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A room without windows
Writer emxgrace
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A room without windows
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2: ex best friends (part 1)
Sep 11, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!BVTi9y4MLDejbFE6NPesposted on PENANA In the room with no windows is a girl named Olive who I had once called my best friend. She made me laugh until I would pee at least once a day. We'd go shopping at target on late weekend nights. We sleepover at each other's houses after football Friday games at the high school. We were attatched at our hips she was who I called my best friend. You're probably thinking she sounds great. She is. She's smart, pretty, sweet as candy, and has a set of pipes that can sing like smooth honey, and personally I've always been jealous of that last one. She was pale with whispy blonde hair, freckles, a heart shaped mouth that were a perfect shade of a nude baby pink, crystal blue eyes that sparkles like reflections of the ocean. With her we could talk about which boys we would wanna fuck, plan when we wanna lose our virginities and who to, and find and watch scary or weird YouTube videos. We were geeks, not a teacher pet straight A kind of geek, the kind of geeks who can laugh at a single word like blueberry, we were the ones who danced to our own vibe and some people thought we were creepy but that's them. Sorry to keep you waiting about what happened but it's important to know how close we were. Why? Because we are strangers now, you could look at us and never have imagined we hung out everyday for 3 years. It's awkward now and uncomfortable when we talk. I say "hi" in the hallways, sometimes I'm not acknowledged and other times a hi that's about at quiet as a single breath in a crowded high school cafeteria. And here's why.

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