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Ticket To Ride
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Writer Banko
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Ticket To Ride
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Oct 11, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!R7G2fJiTnlaKaDFQIgeIposted on PENANA

Halloween was the only night the Standon fair opened in Good Hope.33Please respect copyright.PENANABQrsZ8oBcT
So as with every year, the whole town turned out to enjoy the nights fun.33Please respect copyright.PENANA2FgGI5vxlY
people dressed up in all sort of costumes witches, Zombies Frankenstein and some with covers chucked over them like plain old ghosts.copyright protection29PENANApvOaXPJceG

At the gates to the old fair stood old  Mrs. Standon welcoming people to her fair with a toffee apple on a stick as people approached she would speak to them in her soft voice “welcome dear enjoy the night.” 33Please respect copyright.PENANAbdjMJMBAIe
This year was going to be special as Five lucky people had won a ticket to ride on the Ghost train the first time it had run in twenty years.copyright protection29PENANAk6N193LrW9

As a group of boys walked up messing and shouting Mrs. Standon spotted Biffa he was a ticket winner big mouth big head thought Mr's Standon “hello boys” she says holding out her plate of toffee apples.33Please respect copyright.PENANAcj5DL4LaGY
The boys just look at her and start laughing, not phased by their behavior she says to Biffa “are you looking forward to your ride?”copyright protection29PENANAM6TXKzOtQ3

He looks at her and starts to laugh “what a ride on some crappy ghost train what hasn't run for years? Ye really looking forward to it,” he pushes past her, his Friends follow.copyright protection29PENANAbgy0qwPaI4

Mrs. Standon watches with a knowing smile on her face she had seen it all before33Please respect copyright.PENANA3IEkompUTL
Hello “Mrs. Standon,” comes a sweet voice from behind her.33Please respect copyright.PENANAT5ZdSIZtjH
She turns. there stood Julie with her Friend Marycopyright protection29PENANAR3aF5jIQLF

 “Hello, Julie and how are you?”33Please respect copyright.PENANAIv0N9MRVWx
“I'm fine, I'm nervous about going on the Ghost train though”33Please respect copyright.PENANAU0gykEUKzO
Mrs. Standon smiles at her “Don't worry dear it will be the ride of a lifetime, now hurry along and enjoy yourself your missing all the fun.”33Please respect copyright.PENANAwsTvGMdFfx
Julie and Mary walked through taking a toffee apple as they walk past33Please respect copyright.PENANAnX3nKcaC86
“Watch your teeth braces with that apple Julie says Mrs. Standon.”33Please respect copyright.PENANA926pAr4vbE
Into the crowd, they disappear.copyright protection29PENANAZyMTwwtl0j

Next, a group of girls approach. all wearing leather coats and acting like they owned the world 33Please respect copyright.PENANAjH7ddNZrte
“Hi girls toffee apples,” asks Mrs. Standon holding out the tray.33Please respect copyright.PENANAYQc1eWeoym
The girls walk past looking at her as if she's an alien just one girl stops to take an apple33Please respect copyright.PENANAuIpB802dvd
“Come on Kat don't be eating that you don't know what the old witch has put in them,” shouts a tall hefty girl who seemed to be the leader.33Please respect copyright.PENANARPVZ29M1Af
“Hello Kat are you looking forward to your ride on the ghost train?” asked Mrs. Standon who was not fazed by the insults of the other girl.33Please respect copyright.PENANAgy6sAkpOJX
Kat looks at Mrs. Standon sorry Mrs. Standon, she hurrays past without taking a toffee apple after all and catches up with the rest of the girls33Please respect copyright.PENANAbdGAOPAR26
Mrs. Standon watches as the tall girl gives Kat a dressing down for stopping, then they to disappear into the crowd.copyright protection29PENANAoczXc0t2ac

 shes standing and watching the crowd moving about when she hears “hello Mrs. Standon can we have a toffee apple please?”33Please respect copyright.PENANA5UV1TXaGZK
“Of course Bertie help yourself, dear.”33Please respect copyright.PENANAWgi2ITn7H6
Bertie’s face reddens “please Mrs. Standon don't call me that my names blubber that's what all the people call me and I like it.”33Please respect copyright.PENANA5TkMt9B40D
“OK dear,” she smiles “are you looking forward to your ride on the ghost train?”33Please respect copyright.PENANAa5y66s3g83
His Friend starts to laugh out loud “He's shitting himself.”33Please respect copyright.PENANA14jk72du9V
“No, I'm not,” Bertie defends himself.33Please respect copyright.PENANAAfOU1i4Cm4
“Yes, you are your kakking your pants.”33Please respect copyright.PENANAgxaPDghHxp
“Boys, boys don't be arguing get your apples and go and enjoy yourself and I'm sure you will enjoy it,” says Mrs. Standon with her smile back on her face.33Please respect copyright.PENANALyu4SB755g
They grab an apple each and head off into the crowd.copyright protection29PENANA61ghHlBpcn

There's only one boy left to come now for the ride and Mrs. Standon didn't really know him he’d not long moved into town and was a bit of a loner, roomers were he was a dope smoker and liked his own company.copyright protection29PENANA4bWR5tnyOo

the fairground noise grew louder as more people came and joined the fun, the fair was only opened once a year so people loved it and some of the people here had been coming all there lives.copyright protection29PENANASdAraMrEPC

“Hello Jenny,” came a voice from behind.33Please respect copyright.PENANA1GwPBy7Fbu
“Hello, John you made it then?”33Please respect copyright.PENANAJr1UhFaymI
“You know me jenny wouldn't miss this night for the world”33Please respect copyright.PENANAY7gsc94jf9
After a short pause, he says33Please respect copyright.PENANAAgQ76rFd7Q
“So this is the year the ghost train rides? Doesn't seem like 20 years since we took that journey.”33Please respect copyright.PENANAIQiJLzpV8L
“Are the others here?”33Please respect copyright.PENANAE6TUz64Dpj
“Yes, they’re here in the crowd somewhere.”copyright protection29PENANARWD7dltPKF

 a boy walks towards them earphones in beanie hat on, large spliff hanging out of his mouth and a rucksack on his back.copyright protection29PENANAcPR8GWC4vq

“Hello,” says Mr's Stanton but he can't hear because of the earphones and just walks past into the crowd,copyright protection29PENANAsnE2OOPgtE

John looks at the boy and smiles.33Please respect copyright.PENANAN0AD7G5MUc
“Does he remind you of anyone john?”33Please respect copyright.PENANACC3UmOuLJC
“He sure does jenny but I'm sure he won't be the same person after tonight.”33Please respect copyright.PENANAxnIqihxnVX
“Come on let's catch up with the others.”33Please respect copyright.PENANAHIXhl5YqRT
Jenny links johns arm and off they head towards the ghost train.copyright protection29PENANASkAwsORVDB

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