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Sep 14, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ik2UtOZNojwrV75noo41posted on PENANA

"Quit moving you crinkly squirrel” Sansa scolded, feeling slightly annoyed. “Ugh! Sansa I can’t stand it here! We’re not kits anymore.” Juno growled, twisting and turning, looking for a way to get comfortable. copyright protection53PENANAGmGYKfK0iC

Yawning, Sansa then gave Juno a small lick. “I know sis, but the world’s changed. There’s no where else safe to go, this is all we have.” Juno’s movements stopped, slumping in defeat she settled into a curling position against her sis. “We could wander somewhere else?” “Pft, and wander straight into death’s grasp, sis you know better.”copyright protection53PENANAtAXvvqkveI

“Ohhh Sansa’s look at us, sooner or later one of us is gonna have to sleep outside.” “And I guess that’ll be me then.” She amused, looking down at juno with caring eyes. Lightly purring, Juno rested her head onto her sister’s arms. copyright protection53PENANAOK9KSf7gDc

“I know you can’t stand this Juno, believe me i can’t either. But we just gotta deal with what we got, besides, look what good it’s brought us.” “Good? Sansa have you lost your mind!? All of our nightmares broke loose in here. We’ve lost mom, food is scarce, and this shelter has many, many leaks.”copyright protection53PENANAikyZjie3iw

Shaking her head in disappointment, Sansa wiggled herself free from their tree. Looking out into a pasture of cows and horses, Sansa’s heart longed for a home. “You just don’t get it do you?” She sighed. “What do you mean?” Juno whispered, standing next towards her.copyright protection53PENANAGL7DhD3B8h

Staring straight ahead, watching the cows graze and the horses neigh, Sansa felt lost, empty and deserted. “Sis, we’re alone, no one care or wants us. And just like mother will end up dumping our kittens somewhere else. That’s just the life of a stray, is to just make more strays.” copyright protection53PENANAkX2uHUKPan

Arching her back, Juno scoffed. “Pft I could careless about mates, kits and humans. They don’t mean much to me anyways but trouble.” Something hard clicked in Sansa and quickly she turned towards Juno. “You don’t mean that.” Sansa whispered. “Yes I do,why worry about those things if we can barely afford a living ourselves?”copyright protection53PENANA1tHzs1RG4a

Silence wavered around them as Sansa processed what her sister just said. But she couldn’t argue, Juno was right. Then it appeared, ever since they were kits, Sansa’s had a long time dream of becoming a human’s companion. But Juno wouldn’t fit in. Something about her just wasn’t right.copyright protection53PENANAdKWkoeYsP6

Her mind was too much structured as a stray, she thought negative most of the times. She felt like rainy days were everyday, but there was something still off about her. She knew she couldn’t change Juno, even if they were close. Juno’s mind was built to be stubborn, and stubborn she became.copyright protection53PENANAKa4MELGoAR

Taking in her sister’s appearance, Sansa could tell the difference between them. Not to mention Juno’s mainly black coat and her deep greenish blue eyes, Juno’s body was a lot slimmer than hers. It was weird because she was always the first to eat, and the first to drink. Juno’s eyes felt empty, like her soul had left her. copyright protection53PENANAMBkuaNv2tA

She grew colder over the months and everyday she began to view life as the strongest and fittest are the only ones to survive. Sansa’s wished she could be just like her sis, but everyday she worried about the new coming troubles. Deep inside, she wasn’t made for this, and it wouldn’t be fair to Juno.copyright protection53PENANAdHl92Jn0bd

Sansa had to make a choice, and finally after a long rest indeed her mind was made up. She normally kept watch, so sneaking off wouldn’t be an issue, but sneaking off wasn’t her plan. Wiggling from their tree, Sansa looked back at her sleeping sis. Tenderly she licked her sister’s forehead, and tears threaten to spill.copyright protection53PENANA7VobI2Xorx

“I’m so sorry sis…” She sniffled. “But… this isn’t made for me.” One teardrop had betrayed her and slowly fell onto Juno’s nose. Twitching a little with the impact, Sansa slowly backed away. Disappearing through the night, without a trace.copyright protection53PENANAge9AIkoemR

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