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Jan 14, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WlBEXFFQgMSCam1DhuV1posted on PENANA

For the past days, she already missed a number of school work she doubted could still be done before the Finals. In fact not only was she worried about school, she doubted everything. It was like a dream. From the day she tried to kill herself to the time she first sat in front of a judge. It all felt surreal. It was such a great shock when the judge allowed her to live her life before-outside of jail, but with few restrictions and some recommendations for medical help. Her aunt and mother had been tip toeing around her after realizing that the only person who could cheer her up was herself. She stayed at home believing that the whole outside world had turned their backs on her and that hostile rumors had stigmatized her whole being. She couldn't utter one single sound from her mouth. She woke up, spaced out, ate, and slept again for days, her physical wounds healing one after the other leaving behind scars that are invisible to the naked eye. She lost weight but she felt sluggish and heavy inside. Until one day,copyright protection24PENANAOEOwgejW04

A knock came into her door. Her mother's voice called out to her saying there was someone looking for her. Like always, she didn't respond. But the stranger came inside anyway. She was laying on her side staring into space in front of her. copyright protection24PENANAQXpsBn7hen

'You look like an asylum patient trapped into her cell.' a voice said. It sounded like it was above water in her ears. 'Have you really lost your shit, Chloe?'  Her eyes slowly searched for the face of voice's owner. 'Yeah, know me? I was the one who saved you from jail. Connect the dots?' It said. It took awhile before the words finally settled into her brain. She jolted back up and really focused on the face of the person. She waved without a single expression on her face. Chloe froze. copyright protection24PENANA360et2SLwN

It was a bit chilly sitting on a bench at 5:48 in the late afternoon. It was the first time she went out on her own without her aunt or mother with her. They even gave her looks when she followed her outside the house like a small chick to it's mother duck. Fay brought her to the Mountain View. A small park like place where families and the like from the city would visit to mostly during holidays. Today it was nearly deserted. In front of them was the very wide view of the city below. The street lights were beginning to be lit in some areas. There were small stone shops at the borders of the park where one was owned by a young Korean man. His shop was coated with various sized  dream catchers that Chloe said to have liked. Fay brought some hot drinks from his shop. His English a bit off and his enthusiasm was a bit infectious. He knew Chloe and asked her why she looked sickly. Fay replied with a lie that made his smile falter for a moment.  copyright protection24PENANAMksARIPbFP

'This would  be the perfect scene where the best friend would ask the protagonist how she was doing.' Fay noticed how her hand shook from trying to open the can. She took it and opened it herself. Chloe opened her mouth to say her thanks but only a small croak came out. 'Welcome.' Both of them sat on the bench for almost half an hour. Chloe spacing out once more but feeling a bit more refreshed and Fay trying to get rid of the prickling sensation of the cold on her skin. copyright protection24PENANAfwMFYn26Fg

'Here.' Fay hands out a small black velvet bag to her. 'It's from him.' Chloe stared at it for a moment before hesitantly reaches out for it. 'He says it's a reminder that he is still here for you no matter the circumstances.' Fay added. And then when her fingers were ready to curl around it, she moved it away from her grasp and threw it off the observation deck.  As the bag rocketed into the air, Fay raised both of her middle finger at it as it fell down the deck.  'F*** YOU!' She screamed at the top of her lungs. The few spectators gave them looks at their activity. She had never heard her voice that loud. It was like there was an amplifier hidden somewhere in her slender frame. Fay slumped back into the bench beside her. 'I won't ever let him see you again. If he ever comes near you, don't let him. Call me. I'll teach him how to grow a dick, for pete's sake.'28Please respect copyright.PENANADI0qoYNq5s
copyright protection24PENANAuInuXQxPB4

28Please respect copyright.PENANAHzb539VBZx
copyright protection24PENANADoo5ZgOOst

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