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The Blank page
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Writer Raiyan Sakya
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The Blank page
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Raiyan Sakya
No Plagiarism!hZDgW5i59jfes5DyBUzvposted on PENANA

There's a time when we actually thinking of our past. I know that my past is kinda dark.... i guest. When the darkness rise on my life- child life. When i know my parents are gone. They left me alone. fortunetly my uncle and my aunt adopt me. And the time where we started this story is 10 years later- when my age is already 15th.copyright protection11PENANAB7yugc5E8w

"Yan, Wake up! you gonna late for the bus if you keep sleeping!", my cousin- Asri shouting from out side of the room.copyright protection11PENANAFqvjGsoZxy

"Give me 5 minute for finishing my dream", i say.copyright protection11PENANAiMNLSqjulT

"Ok, thats it! im going ini", Asri suddenly kick my door.copyright protection11PENANAZW0xqhKwVS

"What the hell are you doing??!!!"copyright protection11PENANA2BjyUZ0jYx

"Its your fault", Asri say.copyright protection11PENANARhkE2d5mHq

"Come on! take a shower"copyright protection11PENANAfHmgeNxZjt

"What if i say 'No'?", i ask her.copyright protection11PENANASm4bUZbVi9

"Im warning you, Raiyan. The knife are sharp", She threating me.copyright protection11PENANAs9rNOu1TQJ

I give up. It will be bad for my life if i dont obey her order.15Please respect copyright.PENANAeBeZUoGCz9
copyright protection11PENANAj6qGmFtUEN

The sound of the bird. Chirping from the distance as i run to the bus. Its good that i didnt late for it. If i late.... well maybe i shall do a Marathon.copyright protection11PENANAnxasI5rT0J

"Oh, look who's make it in time", a boy with a brown hair called me.copyright protection11PENANA3tTugHYiBP

"Oh, its you, Rick"copyright protection11PENANA1UVrBi75cL

Rick- a childhood friend who is kinda naughty when we still a kid. He become diffrent now. I must say he become more..... adult? Is that the right word to discribe him right now? I dont even know.copyright protection11PENANATzi3218tU8

"Let me guess, Asri smash your door again?", Rick guess that with a confidence face.copyright protection11PENANAcYC6tTNsbp

"Right like always"copyright protection11PENANAhcjdEVvL0I

"Thats explain why there is a wood flakes at your hair"copyright protection11PENANAxThQWjR5NM

Finally we arrived at our highschool- The ConstributionHigh where your rank dont work on this school. Power is the thing that will work because this school is a place where a warrior will born. Just like the legendery Swordsman- Yoman and the shadow ranger- Akmar. They are the icon of this school. copyright protection11PENANAe0KQ6eJUGV

The reason why i get in to this school is because my parents want me to get in here. I dont know what are they thinking but im preety sure they had something in mind. Even know its kinda weird to send a boy who actually dont have any experience of fighting. Its kinda piss me off.copyright protection11PENANAjX7DbMyGxy

"Hi, look its the weakling", some bully mocking me from far away.copyright protection11PENANAo5rGVo0MuO

"What do you say?"copyright protection11PENANAzIOjzUxjOe

"You heard it, Loser!", the big guy approach me.copyright protection11PENANAe8bmLn8j4G

Suddenly a fast punch swinging from out of nowhere. Its actually Rick who lauch that punch. And of course that punch make that big guy fell.15Please respect copyright.PENANAPxbKlxf2r4
copyright protection11PENANARtLj9GIatc

"You are the weakling who bully the weak one", Rick say.copyright protection11PENANAY2VNmvHTOw

Im gonna continuing that story later :v I hope there will be at least 1 person who want the next one ^-^15Please respect copyright.PENANAzz7dTwDB5n
copyright protection11PENANA83EkppHyJL

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