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The Beginner Wolf
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Writer KittyCat
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The Beginner Wolf
A - A - A
Little FireFly Mai
Oct 7, 2017
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2L6NLSvbwlvmXIRLztooposted on PENANA

     A mate. Someone who your wolf indicates as there's, and you can't stop it. Especially when your wolf is looking right at her. he takes control and doesn't stop until she is ours. But she is just a pup, probably just 20 years old. copyright protection31PENANAh0hIy45lTW

' She has to be our mate' my wolf tells me this ever so often so I don't complaincopyright protection31PENANABWIIKuAfF7

' Why though, we're almost 40 years of age' I mutter rolling my eyescopyright protection31PENANABbuyTljtPI

' Calum, trust me' my wolf makes me trust his words copyright protection31PENANAR7I8QhdVD7

     And with that I hear a small crack under my left paw, I look up to see small green eyes look back at me. Her head tilts to the side instead of running away from my gaze. My wolf walks me out of the bushes towards her where the smile on her lips grow. I could sense her eyes looking at my black coat then to my white horns. A smirk was placed on my lips before a shewolf walks out from the bushes. copyright protection31PENANASe4AXO4y4K

' That's her mom, you might want to run' my wolf literally yells this to mecopyright protection31PENANAGFVaeOwyhm

     I cringe at his voice but don't move. A low growl starts to form in her throat, a warning? or a threat? My wolf groans and makes me stand over her own daughter, her expression changes to a confused and disgusted look. But then it changes again to a smile, my wolf probably talked to her. copyright protection31PENANAg8uZhkgvfU

" sorry for my behavior Calum" she passed before shifting "I didn't understand right away, I never thought it could happen to such a young pup" she spoke covering her naked body in a blanket near bycopyright protection31PENANAC78HI6wMEA

" my father claimed my mother two years younger then your daughter, so I think it can. " I chuckled to hear her laughcopyright protection31PENANAwkgsvug22y

     I felt a small nudge on my legs, the little golden pup had gotten in between my front legs. I smiled at this, my wolf just wanted to mark her right there and then. Now that wasn't acceptable, even for me. Why is my wolf so dirty? I wasn't paying attention to what happened but she licked my cheek, did she already figure it out? She walked up to her mother and sat down, which made her mother smile. copyright protection31PENANAoiGSiYdyut

" This is my firefly, also known as Mai" her mother spokecopyright protection31PENANAs7BBOjIk6n

     Her name made me chuckle, it was cute just like herself. Mai's mother told me I could walk around with her, which probably wasn't the best idea with my wolf out of control. I watched as her mother walked off, I knew what to show the little one. I didn't like going back to my pack, but they were my only home. The last time I went back I had almost died, well not from them just from someone else. copyright protection31PENANAVDIb5dFlgI

     They had to heal me and revive me, which I wanted to on my own. But I guess they trusted me enough to bring me into the pack, since I was from a different pack. Lets just say the king took me in as a little pup and he found out I was from a different pack. He never wanted to let me go. copyright protection31PENANATE1AxjzKS4

" I'm going to show you something amazing " I smiled to see little Mai right beside mecopyright protection31PENANAelbPX08Fke

" is it your pack" she giggled, which made me blushcopyright protection31PENANA2fSKrXY6je

" right our minds are connected" I chuckled to see her still smilecopyright protection31PENANAPdTQOr9nb2

" how did you get your horns Calum" she asked as she stood still looking at them really goodcopyright protection31PENANAsqnDfkDnZY

" lets just say they were given to me by an old friend, every wolf thinks I'm a god" I explaincopyright protection31PENANAC2euNFrLML

" more like a king to me" she spoke as she ran ahead of me and played with the leaves on the floorcopyright protection31PENANA0BYTsMkCaw

" thank you little one, we just need to hurry. We can play another time" I smirked as she shook all the leaves from her coat and walked with mecopyright protection31PENANAECW1gcmTzl

     I walked her over a bridge and towards a human castle, she's never seen one before this. I nudged her bum to make her move, which didn't help. A dark brown wolf was standing there, that is Damien. The leaders son, we call him the golden prince. I don't know why but we do. I look away from him, he didn't growl or try to bite my neck like last time. copyright protection31PENANASco6GbM8Xy

     I looked behind him to see a smaller light brown shewolf, he probably got soft because of her. I smirked before parting my lips. copyright protection31PENANATYaSRCEceP

" did the famous Damien get soft because he found his mate" I smiled at the shewolf before looking at the othercopyright protection31PENANAJTrGUHSgBs

" it seems that way doesn't it, and who must this be. Your pup?" he questioned and laughed at the same timecopyright protection31PENANACtE1Alcmua

" no that's his mate Damien" the girl smiled walking up to little Mai " she's so cute" the shewolf addedcopyright protection31PENANAUo85g0HVdW

