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On Break
13th Sign: The Pyxis
Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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13th Sign: The Pyxis
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Nov 13, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OL6KAM21Mb54Y4UFY9YSposted on PENANA

CHAPTER ONEcopyright protection60PENANAzZ0d8GZ1IQ

“Ms. Ashwood!” a shrill voice called, making me jumped in shock. I lifted my head in a daze as I tried to find the source of the noise. And there- in front of me was an angry Godzilla. I quickly patted my polo and skirt in place before I conjured my most innocent face as my classmates snickered at me. “Next time you want to sleep, Ms. Ashwood, I suggest you leave my class!”copyright protection60PENANAbxChic4kdR

I nodded at her like the good student I was. “I promise, Mrs. Campbell, I won’t fall asleep again!”copyright protection60PENANAwjVuoPamZ9

She squint her eyes at me beneath her thick glasses. She looked unconvinced with my good girl act. But, she sashayed to the front of the class once again to resume the lesson I had interrupted. And once I was sure she was not coming back, I let out a relieved sigh.copyright protection60PENANAey8fMhWLiE

Not a second later, I felt someone pinched my left arm and my hand quickly flew to rub the sore spot as my head snapped to the culprit. There, on the chair beside me was my best friend, Chris- looking at me with his most innocent face. Others would be misled but I knew him better than to believe it.copyright protection60PENANABtceLuqPPE

“Why hadn’t you wake me up?!” I whispered angrily.copyright protection60PENANAGlYBQmr1Jq

He smiled at me and his green eyes twinkled with mischief. “Well, I was about too but Godzilla beat me to it,”copyright protection60PENANAaYYjdLB9wT

He stared pointedly at the back of our forty-year-old, terror teacher. Mrs. Campbell was very well known for her very strict personality. People said it’s because of her old age but personally- forty was not that old. She was terror because she value education so much that she wouldn’t accept dilly-dallying from her students. But that doesn’t change the fact that she scares us so much that the name Godzilla kind-of stuck.copyright protection60PENANAO8n0m9uNYj

When the bell rang, every student stood up from their chairs even before Mrs. Campbell could finish her reminder about our upcoming exams. The scratching of chair feet on the tiled floor drowned out her voice.copyright protection60PENANAsFFqhwNIxw

Chris held my arm and started pulling me out of the room. I rolled my eyes at him but hadn’t removed his hold. After all, he was going to treat me at our usual café. He just hadn’t known it yet. And I was not planning to choose the low-priced ones.copyright protection60PENANA9Iu82ITDRp

I grinned at him. Revenge can be a bitch; especially if it came from me. So, I let him drag me through the student-filled hallways towards the exit. But- as fast as he tries to walk- I was taking my sweet time walking in the moon.copyright protection60PENANAwFyUGU3bH2

“Are we in a hurry?” I asked innocently and his eyes snapped to me. I fluttered my eyelids a few times and gave him a sickeningly, sweet smile.copyright protection60PENANAu9HaAYGnHe

He ran a hand through his golden-brown hair in irritation. “You know we are!” he muttered angrily. “She comes to the café at four,”copyright protection60PENANAUQWpZY7SCY

I felt a pain stab me in my heart at his words despite my playful manner tackling the subject. My smile wavered but I quickly put it back it place as I willed myself not to tear up from the pain. Of course, it would be about her. Why else would we be in a hurry?copyright protection60PENANAi8EQ3kK6vs

He ruthlessly shattered any hopes of mine.copyright protection60PENANA80CQbcOSzv

As always.copyright protection60PENANA6um3Tl20eE

So, with the pride I had left, I mustered another smile. I started swaying like a kid. I even cocked my head slightly to the left like a puppy to add to the effects. “But- I don’t have money on me right now,”copyright protection60PENANAZwNDnQY7Xu

“I took your wallet from your counter this morning, Sherry,” he informed me.copyright protection60PENANAA6vcWGoKyY

I widened my eyes to show him I was shock. Then, I made the effort of opening my bag and rummaging inside it before I looked at him again. “But- it’s not here, Chris. Are you sure?”copyright protection60PENANAgFsCIlYLmc

