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Talha Muntasir
Sep 7, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!uHmlt7eFeE5M2aS5azeOposted on PENANA
I knew our life's will be changed. But I didn't scared ; I know I am with my friend. My best friend. So I don't scare anymore. We don't go to school anymore since 11 days. We are hiding under our dress. Our fancy dress!  I don't knew the fancy dress will do much for us. I always loved fancy dress so as Max. But I knew one day everything will end. Our fancy dress can't hide us from long. One day the veil will open. But I believe it can't happen before we reach our goal. I feel we will survive. We will! 
67Please respect copyright.PENANANDAZoTuxiu
"Hey... look," Max whisper giving direction towards the river. I have a bad eye side. So I wear my glasses to see what he is showing. " What?," I ask. " You are useless" saying that he slowly walks towards a girl near the river
67Please respect copyright.PENANA7Ncu9FBolQ
I also walk near her to see what is happening. I felt shocked to see the girl is hugging Max. So I go near them and whisper in Max's ear, "Who is she?"
67Please respect copyright.PENANA2rC4BuaM4o
He replies happily, "Nafi, she is my childhood friend Anna. She is also a computer nerd like me." Hearing this I say to myself, " Did he just said Nerd? " I know Max is a nerd. But Max always hides this truth. I never heard him calling himself as a "Nerd."  "oh, Hi! " she says giving me a smile. If I was not a nerd I would definitely fall in love with her. She is very beautiful. "Hello," I reply. I can see Max's happiness seeing her. I never saw him happy like this before. Max tells everything to her what happened to us. She turns toward me saying, "I can help you two." I ask, "How?" You can stay at my house until the government comedown." 
67Please respect copyright.PENANAAR1bRp4lXn
I happily agreed but Max says," No!  I can't get you in trouble. It's our problem not yours."
She answers, "No problem. I am already in danger. No new dangers will come."
"Whatever but I can't take this risk. You are my friend. I have already made trouble for my one friend. I can't do it Anna. Sorry. But I promise you, we will visit your house after our problems will be gone. Then we will stay there as long as you want."
67Please respect copyright.PENANAQ5a2zjHaH2
"But..." "No! I can't" Max says stopping Anna. But atleast I can come with you guys. "What no way!  It will be more dangerous for you." "Please!  Please, please, please? I promise you I will not be any trouble for you. Please do this favor for me. Please,"she says sweetly.
67Please respect copyright.PENANA1KtDO58YRd
" Oh, you are too much, " hearing Max I can see her joy. Because she understood that Max agreed. I think she knows how to touch someone's heart. 
67Please respect copyright.PENANAmr5oDWNIhL
"Can you wait for a minute? I am going to pack my bag."
67Please respect copyright.PENANA58QgapASAi
"OK, we will wait. But hurry! We don't have much time." Max replies seeing his wrist watch. 
67Please respect copyright.PENANAVB2pfQuoPm
After a hour of waiting Anna comes with her backpack."Sorry!" she states closing her eyes. " You are late, Anna!" I reply. "Enough talking guys we must start our journey before it gets dark."
67Please respect copyright.PENANABbOGzrCn9U
"So let's move on!" Anna shouts smiling at us.

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