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Jan 14, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kuBtqZPZtyFYbvHGikleposted on PENANA

Chloe's boyfriend- or rather the guy whom she is in mutual-understanding-kind-of-relationship with was named, Antony. He was a second year college student studying to become a Marine Engineer. He was the type of guy Fay despised to have as a boyfriend. She gave Chloe few warnings about him, how his whole life story sound so fishy and off. Chloe didn't mind him, he was thoughtful and sweet. Giving her presents during their so called 'anniversaries'. Inviting her to some of their groups parties. He may be generous to her but he sometimes gets calls he doesn't want anyone to hear. He gets a bit restless and awfully accommodating spending time with Chloe's mother and or aunt. He often only stays around for 4-5 hours and he would scram to go home like a kid with a curfew. His laugh sounds too squeaky and forced. His body language around Chloe feels like he's an older brother taking care of a sister rather than a boyfriend-well they're not really a certified item. Fay decided that she had to do something about it.. copyright protection29PENANA66EvDc4iOh

It turns out that he was a sugar baby to an older business woman in her late 40's. Divorced, has cash, but has deteriorating libido. He confessed to her when both of them 'coincidentally' crossed paths in the other side of town, the woman almost dangling on his arm and dragging him like a dog as she went on her shopping spree. He excused himself and explained to her everything. He left home when he was 16 after his mother died and his father started beating the crap out of his cheating step mother. He left with his uncle who was single at that time and was living in the city. He was originally from Sweden, this shocked Fay.  He soon left but still remained in contact with his uncle when he stepped into college. His uncle was the one who got him to finish high school and convinced him to pay at least half the tuition for his college. He payed the half with his savings from his part time and online jobs.copyright protection29PENANAF8LhCchsbK

'He was too kind.' He said. copyright protection29PENANA0RJcnqTFLe

But then he realized early that the college he chose was too expensive compared to the one in town, so he transferred at the start of the second semester in his first year there where it was a bit cheaper. Before he even went there, he was already in a relationship with another older woman who was actually the source of his income,most of it. They broke up when he left the city but then he now have to take a job to survive. He couldn't, this time, juggle school with work so he took another relationship with another rich older woman. He really looked sincere and serious with his words. His voice was even softer and lower than usual as he talked about his 'embarrassing' life. copyright protection29PENANATRkynYKsgz

'What about Chloe?' She asked. copyright protection29PENANAJWHvdkHvMT

'I love her. I really do.' He said with deep conviction in his eyes. But then they saddened as he added. 'But I can't fully take care of her, as you've heard about my situation. I know she's hurting with something that's why I'm doing my best to keep her smiling.' He shakes his head. 'But that doesn't promise a long lasting happiness, does it?' copyright protection29PENANAfNLZZ8pSOb

This time Fay realized he really wasn't any good for her friend.copyright protection29PENANA7H3sgrq0TH

'So are you just going to keep going around the bush?' copyright protection29PENANAACDh8RCQmp

He didn't reply. copyright protection29PENANAJCcuBcC15q

'Will you love her no matter the circumstances?' She asked. He looked at her eyes again, searching. Her eyes were really dark, nearly matted, he thought. There was no speck of life in it. It was blank. Empty.  'I do and will.' copyright protection29PENANAcc8fFpG6qA

In that short silence, he thought about Chloe. He haven't told her any of the truth but he hadn't lied either. He simply shaded them out. He loves her so much, yet this guilt is pulling him away. He knows it himself that she's going to hate him for it, but it isn't impossible for her to forgive him either. She wasn't any girl- or woman he has known before. To him she was transparent as a glass. And that's what made it easier for him to know her like and dislikes. Unlike the women he had been dating now who was dragging their lives like a sack of potatoes living in the past, muffling reality with their fantasies and choking them to him. It was suffocating but it was the only way he could do right now. If he ever finish college and get a job then...copyright protection29PENANAN0crikjUaG

'What if I tell you all about what's hurting her? You never bothered to ask right? You don't have any clue what it is right?' copyright protection29PENANAjUiwoUI1WN

'What?' copyright protection29PENANAs90BpF06Mq

This girl in front of him leaned closer to him. Her face resting on her curled hands. copyright protection29PENANAGAqS1IdlDo

'She's being molested. By our teachers. For years. Now do you still love her?' copyright protection29PENANA1WjjtHebJb

Her face showed calm. He strongly felt at that moment that he had been already caught inside her trap earlier on, what she was waiting now was for which trap he would take. copyright protection29PENANAYckYNJENQq

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