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Writer Iggy Petersson
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Iggy Petersson
Sep 16, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!eQHodKrce9ELrhE0gsnrposted on PENANA

Kayelin’s testing my pupil reflexes and asking me to squeeze her fingers. She’s examining me fleetingly, avoiding my penis. It’s capable of an indefinite erection of 22.95 centimetres in length and 16.19 centimetres in girth. Admittedly a luxury organ, serves no purpose beyond recreational pleasure. Kayelin appears indifferent. She’s detaching the drip from the cephalic vein port in my right forearm and unshackling me. I’m stepping forward. Pod area is 35.04 square metres. Thermoregulation is kicking in, warming the soles of my feet to compensate for the cold floor. Deploying assembler. Builder particles are oozing out of the pores of my skin, swathing me in a pliable black membrane. Hood is fusing to the collar and integrating with the neural display, initialising augmented reality. Should check the memory stack and debug the communications.21Please respect copyright.PENANAQovNnmprYk
copyright protection17PENANAPhJjgnWYnP

Console: Get {sys_sum} copyright protection17PENANA9BFQ0TBr6P

Kernel: Boomercopyright protection17PENANABLB32f3iIr

Event driver: Dozer IV protection17PENANAKyItRYQNXe

Modules installed: 161copyright protection17PENANAC7QiYQcAii

Modules enabled: 161copyright protection17PENANApU31X6g1oY

Latency: 0.87copyright protection17PENANAs8wbCo9tb7

Processors: 1.00copyright protection17PENANAHOex6doiNG

Memory: 0.99copyright protection17PENANABdBFeyLuza

Alternator: 1.00copyright protection17PENANAt2i0dVonoz

Battery A: 225.52 hourscopyright protection17PENANAv5nJDuX1MK

Battery B: 246.12 hourscopyright protection17PENANAHoXi3bRPGr

Battery C: 870.92 hourscopyright protection17PENANAZatiaHdy4B

Elapsed: 0.03 mscopyright protection17PENANA8zHwjk0glN

Configuration is unmodified. Hardly impractical, but not really normal. No traces of cube leakage or bandwidth fading. Latency thirteen percent decayed, memory thrashing. Meteorological gauges and geomatics software for supplying aerial surveillance and navigation are repeatedly attempting to access the orbnet, causing a looped queue of instructions and a misallocation glitch, jittery transceiver problems symptomatic of an atmospheric obstruction. Blank memory cache is unresolvable. Not worth troubleshooting further.copyright protection17PENANA03bYlfad4Q

Danger value: 0.21copyright protection17PENANAE408mbPAKT

Performance is scarcely exceeding required benchmarks. Should’ve received substantiated intelligence in advance and optimised the settings accordingly. Juventia, vector (15, 11). Mission 04442, rescuing the Cordelian embassy. SABRE-1 punched us in blind on unconfirmed reports of fierce resistance. We were still in stasis during the descent, recharging the batteries, ignorant of the circumstances. On the ground I had the team engage the warrior suit with a bundle of lavish enhancements including swarm deflector shield, cloaking and superfine levitation skill, none of which were necessary. Resources ended up being unduly encumbered and we extricated forty-seven minutes behind schedule, an unacceptable delay, especially when a single millisecond of deviation can jeopardise the strategy and reduce success probability to zero. I’d be a poor captain if I allowed even the smallest margin of random chance to influence the outcome of the mission and dictate the fate of my men.copyright protection17PENANAbStSoMdp3y

Flash incoming ... !copyright protection17PENANAc4Bo2XDcaH

Moving to scratch space ... donecopyright protection17PENANA3PM4X8fMIZ

Pinging source ... donecopyright protection17PENANAGUS9NhW0GZ

Echo reply ... SABRE3ANTXcopyright protection17PENANAyT3ah68Ujj

Searching database ... donecopyright protection17PENANACn8pr5xHSg

Result: [Host: 1.00]copyright protection17PENANAHyazIYREYx

Verifying hash ... donecopyright protection17PENANADxrHIIOQD8

Serialising code ... donecopyright protection17PENANA9gvhFWndEg

Running decryption ... donecopyright protection17PENANAtlOEVwDMbB

Console: Extract {in: vlt_mem (to: tsk_prt)} copyright protection17PENANAjP9KxRtlI7

Extracting to vault memory ... donecopyright protection17PENANAtRnZ93VxgA

Moving to task partition ... donecopyright protection17PENANANKVCpQ92Cl

Console: Simulate {tsk_prt (filter: opt)} copyright protection17PENANAEWaNHHFb3n

Running theoretic ... donecopyright protection17PENANAixfGwpJsW0

Elapsed: 2920 mscopyright protection17PENANA2KKXnaOwcr

Packet evaluated. Solitary objective, tactically undemanding, but as suspected, challenging conditions. Mobilising commando suit. Action particles are spilling out of the assembler and encasing me in composite layers of polymer, gel armour and ballistic rubber. Boots are tightening at my calves. Gauntlets fastening and helmet docking. Mass of the ensemble nominally increasing. A momentary freeze in upgrade to plus strength. Must decongest the buffers and eradicate the lag. Visor is closing and changing view to 360 degree panoramic. I’m selecting the air-purifying respirator. Not essential, but removing aerosols at the first opportunity will conserve energy and delegate surplus juice to the accelerators. Into the task partition. Browsing geospatial imagery. A savage and grey place. Should be easy blending in to such a drab landscape.copyright protection17PENANASQn2E5KjgN

Console: CMYK {m7hsm.ise (filter: best)} copyright protection17PENANAHylWeRmYki

Running colouristic ... donecopyright protection17PENANAYm3JkqU9X6

Result: [Cyan: 0.0000] [Magenta: 0.0866] [Yellow: 0.1969] [Black: 0.5020]copyright protection17PENANAAPXYRB3BVk

Elapsed: 1.01 mscopyright protection17PENANApDTKz8CW6W

Applying sandstone hue to the suit. Stopping adaptive camouflage. Optical instruments are stable. Kayelin’s gesturing to a hard protector case fixed to a rack at the back of the pod. Flipping the catches. Equipment is CR-10, the assimilable combat rifle, and MPAP-12, the portable artillery piece affectionately nicknamed HEAVY HAIL by the SABRE-3 teams. A rudimentary mortar concept encompassed in a typically sensible design; six extendable steel alloy tubes joined to a ruggedised box housing a remote guidance computer. It’s a disposable unit, foldable and carried over the shoulder. I have twelve projectiles, each containing a cluster of thirty kinetic bomblets no bigger than a pistol bullet, but manufactured from ultra dense ruspil. When dropped from the middle of the troposphere a ruspil bomblet will crush a vehicle’s engine block or penetrate twelve metres of flesh and innards, slicing bone in half and burrowing deep into the hulk of the largest animals. Kayelin’s next to me, her hand on my elbow. ‘Stay put,’ I’m telling her. ‘And keep off the radio.’ Taking the weapons and entering the decontamination chamber. Plug door is swinging shut and gaskets inflating, sealing the pod interior. Outer panel unlatching.21Please respect copyright.PENANALoXE9xMLtT
copyright protection17PENANAe5jhPEIJOF

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