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Writer Iggy Petersson
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Iggy Petersson
Sep 15, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1ee1GqIrVxxFZ7Rjv4epposted on PENANA

Strange to be alone, without the team. Preparation is not standard either. Strapped naked to the apparatus at an upright tilt of 110 degrees. Presumably this is how I exist when not on mission or entertainment leave, secured to a titanium slab, idling in an electronic stasis and intravenously pumped full of minerals and chemicals to recharge the engineering. Power to my eyes and consciousness. Awareness of the current situation feels peculiar. Bytes of undesirable observation burdening my mind; certainly an error by the administrator. Main receptors and motor control are inoperative. Anatomy is weightless, but somehow not empty. Numb I suppose. Restrained limbs and an involuntary absence of bodily function. Simple human instinct suggests that my condition is not ideal for guaranteeing survival. Would escape the binds if I could.copyright protection8PENANA7EzD0BT8XY

Danger value: 1.00copyright protection8PENANAaYcp0TQJlL

Never seen it reach the maximum. Potentially a false positive. Favoured response is to massacre all forms of life in the vicinity and wreak general destruction on an untold scale until I’ve assured my own safety. Another reason for stasis perhaps; obedience through stupefaction. Wonder if I’ve ever experienced this kind of intentional dormancy before. copyright protection8PENANAgSqg0izvnO

Console: Keyword {per_mem (filter: 1 – 100)}copyright protection8PENANAVvtv8t61B3

Query: admin, helplessness, vulnerabilitycopyright protection8PENANAZM2cc262Mr

Searching personal memory ... donecopyright protection8PENANAO2kfjlxSQV

Result: [null]copyright protection8PENANAHMqahyDoAf

Elapsed: 1.61 mscopyright protection8PENANArA2uNewThi

Examining storage health; possible cube leakage or bandwidth fading. Can’t retrieve information saved after completing the last mission in Aprolla. No way of knowing how much time has passed. Details of why I’m here and where I am are missing. Don’t recall a briefing or an upload of intelligence. Need to conclude that an empty memory cache is not logical. In an unmanned medical pod of undetermined size.copyright protection8PENANAl6lFlE0TxR

Console: Dimensions {class_construct_int (filter: 0, 90, 270)}copyright protection8PENANAOeDeoVN1jn

Running axiomatic ... donecopyright protection8PENANAhLYjfLxMEP

Result: [0 deg: 3.77 m] [90 deg: 1.64 m] [270 deg: 1.66 m]copyright protection8PENANA4ZVqFh4FaC

Elapsed: 0.39 mscopyright protection8PENANAwZQaef51gp

Visual field is to the far periphery. Without the assembler I have the sight of a hawk, though by default the neural display and fortified endoskeleton continue to provide a variety of cognitive and biomechanical improvements more significant than sensory output. Administrator is standing to the right of me, looking at a bank of screens showing segments of my cybernetic interface. Data is mostly unfathomable junk written in an artificial language, apart from a graphic of my brain indicating a bloom of activity in the left cerebral hemisphere. Administrator should be Kayelin.copyright protection8PENANApxaoRp9pbN

Console: Identify {personage_all (filter: 1 – 2)} copyright protection8PENANAegNaHssL7C

Pinging implant ... donecopyright protection8PENANAnECePQtVSK

Echo reply: 0076701098-PQVNcopyright protection8PENANAkiiuG9UPy6

Searching database ... donecopyright protection8PENANADNmqX4TqP1

Result: [Kayelin Keva: 1.00]copyright protection8PENANA2dFFsvvVqo

Running isometric ... failedcopyright protection8PENANAGKGYfn89cG

Running biometric ... donecopyright protection8PENANAfQuChsGaSw

Qualitative: [Gender: F] [Hair: Blonde] [Features: Lesion cervical vertebrae, braided bun]copyright protection8PENANAbVKRAdm69M

Quantitative: [Hips: 87.69 cm] [Shoulders: 37.01 cm] [Height: 168.49 cm] [BMI: 20.0]copyright protection8PENANAuPxbOMyWWL

Searching database ... donecopyright protection8PENANADcB7PSzw3s

Result: [Kayelin Keva: 0.96] [Aurelia Emery: 0.65]copyright protection8PENANA3enO5X1s3a

Elapsed: 1.86 mscopyright protection8PENANAfyZNJNAiKw

Expecting faster calculations. What a chore it must be for Kayelin to have to brush, wash and cut those wavy locks, not to mention the meticulous topiary involved in maintaining her preferred pubic style. Curious thoughts, apparently new and unjustified. She’s noticing the graphic. A screen is swiping to the deliberation log, a familiar tile of content fed by a translation program that scrapes signals from my frontal lobe and converts them to plaintext. Kayelin’s turning and glancing at me, squinting slightly, but saying nothing.copyright protection8PENANA4nJFvzy56B

Console: Identify {personage_facrec (filter: best_fit)} copyright protection8PENANAx9QVXWSZoW

Running isometric ... donecopyright protection8PENANA9Ev9rfX1xH

Creating facial model ... donecopyright protection8PENANAyB5hhBRQGX

Running patternistic ... donecopyright protection8PENANAre6h94e23C

Searching database ... donecopyright protection8PENANAZdhumIJjJh

Result: [Kayelin Keva: 1.00]copyright protection8PENANA1iT6AaIr0o

Elapsed 5.53 mscopyright protection8PENANAosDvKNAYPD

Tingling in the extremities and a faint whirring in the ears. Acquiring biophysical and meteorological analysis. Corrupted readings from the gauges. Orbnet is unavailable. Inspecting ambient properties. A cool breeze is blowing on to my ankles from a rotary device; ventilation implies a polluted external atmosphere or hostile climate not consistent with Cordelia or any certified partner of the Free Association. A metallic smell, mixed with the residual odour of Propellant 65, the type used for high-altitude vertical landings. No evident threat to our position from unfriendly forces. Location clues point to a neglected world with a sparse population, lacking detection technology, but close enough to Cordelia for the pod to have made a telerobotic jump. Confidence level too low to estimate a feasible scenario. Core components have restarted; service is ready. Calibrating atomic clock. Thirty-six hours since Aprolla.copyright protection8PENANABOQSjdB3xk

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