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Heroes of Eternity
Co-Writer Nariko Nakamura*
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Heroes of Eternity
Chapter 2: Starting my group
Nariko Nakamura
Oct 10, 2017
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oiLQX5orYr5WIxa2bAtZposted on PENANA

I woke up with a throbbing headache. As I looked around the room my vision slowed down. Everything was suddenly in slow motion. Oh goodness it's making me sick. It makes me want to throw up! I closed my eyes and reopened them again. Just as I did that, Olivia came in the room and turned the lights back on.copyright protection19PENANA8KdVyCtw9z

" It's time to wake up, girlies!" Olivia yelled enthusiastically.copyright protection19PENANAzyRkoOqNgo

I was just sitting on my bed with my mind blank. Can you blame me? It's morning! Soon my mind started functioning again and then I heard Pastor Hull's singing.copyright protection19PENANAfllXTv045u

He's probably outside using the megaphone.copyright protection19PENANA4eeiaMUEj4

" Rise and shine!" He sang. " Rise and shine! And give God the glory, glory!"copyright protection19PENANAdSC4c1TCO9

Pastor continued singing and finished it with, " Time to get up!"copyright protection19PENANA14um1nR2sX

I got out of bed after listening to Pastor Hull's beautiful singing. I changed into my normal clothes and waited to see if any of my roommates were left in the dorms. I sat on one of the beds and just waited there.copyright protection19PENANAwxcKPmxJ0Q

Not a second later, I stared into nothing and got deep in my thoughts. I closed my eyes and quickly opened them again because I didn't want another vision. After a few minutes I looked at my watch, it was almost time to go. I left the dorm and headed to the main building.copyright protection19PENANAOdIqiVrbyg

I stepped inside the building and saw that a team was already preparing the tables. It's great that there were couches inside. I sat on one of the couches and waited for the team to finish.copyright protection19PENANAkzkOVmcNoE

As I took in a deep breath, another vision appeared before my eyes. Before I even realized it, I wasn't in the main building any more.copyright protection19PENANALUcXE1jcLk

It appeared that I was at the forest edge, there also was open field nearby.copyright protection19PENANA2zyL0QGr1e

In the distance, I saw a large group of people walking to the middle of the field. It looks like there are twenty-two people there if I'm counting correctly. My curiosity is more significant than my fear, and I decided to creep closer to see what they were up to doing.copyright protection19PENANAHmN1aJnnxM

Half of the group were girls and the other half were all guys. They looked like witches and wizards from what I could see. They were all wearing brown robes, but only one of them had a black one. That must be the head witch, the one with the black robe. All of them had a book in one hand.copyright protection19PENANA1iGeflfzx1

How magical. Hold on, are these witches going to perform black magic?copyright protection19PENANAUABslBi23k

"I know where they are. We need to get to them," The witch with the black robe said.copyright protection19PENANAhKG5MROael

"When shall we go?" A wizard asked.copyright protection19PENANAWgECuUYKuw

"After this meeting, Alfanzo," she responded.copyright protection19PENANAMo6nQsZ9u2

The group of wizards and witches continued and I kept a watchful eye on them. Well actually, I kept my eyes on the head witch. There's something about her specifically that I don't feel good about.copyright protection19PENANAtLMaQz1FJg

And as fast as lightning, she turned her head and looked straight at me! My heart dropped, and I started to feel unwell. For some reason her face deformed and got replaced by a familiar face!copyright protection19PENANA1GwFi0AhL4

" Are you okay, Nariko?" she asked me in concern.copyright protection19PENANANxsTVjmUtQ

In a blink of an eye, I got out of my vision. When I opened my eyes again, I saw the other campers were surrounding me. The girl who I saw before was looking at me. She then turned around and called out for Pastor.copyright protection19PENANAWXCJ7ti992

" She looks fine now, Pastor!" The girl said.copyright protection19PENANApbIVQ1WriI

Pastor came over to me and put a hand on my forehead. " You're not warm, that's good. Although she's been spacing out a lot since yesterday and each time after that she'll get pale."copyright protection19PENANAv5fYZail5L

