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A room without windows
Writer emxgrace
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A room without windows
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4: the boy and the other one part 1
Sep 15, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KotInCu1MBTf2oyGATAxposted on PENANA I'm going to talk about a boy, not any boy, one I fell inlove with, one that was one of my best friends, one I kissed on New Years, and the one I lost my virginity to. I'm going to talk about, not any boy, one with dark brown hair that is swooped to right and gets geled in place, the one with deep chocolate brown eyes that I could stare into for hours, one with a smile that once brought me to happy tears, but now all that smile does is make me cry sad tears, night after night, again and again. He's the reason I haven't failed once to cry Monday-Friday in 8th period English. 

His name is Gage and he's perfect. We started dating November 28th of last year. He was my world and stuck through everything. He was there for me most when Rach decided to betray me. But I don't have him anymore. All I have is pictures, memories, and a bracelet he got for me when he was vacationing in Hawaii. copyright protection46PENANAbINRkuJ58Y

The story of how we broke up is a mess but that's the whole reason it's important why I share it. Without knowing the past you can't understand why I hate room A236. copyright protection46PENANAOTnhBLT6MG

One week out of the year I spend time with people I've known since birth. I go up to Minnesota to stay at a resort. My dad and his family started going when he was only two. There is my family and another family that go up there for about as long as we have been going and they are all like my distant cousins. I love cousins they are great and my favorite ones are my second cousins who live in Colorado Springs. Layton, Mike, and Anne. I do have a favorite one and my favorite cousin is Layton cause we are close in age. We are like brother and sister and best friends. Maybe the story begins when that very first day we arrived on Saturday afternoon. My cousins dad smokes and while mike and I were walking around we found a lit cigarette not yet put out. So we smoked and we finished it an put it out, no big deal right? copyright protection46PENANAHGVJ4tpEn0

Now let me tell you no matter how much protest there is against drugs and how many times counselors at schools tell you not to do drugs, over half of kids in my generation will try a drug at least one in their life.50Please respect copyright.PENANANU2jrirItF
copyright protection46PENANAcyJZp4u9aC

I spent that whole night with Layton and mike walking around the resort, now I never thought I'd ever drink alcohol until I'm 21 but things happen. My cousins were staying in my grandparents cabin cause they have one of the two biggest ones there and my grandpa always loves a good beer. We grabbed 3 Budweiser and walked the long dock and on the count of three we drank. IT. WAS. DISGUSTING. All but mike dumped his into the lake. Soon after that we went to my grandparents cabin where I passed out. copyright protection46PENANA8Ywwg7had4

That was a second mistake cause that week Layton and I were determined as hell to find a good beer. I don't know why but we were. And certainly that night wasn't the last I'd end up staying the night in that cabin. copyright protection46PENANAQVKMEOg4tD

Something about my cousins brings out a different side of me and I don't know why or how but they do. Maybe it's because I wanna "fit in" cause I don't fit in very well after what Rach did to me. copyright protection46PENANA5GcOGCTaM3

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