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Casper Lucke and the Stolen Treasure
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Writer KittyCat
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Casper Lucke and the Stolen Treasure
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Kai's Information About The Treasure
Nov 14, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!0vWEy1gKAvuwpBgNYVXrposted on PENANA

back at the hotelcopyright protection66PENANAPF2mGomkAq

     After Maddy and Brittany showed off their outfits, there were a lot of them, Ella decided to make dinner. Which was a secret and no one should know about. Except for Kai who was going to help her make dinner and help set the table like the gentleman he is. I really wanted to walk in there and hug her from behind, surprise her and taste whatever she was cooking. But I doubt Kai would even let me do that, he's so mean sometimes. copyright protection66PENANASBVOfuPveq

" I wonder what she's making" I mumbled resting my chin in my left palmcopyright protection66PENANA1IWrkcfj7c

" same here, it already smells good" Kyle smiled as he laid on his bed waiting very hungrily for dinner to be readycopyright protection66PENANALXRNjxcGSM

" Ella hurry up" Pharaoh yelledcopyright protection66PENANA6Kn2zDwo9L

" oh shut up, I'm trying as fast as I can. Kai's no help at all" she yelledcopyright protection66PENANAPatLCOYR76

" heyyyy" he whined before coming back to us and going on his little computer Lucas gave him to report back to himcopyright protection66PENANA3T3VGnsS4l

     But it's also used for other things needed for Kai to be able to do, it's like an iPad but modified for a demigods needs. Which is really cool, I wish I got one of them. I watched as he turned it on with his finger print, it said "hello Kai, how may I help you" before Kai asked a question. And it showed up whatever it asked, which was impressive. copyright protection66PENANAFa53dEGJ3P

" what do you use that for" I asked as I was hanging over the edge of the bed to watch the screencopyright protection66PENANAvS0YECNCuV

" oh its for quests or homework, i can use it for mortal school. I can even use it to see if there are any monsters near by. Or even whatever we are  looking for" he explainedcopyright protection66PENANAIyOMtuaWne

" thats cool, can I use it" Brittany askedcopyright protection66PENANAh2om6C1Mm4

" dont you have your own" Kai raised any eyebrowcopyright protection66PENANACRXCQCfDfK

" i forgot mine at camp" she whinedcopyright protection66PENANAyXimKLRUIe

" oh, but no. This has private information on it" Kai nodded copyright protection66PENANA8Zhxln9nav

     I rolled my eyes, since he continued to let me watched what he was doing. Brittany kept complaining that Kai liked me better, which was probably true since I saved him from Sirus. I watched as he searched for the treasure, since we all new it wasn't in London somewhere. A map showed up, the treasure was moving. Towards Egypt.copyright protection66PENANAsMnqpd2FQh

" shit" I whisperedcopyright protection66PENANApofILZuDUc

" you can say that again" Kai nodded before turning his iPad offcopyright protection66PENANAS2b9AxxKUI

" come on you two" Ella raised an eyebrow with her hands on her hipscopyright protection66PENANAfnvDNVQPAG

" sorry babe, just interested with his iPad" I chuckledcopyright protection66PENANA605mJRmdug

" yeah yeah" she giggled copyright protection66PENANApmjBwT84D3

     I got to the table and sat down, i pushed in my chair before serving myself. Everyone was already served, they were just waiting for us to get to the table, I put my napkin in my lap before Ella said a small pray. I couldn't help but smile at her, that was still all mine. Once she finished everyone started to eat and talk, Kai had to say something. I looked at him and glared, he groaned before clearing his throat. copyright protection66PENANANTqiwddn3O

" yes Kai" Ella rolled her eyes as she looked at him, then everyone followedcopyright protection66PENANA3aP9wy0SMv

" I have something to say" he startedcopyright protection66PENANA9cRsNomWs0

" okay, and" Kyle wanted him to continuecopyright protection66PENANAZfUqyrDMOH

" I found the treasure, and its flying towards Egypt as we speak" he muttered folding his handscopyright protection66PENANABSRq1oZ2gL

