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On Break
13th Sign: The Pyxis
Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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13th Sign: The Pyxis
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Nov 12, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!yFpQatqysVa7fuedJOSPposted on PENANA

​PROLOGUE80Please respect copyright.PENANAjpyIJoZaqf
copyright protection76PENANAXKBnagWBwF

The moon-shaped lake was peaceful that only a ripple caused by some leaves that fell disturbed it. The darkness that cloaked it was slowly being vanished by the sun that was rising above the tall pine trees that I always find so fascinating. They shadowed over everything like they were a part of another world. They towered over everything like they can never be brought down.copyright protection76PENANA24krVuUm2n

And as a kid, I always dreamt of becoming as strong as the pine trees I’ve always saw in my dreams. That beautiful scenery always haunted my memories. Though, I couldn’t remember when or where I have seen such a stunning place.copyright protection76PENANAhcuwHJKqxD

And in that ravishing place, I have witnessed a miracle. copyright protection76PENANAgvoSSz9PaF

A boy who I knew was older than the seven-year-old me, was standing in one of the thick, sturdy branch of a pine tree. He had his right hand outstretched- holding the trunk of the tree as if he was supporting himself. He was staring straight at the sky and his shadow blackened the glittering water below him.copyright protection76PENANAucKOEGjz2m

It was too dark to see him properly. But- as the sun slowly took its place up in the sky; it illuminated the boy above the tree, making him look like an angel. His brownish-blonde hair shone at the rays of the sun. He was standing as strong as the pine tree he was at.copyright protection76PENANAWkyrRgaCHI

And he was like a fairy from another world.copyright protection76PENANAfXeDQ7cZXn

It was like serendipity to have beheld such a scene.copyright protection76PENANAFrAqge6zN9

If only I could remember where that place was. Maybe, just maybe, I would be lucky enough to see him once more. To see the fairy that did miraculous things in front of me.copyright protection76PENANAVKtubkKmWs

His figure turned towards me. Even from the distance he was at, I knew he was smiling at me. And like the miracle he was; he jumped down the humongous pine tree and raised both his hands in the air as if it were some wings he was hiding.copyright protection76PENANA5cpkPgr2go

And that was the part where I would wake up. With tears in my eyes and feeling like I have lost something important; something that truly matters.copyright protection76PENANApVQ0l6erG2

But- I just couldn’t remember. copyright protection76PENANAABM46XpRjm

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