" Oh no.." she responded. Well, I can understand. How are you going to respond to that?copyright protection19PENANAc1JPLQi40s

I told everyone that I'm fine and got up to find a spot at the table. The girl followed me and sat opposite of me. She gave me a friendly smile and I smiled back at her. The rest of the campers filled up the seats next to us.copyright protection19PENANA6pDPluQiV9

Pastor announced the plan for today and blessed the food. The team that set up the table were allowed to go first.copyright protection19PENANA0rfgqfqIAw

The girl in front of me then said, " Hi, I'm Luna by the way."copyright protection19PENANAuNxdCj4Vo4

I nodded. Wasn't she the girl who tried to hug me the other day? I think it was her. Or it may have been another girl yesterday.copyright protection19PENANAouu1kQvb9r

" I'm Nariko, it's nice to meet you Luna."copyright protection19PENANAk9TzqjOR2p

" It's nice to meet you too!"copyright protection19PENANAnwdVKPeOLC

Soon after Luna said that, Pastor came to our table and told us to get our breakfast. Everyone at my table got up and joined in line for the food. The food looks delicious as always but I got what I needed and went back to my seat.copyright protection19PENANAT97obreGCo

A few minutes later, Luna came back with her food and also sat down. For the whole time that we had breakfast we talked to each other.We clicked immediately and had quite a lot of common interest!copyright protection19PENANA8Xy1xYklPn

I knew for sure that I'll be with her for the rest of my time here at camp.copyright protection19PENANALcTY7EOmtA

After everyone had finished their breakfast, I went out through the back door. As I got out, the door behind me slammed shut!copyright protection19PENANAZmJ6LUy0Bb

"What in the world?!" I gasped in surprise. That's weird. Luna, who was trailing behind tried to open the door, but she couldn't open it. It wouldn't budge!copyright protection19PENANAoK9WLGV62K

"I can't open it!" I heard her yell from the other side. Suddenly, a strong wind pushed me against the other door!copyright protection19PENANAtNXnM41Arv

I winced in pain.copyright protection19PENANAaqSUxDP6Dr

"Oh my gosh! Nariko!" Luna gasped loudly! the door opened! She came out and knelt next to me. She looked at me with worried eyes.copyright protection19PENANAh2bqZX7U49

"I saw you getting pushed against the door! By nothing!" she said as she helped me stand up.copyright protection19PENANAExWBVJGXj7

"Are you alright?" she added to it as I stood up correctly.copyright protection19PENANAsuykp5YebC

I pushed her hands away and said, " I'm fine."copyright protection19PENANAGtERUDP1yT

I may have said that too harshly, and Luna looked up at me with wide surprised eyes.copyright protection19PENANAacr7OmRvkb

I sighed, " I'm sorry. I'll explain later, Luna."copyright protection19PENANACNFb75g6ks

Luna smiled and nodded. She hooked her arm with mine and smiled at me. " That door slammed into my face and it hurts."copyright protection19PENANAI0WmSQ0HSy

My eyes widened at her, how did she not scream out of pain? " What."copyright protection19PENANAA3L2bAo25J

"Nothing!" She sang as if she hadn't said a thing. " Let's go to the dorms already!"copyright protection19PENANAdIwTTEYaKj

Luna then pulled me along with her towards the dorms. This girl is weird. Like me.copyright protection19PENANADsjzPcqPTj

We went to the dorms to get our Bibles, notebooks and pens. I looked over at Luna who's staring off into space and poked her. She then looked up at me surprised.copyright protection19PENANAoumawyKVAP

"Yesterday when I was spacing out, it wasn't because I was deep in thoughts or anything. In fact, it was like I was dreaming! I was having a vision, girl!" I told her! I was probably looking like a madwoman: big eyes that stared into her soul and holding her shoulders.copyright protection19PENANAFOxbIrPHBz

Luna just stared at me. After a few moments she said, " Oh so that's what happened to you."copyright protection19PENANA0e2kORweHq

