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The Sapphire: Enantiodromia Chronicles
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Writer Athena L Hart
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The Sapphire: Enantiodromia Chronicles
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Chapter 22- Emmy
Athena L Hart
Nov 14, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ejWU0R2DMuBqjtypZpG2posted on PENANA

I straighten myself out before leaving the bathroom. How they got an unconsious girl through this many people  unseen is a mystery to me, but I figure they probably just pretended I was drunk or something. This place does after all have a bar. I search the sea of blue and white for the familiar golden hair. The only thing that will stand out about our little group other than me. I spot a yellowish gleam in the distance. Of course they'd be on the exact opposite side of the room. Great. I shuffle my way past groups of people, trying not to bump anyone unnessisarily.copyright protection50PENANAPNSf8F8uoc

"Watch it, freak." A white haired girl pipes up when I trip and accidentally hit her elbow.copyright protection50PENANAvCvrxwiz95

"Why don't you watch it, you volitile little snake." Kaden growls, and I feel relived to see him.copyright protection50PENANA3Kwne4Ndtt

"Oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't realize you were with Mercy I'm so sorry. Jada, let's go. I'm so sorry I really am have a nice day?" The Diamond practically flings herself in the direction of the door in panic. I glare after her.copyright protection50PENANAgig8xoOGTc

"You didn't have to go and scare the living crap out of her. I can handle myself, Kay." I shake my head at him. He pulls out a chair for me at the table and I sit down. He sits next to me. Mercy and Crystal sit across from us, chattering away. copyright protection50PENANASoPoQmU9W4

"I saw you get dragged into the bathroom by those two people, Em. Is everything alright?" I wave it off.copyright protection50PENANAe0OKn2Pagi

"Ya. Everything's great." Everything's fine. My dead best friend just came back from the other side and told me basically nothing and only made my have more questions. Ya . Everything's just fucktastic. Great.copyright protection50PENANAEwBUF9juQc

"Em. I thought I recognized one of them."copyright protection50PENANAGJAw7rS2AP

"Crystal and I are going to go for a swim. You two stay here and chat or do something Sapphirey I guess. Just please don't hover. We'll be fine. We're big girls. Thanks bye!" Mercy rushes out, leaving before either of us could protest. Crystal smiles apologetically back over her shoulder at me and I let out a laugh, turning my focus back to Kaden. copyright protection50PENANA6OPVzdYpof

"Kaden. Loosen up. It was just two friends from Milyn. They recognized me and decided to mess with my head. Let it go. Now. Are we going to order to fish sticks, or the sushi?"copyright protection50PENANAH2LjWrtfVj

_______________copyright protection50PENANArC228at1c3

"After a few hours at the Sinking Feeling, Mercy and Crystal headed back to Crysals rooms to hang out and Kaden and I went over to my rooms. Currently, Kaden and I are watching another one of those horror movies he loves so much on the condition that I can scream hysterically and he won't make fun of me for it.copyright protection50PENANAQjSFesTdRh

"Oh my god no don't open the door!" I squeak, hiding under my covers. Kaden peaks under, smiling and shaking his head at me.copyright protection50PENANAszjeTfFmvB

"You know that they can't hear you, right love?" I slowly peak back out from under the covers, diverting my eyes from Kaden. "Hey," He puts his arm around my shoulders. "You okay?" I nod, ducking my head. He puts his head on top of mine and I hide my face in his shirt instead of watching the movie. I can hear the screaming and crashing as the characters try to escape the serial killer and I cling to Kaden tightly. "You're squeezing me too hard, Love." Kaden chuckles and I loosen my hold a little. Just then the door icon between Crystal and I's rooms opens and Mercy marches on through.copyright protection50PENANAFWdIZmSsn5

"OH MY GOD ARE YOU TWO SECRETLY DATING THAT'S SO CUTE OH MY LORD CRYSTAL YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS." She screeches, and Kaden calls right out of the bed, taking the covers and in turn me with him. I land on him just as Crystal comes ripping around the corner. She grins, jumping up and down in glee.copyright protection50PENANAwdopTDRMQJ

"Guys it really isn't what it looks like we were just watching a horror movie and I get scared so easily so I guess we were just I don't know oh my god Mercy wipe that stupid grin off your face."copyright protection50PENANA3ijnxcCcz8

"Shut up you weirdo. You totally like him." Crystal signs. Mercy nods and Kaden just lays there on the floor looking confused. I get up, tripping over the covers and Kaden repeatedly before finally gathering myself and getting to my feet.copyright protection50PENANAOe41W4oPwL

"I do not. Kaden and I are just friends, Crystal. He's practically like a brother to me." Mercy's eyes widen and she bites her lip nervously.copyright protection50PENANAU2ZisSVjFM

"Um actually, Em, I think Kaden actually likes you as more than just a friend." Mercy signs, and I ask her to repeat just to make sure I got that right. copyright protection50PENANA3J5m6CzJO8

"Are you serious?" Mercy turns around, pulling Crystal back into her rooms. I turn back to Kaden, nervously rubbing my arm. I help him put the covers back on the bed, pausing the horror movie.copyright protection50PENANARDmWEj038x

"So what were you and the girls going on about?"copyright protection50PENANAO2ANl2Ghml

""Do you like me Kaden?" I force out, almost wincing.copyright protection50PENANA3p48LbKlVz

"What, of course I do, Lyn. Were they being jerks or something? Do you need me to go straighten them out?" He gives me a goofy grin, fake punching his hand.copyright protection50PENANAtMcQJR9KUi

"What, no. I meant like do you like like me." Kaden gives me a confused look and I sigh. "What I'm trying to ask is-"copyright protection50PENANAhJlRwGUcYg

"What you're trying to ask is do I want to date you, and the answer is yes." I stay quiet and he just continues fluffing the pillows and rearanging the bedding. When he's done he gets back under the covers and gestures for me to do the same.copyright protection50PENANAy1FDarPVMK

"But... But..." I stutter.copyright protection50PENANAufxH5gzf0u

"I gave you the information you wanted. You can do with it what you please, but I refuse to let it get between us. We were fine two minutes ago, everything is the same other than the fact that you now know how I feel. Now come on, let's finish the flatty."copyright protection50PENANAyidTaKA4Xy

"It's a Movie, weirdo."copyright protection50PENANAkwAZ9KqYFc

"I'll only call it a movie if you call it a flatty, love."copyright protection50PENANAJasgSywsNx

"That defeats the point though, weirdo." He throws his arm back over my shoulders and we resume our previous position.copyright protection50PENANAWmQaf0VQ4S

"Just roll with it, love."copyright protection50PENANAoopYnyJOxp

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