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A darkened soul
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Writer B
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A darkened soul
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By B
Nov 12, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CPVCAHd3GeN6vUt6MFWvposted on PENANA

Have you ever thought about how you wished you were different? copyright protection57PENANAOlefL2m96a

How you whisper your deep dark secrets and hoping that someone would hear. copyright protection57PENANAvI0qlB8yEO

Someone once told me that for one to be heard one must shout. But I can't open my mouth. copyright protection57PENANAMrVhmoo84k

Even talking has come hard for me. Sometimes sarcasm is all that comes out of my mouth and it became so frequent that I'm trying to act according to it.Sometimes staying silent is the only answer I find worth giving. 61Please respect copyright.PENANAviPPKIUehj
copyright protection57PENANAETFS8rVvA2

When I used to be shy and quite people used to tell me 'come on talk a little.' copyright protection57PENANAG5LHw6iFEW

And when I tried to put up a front and act cheerful people started to tell me to shut up. copyright protection57PENANAtropJKO7TS

That's when I knew that I took too much into considerations what people thought of me and I still do. copyright protection57PENANArxL7qUylq8

One of my many flaws is that I like attention. And I don't get it, I'm always left alone and that's what makes me feel worse. 61Please respect copyright.PENANA7XaNPIpIHd
copyright protection57PENANAo6e9NKf5pU

Sometimes I feel stupid to even think these thoughts, I always wanted to be an independent woman who never needed anyone to be happy. She made her own happiness. copyright protection57PENANA2Tlqi4b6b4

To be honest, everything seems too much, but at the same time, it seems like nothing. 61Please respect copyright.PENANAHv6Q3rzDg2
copyright protection57PENANAZDCLL2Fjo6

I feel that all the will and strength to fight in me are fading with every passing hour. I used to get on my feet and tell myself that it's going to be okay and I will continue today and pass through all this and go to university, I will do it. copyright protection57PENANAsMcGW0qb6Q

But now, even thinking about it seems far off. copyright protection57PENANA59Jqz1uK8G

It's my dream and I know I'm capable of doing this but my mind won't let me.copyright protection57PENANAP7krT5uyoT

And I'm letting my mind take over. copyright protection57PENANAFRFSxCSYNZ

Quote of the day: " Make someone smile today, maybe that smile will brighten your day." copyright protection57PENANAOT8xkIzPtI

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