I let her go after that and picked up my stuff that I accidentally dropped. "Don't worry your secret is safe with me. She said as I looked up again.copyright protection19PENANAx6VUgss1o3

I smiled, "Thanks for understanding."copyright protection19PENANAQ3RoeAP4hr

Luna and I went back to the main building and sat down at the same place we ate this morning, but this time Luna sat next to me. Pastor Hull, who was here already, went to the front and said what we were going to do for the first session of the Bible Study.copyright protection19PENANAEhGGBuy8Ig

"In the first session, I will be preaching to ya'll," he said. "Then we will take a short break and then we'll start the Q&A session and tomorrow we'll be watching a movie about the fall of man."copyright protection19PENANAzgmuaCWCEl

I nodded while pastor continued. He told us that we were going to sing before he preaches. So we sang a couple of songs together.copyright protection19PENANAGuoyTD8JIp

"Lord I lift your name on high!copyright protection19PENANAamGQ3ikBr3

Lord I love to sing your praises.copyright protection19PENANAR0jeutRr6v

I'm so glad you're in my life!"copyright protection19PENANAMM0bkTOtCw

We all sang together. But I noticed that Luna was stumbling on the words.copyright protection19PENANASNTzDWRYyi

"I don't know this song," she whispered to me. I shook my head, " It's okay."copyright protection19PENANA1qjlENOvfV

"I'm so glad you came to save me!copyright protection19PENANA02H0d2U2vw

You came from heaven to earthcopyright protection19PENANAyojsXXoPWW

to show the waycopyright protection19PENANA8Ynrj1f8wv

from the earth to the crosscopyright protection19PENANA3xxLyKOsNk

My debt to paycopyright protection19PENANAZmJiOGgcwc

From the cross to the gravecopyright protection19PENANA9Eaw6uxlC4

From the grave to the skycopyright protection19PENANARGCosa9hDW

Lord I lift Your name on high!"copyright protection19PENANABCikU61bjx

"Very well done guys! Now let's start today's lesson."copyright protection19PENANAnscyZj2xFF

Pastor Hull then taught us two songs with hand motions. The songs were 'I want to be your friend' and 'Bind us together, Lord'. Pastor then prayed and started his sermon.copyright protection19PENANABwmeUPo462

As I was listening to his preaching, my attention seemed to shift towards something else. I went into another vision! Everything was fading away from me and then suddenly I was in an unfamiliar place!copyright protection19PENANA0IEj3zp5KJ

I saw two figures not too far from me. From what I could make out to be, one of them was the head witch from the other day. But she was talking to a black figure, why can't I see him properly?copyright protection19PENANAD8bPGa9JHO

" I saw her. That girl."copyright protection19PENANApjkMyfBXjI

The witch almost came over as flabbergasted. It almost seems like she couldn't believe herself that she saw me!copyright protection19PENANAZkqDDuc3zW

She looked up at the figure and whispered, " I did."copyright protection19PENANAMc4X2L8bvQ

" I don't care. You have to prove that you saw her, Tezia!" The figure raised his voice at the woman. " If you really did see her then I can't believe that you let her go!"copyright protection19PENANA0VakHIAjFT

" But it was a vision that she was seeing!"copyright protection19PENANA1EdsiRWuUw

" Well then you need to find a way to get her here! I NEED HER!"copyright protection19PENANArGJwEMhMYN

" Y-yes sir, I-I'll find a way to get her here."copyright protection19PENANADYIOjqwTJc

Poor Tezia stuttered in front of him and stumbled away from. The figure seemed to sigh as he watched her go. I figured that the figure was a man because he crept closer to me until he was in front of me. He lifted up his hand and caressed my cheek. This is so uncomfortable.copyright protection19PENANANLR1d9SaEM

He let his hand stay on my left cheek and whispered into my ear. "I knew that you were here. I had hoped that she would get you." All of a sudden he grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me violently!copyright protection19PENANAH5sqB6cTTa