" oh shit when are we leaving" Pharaoh askedcopyright protection66PENANAxqYoSLMfHf

" tomorrow morning" I spoke as they looked towards mecopyright protection66PENANAgHva73BLPp

" is it a mortal" Maddy wonderedcopyright protection66PENANAsqikRjIRlZ

" I think so, but if not. You know what to do" I winked before going back to my mealcopyright protection66PENANACSpAhim4y4

     They all nodded before finishing rather quickly, I finished as well. No one wanted desert, they all went straight to bed. At 9:30pm, they usually would be talking till 10:30. So I wonder why they all went to sleep. Kissing Ella on the cheek I got ready for bed, getting into pajamas I got under the covers. Waiting for Kai to turn the light off so I could go to bed. Once he did I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 70Please respect copyright.PENANA7v68TOs6KU
copyright protection66PENANAjOLPYSSAEI

     Waking up I saw everyone packing and making sure everything was with everything. I groaned and laid back not wanting to go back to Egypt, that was somewhere I didn't like going to. Well obviously because of Seth, but i, not sure what else could not want me to go. Finally getting out of bed I pack day things, I made sure Lucas's dragon was in my back pocket. And it was. copyright protection66PENANA079ir1B9SX

      Getting dressed I put my bag in the front of the room, we made sure it was clean enough to be presentable to the next person staying in here. Which it was, once everyone was ready we said good bye to the room and to London. Getting to the ground floor we gave the keys back and exited the building. The girl at the desk said we could leave from their roof, so no mortals see the dragon. copyright protection66PENANA9vQy67Rsbp

" I'm going to miss this place" Kyle whinedcopyright protection66PENANAwvdilcaeMP

" oh shut up" Tenebre finally spoke after being asleepcopyright protection66PENANAWMW64n8Gx0

" the demon finally appears" I chuckledcopyright protection66PENANAEHwugCC75O

" Sirus and Lydia and planing on going after the treasure, Lydia is getting a new body as well" he explainedcopyright protection66PENANAxCjLUEX5SJ

" well great" Pharaoh groaned " what kind of body" he askedcopyright protection66PENANAUPwRWBf5iM

" its a machine, which means she'll be able to use her magic more. It will be stronger." he added which made me a little bit scared of hercopyright protection66PENANA5XtCrJe4Rk

     We get up to the roof by an alley entrance, I get the dragon out of my pocket and let him grow in size. Lucas said he had emotions so he might hate me for leaving him in my pockets.copyright protection66PENANASoWc9RR7WK

" your very rude Casper, leaving me in your pocket. Disgusting" he stuck his tongue out as al of us laughed70Please respect copyright.PENANAMVlNBX2y8X
copyright protection66PENANARRAoIwZXBi

     Everyone put their things in the pockets a long side the dragon, getting on I wished we didn't have to fly this thing all the way Egypt. The dragon lifted off, autopilot was on. It set its course for Egypt, just a little bit faster then Sirus. Which I'd hope they weren't going to intervene the air plane like we might do. copyright protection66PENANAKHfejHYyLQ

" whats your name" I asked the dragon as everyone talks amongst themselves copyright protection66PENANATDeQPoHGwE

" the name is Theodor" he chuckled " your Casper, Lucas talks highly of you to me" he added making me smilecopyright protection66PENANAqnw0LexLc9

" nice to meet you Theodor, why do you have another dragon as a master" I questionedcopyright protection66PENANA3XRibbZaKL

" he's a friend of mine, whatever he asks me to do I'll do. Even if its last work like this" he explainedcopyright protection66PENANA0DofteEbVa

" I see, so Kai can be able to boss you around. Those two are dating" I glance back at Kai who slightly blushedcopyright protection66PENANAPlxlmjAU4N

