scholar before taking it. The king cleared his throat and read the note out loud. " copyright protection30PENANAC7Zhl4eJtL

     'Dear Queen Lucy, copyright protection30PENANAfPAR8da4EP

I have changed my requests, for what you have said to me made me see that what I have done was morally wrong. The only thing that I ask you in exchange as your daughter as my son's bride, is for Elizabeth to pick out your head advisor. A few months after Elizabeth and Antonius are married, have her pick out your head advisor.copyright protection30PENANALxewCGDhGm

     Sincerely,copyright protection30PENANA7jt7APbOyE

     King Apollo'" copyright protection30PENANAAOubGDoQH3

     King Apollo approved of the note and sent his messenger to send it. The messenger gave the note to the queen in a flash. At the time Queen Lucy got the letter, she was in the garden enjoying the scenery. The messenger took the note to her in a flash. "What's this?" thought the queen.copyright protection30PENANAFtATZdADuh

    She took the letter and when the messenger left, she read the letter. Queen Lucy read the note over and over again. Then she thought what disadvantages this brought to her. Did she trust her daughter enough to allow this request? copyright protection30PENANAZCAtJajVZR

    In another part of the castle, Camila sat in her room thinking about her decision. "Was mother right? Should I marry Lord Charles?" she thought. Her old self had returned to her now that she had visited her mother. She didn't want to be selfish and marry Lord Reynold, she wanted to help her parents. Tonight, Lord Charles was going to return from his voyage to meet with Camila. Camila had only 12 hours to think about who she was going to marry. copyright protection30PENANAAAG4MmHbcp

    While Camila was thinking about this, Lord Reynold came into her room. He walked over to her with the most happiest face ever. He kneeled in front of her and gave her a kiss. "What's happened it to you?" asked Camila. copyright protection30PENANAfSTPMS3mwy

     "I want to take you on a trip." he said. Camila didn't have much time to think this over, for Lord Reynold swooped her into the air and carried her off into his carriage. What could Lord Reynold be doing?copyright protection30PENANADvadZUoiQo

     "Where are we going?" asked Camila happily. Lord Reynold wouldn't tell a word. He said it was a surprise. Lord Reynold loved looking at Camila's face when she had surprises. Soon the castle whirled away and a valley came into view. copyright protection30PENANAaqZQvLddWq

     The valley was covered with different types of flowers. There were roses of a variety of colors, lilies, violets, and all of the flowers you could dream of. copyright protection30PENANADbiw15p4sV

     In the distance, Camila could see a drooping willow tree that made the perfect shade. On the willow tree were lilies and lots of vines. Scattered around the fields were butterflies of a variety of colors. copyright protection30PENANAC5rNjrIIJy

    Camila and Lord Reynold got out of the carriage. "Do you like it?" asked Reynold as Camila approached the willow tree. "I'm...speechless." said Camila. copyright protection30PENANA6TZ5KuRYIN

    "If you like that. I have something better to show you." said Lord Reynold. Camila followed him to a stable behind the willow tree. Lord Reynold saddled her up on a white pinto horse and him on a brown Mexican war horse. Together, they rode in the field. copyright protection30PENANAolZHS1Mh5f

    As they rode Camila asked, "What made you think of all this for me?" Lord Reynold rode for a while before answering with, "I knew you hated being cooped up in the castle and loved the garden. So, I brought you to a place where you can" Then Lord Reynold kicked the sides of the horse making it gallop. Camila began to laugh and chased the horse on hers. copyright protection30PENANAdIkFwE6enP

    Lord Reynold and Camila played in the field  until sunset. They put the horses in the barn, then laid under the willow tree. "Lord Reynold, do you truly love me?" asked Camila. Lord Reynold pondered on this question then said, "Everyday, I wake up with one thing on my mind, you. When I finally see you, I feel like there is no place I rather be. Then when I go to sleep, I think about when will I see you again. Yeah, I love you."copyright protection30PENANANuJNAuirs0

