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Co-Writer Talha Muntasir*
Co-Writer KatieKaty
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Max's P.O.V
Talha Muntasir
Sep 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AI8te2tPD6a3SCogcSeBposted on PENANA
I know I shouldn't have done this. But last night.. I was drunk.That's why I couldn't stop myself. I always wanted to help everybody. But I couldn't . My best friend is in trouble because of me. I always show him I don't care anything. But I really care about everything. But it makes me weak. It makes me weak in front of this cruel world! I still remember those days when I... No,I don't wanna remember them. No, never. 
103Please respect copyright.PENANAmhpGSVq5AR
I can't cry. I must stay strong. My best friend is with me. I must stay strong! I always see him caring for me. That's the thing I love and hate most about him. I know I can't be strong by showing stronger outside. I need to be strong in inside. But my inside is.... Stop Max. Stop!
103Please respect copyright.PENANAtazCDOE6Di
I must remember I am not alone. I am with my friend. My best friend! It doesn't matter if I die. But I must protect my friend. The friend who always protects me. But now it's my turn.'' Max! Where are we going?,'' Nafi shouts while running with me. ''I don't know!'' Yes,I don't know. I really don't know. But I need to save him anyhow! That's why I am running like a child without knowing where we will go. Suddenly I remember about my grandma's house. The only house I feel safe from this cruel world. It's like 10 or 12 miles away from here. But I have no contact with grandma since many years after my parent's accident. We could hire a taxi but I know it's not safe. There are many check posts on the road. So we can get caught if we get in a taxi or bus. I must find another way. Then I remember me and Nafi were always good at fancy dress or changing get up. I place a hand in my pocket to see if there is enough money. Thank God! I have got some good amount of money. I know a place where fancy dresses are sold. It is quite near. Suddenly I see some police officer patrolling near the shop. I know they are searching for me. I must find a place where we can hide for a while. Suddenly Nafi says,''We can hide there. There is a pile of sand for construction of a building,we can hide there!'' 
103Please respect copyright.PENANAdOl5qKmCCA
''Yes! We can.'' I say to myself and go there running . Suddenly Nafi falls on the ground. But we are at a good distance from the police group so they doesn't see him. I somehow manage to get him slowly from the ground. ''Hey! You stop there.'' I got scared hearing someone's voice. I slowly turn my head; Oh! What a relief. It's just an old man. I sigh a bit and say,''Yes, What happened?'' ''Are you the one who killed a man.'' ''What! Are you mad?'' ''No. Your posters are everywhere.'' I turn my here and there to see anything. What the... There are posters everywhere with my photo saying murderer and if one can catch me he will get $1000. This is shit! I never murdered anyone. They are spreading fake news because they can't say the real story. 
103Please respect copyright.PENANAeYSEFLz5Qa
I can see the old man is getting closer slowly. But I am not that fool! I see here and there then I find a stick. I somehow hit it on his head. As I thought, he is now senseless. I somehow hide his body behind the pile of sand with the help of Nafi. I hope he will not die. After the police group goes away. We slowly get inside the shop.
103Please respect copyright.PENANAWkkwWYkB5Y
Oh! Thank God. The shopkeeper didn't see the posters. ''Do you have stranger's fancy dress. Like no one can know about us,'' I say smiling
103Please respect copyright.PENANATiNfodZLQC
''Why?'' The shopkeeper asks us like a police man.
103Please respect copyright.PENANAm4BeJhZjnP
''We have a party tonight. There we want to surprise everyone.''
103Please respect copyright.PENANAtjaOQ6MbHR
''Oh! Here are they'' He smiles saying.
103Please respect copyright.PENANA9BaWRzaRk0
'' Nafi get ready! We have a long journey ahead,'' I whisper wearing our costumes.
103Please respect copyright.PENANAuG56VPnU8K
''Wow! I can't recognize myself!'' Nafi laughs seeing the mirror.
103Please respect copyright.PENANAKC4UqU0c6I
''Hm..me too.'' I reply.
103Please respect copyright.PENANA4fkecbOn28
After eating something we again set for the journey.

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