The world around me changed.copyright protection19PENANAHx9plsQSlA

" Nariko-"copyright protection19PENANA59lXaz72KL

" Nariko!"copyright protection19PENANAOrRhSso4mi

Luna was lightly shaking me, I looked at her in confusion. " You were spacing out out again, did you have a vision?"copyright protection19PENANAf3PotbQk4c

I nodded. " Well at least he didn't see you spacing out again."copyright protection19PENANAUalf8wPfyz

" Yeah, true," I laughed. Pastor then told us to stand up and sing a song for invitation. We stood up and sang the song. After we sang, pastor told us to sign up for the tournaments. He said that the papers were on a table at the back.copyright protection19PENANA1n0SESl2XH

I went to the table in the back, a girl with brown hair was signing up for volleyball. After she gave the pen to me, I put my name next to hers. I also signed up for another tournament.copyright protection19PENANAldLbBfnszs

More people started coming in and they also went up to the sign up sheets on the table. A girl that I saw from last night came up to me.copyright protection19PENANAFtC0JKxy05

" May I join your team with Elizabeth?" She asked. " I'm Emma, by the way."copyright protection19PENANA81s9T72eaZ

Elizabeth is another roommate and we started talking during the first session. I nodded at Emma, " Sure, you can join my team. I'm Nariko."copyright protection19PENANAWvcHGOX3gw

Emma and I started talking some more. She's a really nice girl. After a few minutes, our break ended and we were back in our seats. Some people started asking questions about the sermon. I just sat there not knowing what to they were talking about, but I was listening to what they have to say.copyright protection19PENANAvVZ8WJStiS

Soon after the Q&A, we went out and waited for lunch to be prepared. The tournaments were held after lunch and I can't wait to do it. I went to the ping pong table which was on the porch. I saw Luna playing with a guy, and she was losing big time.copyright protection19PENANAzqT2zN9B1j

" Hey! Hey! You! Stop doing that!"copyright protection19PENANABYOOGvCDyT

" But you are not good at this, Lila."copyright protection19PENANA94P9cLS5fa

"Dude, my name is Luna."copyright protection19PENANAYPARRaF0LG

"Okay, Lily."copyright protection19PENANAjnF8blDNYc

"Stop saying my name wrong!"copyright protection19PENANAH7gwgsh9xx

I pulled Luna off to the side before she could crawl the guy's eyes off. Luna looked at me with wide eyes and shock, she even had her hands over her heart!copyright protection19PENANAjvmUne42eQ

"Oh my gosh, Nariko! You scared me!" She squeaked and laughed afterwards. I laughed as well, "Who's the guy you're playing against?"copyright protection19PENANAJydoGpKkdI

"Oh him?" She pointed at him. Right as she pointed at him, he looked up and said: "What?"copyright protection19PENANAwUQMq7fIgM

Luna looked back at him and then to me again. There was a pregnant pause before we busted out laughing.copyright protection19PENANAgziCuFQyI5

"That's Mark, he's the guy I came along with," She said after our laughter died down. copyright protection19PENANApsDDRk2BFf

I nodded, "Thanks for telling me. Later Mark."copyright protection19PENANAjba9YAhdix

The poor guy was still confused and just replied, " Huh? Yeah- bye?"copyright protection19PENANAZy7ibBY2aG

Soon the hours passed by and it was already evening. The tournaments had finished already, but I didn't win anything. I almost won a tournament, but too bad. I was hoping that I would at least win one game!copyright protection19PENANA7z8LdZ6fBL

I was already in my pajamas and on my bed. We had already done our devotions and showers. I was actually writing characters sketches for a new story that I thought of.copyright protection19PENANAvUXF4Vgl8z

After a while, Olivia had turned the lights off. It was dark, but I was still there with my eyes wide open. My thoughts drifted off and I remembered all the little things that happened today.copyright protection19PENANAT870qjBomM

It sure was one of the best, for now.copyright protection19PENANA4umdfzdmPO

Who knows what happens next?copyright protection19PENANA7lJ50O0h98

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