" her names Mai" I spoke with pride  coming from my voice it almost seemedcopyright protection31PENANALWPcDJUv0w

" I'm Ayka, nice to meet you Calum" the shewolf spoke and winked at mecopyright protection31PENANAYD0DEAZRWt

     Mai probably told her my name, I really wonder about this little pup. Damien didn't say a word, I'm guessing we found our mates on the same day. Isn't that normal? I saw him shake his head, before walking back inside with little Ayka by his side. Mai did the same, copying the other shewolf. I chuckled before following Damien, Mai looked so in awe of the place. I wonder if her mother ever let her shift before, this is going to be awkward. copyright protection31PENANA2RSaW8aE4o

     We walked through a hall for some time before reaching an office like space. Damien's father was there, his coat was all white with small grey spots almost like freckles. Mai didn't like how intimidated he looked, she stayed behind me the whole time. I heard a laugh before a small breeze hit my face, Damien had shifted. I looked over to see the naked body I never forgot, and that sounds weird but when a wolf shifts in front of you that means they trust you. I didn't want Mai to see me yet, only if she wanted to. Ayka shifted as well, she was a very beautiful girl. Damien was a lucky man indeed, but I had my little prize to brag about. copyright protection31PENANAAPkp2X9Xta

" your not going to shift Calum" the king asked before shifting himselfcopyright protection31PENANAtsNt5s44j1

" no your highness, I want Mai to see me for who I am first" I spoke which made him smile. copyright protection31PENANAylTqwQzHuD

" your always such a gentlemen, no wonder she loves you" he chuckledcopyright protection31PENANA54tquvoDsS

     I looked down as Mai smiling up at me, she loves me? Already? I shook my head and rolled my eyes, she giggled as always before we looked back. The king wanted to know why I came back, Damien and Ayka left so we could talk in private. Mai played with her tail as the adults started to talk. I smiled at her before looking back at the old man. copyright protection31PENANANWkBqq3uvn

" after all these years Calum, why now?" the older male spoke as he walked back to his deskcopyright protection31PENANAw3Jpuff3XJ

" i'm not sure, your the only people who'd care if I died or even found a mate" I shruggedcopyright protection31PENANAH2ObsiGRW9

     I wasn't sure why I went back to the place I left for a very long time. The king just nodded and smiled, he then spoke about having me on their so called "security". I wasn't expecting something like this, but I had to say yes. After that we spoke more about other things, what changed and what didn't. copyright protection31PENANAJK63lwup1Z

     After that he told me my house or well den was still intact, which made me quite happy. I walked back to Mai who glanced up at me and smiled. copyright protection31PENANAMx2vWxLcAI

" come on little one, i'll show you my man cave" I chuckled as she blushedcopyright protection31PENANAViKKtd2a4Z

" you mean your house, your so weird" she mumbled nudging my legs as we walkedcopyright protection31PENANAkOJqR5XlvY

" what it was my man cave, now its just our home" I smiled which made her blushcopyright protection31PENANAlhvnNsVyEw

     My house wasn't all that bad, just a small two story building. It had a garden on one of the sides, there were cobwebs all over the place. It smelled of wild animal and dust. I stopped in front of it, groaning at the disgusting look of my so called home. Would Mai even like it? I watched as she was staring at it as well, she didn't look to happy. She glanced at me with a smile on her lips before speaking.copyright protection31PENANAgAO1kifnsk

" its a piece of shit, but I guess with me here we can fix it up a bit" she spoke and this made me want to cover her face in kisses. copyright protection31PENANAmN86d0calH

" good" thats all i said? wtf me say something else you over grown asshat " but thanks" I added which made her laughcopyright protection31PENANA9GZE4M70kL

" yeah yeah, lets get started" she walked in front of me and automatically shifted. copyright protection31PENANAwBmlDGDS46

     I couldn't stop staring at how beautiful she was, her orange blond hair went down to her waist. Her green eyes sparkled in the some what sun, her skin had multiple freckles on it. Especially her face. I shook my head and stayed behind her when we walked inside. The inside seemed perfectly fine, I gave her one of my shirts which she appreciated. What is this feeling? oh fuck its love. Without thinking I shifted as well, my white horns were still there. The smile on her face made my heart beat faster then the normal rate it beats. copyright protection31PENANAdqTlx7lJhH

" your beautiful" I spoke without thinking againcopyright protection31PENANArqoq5tcdtx

" did your wolf tell you to say that or was that you just trying to say that in your head like an idiot" she giggledcopyright protection31PENANAZZ9llM2ZF6

" oh shut up" I rolled my eyes and smirkedcopyright protection31PENANA5SwZe46zOn

" get some pants on before your wolf goes crazy Calum" she winked before throwing me some of my jeanscopyright protection31PENANAhfOFGU9S7C

" Its already going crazy..... crazy for you" I slightly blushedcopyright protection31PENANAq6CzrXmtW1