" well if they get married then yes, but of right now no" he corrected mecopyright protection66PENANA37KUqW6q6Q

" I see" I nodded before watching London be left in the distancecopyright protection66PENANAb7tAmXO08J

     After that my eyes closed as the sun was coming up, I soon fell asleep. Since we woke up at a round 6 in the morning. I usually never do that. copyright protection66PENANAbY5Iks1Vm5

     Finally waking up from a rough flight, I see the dessert below us and the sun beaming onto our backs. Theodor was looking for the plane, I watched the sky before seeing something moving. I pointed and made sure Theodor saw what I saw. He roared before flying that way, everyone had to hold on. They were also glad I was finally awake, I truly needed that sleep. copyright protection66PENANAIqdtlDpr3w

     Theodor got to the plane and landed on it, making sure he still flapped his wings for us. I heard someone yell inside the plane, the voice sounded very similar to the man we defeated last year. This is why I hate coming to Egypt. The I kept hearing the exact same man, I looked back at Pharaoh who knew who that man was as well.copyright protection66PENANAhfELP0IE1R

" damn Seth" he growled as he quickly shifted into his hellhound formcopyright protection66PENANAocPuVaWX5j

" i'll go with you" Tenebre muttered as he shifted into his snake form staying around Pharaoh's neckcopyright protection66PENANA3OJhi5UIwY

" your my demons, I'm coming with you" I noddedcopyright protection66PENANAeOeSz3ThIV

     I jumped onto the plane, someone yelled. They were more like worried, there was also a door on the side of the plane. I look at Theodor, he rolled his eyes as he sonic beamed the door. It flew off as the crew yelled and some even jumped out. I watched as Pharaoh and Tenebre jumped into the plane, I heard screaming fro the crew. The man who we suspected as Seth chuckled out.copyright protection66PENANA868YA49x2f

" Casper you only sent your demons in, how pitiful" he growledcopyright protection66PENANAR53BmmGh4c

" how dare you assume things old man" I jumped into the plane and kicked him to the floor. " i've gotten stronger, and the enemy isn't you so I won't go all out. Just what do you think your doing with my uncles treasure" I growled back as my foot pressed against his neckcopyright protection66PENANAgi0ubAy5Rg

" your always so assuming" he smirked " I have the treasure, you'll just have to find it before the plane lands" he added copyright protection66PENANA10naZYe8wg

" so your not going to fight me" I questionedcopyright protection66PENANAonmsYIOE0S

" nope, I'd rather not get hurt by your sword" he smiledcopyright protection66PENANARgbSLnsjtk

" who are you" I raised an eyebrow and he just laughedcopyright protection66PENANAAulYEkWSts

" a changed man, who wants that treasure for his museum here in Egypt" he corrected mecopyright protection66PENANA9RQvjOe7te

" okay cool, you can have it. I just need it first" I demanded70Please respect copyright.PENANA5jTN0aES8B
copyright protection66PENANAZkvadgyGA1

" I can do that, but what about Lydia. She made a deal with me too, if I kill you I get to keep the treasure" he snickeredcopyright protection66PENANA0avl9aG539

" Lydia! Thought she would get here first. If you kill me then I won't be able to stop Sirus. He's the better new villain these days, after you heard" I chuckled " wouldn't you like to be the only one" I added which made him have to thinkcopyright protection66PENANAyc0oHkcWrG

" damn you Casper Lucke, you have a deal" he nodded " just find the treasure, I forget where I placed it" he added walking up to the cockpit of the planecopyright protection66PENANAar1GCeWaVx

​A/N: damn right Seth is back and he's a changed man, I wanted to make him their enemy. But then again I was like nah, lets make him changed but still wants to be the number one villain so that is why he is siding with Casper. For this one reason, to get his throne back. He might be back in the third book, if i even make one? Well until then lovelies. 70Please respect copyright.PENANAMg7To0IQ7t
copyright protection66PENANAbVIHhRRXWU

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