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13th Sign: The Pyxis
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Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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13th Sign: The Pyxis
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Nov 12, 2017
2 Mins Read
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PROLOGUEcopyright protection13PENANAX42GJ1VzEe

I walked through the empty hallways. It was quiet. So quiet; in fact, I found it highly suspicious. But- still, I walked through it. My feet were making a ‘tap tap’ sound that echoed; adding an ominous feeling to the already foreboding aura that surrounded me.copyright protection13PENANAi6NYstyw9o

I expected for something to happen- for something to jump out of the shadow and scare me. But nothing did. No one did. And I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Paranoid, I was. But- it wasn’t every day you witness someone kill someone like it was everyday routine. Without flinching; without hesitating—I saw him slit the other man’s throat like it was nobody’s business.copyright protection13PENANA8jcMsll5Ex

That man choked on his own blood as he writhed on the floor and the last of his breaths left his body. But what scared me the most was not the killer’s heartless action or the blood that tainted the floor red. No, it definitely wasn’t that.copyright protection13PENANAkBBmilodU2

What scared me was the sight of the dead man combusting on its own. The green and red flames greedily licked everything until all that was left of the man was ashes. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to question why a flame would be green because the wind was as unforgiving as the flame. It took with it the ashes of what has once been a man; leaving no evidence of the murder that took place. Leaving me wondering if what I saw was indeed real or not.copyright protection13PENANAsd9fcBJL7S

Leaving me unhinged.copyright protection13PENANAagcm3EIpKn

But- what I was sure of was the fear. The fear I felt when the killer turned to look at me straight in the eyes with his cold, unnerving, blue pools. He walked towards me; his black leather boots tapping on the pavement with a distinct rhythm that echoed continuously in my ears as my feet were frozen in place.copyright protection13PENANAW4ZyrhTPuO

Then, he lifted his blood-covered sword and—he strike.copyright protection13PENANASX22deEWZL

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