   "Why do you think that I should choose you as my husband?" asked Camila. "I promise you that if anything happens to us, I will be there for you. I promise you that, I will die for you." he looked into Camila's eyes and held her hands and said, "I swear I will do anything for you. If you told me to jump off a cliff, I swear I would." copyright protection30PENANAfRmeyeglwm

    Camila went home that night thinking about everything her mother would say if she married Lord Reynold. "Lord Reynold is too broke to raise family. He cant even take care of himself." thought Camila. "Mother would probably think that he wouldn't be able to help them with their financial issues. But I have something stronger than all the money in the world, love." copyright protection30PENANAAJ4VoBAuPX

    Camila knew she couldn't ever marry Lord Reynold without her parents or the king allowing it. Camila went to sleep wondering the future she could have with Reynold, and how her future would be without him. copyright protection30PENANAkDr4q1yIs0

     Queen Lucy finally accepted the request. She thought over it for a long time. She really didn't think her daughter would be a wise person, but she would learn. For all the time Lucy had known Elizabeth, she picked people greatly. So, Queen Lucy sent a note to King Apollo accepting the request. copyright protection30PENANAJIS5XqjdMP

    The king rejoiced the accepting of the request with a ball. All over the kingdom, people came to party. The ballroom was filled with many colors, beautiful cloths and silks, and great food and drink. The party was gay and merry. copyright protection30PENANAznzEiYfSt5

    Elizabeth had arrived to the ball with only Camila. It was accustomed for the princess to take her ladies-in-waiting where ever she went. She didn't take Lily with her, for she had left with Lord Henry. copyright protection30PENANAQNJhR9jqSL

    Camila and Elizabeth stayed in the back to watch the people dance. After the first dance, Camila turned to glance at Elizabeth. She could tell that her belly was getting plumper, with birth. Camila was just now able to make all the townspeople believe that Elizabeth wasn't pregnant, what was she to do about this?copyright protection30PENANArBtjGrK0Ew

     Camila was shocked back to reality when Queen Lucy came trotting back over to them. "Camila, so good to see you!" said Lucy hugging Camila tightly. She broke from the hug and looked at Camila. "Why, you have become so vibrant and beautiful." copyright protection30PENANAPdTpScn75Q

    Queen Lucy went over to Elizabeth next. Her voice had changed from happy to serious and formal when she went to Elizabeth. "I need to talk to you about the new request." said Lucy. Then she noticed Elizabeth's belly. "Oh my goodness!" said Lucy with a shock. copyright protection30PENANAdVEWcw5vWY

    Lucy led Elizabeth out of the ballroom down the corridor to her chambers. Lucy sat Elizabeth on the bed and paced around the room. "What had happened to you?" asked Lucy. Elizabeth played with her fingers and said, "I am pregnant, mother." liked a child. copyright protection30PENANAhnzLHgcrgR

    Lucy went to Elizabeth and got on her knees. "How, my child so soon to your wedding day. This could mess up everything." Elizabeth then explained to Lucy how the requests were made, because Elizabeth wanted Apollo to make the wedding day sooner. She wanted the wedding day sooner so that people would think she had gotten pregnant during the honeymoon. copyright protection30PENANAY64SvW4S49

    "Now what shall we do, now that your belly is growing?" asked Lucy. "Your wedding day is in two weeks." Elizabeth and Lucy paced around the room and a spark lit up their faces at the same time. "We could hide me in my room for two weeks." said Lucy and Elizabeth at the same time. copyright protection30PENANAJh5nehTkNP

     Back at the ball, Camila stood in the background sipping on wine. She just swayed to the music when Lord Reynold came up to her. "Good evening, my lady." said Reynold with a bow. Camila chuckled then bowed to Reynold. copyright protection30PENANAi5dRRU83mo

    "Can I have this dance?" asked Reynold formally. Camila nodded her head and Reynold whisked her onto the dance floor. After the first dance, Camila and Lord Reynold put their backs to one another for this was apart of the dance. All the men went to different women to dance. When Camila turned around, the most unexpected man was there to dance. copyright protection30PENANAUluZd0WiS1

    "Good evening, my darling Camila." said a familiar voice. Camila gasped and looked at the male's face. It was Lord Charles! copyright protection30PENANArCjxZxOSRC

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