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NNWM Pre-Discussion
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Faded White(五線變奏曲)
Oct 3, 2017
5 Mins Read
1,060 Words
No Plagiarism!lQnIjPxbFrNIOlzzXw7kposted on PENANA

All rights belong to Envelope Subtract Lettercopyright protection111PENANApDHf1pNpSp

Faded White is a fantasy audio story (Total of 4 books) combined with different verity of music including EDM, Artcore, Orchestra music, Classic music, pop music etc., set in 1917 (near WW1), where people in there performed music to do daily work (i.e music in there has some sort of magic which could do several things, including control objects, manipulating people minds, physical and mental healing, creating illusions etc.).copyright protection111PENANAlegIWzxuKd

Backgroundcopyright protection111PENANAVyVJTujR1q

  One of the countries named Démocratie was once the vassal state of Feudalismus. Yet in 19 century, nobles of Feudalismus were indulged in luxurious life, thus raised taxes unreasonably high. This was the last straw for the people of Démocratie, they revolt against the useless king and the army of Feudalismus which claimed to protect the king. (Using the French revolution as the blueprint) As the battle in Marseille has marked the success of the revolution and Démocratie has changed a trias politica country, while Feudalismus remained as a monarchy.copyright protection111PENANAbq3SG4itub

  As Feudalismus Army mainly plays slow songs as a way of torture, Council of Démocratie has agreed to ban any performance of any slow tune, or they shall receive a heavy penalty or even death sentence. At the early 1900s, modernize of military has brought the tension of two countries high, fear of another war coming, Démocratie military decided to rebuilt the Aileen College and train students to become new musicians, which later Sofie and Chen Hsing-Hui will study in.copyright protection111PENANATQp9ymI6Rt

The first book will first describe Sofie's school life, including being discriminated as she couldn't pass the standard tempo thus failed the first test, later professor Alberto has managed to help her and teach her to perform faster songs. She also met new friends after Chen Hsing-Hui forced her to perform in front of her classmates. Between that Sofie dreamed about her mother.copyright protection111PENANAkM1fwVKQMM

After some time Sofie has dealt with the bullying, she was being kidnapped by a Fedualismus spy, which then she learned the situation in there and their people. The spy released her when he successfully escaped.copyright protection111PENANAgYckRTp9nU

After Sofie return, she was praised as a genius as few can survive from that. And thus Sofie became the center of the school. May write sth about joining clubs or any activities.copyright protection111PENANAlgKKqj68pY

When Sofie almost finished year 2, the war began and they were forced to go to the trenches. Sofie and Chen Hsing-Hui became nurses. Yet during one assault, enemy forces have broken the defense line.copyright protection111PENANACJKEZhzK7m

Place and the warcopyright protection111PENANAwokJJbC9lZ

All story scene will be based on France and Germany, may have slight modify between the names. While the war(the war will begin in the middle of the first book and end at the last book) will be based on WWI, musicians are still considered as experimental soldiers. The war will still be using guns, tanks, trenches as the main weapon. (Musicians on war have different branches, including healing, stormtrooper, spy etc., but most will be used as entertainment for soldiers.)copyright protection111PENANA3GfNqF6xOw

Characters in the first bookcopyright protection111PENANAvrgg5gyF0F

Sofie Anlisa(蘇菲安麗莎)copyright protection111PENANA2w4mfNySXU

Lived in a small town named Olia (Artzenheim in real life), lost her mother at 7 and father at 8 so moved with her relative to Belfit (Belfort in real life), where she met with Chen Hsing-Hui and become friends. Later studied in Aileen College and get bully as she cannot pass the first test due to her tune are too slow that the teacher cannot give her a passing grade. Fortunate with the help of several people, she managed to impress others and graduated with the 8th highest score. She later became a nurse during the war.copyright protection111PENANAR0A7O1NVzC

Well at playing romantic songs and few 20th century. (Maybe also well at Celtic music). Peace-lover and sometimes will do stupid things.copyright protection111PENANAs53Il9ZTOZ

Chen Hsing-Hui(陳幸蕙)copyright protection111PENANAzQvEdLsMDp

Lived in China and studied oversea when 9 because her family is rich and she is talented at playing music, and Sofie became her neighbor and best friend since then. Studied in Aileen College with Sofie, her first performance immediately impressed the teachers and thus have a lot of friends. Graduated at 3rd place.copyright protection111PENANAGvphCeip9S

