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Ticket To Ride
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Writer Banko
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Ticket To Ride
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Oct 13, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!M3UTlyNngnEfsv7MXtQUposted on PENANA

The time was ten to nine and everyone was heading over to the ghost train, an old clown was standing on the stage it was Jim Standon Jenny's husband.88Please respect copyright.PENANAiswKCCqjMl
As the crowd grew he  announced: “well ladies and gentlemen the time is approaching for the ride of a lifetime, can all ticket holders please step forward?”88Please respect copyright.PENANATnKJdOwRdj
First out of the crowd was Biffa showing off to his mates as he went “no crappy ghost train will scare me he shouts back to them.” His mates stand making ghost noises and laughing.copyright protection84PENANAwp01UrXaZN

 Up next steps Julie her Friend pushing her forward “go on Julie you will be OK.”copyright protection84PENANAQLRLFcjsAA

Then blubber pushes forward stomping up to the ride.88Please respect copyright.PENANAiYg92FqOxG
“Go on fatty shouts a voice in the crowd” blubber gives him the finger and stands next to Juliecopyright protection84PENANAQfPjKW6IpW

Biffa looks at them both “hey don't be pissing yr pant.” and starts laughing.copyright protection84PENANADWmEXg5Vr5

Next one out the crowd is the dope smoking Wesley he struts up onto the stage and stands with the three others earphones still in and not paying any attention to anybody.copyright protection84PENANAJhRA3wNmZn

Last, the tall girl who had come with Kat steps up her friends start to cheer but as she gets on stage the clown holds his hand up to stop her “sorry young lady this rides not for you.” copyright protection84PENANAXQCM9nJf69

“What do you mean, I've got a ticket.”88Please respect copyright.PENANAMP9izLV04H
“Yes but it's not your name,” he says his eyes now boring into her making her feel uncomfortable.88Please respect copyright.PENANAmY46HiVd99
She steps back down her face reddens at the embarrassment, pushing back to her friends  she pushes the ticket at Kat 88Please respect copyright.PENANAxs7OBat2Y0
 “come on girls don't want see no shitty ghost train anyway.” Kat stands a minute88Please respect copyright.PENANAJLQS4pEZqJ
 “Well, you coming?” She asks Kat.88Please respect copyright.PENANAGMHKTp3PDc
Kat stands a minute “No I will catch you up.”88Please respect copyright.PENANAYaE5Zggsif
“Don't bother,”  she says as she pushes her way out of the crowd the others follow88Please respect copyright.PENANAt10jU4Jy39
Kat looks after them then turns to see the clown beckoning 88Please respect copyright.PENANAhKWZuQpyF2
“come on little lady we are waiting for you,” his eyes look menacing Kat hurriedly climbs onto the stage.copyright protection84PENANAcJ5yo2PtYg

The clown now starts to tell the crowd that this is the first year the train has run since that fateful day twenty years ago when Wilie Bloor met his end copyright protection84PENANAzHyqiBW5YW

Biffa laughs “Willie Bloor never heard of him.”88Please respect copyright.PENANAKDdpJcFZEY
“How old are you son?” says the clown with that look in his eye again.88Please respect copyright.PENANAe80frUjasn
Biffa starts to feel uneasy but puts on a show “seventeen whats that got to do with it?”88Please respect copyright.PENANAkK7gKC69aL
The clown pushes his face into Biffa’s “Willie Bloor was before your time.”88Please respect copyright.PENANAbVppk8B08g
Biffa starts to feel uneasy this clown was acting strange now.copyright protection84PENANAtVM6IWtsbz

Blubber senses this and starts to laugh “who are pissing their pants now?”88Please respect copyright.PENANAZmoZBPTV0m
 Biffa looks across and says “shut it blubber we’ll see when we get on this ride who pisses there pants.”copyright protection84PENANABojGXHJMbH

The clown looks at a huge watch he's got in his pocket “Right Lady's and gentlemen get into your car and let the ride begin.”copyright protection84PENANA2KpAaHb7Na

The crowd starts to clap as the carriage door’s all open aromatically.copyright protection84PENANA3g6QmOMQgY

One at a time they all step in the clown assisting the girls.copyright protection84PENANAqRnKykrh6D

As they sit down what looks like two arms come up each side and clasp them in like a seatbelt.88Please respect copyright.PENANAik6qAQ2HZc
“What the,” says Biffa looking back at the others he grabs at the hands to tries to part them but they are clasped firmly and he can't budge them.copyright protection84PENANAZ8noJy6VFT

They clown shouts “DON'T mess with the seat belts, they are there for your safety.”copyright protection84PENANA5J9bzw0mng

“Now in front of you, you will see a pair of glasses please put them on and do not take them off.”88Please respect copyright.PENANAtb7SAs0cs8
They all fumble about putting on their glasses as they put them on they feel them tighten on there heads again as if the glasses were holding on tight.copyright protection84PENANAlN8IyH2ZZ9

Blubber tries to pull them off the clown steps up to him and shouts “LEAVE THEM ALONE.”copyright protection84PENANACYi0n1ytWd

Just then the clown notices Wesley hasn't got his glasses on stepping over he grabs the cord of the headphones and rips them out of his ears.copyright protection84PENANAn2Xxdx3eTr

“Hey man what you doing?” asker's Wesley.copyright protection84PENANAvffEXNl0Nl

The clown pushes his face next to Wesley looks into his eyes and says if you want to come out of this alive you will listen and do as I say.”copyright protection84PENANA9qkrqHtYbq

He then steps up to Julie “are you ready,” he says with a glint in his eye.88Please respect copyright.PENANAsrvRq7Hk2H
She nods nervously but the clown is now standing by Kat, and are you ready he asks her with a laugh in his voice.copyright protection84PENANAcys95GG9UA

Kat nods but shes not likening this, why hadn't she just go with the gang?copyright protection84PENANABpPQ3NDpNq

88Please respect copyright.PENANAGl1MLCDOjD
Suddenly all the lights in the fair go off except for the ghost train there are a few screams from the crowd but the clown now steps over to a leaver and announcers “nows the time,” he pushes the lever and the carriage's pull forward very slowly.there's a few grumbling sounds as the carriages enter into the mouth of the huge clown face that advertises the ghost train.88Please respect copyright.PENANA0NO8FpAGB3
As the last of the carriage's enter, the doors slam shut behind them88Please respect copyright.PENANAO3vkVWrCgu
88Please respect copyright.PENANAjWQkJCXnqh
copyright protection84PENANAKWR4ohMRgX

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