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Sep 14, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!L65qWe6vSE0CweVSy3ntposted on PENANA

The sounds of a treacherous thunder had me and my sister heading for safety. We were use to the sound of thunder and lighting for we have heard it a thousand times before. Tiny drops of water damped my fur. You could see our paw marks in the dirt as we headed for an oak tree.copyright protection40PENANAupv0Gz15qU

It was cold, and nothing stirred besides the sky that crackled with lightning.  Just as it began to pour down, my sis and i had made it to our hideout. It was small and made it hard for me and my sis to fit in. We’ve been living here since we were kits. Licking my wet pelt, I turned to see my sis staring out. She look tired to say the least, but i knew there was more going on than exhaustion. copyright protection40PENANAjb0oCXDIsw

As you can guess, yes me and my sis are stray cats. Well, stray abyssinian sisters to be exact. We’ve never known what having a home was like, and we were taught to fear people. My mother was born a stray, and a stray’s life is hard. Everyday you have to be careful where you go, who you run into, and who you trust. It isn’t easy being a stray, most of us don’t even survive.copyright protection40PENANAmt8TH3Mf7a

Luckily my mother left us with a place to call home, well somewhat of a home. It’s an old oak tree with algae growing on it. Since we’re older and a lot bigger than when we were kits, it’s been hard to climb into and actual rest.copyright protection40PENANAJBzeCgNDld

My name is juno, i’m a rare excuse for an abyssinian, mostly because my pelt is fully black with small specks of fawn in it. My eyes are a greenish blue, the total opposite of my sister Sansa. She’s more on the ordinary side with a cinnamon coat and golden orange eyes.copyright protection40PENANAyEpy32vGKY

Not like most strays, me and my sis had decided to stay together. We’ve been threw alot anyways, and besides it doubled our chances in living longer. Together we learned ways to survive, hunt, find water and scolp the streets. We often tried to find ways to avoid conflict with other stray cats, but lately it hasn’t been working.copyright protection40PENANAc7sl19pNpx

More and more cats have been moving into our area, and these cats aren't exactly the ones willing to talk out a problem. We’ve witness ourselves what would happen if we crossed these cats paths, and it wouldn't be a good outcome. Sansa is older than me(by a few hours), and prefers to put herself first. copyright protection40PENANAY88xnLOap9

It scares me, because some nights she doesn’t return. She became my new mother after ours suddenly disappeared without a trace.  Another downside to being a stray, families don’t exist.  We run by a rule of take what you can and don’t be afraid to let it go. copyright protection40PENANAoXOOvRQ1yB

My mother didn’t stay long and left as soon as me and my sister could walk and feed for ourselves. Then one morning she left, supposedly to go hunting. We’ve waited the whole day for her to return, but she never did. And without a single fact about our father, we were basically on our own.copyright protection40PENANA0LIs7KCwx2

Life seemed to have gone easy on us and i thank mother nature for that, but something seemed off…copyright protection40PENANA3wbc3yYSJn

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