He groaned when I finally realized what I was on about. He shook his head at me but conceded. He promised to treat me if I walk double time towards the café. Even though I wanted to take my sweet time walking so that he wouldn’t have the chance to have a glimpse of his crush; the sweet desserts of the café was enough of a temptation.copyright protection60PENANAplJcZ63Xe0

So, I shook his hand to seal the deal and I was out of the school even before he realized that I had run. I laughed at his dumbfounded face when he emerged out of the crowd. Then, I took his hand before I pulled him to run once more but this time- towards the café down the road to see his freaking crush.copyright protection60PENANAsO7X03EpOc

I know I’m such a hopeless case. But- I had to admit, our hands felt good together. Was it wrong of me to take advantage of the situation? Or was it wrong of me to pretend that these things were not hurting me? Whatever may be the answer, I was not in the right mind to choose.copyright protection60PENANAn4SQHBcFmy

Nevertheless, I loved seeing the smiles on his face despite that I’m not the reason. Can you blame a girl like me for falling in love with a man like him? Chris was every bit the perfect man I could ask for. His hair a golden-brown that shines in the morning. His twinkling, green eyes looked like the stars. His sweet, addicting laugh that never cease to make me smile. And his jokes that are so lame yet they never cease to make me laugh.copyright protection60PENANASMUBZTH2RV

Oh, I just love everything about him. copyright protection60PENANA3jKagLeUa2

But- I guessed, he doesn’t feel the same.copyright protection60PENANA7y60pOBBuY

My eyes watered up as I let go of his hand. He hadn’t even looked back as he continued his way towards the café. It’s no use pretending after all. I looked up in the azure sky to stop my tears from falling as I followed after my best friend.copyright protection60PENANAamK4YJYFLP

But- I bumped into someone and I almost fell to the ground if it wasn’t for the arms that prevented that unattractive sight to happen. I quickly righted myself and I felt the hands that helped me let go so quickly. I looked behind me and saw the back of a leaving man. He had a short, unruly brownish-blonde hair and I could tell he was fit due to how his leather jacket hugged his body.copyright protection60PENANABP8l0p7ekh

 “Sorry!” I shouted after him. The man looked back over his shoulder and his eyes were shocked. Was he not expecting me to apologize for bumping into him? I was not that rude of a person. “And thanks! For preventing me from falling,”copyright protection60PENANAgsQnsfc4RG

He continued to just stare at me. His icy blue eyes still wide with shock. What the hell was wrong with his man? And despite the distance between us, I could say he was quite handsome.copyright protection60PENANA222M60v5Gh

“Sherry! Who are you talking too?” Chris’ voice asked and I looked back to see him walking back towards me.copyright protection60PENANAUi73E7tLlO

I pointed behind me. “I was just apologizing to the man I bumped into,” I explained.copyright protection60PENANA3CgT0J9cN1

He furrowed his brows at me. “What man?”copyright protection60PENANASP3VC9W7fC

“That man. . . “My voice trailed off when I looked behind me and saw no one. There was no one behind me. Confusion racked at my brain. There was no way he could have vanished in just a few seconds. There was no alleyways to hide into.copyright protection60PENANAp9UwdzDHkZ

“Sherry?” Chris called once more.copyright protection60PENANAvnCMhCvrOi

I shook my head. “Nevermind! Come on,”copyright protection60PENANAsG8vCKFySU

As we walked towards the café, my mind was still filled of the man. There was something about him that just calls to my curiosity. My mom told me that being curious all the time would bring me trouble but I just couldn’t help but be curious. It was my nature.copyright protection60PENANAbh45OiFrZZ

But that man- that man had jumped over the bars of my curiosity level. There was this look in his eyes that told me he wasn’t expecting me to talk to him; like he couldn’t believe that I had actually spoken to him.copyright protection60PENANArun3gEFM5u

The sound of the bell brought me back to reality. I blinked a couple of times and saw Chris holding the door open for me. I smiled at him and entered the café before I quickly fell in line. There were only two people in front of me so it wasn’t that long of a wait.copyright protection60PENANA4ybd3NYIlQ

When it was my turn, I looked back to Chris to ask for his order and saw him busy looking around for his crush. With a devilish smile on my face, I turned to the pretty cashier behind the counter. “I’ll have a tower choco mocha frappe and a slice of that yummy blueberry cake,”copyright protection60PENANADw8HCWZhoZ

