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A darkened soul
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Writer B
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A darkened soul
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By B
Nov 11, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NvxadzgSUuqICwhCzvJ9posted on PENANA

I'm writing this to let people, who are passing through the same situation, that you are not alone.copyright protection33PENANAJfPyrJFxL5Life. I'm not really sure what life is anymore. Is it okay to just live without actually living ? To be around people but at the same time you are in your own world and you don't hear anyone.

Everyday , every morning its a struggle, to how I have to wake up for the day. Should I try a little harder today ? Or should I just slip a little furthor away today ? It's been like this for a long time now, so long I can't even remember how it was like before. Every memory of me being , not me , is gone. I can't even describe how lost I feel. How I would like to scream and let everyone know how I really feel. But no one is around anymore. I'm alone, I was left behind. More precisely , I stopped moving forward. I don't cry anymore, it's a waste of energy , I just think.copyright protection33PENANAKyBhIORZGL

Think.copyright protection33PENANAt7u5DMIdhr

Think.copyright protection33PENANAm1HcA8VfGH

Think.copyright protection33PENANAlqfWIXKzWr

And Think.copyright protection33PENANAlqyQvcCdqU

Without ever stopping. I think on every little thing and on things which aren't important. But what I think about mostly is myself.copyright protection33PENANAFNVmZvvVLb

Why am I feeling dizzy ? Is it stress or am I sick ? copyright protection33PENANAC6BR2kPNTM

Why do I have a stomach ache ? Do I have a problem ? copyright protection33PENANAefcN6I0JWq

Why does my head keep hurting? Do I have a problem with my brain ? copyright protection33PENANAEBdAXd6s8R

All questions with just one answer.copyright protection33PENANAELXgD0AsNu

Anxiety. copyright protection33PENANAf1JsPQaPA7

Panic.copyright protection33PENANAgeIuOGHU9Q

Stress.copyright protection33PENANALNBJ3eJDHw

All into one big bowl , mixed together. copyright protection33PENANA8XyRpnIAdi

I'm literally destroying myself. I always knew that I have a friend in myself but also an enemy. Lately I've been so cought up with the enemy that I forgot my friend. copyright protection33PENANAHtwqYl6Ffg

Every hour, every breath , I keep thinking, if I will be okay.copyright protection33PENANAw137K7mtL4

My mother tells me that it's okay , it's normal. But I don't want it to be normal. I want to live not simply be alive. copyright protection33PENANA0T1zLqXu0a

I'm hyperventilating, I'm feeling sick. That's all that passes through my mind. Even when I'm writing this, I feel panicked, because I'm exposing my feelings to the world , not sure how it will react. copyright protection33PENANAMHEj7CFeiU

But all I know is that, God gave me a life for a reason and I will pull myself together and grab my life back in my hands. copyright protection33PENANAuOWyWGGiar

Quote of the day : " Look at the stars and the moon when you feel alone. Light is always there." copyright protection33PENANAnaloJ7OGBP

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