" of course, can I see your eyes" she muttered as she walked towards mecopyright protection31PENANAz2U618b7IZ

     My black hair always covered my eyes, and I didn't like people looking at them. But I didn't stop her, she moved my hair away from my eyes. Once ours eyes made contact her cheeks grew a dark redish pink. I smirked before kissing her cheek, my hands wrapped around her waist. Hugging her closely to me. After a minute she hugged me back, once we let go I already missed her. copyright protection31PENANAv0fjFVeOOl

     And with that we turned my man cave into a home for many, well maybe just two little guys but you never know. My home was cleaner then what I usually kept it, guess i should keep it cleaner with a mate. Each room you could tell a women helped organize it, which was a good touch. She had her own things to make the room look bigger and brighter, even though I usually hate when girls organize things I loved her way of doing things. copyright protection31PENANArer3OT1anY

" hey Calum where do you want me to put this" Mai came down from our bedroom her hands filled with pictures of my parentscopyright protection31PENANAcX0631ff9Y

" where did you get those" I muttered trying not to go crazycopyright protection31PENANAeEYuYEpcsd

" they were under your bed, i just thought you'd want to put them around in frames instead of hiding them" she spoke looking hesitantcopyright protection31PENANAyUs0YgUZqh

" thats fine, I didn't mean to bark at you like that" I took the photos before kissing her cheek which made her gigglecopyright protection31PENANAXCeYJi0Yy9

     I placed them by the stairs, looking back at Mai she had collapsed onto the couch. Sitting down beside her I let her legs lay on mine, her eyes were on mine the whole time. My wolf wanted me to do things to her I will not repeat, I wasn't planning on marking her anytime soon. Well until I now she's where my heart is, because last time I guess it wasn't. copyright protection31PENANAXMOVgNzG02

" would you like to get to know me" I askedcopyright protection31PENANATyWlzUCtU2

" of course, then ill tell you about me" she smiled as she sat up not removing her legs from my lapcopyright protection31PENANAKSFZQoiQnQ

" okay, uhhh well lets just say I'm not the best wolf to socialize with. Or well people think I'm a monster because of my horns, but I got those for saving someone. I'm around almost 500 years old, been in hiding for 300 years. And your not my first mate" I spoke the last sentence softlycopyright protection31PENANA0kDOgUCPAC

" wait you had a mate before me, but aren't you only supposed to have one" she asked a bit confusedcopyright protection31PENANASuaOQJJsdD

" yeah, but well in the time that I thought I was ready I wasn't. And I saw her kill herself in front of me" I muttered without even tearing upcopyright protection31PENANAvYvaXlzgcX

" Calum, oh my god. Please don't continue, I understand" she spoke and hugged my waist as if it was normal to watch your ex mate kill herself copyright protection31PENANA7diK2yEEof

" what about yourself" I askedcopyright protection31PENANAggJr5zbO2o

" well i was born into a family where my mother never knew who the father was. I have three older brothers and thats it, I'm the only girl. I'm around 19 in human years and I think your around 60. Uhh nothing has happened really, i've been a pup for a really long time" she explained shrugging her shoulderscopyright protection31PENANAsxmXHkjgAw

" i'll give you more memories to have and keep, I'll make sure your always happy" I purredcopyright protection31PENANAdHJvsL46qs

     She smiled and kissed my cheek softly before standing up, she glanced at the door and knew I wanted to go for a run. I stood up with my hands in my pockets, walking towards the door it opened as I shifted into my wolf. She gave a light howl before doing the same. copyright protection31PENANAmGJ57OFiCH

     Running out of the kingdoms walls we ran through the forest, across the bridge and towards the one waterfall I knew of. She followed me until I stopped, right at the edge of the waterfall. I felt as she nudged my left side, she felt so small against my giant body. I watched as she jumped into the lake, she swam around before swimming towards the edge to get back up. copyright protection31PENANAH5e32WomdY

     I was about to jump in until I felt something painful on my back, I raised an eyebrow before blacking out. I heard Mai screaming my name, the panic in her voice made me feel we fell into a trap. I felt the urge to growl and kill, opening my eyes I saw a shewolf snickering in front of me. Her eyes scared me half to death. Her lips opened and closed and before I knew it I was walking towards Mai. My wolf was controlled by that thing that was shot into my back. If felt like a similar feeling, my ex mate told me she had this feeling. A bad headache and the urge to kill herself because she didn't want to kill me. copyright protection31PENANATrGCX9o1fO

" Calum kill her " the shewolf howled as the others ran offcopyright protection31PENANAuCudHC1mVE

     I'll remember that voice forever, it will haunt me forever as well. My wolf walks over to Mai who looked scared, even for me. She whimpered as she laid on the floor, the last thing I remember is pouncing on her and biting down on her neck. Then I blacked out, and forget everything. copyright protection31PENANA4CJjGMf59s

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