Well at 20th-century music and oriental music. Belittle the ones play EDM, thinking "they are just a factory product under fast culture". She loves to show and tell, concerns friendship, and make quick decisions. She also has a strong connection to her country.copyright protection111PENANA1BX4kiejc2

Professor Alberto (亞伯特教授)copyright protection111PENANAjMTOq7ASUe

The oldest professor in the whole college, nicknamed "the old professor". His passed wife was a musician in Feudalismus, so he has a basic understanding of andante songs. Few teachers who are willing to help Sofie and thinks she could make great things.copyright protection111PENANAiBJISlWbL5

Professional at Baroque, Classic and Romantic songs, also interested in Oriental music. Likes to read books while drink almond tea, but most of the time he is just sleeping.copyright protection111PENANA3MH0R2j5lw

Commodore Bellcopyright protection111PENANA8Ej2tKa4D5

Also the headmaster of Aileen College. His grandfather was a hero who stands against Feudalismus. Thus making him hates people of Feudalismus, including Alberto, although still respects him. Served as Commodore in the Navy, also studying modern music and EDM. Well at Classic music but also folk music. He seldom shows his emotions, but still, he's a good person.copyright protection111PENANAiVG2DynzK9

Hans Verisllecopyright protection111PENANAFOVnPNp9TL

Spy of Feudalismus, taken Sofie as the hostage when being caught. Later tell her about his childhood and family.copyright protection111PENANAF2qZ5TJfYm

He's just a sidekick by now, great at Baroque music, sometimes play his melodica.copyright protection111PENANAkgi1iWAGvk

Lily Tanakacopyright protection111PENANAPb8LyXzY6s

Come from Tokyo, she has a huge interest in machines and electronic music. Thus becoming the vice president of EDM club. Belittle Chinese especially Chen Hsing-Hui, fortunate their relation become better after Lily become friends with Sofie.copyright protection111PENANAJMv9LA3vP1

Well at EDM, professional in Guzheng. Proud, independent, sometimes stubborn, a little cunning, but overall she has proven herself useful. Also, her English is broken.copyright protection111PENANASaiabB6LhC

Selected Musiccopyright protection111PENANA67OeTncslj

Since this is a story about music, needless to say, I'll get some music. Besides some music are made by me, here is a list of Youtube music channel or individual artist I will be searching. (I want to find more non-mainstream artist unless really talented, so no VEVO)copyright protection111PENANAV45qeR0hnQ

~EDMcopyright protection111PENANAjf1CqddxZv

MrSuicideSheepcopyright protection111PENANAa5CYkvlxYH

Monstercatcopyright protection111PENANAQTMWj0Ojib

Diversitycopyright protection111PENANAaCrbeSorqn

Proximitycopyright protection111PENANAXAtzzN5Vk3

Pixl Networkscopyright protection111PENANACbXp7gpVAI

StrobeNetworkcopyright protection111PENANA7KkzVzsk0S

Virtual Riotcopyright protection111PENANAHXtbx2YDYj

Tobucopyright protection111PENANAHBuE0CUqyu

~Artcore & Chillcopyright protection111PENANA8Fftfb2Hv3

A Himitsucopyright protection111PENANAzd13oy5nc4

Elegant Sistercopyright protection111PENANAGTFbxFNs5m

Ujico/Snail Housecopyright protection111PENANAXe1cHhnJYT

In Love with a Ghostcopyright protection111PENANANy6OCvnITz

Yoe Masecopyright protection111PENANAMztrL07ztd

Laura Brehmcopyright protection111PENANAVqrXC9e0Sd

Gregory Alan Isakovcopyright protection111PENANAUFM1uowR6p

Inspiracopyright protection111PENANAqTZTlLUskn

VoicedOutcopyright protection111PENANAGgN8dqhsr9

hby76012copyright protection111PENANAGlPtnjSTbY

Koala Kontrolcopyright protection111PENANAjBSjvd4qGp

Oh Wondercopyright protection111PENANAOmFBuT2Llu

Luke Bryancopyright protection111PENANAV1QLvd4n7f

Chopin – The Revolutionary Etudecopyright protection111PENANAmqReKnrOO7

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