The cashier clicked my order and told me the amount. I happily pointed to Chris and told her he would be the one to pay. Then, I went to the side to wait for him to finish his order. When he heard the amount, he gawked at the cashier and asked her what I got.copyright protection60PENANAhPtETKjzwp

“That frappe has a slice of cake and you still ordered a blueberry?” he asked me as he took some bills from his wallet.copyright protection60PENANA3BXfP12NKo

I gave him a strong pat in the back. “Well, you see buddy, I have expensive taste. Besides, it’s payback for not waking me up,”copyright protection60PENANADnVM4yI4Q6

He rolled his eyes at me before he reluctantly handed the cashier his money. Then, after taking all of our order, he led the way to our usual table. We were a regular at the place that most people knew it was our spot. It was by the corner but facing the window wall that made up the front of the café. We always sit there so that Chris would see his crush before she enters the café.copyright protection60PENANA37WxMPi5pP

The man was head over heels for the girl. Just like I was for him.copyright protection60PENANAvsqtHguK3e

Chris was telling me about his latest poem as we ate. Despite the fact that he doesn’t look like a nerd, the man was very much one. He writes poem on his past time and his hobbies are reading. It was also one of the reasons why I liked him. He wasn’t stereotypical. He hadn’t let people decide for him. He does what he wants. Others be damned.copyright protection60PENANA8HB4tGCcKs

Myself included.copyright protection60PENANAjOAflm5Dsu

“No matter how many miles you run,64Please respect copyright.PENANAjoICaMdQTy
Love will catch up like you hadn’t left.64Please respect copyright.PENANAEGOi2238yx
And when it holds you, you know you’re done.64Please respect copyright.PENANAcmRYW39DC3
Like a fool, you welcome it with open arms.”copyright protection60PENANAsXXTqE9Upd

“You know, that poem made me realize something,” I started as soon as he finished reciting his newest work. He looked at me, expecting some praise or compliment. “I know why you’re crush hasn’t talk to you. You’re corny,” I finished with a laugh.copyright protection60PENANA9xVKBoreBc

He punched me playfully and I faked a gasp at his actions before I rubbed the spot he hit. Though, his fist had barely touched me. A laugh escaped our lips and we laughed like no one was around. Though, suddenly, he sobered up. And I realized that the café had grown quite silent.copyright protection60PENANAGU0h9mDfZ5

The buzzing of the people speaking all at once was gone. The laughs that usually travelled around were nowhere. The rhythmic sound of the utensils being used was absent. I looked around to see the reason and I definitely saw it.copyright protection60PENANAJs3GmtlwoK

If the gawking of people aren’t enough of evidence that she was indeed the reason, I don’t know what is. Everyone was staring at her. At Chris’ crush and apparently- everyone’s crush. Even female were openly admiring her. I admit she was beautiful. She was tall; perfect for a runway model. Her wavy, gold blonde hair bounced behind her. Her skin-tight, red dress hugged and showed her curves perfectly like it was made just for her. Though, the red dress hid little to imagination as her cleavage looked like they wanted to fall out of it.copyright protection60PENANAKxiFiU4J8F

But- I couldn’t deny that she was definitely, without a doubt, a gorgeous woman.copyright protection60PENANAVPzW6JiJYi

She looked up and winked at some teenage boys in front of Chris and I’s table. But- then, she met my eyes. And an ominous smile made its way to her beautiful, red lips as her delicately, white skin turned blueish-violet, and her hot, blue eyes suddenly shone red.copyright protection60PENANAPHLSo7mJDK

Caught unguarded and shock, I jumped back involuntarily. The glass in my hand fell to the floor; making a loud, crashing sound that disturbed the eerie silence that cloaked the café at her entrance. My eyes quickly darted to the floor to see broken shards of the glass and I felt all eyes on me so I looked up with fear in my eyes.copyright protection60PENANAtniM3BG7kO

But- the new comer was as normal-looking as any of us inside the café.copyright protection60PENANAMgDmdK5vu4

Yet- I don’t think I’m still sane.copyright protection60PENANAOjMzcaHyUk

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