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The Sapphire: Enantiodromia Chronicles
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Writer Athena L Hart
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The Sapphire: Enantiodromia Chronicles
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Chapter 21- Charlie
Athena L Hart
Nov 14, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!byzfOhPz25rL36Mv2Eouposted on PENANA

Modern day43Please respect copyright.PENANAUItrWhJFqv
copyright protection39PENANAuXEsOYa3gr

"Why couldn't you just let me handle it? Why do you always have to get in the fucking way, Goliath?" I ruffle, a surge of anger making me want to hurt him. To strangle him. To just...43Please respect copyright.PENANAqjzPJsxCvI
copyright protection39PENANATrZsHOKwnM

"Calm down, Char. Your emotions are getting the better of you. This is exactly why I couldn't let you come here alone. Hell, we aren't even supposed to be here. This was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission. You're luck Bailey even let you come. Now let's get out of here. You really don't want anyone snitching to her, now do you?" I take deep breaths, nodding. I need to cool it.copyright protection39PENANACOyFUlaXZy

"Sorry. I'm good. I'm fine. Let's get out of here." I stumble into the nearest tunnel, Goliath right on my heels. We fall through and I land right on my ass. He just laughs, offering my a hand to help me get up. I'll never understand how those Dainty Diamonds can handle falling from the ceiling. It's so inconvenient.copyright protection39PENANAstw7Wk57nl

"So... That Sapphire back there. How'd you snag her?" Goliath grins, and I blush, looking down.copyright protection39PENANAyhNxKulu1I

"I didn't snag her. She snagged me." Goliath gafaws.43Please respect copyright.PENANAVKV7DHi8lz
copyright protection39PENANAhDxPjsatqa

"Oh so you're a romantic then." I bristle.copyright protection39PENANA2SEyZBS5Ig

"No. Well, I guess so. For her at least. Oh shit I did it again." I face palm, cringing.copyright protection39PENANArgxeNhJ9MK

"It's cool. Plus, you two seem to fit well. Honestly from all that you've told me about her I'm kind of surprised she didn't take your head off when she remembered the bombing of the Alkina. She'd probably blow a gasket if she ever found out you're bunking with one of the guys who made that even happen." A strange look passes over his face. "Wait. She said you knew about that. That the bombs were gonna drop. How exactly?" I shake my head.43Please respect copyright.PENANAlfiOHe6rUx
copyright protection39PENANAS3oqTHS3bj

"That's a question for another day, Goliath.copyright protection39PENANAedbTLbuDhc

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